carson tinker

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Why was Rani not included in the Disney fairy movies? Was her heroic sacrifice not enough to appease the maniacal directors in charge of production? Why were the original characters cut and pieced together to make blander versions of themselves? Why weren't all of the talents showcased in the books also touched upon in the Disney fairy movies? Does Rani exist in the same universe as the movie or did they just completely discard her character and the story of how she lost her wings to replace her with silvermist, the boring version of her character? Where is Soop the mermaid? Why is it never touched upon that the fairies will literally die if they go into water bc they cannot swim bc the water weight of their wings drags them down? Where is mother dove????? Why was vidia turned into a one dimensional character when the original book version was multifaceted and original? Where are Beck, Lily, Fira, Prilla, and Dulcie?? Do they no longer exist in pixie hollow?? WHY WAS RANI LEFT OUT OF THE DISNEY FAIRY MOVIES?????