carson woodard


Naturally, Liberty’s dad showed up the very next morning.

Carson: Of course, come on in! Man, she wasn’t kidding about the overenthusiastic in-law thing. 

Francis: Listen, kiddo, I offer you two a hearty congratulations! There’s no one better for our daughter and Sapphire and I couldn’t be happier that you got hitched – we just wish you’d told us you wanted it to be a private thing! Sapph was getting all anxious about when Liberty would talk to her about a wedding planner and all that. We would have respected your wishes for privacy, of course; it’s just that, well you know, Sapphire really likes you, Carson, and so do I, and now that Liberty and her sister are on speaking terms again and all that, I mean, a little get-together would be nice and we do want to be able to properly usher you into our little family. *chuckle* Now, you are going to have a belated ceremony, aren’t you? I’ll tell you one thing, it’d certainly make your mother-in-law very happy! :D

Carson: Uh – absolutely, Coach. We just have to… figure out… a good… a good time. Jesus Christ, I liked him better when he was just my mentor. 

Liberty: *wearing the told-ya-so smirk*


Liberty: Have you, by any chance, been talking to my dad about our secret marriage ceremony?

Carson: Well, I may have mentioned it in passing –

Liberty: IN PASSING. Well that’s great. Thanks to your “passing” now my whole family knows we are married and didn’t invite a single soul to witness it. You realize we’re in trouble now, right? And by we I just mean you. And by trouble I just mean GET READY FOR OVERENTHUSIASTIC IN-LAW VISITATION, Carson.