carson woodard


Liberty: So I… am kind of… pregnant.

Carson: YOU ARE!? YESSS! That’s wonderful, love!

Liberty: It is? I thought you might be upset –

Carson: No way! This is perfect timing! I’ve been meaning to tell you, the mother of one of the kids I coach wants me to work for her new pottery business. I’d make twice as much as I’m making now and I’d get to practice my sculpting. We got this, Lib!


Liberty was drifting away on a cloud of bliss after dinner. She washed the dishes and left Carson to “get to know” her sister.

Little did she know, Linnsey did NOT approve of Carson hanging around the house so early into his and Liberty’s friendship. She gave him a piece of her mind while Coeurl sat on the loveseat uncomfortably.

Coeurl: Well, this is awkward.


Naturally, Liberty’s dad showed up the very next morning.

Carson: Of course, come on in! Man, she wasn’t kidding about the overenthusiastic in-law thing. 

Francis: Listen, kiddo, I offer you two a hearty congratulations! There’s no one better for our daughter and Sapphire and I couldn’t be happier that you got hitched – we just wish you’d told us you wanted it to be a private thing! Sapph was getting all anxious about when Liberty would talk to her about a wedding planner and all that. We would have respected your wishes for privacy, of course; it’s just that, well you know, Sapphire really likes you, Carson, and so do I, and now that Liberty and her sister are on speaking terms again and all that, I mean, a little get-together would be nice and we do want to be able to properly usher you into our little family. *chuckle* Now, you are going to have a belated ceremony, aren’t you? I’ll tell you one thing, it’d certainly make your mother-in-law very happy! :D

Carson: Uh – absolutely, Coach. We just have to… figure out… a good… a good time. Jesus Christ, I liked him better when he was just my mentor. 

Liberty: *wearing the told-ya-so smirk*