What you should know about hail and extreme weather warnings


Hail in the summer often sparks lively conversation about our ‘crazy Alberta weather,’ but did you know that while the average hail storm lasts only about six minutes, the National Weather Service estimates that hail causes roughly $1 billion in damages each year? Damages can be severe for rooftops and siding of homes and businesses, but did you also know that your vehicle can be at risk as well? Hailstones can shatter windshields, side view mirrors and headlights and leave noticeable damage to the body of a vehicle. This article will help you understand the steps that you can take to prevent hail damage from happening to your vehicle, as well as basic information on what to do if your vehicle has been damaged by hail.

Before the hail storm:

·         Learn to recognize weather conditions that can spark hailstorms.

·         As a precaution, if weather forecasters are predicting a hailstorm, pull your vehicles, boats, and/or RVs into a garage, covered parking lot or under some other substantial covering.

·         If your only choice is to leave your vehicle exposed to the elements, you may want to cover the hood, roof and trunk with thick blankets as protection against possible hail.

During a hail storm:

·         Once hail has begun to fall, do not go out into the storm to protect your vehicle or other property. Even if hail pieces do not seem very large, you could easily be injured.

·         If you are driving, find a safe place (like inside a garage, under an overpass, or a service station awning) and get there as soon as possible (while still adhering to the standard rules of the road).

·         If you cannot find a sheltered area, be sure to carefully pull completely off to the side of the road. Be sure to keep your head and face away from windows. Do not leave the vehicle until after it stops hailing to avoid personal injury.

After the hail storm:

·         Assess the damage. Check your car for dents and broken or cracked glass and headlights.

·         If there is broken glass in your car, take action to prevent rain damage to the interior. Vacuum the broken glass up as soon as possible to prevent cuts to you or your passengers. If you are not at home and are unable to vacuum, drive to the nearest CARSTAR location if your vehicle is safe to drive. If it’s not safe to be driven, call 1-800-CARSTAR to have your vehicle towed to a CARSTAR store near you. Typically, the cost of the tow will be covered under an insurance claim.

If your vehicle has sustained hail damage:

·         Your vehicle’s insurance policy will cover hail damage, if you have comprehensive coverage. Call your insurance agent or company immediately to report the damage and discuss how to proceed with repairs.

·         Contact your nearest CARSTAR store to book an appointment to assess the damages to your vehicle. Try and ensure your vehicle is clean so it is easier to see all the dents.

·         Talk to the experts at CARSTAR - hail damage to sheet metal may need to be hammered and painted. Or technicians may recommend paintless dent removal (PDR), which involves using specially-molded metal tools that will not disturb the factory finish.

·         CARSTAR will be able to determine the severity of your damage, and will consult with you regarding which repair method makes the most sense for your vehicle.

·         If many cars were damaged in your area, it may take a while to schedule the repair. If your vehicle does not have any broken windows or badly cracked paint, it may be better to wait out the initial rush.

·         Make sure your vehicle is repaired to your satisfaction. CARSTAR offers a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty


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You ever hear a story and start cringing before you hear the end because you know how it’s going to turn out? That could very well have been the case with the story from a few weeks ago in West Valley City, Utah, where a 14-year-old kid stole his grandfather’s Hyundai Veloster and took it for a joyride - through a park full of children. But instead it turned into a heart-warming tale of heroism and a community banding together to do what’s right… and then some.

Bryson Rowley was that hero who identified the danger and, rather than sit idly by and watch the joyrider potentially run over a child, got into his truck and drove it into the menacing runaway hatchback. The collision caused some $7,500 to his 2008 Dodge Ram 2500, but instead of getting stuck with the bill - one which his insurance may very well have refused to pay since the crash was, technically speaking, intentional - his community pitched in a helping hand.

Bryan Ellison, who owns West Valley Carstar with his brother, saw the news on television and wanted to help. So he brought Rowley a rental car, picked up his truck and brought it back to his auto repair shop. People from around the community donated parts, and when all was said and done, some $15,000 of work and upgrades were performed on the Ram that was returned to an overwhelmed Bryson Rowley better than new. Watch the video below for the full story.

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Am I being scammed by this body shop? via /r/cars

Am I being scammed by this body shop?

Hi everyone, I hope this was the right place to ask this, so here goes.

I have a 2010 Honda Pilot and I do not know much about cars or car maintenance. A couple weeks back I was pulling into my driveway and turned in a little too close to the sides of my garage…and as I feared I was gifted with a couple of ugly scratches. Took my car into a Carstar and they quoted me at almost 1000 dollars, they claim the price was so high because they would have to remove the front bumper in its entirety to fix the scratch. This didn’t make sense to me and the woman there would not give me a clear direct answer about why they had to do that.

Anyone familiar with fixing up dents and scratches? I have attached a couple of photos of the damage as well as the quote she gave me. She mentioned that the bumper itself was damaged but I only need the scratch and dents fixed. Thanks for any advice on this.

Car pic 1 Car pic 2 Car pic 3 Car pic 4 Car pic 5 Car pic 6 Car pic 7

Price quote Price quote 2