Corazón nuevo means “new heart.” It is a place you reach for through your skin, which goes silver, through shame burned black on you, through a thirst that we cannot describe, to where he is cooling his wings in the stars like a pond, […]—oh beloved, who could catch your eye?
—  Anne Carson, The Anthropology of Water
Oh c'mon, I just think Brandon is shy, not gay, that’s all! The reason why they haven’t conceived yet (to our knowledge, we know Erin had three miscarriages before she got pregnant with Carson but they kept it quiet) is strictly their business and we should respect their privacy.
DRAG RACE: The Judges
  • RuPaul: And now, it's time for the judge's critiques!
  • Michelle Visage: You know that one thing that makes you superbly unique as a performer? Stop doing it, RIGHT NOW.
  • Ross Matthews: Have we mentioned how FAT and GAY I am yet?
  • RuPaul: *cackles*
  • Ross Matthews: Also I disagree with Michelle on principle.
  • Michelle: *stank face*
  • Carson Kressley: Well, here's my two cents that could help- Oh wait, you talked back? Oh, nevermind.
  • Todrick Hall: I'm also on this show-
  • RuPaul: Michelle's old and stupid!
  • Michelle: *HARD CACKLE*
  • RuPaul: Silence! Bring back my girls.