Why Trump’s Use of the Words ‘Urban Renewal’ Is Scary for Cities -

If Mr. Trump was reaching for a broadly uplifting concept — renewal — he landed instead on a term with very specific, and very negative, connotations for the population he says he aims to help.

Among scholars and many city dwellers, urban renewal is remembered for its vast destruction of minority communities, when entire neighborhoods were razed for housing, highways and civic projects.

“This is a loaded phrase,” said Mary Pattillo, a sociologist at Northwestern University. She suspects that many of Mr. Trump’s comments during the campaign about “inner cities” and African-Americans were in fact aimed at white listeners. But it seems unlikely he’s doing the same here and subtly telegraphing that his urban agenda will not actually benefit poor minorities.

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Donald Trump has picked retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson to serve as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. Jumaane Williams, New York City council member for District 45 and chair of the city’s Housing and Buildings Committee, says Carson “has no experience at all.” Read the interview here ⟶
Trump's religious dealmaking pays dividends
The president-elect shrewdly courted evangelical leaders during his presidential run, and that transactional style appears likely to carry into the White House. By KATIE GLUECK

Nine days before the election, Donald Trump was backstage at a rally in Warren, Michigan, listening to a fiery South Carolina preacher-turned-top surrogate prayerfully predicting victory.

After pastor Mark Burns finished relaying religiously hued reassurances in a private conversation ahead of Trump’s speech, the then-candidate turned to Burns’ wife and offered his own, classically Trumpian expression of faith: He handed her a crucifix necklace made, in typical Trump style, of gold.

“We don’t need a religious president,” said Burns, who was touched by the gift and recounted the story in a recent interview. “We need a president who can build relationships with people.”

And for the New York businessman who prides himself on deal-making aptitude, building relationships — often by making policy promises that go well beyond what previous, more traditionally conservative candidates have pledged — has defined his outreach to the network of previously wary Christian leaders who helped him win the presidency. And now, that transactional cycle seems likely to shape his White House agenda on issues of interest to the religious right.

It’s a strikingly different approach from that of the most recent Republican president, George W. Bush, himself a born-again Christian who wore his faith on his sleeve and communicated about religion far more fluently than Trump does.

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Fox News is acting outraged that people are insinuating Ben Carson isn’t qualified for the position he’s being appointed to because he has zero experience in the field. They claim he’s a brain surgeon so he’s obviously intelligent enough. But this guy is brilliant ONLY in his field. Like he’s the best brain surgeon in the world but the opinions he espouses in pretty much all other areas are ridiculous. He thinks prison makes you gay and that Joseph built the pyramids as grain silos. There are different kinds of intelligence and it’s dangerous to lump them all together.

This morning, (Donald) Trump named former neurosurgeon and current coma patient Ben Carson… to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  This is surprising, ‘cause just a few weeks ago, Carson made it clear he wasn’t qualified to run a federal agency.  But today, Carson’s spokesman explained that he is perfect for Housing and Urban Development because 'he did spend part of his childhood in public housing.’  So get ready for our next Surgeon General, 'someone who has been to the doctor.’
In Sappho’s poem, her addresses to Gods are orderly, perfect poetic products, but the way—and this is the magic of fragments—the way that poem breaks off leads into a thought that can’t ever be apprehended. There is the space where a thought would be, but which you can’t get hold of. I love that space. It’s the reason I like to deal with fragments. Because no matter what the thought would be if it were fully worked out, it wouldn’t be as good as the suggestion of a thought that the space gives you. Nothing fully worked out could be so arresting, so spooky.
—  Anne Carson, from an interview in ‘The Art of Poetry No. 88′