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I blame marty-mc for this monstrous plot we’ve come up for a trc grease au I can’t believe it I really fucking can’t-

Story Rewrite Of The Finale

Elena wakes up at the beginning because Bonnie’s heart stopped briefly. But Katherine still pretends to be her, after hiding her before she woke up. Bonnie senses that Elena woke up and calls someone for help. Elena’s locked in the tomb. With the tomb vampires, who are working with Katherine.

Katherine taunts the brothers about their silly plan to destroy Hell, telling them that they can’t and that Cade wasn’t even the real devil, just a messenger, like her. That she’s manipulating Vicki, same as her mom, to think that she’ll escape her torment by doing this.

Damon tells Stefan that he’ll take care of Katherine and tells him to go find Elena, just in case they can’t stop Katherine.

Stefan then is confronted with Silas, who also came through with Katherine, who tries to kill him, but he’s saved by Jeremy. He’s who Bonnie called. Jeremy asks Stefan if he has any idea where Elena is. Stefan isn’t sure but realizes where she is, by remembering Katherine calling it “Elena’s final resting place” and “ironic”.

Bonnie tries to convince Damon not to sacrifice himself, but he says that it’s the only way to make sure this works and that Katherine doesn’t try to stop Vicki from destroying the bell. He asks her if she really wants to risk the lives of everyone in Mystic Falls, including Elena’s, for him. Bonnie tells him that he’s starting to sound like Stefan. He says that he hopes so. Bonnie leaves. Bonnie then calls Stefan, telling her what Damon’s going to do. Stefan, after second of thought, says that he has to find Caroline, telling Jeremy to go save Elena. But not before asking him for a vervain dart.

Stefan gets to Caroline, as they’re packing to get out of the town. Caroline and Stefan have a deep talk where Stefan says that he has to save Damon, that he can’t let Damon die after everything he (Stefan) has done, because if anyone deserves to die it’s him, because it’s his fault for starting all this by making Damon drink, saying that he’s the evil one. Caroline tells him that he’s not evil and she believes in him  They’re both conflicted because Caroline wants to protect Stefan, but she also wants to protect her children and make sure they have a mom too. They both agree that they have to protect their family though and say goodbye and that they love eachother Caroline goes to get her kids out of Mystic Falls. Stefan goes to save Damon.

Elena manages to elude the vampires and kill one of them, when Jeremy comes in and they take out the rest together. She hugs her brother, crying tears of joy. They both say that they missed eachother. She then asks him to tell her about the life he’s led, everything he’s done, before realizing that she shouldn’t be awake and quickly asking about Bonnie. Jeremy reassures her that she’s fine and that her heart stopped temporarily. Elena asks if it’s another evil threat. Jeremy responds that it always is and he’s starting to wonder if it’s just them these things follow. Elena laughs. Jeremy then insists that they get out of Mystic Falls.

Caroline realizes, as she’s in the car with her kids, that after suffering the horror of thinking her they died, she doesn’t want to be a vampire her whole life and watch her children die. That pain is something she never wants tyo suffer again. She pulls out her phone and calls Stefan, saying that she understands if he thinks he has to save Damon. She says that that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve happiness, that he doesn’t deserve to have the life he wants Damon to have and that she’s sorry for any time she ever made him feel otherwise. That she’s sorry for everytime she’s let her insecurities make him feel guilted, lesser or like she didn’t love him, that she never wanted that, she never thought how she felt could matter so much to him and she’s sorry for that and that no matter what happens, she’ll love him forever, always.

Stefan, nearly to the tower, calls Jeremy. As Jeremy tells Elena that Caroline has 2 kids. Elena wonders how that is. Jeremy says that it would be too confusing to explain. He hears his phone ring and answers it, telling Stefan they’re on their way out of town. Elena hears Stefan and asks to talk to him. She asks him what’s happening, taking a moment to call him Mr. Forbes. Stefan has a smirk at that and tells her that she shouldn’t worry about it, just let Jeremy protect her and get her out. Elena, concerned now, states that that’s only done when it’s serious. He tells her to be safe and hangs up the phone. Stefan sees Caroline’s voicemail.

Elena asks Jeremy what’s happening. He’s silent. She persists and he says that it’s Katherine, she’s back and she’s going to destroy Mystic Falls and Stefan, Damon, Bonnie and Matt are trying to stop her. Elena tells him to turn back. Jeremy says that he has to protect her. She says that he should know by now that she won’t accept that. She then says that no good has ever come from protecting her, to let her help. They have to do something.

Bonnie doesn’t use magic to save the day. She and Matt convince Vicki to help her destroy the bell. Because only the Donovan who rang it can. Bonnie convinces her by using her own experience with fear anger and pain to convince Vicki to not be consumed by it and repent. Bonnie’s arc is realizing that her heart has always been her strongest weapon, not her magic. And she uses that to forgive Stefan for what happened and let Enzo go and be in peace. For the first time Bonnie isn’t a magic plot device.

By destroying the bell, the Hellfire would implode the whole tower wiping out everyone in it. It won’t destroy hell. But it will keep anything else from coming through that portal.

Stefan gets there and tells him that Elena’s safe and out of harms way, that he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself to save her, trying to convince Damon not to kill himself, that they can find another way. Damon says that it’s the only way to be sure. That he’s done so much evil in his life, that he killed Tyler. That he has to do this. No matter how much he wants a life with Elena. It’s the right thing to do. Stefan gets angry and tries to force Damon to leave. Same exchange. Damon compels Stefan to leave to prevent him from being dragged down by him so he won’t die trying to save him. He tells Stefan that he was always better than him, that he’s always forgiven him for everything he’s done and now it’s finally his chance to make that worthwhile. He’s going to take out Katherine alone, by stabbing her with the bone before they’re hit with the Hellfire which will kill them both and make sure Katherine can’t come back through the Hell portal before its destroyed and stop Vicki from destroying it.

Stefan then uses the vervain dart he got from Jeremy to weaken Damon so he can knock him out and uses Matt’s handcuffs to lock Katherine up and keep her from moving. He drags Damon out.

Caroline has Alaric pull the car over and asks the girls to do something, to use the spell that Bonnie told them before. Alaric says that they don’t have a power source to draw from. Caroline says that they do: Her. Alaric says that it could kill her and starts to bring up her mom again, but Caroline stops him, saying that he has no right to bring her mom into this and that she’s not Jo or Jenna and for him to stop treating her like she is. She says that more than anything what her mom always taught her was to be strong and do what’s right and even though she didn’t always do that, it’s what she would want, and she can’t be a good mother if she doesn’t do the same for the girls and just runs away. She tells him to be quick when the kids sap her vampire magic and revive her.

Katherine wakes up, having been stabbed multiple times to keep her down, and finds that she’s handcuffed. She, after a minute of thought, breaks her hand to slide it out of the cuff. She goes up the tower and stabs Matt, knocks out Vicki and gets into a fistfight with Bonnie.

Elena and Jeremy get to the tower, now surrounded by multiple evil vampires from the series’ run. Silas leading them. Jeremy starts fighting them, and, seeing the light glowing from the top, tells Elena that something’s wrong, so Elena make sit past the barricade as Jeremy fights them, then rushing inside and up the staircase into the upper tower.

Katherine pins Bonnie, choking her. telling her that she bet she wishes she hadn’t renounced her powers. Katherine lifts her bone, which she’d used to stab Matt with and brings it down on Bonnie. When her hand is grabbed by Elena, who twists her arm behind her back, takes the bone from her and stabs Katherine with it. She tells Katherine, “Game over.” The Hellfire begins to explode down out of the bell and Elena throws Katherine into it, burning her. Vicki wakes up, seeing the fire beginning and deals the killing blow to the bell. Bonnie and Elena check on Matt. He’s still alive, but barely. And the bell is about to implode. Matt, barely conscious, sees Vicki become consumed in light and disappear. Bonnie and Elena hold eachother over Matt as the fire engulfs the tower. But they’re protected somehow from it.

The kids say the spell, encasing a force field around the bell, reducing the flames, as they’re draining Caroline.

The bell implodes completely. And the numerous vampires Jeremy was fighting disintegrate. The police and ambulance show up and Bonnie, Elena, with Matt make they’re way out of the fire, the medics getting him on the gurney.

But Caroline’s dying, the same way she died from Katherine suffocating her. Alaric gives her mouth to mouth.

Later, Stefan rushes into the hospital, where Alaric is waiting. Stefan asks him if Caroline’s okay. Alaric tries to tell him what happened, but can’t get it out. Stefan freaks and rushes into the room.

To see Caroline standing, perfectly fine. His eyes fill with tears and he hugs her, saying that he thought he’d lost her. She hugs him back, tightly and then pulls away, telling him that she has to show him something, showing him a cut on her hand that hasn’t healed. She’s human again. He says that maybe they can get Damon to give her some blood and make her a vampire again, But she says no. It’s perfect this way. He says that he thought she loved being a vampire. She says that she loves her daughters, Matt, Elena, Bonnie and him. She says that she’s realized that being a vampire isn’t what gives her strength, it may have helped her realize it, but she now understands that everything she is, she is without being a vampire. Just that now, she gets to grow old with her best friend, husband and man she loves, that she gets to have children with her husband, raise them and her 2 children she has already with him and that she gets to have the life full of real adventure that she’s always wanted with him. He tells her that he nearly gave up, but then he saw her message and hearing her made him understand he had always done the same, pulled away, sabotaged himself to avoid happiness, afraid that she didn’t love him, that he didn’t deserve it and that he was wrong to think that, because she was always there. In that moment he chose her, and Damon, he chose his whole family. He says that she’s the one for him and that he’ll love her forever too. She cries and they kiss.

Damon walks into Matt’s hospital room, finding him alive and bites his wrist, offering Matt his blood. Matt doesn’t take it, until Damon tells him to not mope and accept the help. He then takes a moment and says he’s sorry for Vicki, for everything, especially for what he did years ago to her. Matt says thanks. Damon leaves and is met with Elena, standing outside the hallway. They embrace, smiling and kissing. Montage through the end with delena getting married, Bonnie giving them the cure that she got from the other dimension she trapped Kai in for Damon to take, then through the lives of everyone, including Stefan and Caroline having kids, same with Damon and Elena, the lives they live, the good they’ve realized they can do and them passing away and reuniting with eachother in heaven and with others they love who are there. End on Damon and Stefan hugging, then joined by Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Jeremy, Liz, Jenna, Tyler and every main cast member.
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Stuck Inside My Head

Chapter Four | Chapter Six

Chapter Five: Surprise, surprise

Negan sat in his SUV with a cigarette in between his index and pointer fingers. His eyes were focused on nothing, his mind blank; he seemed lost in a void. He broke away from his empty thought and put the end of the cigarette to his lips, taking a long drag.

He held the smoke a moment before exhaling, “I need to quit.”

That’s when Valerie’s voice played in his head, “I bet you $20 you can’t quit before we have the baby.”

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Oh hiiiii!! I was tagged by @teamnouis to do the selfies of 2016 challenge… here I am! Basically I drank beverages, partied, pulled faces, travelled to USA, took selfies in cars and fan girled over Harry Potter, Daniel Ricciardo and Christmas. Me in a nutshell. 

Nah but serious.. without sounding cliché 2016 really was about realising some shit.. it takes a while for you to grow up and realise who you are and learn what your place on this earth is and what you’re all about and I truly did that. ‘Content’ would be the word that sums up my personal 2016. I realised that you gotta believe in yourself before you can see the best version of you. Believing is seeing. 

Thanks to all who made this year pretty great on a personal level. Outside of it being all about me, haha it was a pretty cruddy year all round but in true Cass form let’s focus on the positives and not the negatives.. imma tag my mutuals who I met this year because I miss your faces and you all made the shit parts of this year so much better… and if you don’t wanna post selfies then idk do a mood board or something cos it’s Christmas and it’s the time for presents and there’s only good times ahead okayyyy love you!

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