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The Devil’s Doughnut

Carson cursed loudly as he pulled off the exit ramp to his work. It was his turn to bring breakfast for the office and he hadn’t remembered until waking up this morning. The dilemma Carson was facing was twofold: he was in direct competition for a promotion at work with Jenny and he feared she may be pulling ahead. Last week, she had brought in homemade quiche, though Carson raised an eyebrow as to the authenticity of the homemade portion of her claims. The quiche tasted suspiciously similar to the ones made at a downtown bistro their boss had previously deemed his favorite restaurant in town. Hack or not, Jenny had been praised throughout the week for her baking skills and now Carson found himself frantically wracking his brain for an immediate solution to office breakfast.

His car slowed as he passed the sign for “Devil’s Doughnuts” and after lingering long enough that a car behind him honked, Carson pulled into the parking lot.  His boss had been on a health craze lately. Though probably laying the foundation for a Human Resources nightmare, Carson’s boss had been chiding employees who were seen eating unhealthier options for their lunch. Carson had the benefit of a fast metabolism and a general apathy towards food. Eating was something that merely fueled his body from Point A to Point B. His slim frame was testament to that. Once Carson took note of his boss’ behavior towards the chips and burger crowd, he made a show of producing salads and crudités for lunch.  Earning a pat on the back and praising of his general trimness, Carson felt his chances of a promotion grow exponentially.

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Sappho, Fragment 94. Trans. Anne Carson


Mr Carson : But that’s the point. I do want to be stuck with you.

Mrs Hughes : I’m not convinced I can be hearing this right.

Mr Carson : You are, if you think I’m asking you to marry me… Well ?

Mrs Hughes : Well… You could knock me down with a feather.

Mr Carson : And you’re not offended ?

Mrs Hughes : Oh, Mr Carson, I can assure you, the very last thing in the world that I am at this moment is offended.

Mr Carson : You can take as long as you like, I won’t press you, because one thing I do know, I’m not marrying anyone else. 

Mrs Hughes : Well then.

Mr Carson : What exactly are we celebrating ?

Mrs Hughes : We are celebrating the fact that I can still get a proposal at my age. 

Mr Carson : And that’s … it ?

Mrs Hughes : Of course I’ll marry you, you old booby. I thought you’d never ask.

Remedy (7)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries angst, fluffy, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

Taglist is fixed! Please message me if you want to be tagged. (not on this post pls, just message; I just can’t keep up otherwise!)

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Remedy (1) Remedy (2) Remedy (3) Remedy (4) Remedy (5) Remedy (6)

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The New Position Part 2

continuation request by @leemusarous

Part 1

Eric was still trying to wrap his head around what had happened a few weeks ago. He’d done the spell right. He knew it. It wouldn’t have worked at all if there was something that he did that was wrong. But somehow he still ended up on the bottom. Even though he was in Carson’s hot muscular body, he was still the bottom. And was more than happy to stay. He thought about it long and hard and checked all the books.

“Maybe if I just try it again,” he said to himself. He’d already prepared everything for the spell, even grabbing another pair of his underwear when Carson was out working. But part of him still worried. Eric thought back to the threat that Carson had given him. But if he was bigger again it wouldn’t matter. Carson’s small body couldn’t do anything to him if he was the big muscular one. All Eric would have to do is control himself this time and not give in.

“Easier said than done,” he muttered. The spell had made him so horny after seeing the much smaller Carson, he couldn’t stop himself. He wanted the small guy to take advantage of him, turn him around and fuck him in the ass. And when Carson’s little body commanded him to do something he felt almost compelled to comply.

Shaking his head, Eric ignored the feeling. “Just something wrong with the spell. That’s all. I just screwed something up.” All he had to do was do it right this time. He pulled up the underwear and smirked at his small body. The 130 pounds barely even filled the briefs. But that was about to change. He was going to be the big man again. With this spell he’d be able to fill the underwear like Carson does. With a deep breath he chanted the spell and waited.

He almost thought nothing was happening. His body was still incredibly skinny. But then he noticed that the briefs actually looked a little bigger. “Wha…?” his voice cracked as he said it. “I’m getting smaller?” Standing at 5’7” his body was actually shrinking. He never thought he could get any smaller. Whatever fat he had seemed to disappear right before his eyes. There was a faint six pack out lining his abs but that was solely because his body was so scrawny there was nothing to cover over the muscle.

“No way,” he almost cried as he stepped on the scale. “95 pounds,” the red letters read, “There’s no way. How could I get any smaller!?” He silenced himself realizing that Carson was napping in the next room. “I’ve got to reverse it.” Eric scanned through the book looking for anything that might have a reversal spell. His mind was looking for a way to fix his body. The small scrawny body that Carson could easily take advantage of.

“No,” he scolded himself trying to think about the spells again. But his hand was slowly working its way back down to his dick while his other hand teased his ass. “Noo-uh-oo” he moaned shifting his voice up. A loud eep escaped him as his finger found its way in. “Oh man…” he thought. ‘Not as good as the real thing but…’

“NO!” he shouted. “Oh shit…” Carson was starting to move in the next room. He was so much noisier than usual. Eric could only imagine that what ever he lost went to the already large man. His large body sounded like it was pounding down the hallway. Each step, louder than the last. Eric didn’t even realize he was slowly rubbing himself more and more.

His door opened. “So,” Carson’s voice was deeper than before. The strong reverberating sound sent shivers down little Eric’s back, “You decided to try the spell again.” Carson’s body barely even fit in the doorway. He was several inches taller and had to duck under the frame.

“I-I-I…” Eric stuttered but seeing the big man barely even fit into his doorway made him fall back onto his bed. His naked body splayed out for Carson to take.

“Think I wouldn’t plan ahead?” he flexed the oversized muscle. His biceps were easily over 20 inches. If he wasn’t wearing a sleeveless shirt, his muscles would have easily tore the fabric apart. “You know surprises only work once.” He flexed in a different pose and examined his power. The immense body just made Eric feel even smaller. “Because the next time you can plan for them.”

A series of stammers came out of Eric’s mouth as he tried to find some kind of justification for his actions. But his eyes found the thick outline in Carson’s shorts. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Even that was bigger. But then he looked down at his own two incher and realized that was taken as well. He hardened instantly.

“Like what you see?” Carson grinned. He pulled down his shorts and whipped out the large dick. It pointed directly at Eric’s small body. “But I’m not sure you deserve it. You don’t seem to follow orders very well.”

Eric’s eyes widened as he said. His horniness taking over whatever rational part he was still able to think with. “I can follow orders. I can,” he begged. “Tell me what to do.”

“Flip over.”

“But…” he started to wonder if that thing would actually fit in him. Carson stared down at him. His hulking body looking at him like this was his only chance. Eric agreed shoving his ass into the air.

“That’s a good boy,” Carson grinned as he placed the head of his penis on Eric’s little hole. The small man couldn’t help but moan loudly feeling the small pressure against him. Carson chuckled at the sound, “Since yer so nervous, we’ll go nice and slow for you ok? Make sure it’s not really too big for ya.”

“Mm-hmm,” Eric grunted. His mouth opened wide as more of Carson’s dick spread his asshole. The slow rhythmic beating pushed more and more inside of him. He let out several silent screams of pleasure as his ass covered more of his roommate’s dick.

“Feels good don’t it,” Eric grunted in the affirmative. Carson’s dick had gone all the way inside of him and was pushing against his colon. His large body folded down on top of the much smaller man. Eric couldn’t move the immense amount of weight. Carson nibbled against his neck as he started humping the small man into the bed. His large dick sliding in and out as Eric’s body humped the mattress. “That’s it. Just a little more,” Carson encouraged.

Eric was just along for the ride now. His body ready to come at any moment. He was waiting for Carson though. It just felt right.

Suddenly, Carson’s body convulsed and Eric felt the warm spunk coat his insides. “AAHH!” he screamed in ecstasy. His body convulsed at the sudden new feeling inside him. Eric slowly regained his senses as Carson removed himself from inside him.

Carson’s large body loomed over Eric as he stared down at him, “told you it was going to be worse.” He turned and went for the door. “Also you’re only getting some of this back. I’ve been meaning to bulk up a little more.” Carson turned and flexed his body as he left the room.

Eric sat there feeling the come inside him slowly drip onto the bed. He couldn’t believe he’d been duped again. Then he heard Carson’s voice in the other room. “Oh yeah. You can come now,” and as he said it come spew from Eric’s dick coating the floor in front of him. He bounced a few times with each spurt. “Not used to having to say that part,” Eric could hear the laughter in his roommate’s voice.

The small man’s body finally stopped thrusting. He was coming back to his senses. His body was starting to regain the weight that he’d lost. ‘115’ the scale read again. He looked at the mirror and could see he wasn’t back to his 5’7” height. Not much shorter, but Eric could tell the difference. “I’ll get him one of these times…” he threatened.


“How’s Carson? And the city? Shit… it feels like forever since I’ve seen you two,” Milo let out a low laugh. I’ve missed his smile so much, even though it’s right in front of me it’s hard not to feel miles away… distance can be a bitch like that. 

“We’re ok, I guess. Carson just started this pretty sick freelance project, so she’s been a little preoccupied.” I catch myself fidgeting, always fidgeting. 

I can tell he sees my nerves are up, it’s not my fault I haven’t had a decent meal in days. “Blake… you ok dude? I mean it’s great that Carson’s finally getting out there but… are you?” 

I scrunch my face and sigh, I wonder how long I can put off talking about shit. “It’s not that I’m unhappy. The city is beautiful it’s just… it’s starting to feel more a prison then my escape.” 

I feel bad for him. Being the one to carry another’s burdens must be exhausting. Time and time again he’s brushed it off, ‘what are best friends for’ you know that kind of bullshit… but it’s still hard to shake the feeling that I’m holding him back, especially now. 

“I’m sorry B… but hey, it’s going to get better ok? The art scene is big and there’s plenty of nightlife… Oasis Springs just isn’t… it isn’t a good place for you right now. But hey, I’ll come and visit soon ok? It’s getting late here, I guess it’s still early for you. Try to feed tonight. For me? Your kind of looking like shit right now.” 

I scoffed, “Wow thanks, Dad… I will though. Carson got Thai food earlier; should be an interesting meal.” 

He flashed me my favorite crooked smile, ending our night briefly. “ Sounds tasty, I’ll catch you later babe.”

They found her in the woods. Part 4. Carson

A/N: Negan & daughter fic. Wordcount: 3110. Warning for minor rape mention. (It’s hinted at more than anything) Sorry it’s taken so long but here it is! Thank you for all the love it means so much honeatly. As always questions comments and concerns are always welcome. Tag list will be under the cut because it’s a hot mess… Enjoy!

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Carson tightened his grip on the handle of his doctor’s bag as he navigated his way through the corridors and stairwells. Anxiety pricked through his skin as he maintained his outward composure, he was used to the sensation but that didn’t make it any easier.

Being the only doctor in the entire sanctuary had it’s perks but Carson had never really allowed himself to feel comfortable here. He had learned the hard way that there was plenty of things a person could live through so just because he was valuable here, he knew he was by no means invincible. If nothing else he knew that Negan wasn’t above hurting his little brother in order to get him to comply - something he would avoid at all costs – so he was particularly careful to follow the rules.

With Negan departing before dawn, Carson had been looking forward to a small reprieve from the tension he was accustomed to while the man was inside the sanctuary walls. That was until Simon had him prepare for ‘anything’ – whatever that meant. Carson had reasoned that it probably wasn’t anything good so did his best to be ready for every kind emergency he could think of. Waiting in his clinic for the ‘anything’ to arrive, it was only in the trickle down of chatter from his regular patients that he had found out that the so called emergency had been called off.

It had annoyed him - not that he was going to do anything about it but Carson had thought that it wouldn’t have been hard for Simon to let him know things were okay. He had taken it with a weary sigh and had chalked it up to Simon having something more important to do. He usually did.

So when a particularly serious looking savior came to his door and told him to report to Negan’s room right away, Carson became rather perplexed. He had grabbed his bag and hurried out of the door without a backwards glance.

Which was how the man had found himself standing outside the steel door in question. He hesitated in the empty corridor for a moment, suddenly feeling much more uneasy about his current task. Carson wondered why on earth he would have been sent to Negan’s room when the man himself was out for the remainder of the day at least. It crossed his mind – not for the first time since arriving at the sanctuary – that it might indeed be some kind of trick.

He knew he had to do it anyway. If it wasn’t a trick, it must be important and he didn’t even want to attempt to think about the consequences if he turned away. Biting down his fear, he knocked on the door.

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super angsty and sad prompt for OT3: "well, no one dies with dignity"

Hi anon!! So, I know this probably is not what you wanted but it was begging to be written. In fact, it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written. Ever. But I would be happy to write you something else a little different if you like! Just hit up my inbox :)

Steve doesn’t consider himself to be an unhealthy guy. He’s pretty active, he’s always been in sports while in school and even now goes for a run most mornings. But yeah, sometimes he prefers a burger to a hearty salad or wants a beer. No shame in that. His guilty pleasure though, is pork rinds. He can’t remember when he first ate them but there’s just something about that salty flavor and crunch.

Whenever he brings home a bag, Jonathan and Nancy immediately groan.

“Steve, those are so gross. I don’t get how you like them.” Jonathan wrinkles his nose when Steve plops next to him on the couch with a freshly opened bag.

“It’s an acquired taste.” He smirks and teasingly waves a rind in front of Jon’s face, who quickly scoots to the opposite end of the sofa.

“Yuck, get it away from me! You know I can’t stand the smell.”

“Seriously, Steven, those are so unhealthy,” Nancy chimes in from the dining table, which is currently covered with medical textbooks and notes. “They’re going to be the death of you someday.”

“Yes, Dr. Wheeler,” Steve answers in a singsong voice and she tries to hide her smile. She loves these boys, even when they act like children.

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Retreading Ulf and I can't remember, do we have any info on him and Carson? My brain is foggy.

Honestly not a whole lot has been said about them beyond what’s in Ulf’s canon (that Carson didn’t really communicate with him after the trade, that Ulf took that hard, that they fucked at least once after Carson got married even though Ulf generally makes a point to avoid anyone married, open or no –and Carson’s was very much no, not that Ulf was asking).

Not necessarily explicit in Ulf POV but canon are a few things: Carson and Ulf were both drafted to Dallas, shared a room while on the road, and, you know. ‘Bonded’. Also fell in love, but whatever.

Carson Rutledge is the son of the Capitals GM, the older brother of one of the guys on the USA Juniors team that gave David the ‘pretty boy’ complex (he was in fact the sole QMJHL player bitching that his girlfriend swooned every time she saw David’s pretty eyes, which Jake then VERY MUCH TOOK NOTE OF, so we can consider Rutledge the younger to have had some matchmaking effect.) He’s also the older brother of Robbie’s fellow BU student who alerted her dad to the ‘holy fuck this is great you need to send a scout because for some reason this dude hasn’t been drafted’ of Robbie and Georgie’s tandem in the first place. The Rutledges have a pretty big background role in canon.

Also Ulf’s POV implies the feelings were unrequited, because Ulf believes that to be the case (for pretty good reason). 

They weren’t.