cars with moustache

Carbon, the half-graphite half-diamond bby B>

They’re a playful and loud lil nerd, but they’re pretty wise. They’re also (physically) very strong and can kick/punch the heck out of everyone with their diamond legs and arm.

Their right arm is graphite, and with that they can use their own fingers as a pencil of some sort and doodle everywhere (thus annoying everyone ffft). They’re not really aggressive though, just a bit too playful.

Carbon understands organic life on Earth much more than most elements. (except for Hydrogen because hydrogen is eVERYTHING)

Love is A Ghost (1/?)

Summary: Killian Jones was brought over from the Enchanted Forest along with the rest of its inhabitants by the Dark Curse. He took up residence as a florist, tending to flowers being the only thing that helps calm his haunted memories. That is, until he meets Emma Swan.
Rating: T for now.
Words: 1,488
A/N: Thank you to doyouprincess, gravityshipsus, that-first-glance-feeling, evil–isnt–born, imhookedonaswan and swansweetheart for keeping me motivated for this. Your excitement means a lot to me :) 
Edit:  Can be found on ao3 here

The streets were empty.


It was sort of eerie.

A small town at night, completely and utterly silent.

Well, it was utterly silent until a very frustrated Emma hopped out of her car and the transformer exploded. 44 not-telling-you street? What a pain! She ran her hand through her hair as Henry hopped out of the other side, but before she could say anything a casual, lilting voice called out to them.

“Is everything alright, lass?” She spun around, pausing at the sight of him. Unruly dark hair, scruff lining his jaw, blue eyes visible even in this dark street. He was utterly gorgeous and Emma found herself staring at him in shock. That is until he winked at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Hi Killian.” Henry grinned.

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