carson ships it


Jay & Evie protecting each other

Imagine an au where Ben falls for Jay instead by accident.

At first they think it’s worked on Mal until Did I Mention and he starts to spell Jay’s name instead. Mal is pissed off, Carlos is shitting one, Jay is terrified but weirdly complimented, and Evie is just loving it.

They decide just to try and make it work and all the scenes with Mal and Ben, Jay replaces Mal.

Imagine Jay singing If Only.
Carlos is super pissed bc Jaylos 5ever.
I’m having too much fun with this.

(help from every-morning-just-the-same with this headcanon)

Adventurous red-head girl who constantly gets in danger because she wants to help people and is also just naturally curious.

Mild-mannered bookish boy who enjoys the simple things like school and work, but falls for this amazing girl. They share values and are supportive of each other.

Boy supports the girl’s career, even though it worries him constantly. He then makes a commitment to stop being afraid and treasure the time they do have together. She remembers to not leave what she loves behind.

Am I talking about Nancy and Ned? Or Kate and Carson?



Downton Abbey - Rock'n'Roll

Heaven - Bryan Adams

In My Life - The Beatles

Wouldn’t It Be Nice - The Beach Boys

Close To You - The Carpenters

Mrs. Hughes: “You can always hold my hand if you need to feel steady” Mr. Carson: “I think I will hold your hand. It’ll make me feel a bit steadier”

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