carson riot

They found her in the woods. Part 3.

Thanks for all the love for this fic it seriously makes a huge difference. I really appreciate it. 

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By the time the busted up old pickup rolled down the road towards the sanctuary gates Simon was ready.

He had swapped out the guards on duty for Negan’s best shooters - most loyal ones too in case any of the other guards were in on whatever might be at play, the prisoners were back in their cells in case they took the chance to riot, Carson was prepped and ready behind closed doors for whatever might be thrown at him, he had doubled the guards on the wives and had a scout team keeping tabs on the truck so they could attack from behind if it all turned to shit. He hoped that he didn’t need any of it.

He knew Travis. They had gone on runs together in the past and while he wasn’t the most resourceful man Simon had ever met, he generally knew the score. Simon knew better than to underestimate people enough to take the risk, but he would be surprised if it really was foul play. 

Just that morning in fact, he had spoken to the younger man about picking up the slack. He seemed pretty determined that he and his boys would work harder. Happening to find Negan’s daughter the same day was a mighty coincidence to the point of suspicion, but picking up strays wasn’t exactly rare. If anyone was going to stumble across the boss’s daughter,  he was glad it was him. 

“Showtime people. Look alive.” Simon called to the saviours around him as the truck started passing by the wall of rotters. On his signal, the internal gates were pulled open and the truck came to a halt a few feet in front of him.

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