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Lauren | this week I made jackets

Okay so I love stupid Disney musicals don’t judge me… also the logos were cool and I’ve been looking for a jacket like this for ages that wasn’t £80 so I just made my own for like £30

Also I am aware that I’ve been silent recently I’ve just been taking a break. I hope you all still love me ❤️


These are the opening words to Lemony Snicket’s picture book The Composer is Dead. I picked up a nice copy of the book at a used bookstore a few days ago and am really enjoying it.

The story is about an investigator who attempts to solve the mystery of the composer’s murder, and does so by interrogating each section of the orchestra for their alibis.

The art is beautifully drawn by Carson Ellis, and the text is filled with all those great Lemony Snicket lines you’ve come to expect from his Series of Unfortunate Events, such as

”The inspector was a very handsome and intelligent person, not unlike myself.”


“The violin section is divided into First Violins, who have the trickier parts to play, and the Second Violins, who are more fun at parties.”

(click here or part two, and click here for part three)

What makes the book a great piece of children’s literature is how it uses the framework of a detective story to introduce the reader to the various sections of an orchestra. Each section has their own excuse for what they were doing at the time of the composer’s death, and their story lets in on the role and style of that particular section.

The book models itself clearly off of Peter and the Wolf, and also comes with a CD that contains an orchestral interpretation of the story (with narration by “Snicket“ himself). The composition has all the great bounce and drama you’d want a child’s first exposure to classical music, and helps the younger reader fully understand what each section of the orchestra does, as well as giving a taste for the wide range of sounds and emotions that can come from the great classical composers of history.

Although I think the story is best read with the physical copy in hand and the CD playing in the background, you can watch a video version above that combines the illustrations with the musical score to get the same experience virtually.


Ten year old fiddler and singer Carson Peters performs “Blue Moon of Kentucky” with Ricky Skaggs at the Opry.

“I do not know why you are behaving in such an undignified manner, Emerson,” I said. “Let me go at once.”

Emerson’s grip did not relax. “Give me your word you will come along quietly.”

“How can I not, when there are four of you great bullies against one poor woman?”

Gargery, who is not especially large or muscular, swelled with pride.

The Ape Who Guards the Balance by Elizabeth Peters


favorite Stargate Atlantis episodes : *Hide and seek*
Elizabeth: We may be settling in here but this place is still pretty intimidating. I mean, a giant abandoned city full of things way beyond our level of understanding; impending threat of attack from the Wraith …
Carson: No question, it gets bloody creepy here at night

anonymous asked:

do you have like a recommend reading list or anything? I trust your taste

tender buttons (gertrude stein) ; the complete plays of sarah kane ; our lady of the flowers (jean genet) ; NODS. (carrie lorig) ; autobiography of red (anne carson) ; equus (peter schaffer) ; beautiful losers (leonard cohen) ; sara or the existence of fire (sara june woods) ; visions of excess (georges bataille) ; one hour of television (kristina born) ; the celluloid closet (vito russo) ; in watermelon sugar (richard brautigan) ; as i lay dying (william faulkner), cruising utopia (jose esteban munoz) ; the animal that therefore i am (jacques derrida) ; a lover’s discourse (roland barthes) ; animacies (mel y. chen) ; scary no scary (zachary schomburg) ; the complete poems of frank o’hara ; a season in hell (arthur rimbaud) ; ulysses (james joyce) ; times square red times square blue (samuel r. delaney) ; giovanni’s room (james baldwin) ; kiss painting (sandra jeppesen) ; frisk (dennis cooper) ; twenty love poems (pablo neruda)

also i haven’t read BEAR by marian engel yet, but i have a feeling that once i do it will probably become my favourite book of all time.