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Interior Pullman Car.

Beveled mirrors, ornate carvings, and polished brass were the hallmarks of travel in a Pullman parlor car, such as the one depicted here from 1893. First-class passengers enjoyed plush swivel seats and could eat their meals in equaling lavish dining cars. The wealthiest Pennsylvanians owned their own luxuriously appointed private cars.

Credit: Courtesy of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania


What do you do when your son comes out to you and you want to be supportive? Why, cover your car in pro-equality decals, of course! 

That’s what Geoff Thomas of Sydney, Australia did, anyway:

Thomas told BuzzFeed News he “grew up homophobic” and spent a lot of time in settings that were hostile to gay people.

“I spent nine years in the army, I’m a Vietnam veteran, I was a plumbing contractor,” he said. “I was conditioned to be homophobic, and then one day my son comes out to me.

"I had to ask myself the question – what is it about gays that I didn’t like? After that, I decided it was unfounded fear, ignorance and prejudice. Then I came to the view that my son wasn’t equal in law and that really got up my nose, so I became a very strong advocate for marriage equality.”

"I’d had this talk with some people and I said, ‘Every man and his dog supports marriage equality’. And I thought, I’ll put that on my ute!”

I love this so much. (via BuzzFeed)


🚨🚨 🚨 FIRST LOOK🚨🚨🚨

Featuring: AARON TVEIT


a significant amount of ancient civilizations have evolved past what we know today, and live in hidden cities in ancient sites… to protect themselves, there is a perception filter/cloaking field about these places, making it look like there is nothing but ruins and ancient monuments remaining.

Additional: Archaeologists are the BANE of their existence.
Children live in fear of failing out of school and having to become an achaeologist wrangler…
Honestly, where everyone else in the world looks at ruins and goes on their way, archaeologists have this drive to just waltz right the fuck through the perception filter.

Wranglers have to intercept, provide a handful of ‘authentic’ ancient dusty items (they replicated 3 mins before and dunked in dust for that old-timey look), provide a brief distractionary explanation of what the fuck is happening while the mind-wipe techs lock on to the visitor’s biosignature… then help carry them back outside the barrier, and put them in their car or somewhere equally ambiguous, afterwards.

The tracking chip usually alerts them if the archaeologist remembers and comes back, or is just a really persistent pain in the ass. On the fifth incursion event, they just flat-out keep the fuckers; saves on paperwork, and stops permanent memory damage from so many wipes.

They get placed with an amenable, patient family, and integrated into society. Some even end up archaeologist wranglers themselves, in a weird twist of irony.

It’s interesting for everyone.


The secrets behind T. rex’s bone crushing bites: Researchers find T. rex could crush 8,000 pounds

The giant Tyrannosaurus rex pulverized bones by biting down with forces equaling the weight of three small cars while simultaneously generating world record tooth pressures, according to a new study by a Florida State University-Oklahoma State University research team.

In a study published today in Scientific Reports, Florida State University Professor of Biological Science Gregory Erickson and Paul Gignac, assistant professor of Anatomy and Vertebrate Paleontology at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, explain how T. rex could pulverize bones – a capacity known as extreme osteophagy that is typically seen in living carnivorous mammals such as wolves and hyenas, but not reptiles whose teeth do not allow for chewing up bones.

Erickson and Gignac found that this prehistoric reptile could chow down with nearly 8,000 pounds of force, which is more than two times greater than the bite force of the largest living crocodiles – today’s bite force champions. At the same time, their long, conical teeth generated an astounding 431,000 pounds per square inch of bone-failing tooth pressures.

This allowed T. rex to drive open cracks in bone during repetitive, mammal-like biting and produce high-pressure fracture arcades, leading to a catastrophic explosion of some bones.

“It was this bone-crunching acumen that helped T. rex to more fully exploit the carcasses of large horned-dinosaurs and duck-billed hadrosaurids whose bones, rich in mineral salts and marrow, were unavailable to smaller, less equipped carnivorous dinosaurs,” Gignac said.

The researchers built on their extensive experience testing and modeling how the musculature of living crocodilians, which are close relatives of dinosaurs, contribute to bite forces. They then compared the results with birds, which are modern-day dinosaurs, and generated a model for T. rex.

From their work on crocodilians, they realized that high bite forces were only part of the story. To understand how the giant dinosaur consumed bone, Erickson and Gignac also needed to understand how those forces were transmitted through the teeth, a measurement they call tooth pressure.

“Having high bite force doesn’t necessarily mean an animal can puncture hide or pulverize bone, tooth pressure is the biomechanically more relevant parameter,” Erickson said. “It is like assuming a 600 horsepower engine guarantees speed. In a Ferrari, sure, but not for a dump truck.”

In current day, well-known bone crunchers like spotted hyenas and gray wolves have occluding teeth that are used to finely fragment long bones for access to the marrow inside – a hallmark feature of mammalian osteophagy. Tyrannosaurus rex appears to be unique among reptiles for achieving this mammal-like ability but without specialized, occluding dentition.

The new study is one of several by the authors and their colleagues that now show how sophisticated feeding abilities, most like those of modern mammals and their immediate ancestors, actually first appeared in reptiles during the Age of the Dinosaurs.


so, ginger texted me while i was in the ladies room. it seems that crazy bitch, polly cooper, escaped from some loony bin! the same night jason’s car was torched. so, let me do the math for you. polly escaping plus polly torching jason’s car equals she’s jason’s killer! covering her tracks? trying to go underground? like the vicious cold hearted murdering mean girl that she is! oh, and i just tweeted this out to all of my minions, so … the pressure’s on sheriff keller.

A Not So Secret Rendezvous

Prompt: Could you write a fanfic about bughead not telling anyone they’re dating but the gang goes on a mission and finds them making out

So! I went a little ham and wrote 5 pages of this haha XD It went in a bit of a different direction than you might have hoped for. It’s more angsty and kinda deals with Archie’s feelings about Betty and Jughead being together. Bughead fluff, angst, and a little bit of varchie and jarchie (brOTP). 

A Not So Secret Rendezvous

“Hey Pop, has Jughead been around?” the redheaded boy asked earnestly. It had been over an hour since his new roommate snatched Archie’s car keys off the table and said, almost in an afterthought, “Borrowing the car, be back later thanks!” and rushed out the door. Archie had tried texting and calling him, but he received no answer from the mysterious writer.

“Sorry Archie,” Pop replied, “I haven’t seen him all day, it’s very unlike him.” Archie’s eyes widened. Very unlike Jughead indeed.

“Let me know if you see him okay?” Pop Tate nodded at Archie’s request. As he turned to leave the Chok’lit Shoppe, Veronica Lodge and Kevin Keller entered the establishment arm in arm.

“Archikins!” Veronica exclaimed, “I’m so glad we ran into you. Come sit, milkshakes on me.” She sat down into a bright red cushioned booth, casually tossing her designer purse on the table, while Kevin took a seat across from her.

“I’m sorry guys, I can’t. I’m looking for Jughead. Have you guys seen him?”

Kevin replied, “No, but he doesn’t exactly hang around me and V too often. I think our style and class intimidate him,” he joked. Veronica laughed, but Archie stayed stern. He was clearly concerned about his friend. Veronica spoke again, this time her tone much softer.

“What has you so worried? It’s Jughead, he’s probably curled up in some corner typing away at his laptop.” Archie reluctantly sat down next to Veronica, needing to share the oddity of the situation.

“He practically stole my car Ronnie. He ran out the door with my keys and said he’d be back later. No explanation, nothing. He’s not answering his phone, and Pop said he hasn’t even been in the Shoppe today. He’s acting weird and I want to know why.” Archie rested his elbows on the laminate table, sinking the weight of his frustrations into it.

“Well has Betty had any luck finding him?” Kevin asked. Archie shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen her today either.”

Veronica’s brow furled. “Wait, she’s not with you?” she asked, a hint of anger sewn in between her words. Archie shook his head, confusion in his eyes. Kevin leaned back in his seat with a scandalous grin. “She told us she was hanging out with you today Archie” he explained.

“What the hell? Since when does Betty lie? Since when does Betty lie to me?” Veronica spat out, digging through her purse for her cell phone.

“Seriously losers?” a smug, lilted voice spoke up from the booth behind them. The gang turned their eyes to Cheryl Blossom, sitting alone in the booth sipping on a vanilla milkshake. “You really can’t put two and two together? Are you that dense?” her large brown eyes scanned them condescendingly. She stood up, threw some bills on the counter for her drink, and said “I’ll spell it out for you, just because I’m apparently the only one with enough sense to figure out your little ‘problem’. A girl lying about her whereabouts plus a boy suddenly running off with a car equals Sweetwater Mountain Drive. Duh” She crossed her arms in front of her, her expression saturated with superiority.

“Cheryl that’s crazy. Betty and Jughead aren’t- they don’t- they’re just friends okay!” Archie’s sudden frustration through Veronica off guard. She gingerly placed her hand on his shoulder, trying to reign in his outburst with her touch. “Hang on a sec,” she said, “What is Sweetwater Mountain Drive and why is that apparently a big deal?” Cheryl rolled her eyes and walked out of the Chok’lit Shoppe, having lost interest in their piddly drama.

“It’s basically Riverdale’s own make out point. If Jughead and Betty are there, together…” Kevin let his words trail off, seeing an unexpected fire in Archie’s eyes.

“Look, maybe Betty and Jug are there, maybe they aren’t. And if they are, they’re probably just trying to find out more about Jason’s murder. I mean he’s writing some novel about it and Betty’s sister is pregnant with his baby so of course she wants to know what happened,” Archie was nearly rambling, determined to prove his logic.

“Or,” Kevin chimed in, playfully testing how far he could push the Andrew’s boy. “Or Betty and Jughead are parked at the top, in front of a lovely view of the mountains and sky, caught in the throws of passion and lust and-!”

“Oh shut it Kevin” Archie snapped.

“Archikins!” Veronica pushed his arm, trying to snap him back to reality. “Chill out okay? Why do you even care what they’re doing? For all we know they might not even be together right now. Cheryl kind of likes to stir the pot if you haven’t noticed.”

Kevin pulled his keys out of his pocket, and dangled them in front of Archie and Veronica, enticing their temptation for answers. “Well, I say we go find out.”

                                                    X X X X X X X X X X X X X

Betty and Jughead were sprawled out on the hood of Archie’s car, curled up in each other’s arms, and enjoying the start of a bright orange and red sunset over the mountains. At least, they would be enjoying the sunset if either of them could peel their eyes off each other. Jughead laid on his back, his arm wrapped around Betty’s waist. She was laying on her side, pressed up against him, her fingers tracing patterns on the skin just above his loose shirt collar. They were truly at peace with one another, and the whole world with all its drama and problems ceased to exist.

“So how exactly did you convince Archie to let you borrow his car? What did you tell him?” She broke their comfortable silence with her question. A sly smirk made its way across the dark haired boy’s lips.

“Well, I didn’t exactly give him an option. Just kind of took his keys and told him I’d be back.”

Betty laughed at her boyfriend’s impulsiveness. “Basically you stole a car to come hang out with me?” she jokingly accused.

“What can I say Betty Cooper? I’m trouble and you know it,” his dry wit made Betty internally swoon. He spoke again, “I wanted to see you and I didn’t want to figure out some grand excuse for Archie.”

“You know Juggie… You wouldn’t have to come up with excuses if we just told them about us,” Betty tilted her head towards him, hoping her suggestion would be met with consideration.

“Betty…” he spoke softly, caressing her cheek with his free hand. “The way I see it, everybody in Riverdale has secrets. Why shouldn’t we? This whole town has its nose in everyone’s business… it’s really nice to be with you like this and not have everyone’s mind on it.”

“How come you care so much what anyone else thinks of us?” She quietly asked, her tone not accusatory, but simply curious.

“I don’t,” Jughead replied swiftly. “Come on Bets, you gotta admit it’s hot sneaking around like this?” she giggled at his wit. “Listen…” he sat up, pulling her with him. Gentle green eyes meeting calm blue, he smiled and spoke softly, lovingly. “Let them figure it out on their own, and when they do I will stand proud beside you and tell the whole damn world that you, Betty Cooper, are my girl. Until then…” his fingers traced along her jaw and cradled her head, pulling her into a full, genuine kiss. She pressed against him, and he leaned again onto his back, taking her kisses with him.

                                         X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

“Oh. My. God.” Tightly gripping the steering wheel, Kevin was the only one able to speak watching  Jughead and Betty passionately kissing on the hood of Archie’s car. Kevin’s car was stopped down the road from the couple, just out of sight from them, but he, Archie, and Veronica had front row seats to their romantic scene. “I spoke a big game but I didn’t actually expect to find them up here… especially like… well like that.”

Archie’s face was like stone. He stared at the couple with intensity, his lip twitching as he tried to find words, any words, for what was going through his mind. Archie was so… angry. He couldn’t figure out why he was so pissed off at the thought, let alone the actual scene of his two best friends together. Betty was basically on top of Jughead, her hands running through his black hair, slipping his beanie off. Jughead’s hands were trailing down her body, pulling her hips towards him. Involuntarily, Archie reached for the car door. He was stopped by Kevin locking the doors, and Veronica grabbing his shoulders from the back seat.

“Archie don’t!” Kevin and Veronica spoke in unison.

“Why the hell not?!” Archie hollered. “They’ve both been sneaking around and lying to us! He took my freaking car to go make out with her! This is bullshit!” He slammed his fist against the door in frustration.

“Look man,” Kevin shifted to face Archie. “This isn’t the time okay? Think about what all they’ve gone through lately. Life is pretty messed up for them both. So I guess they found some comfort in each other. Let them have at least that.” Archie turned his head to look at Kevin, his breaths ragged from anger. Kevin cautiously continued “If you go over there and yell and scream at them for- for what exactly? Being happy together?” Archie glared at him, and Kevin froze, fearing that the fire in Archie’s eyes could translate to a solid punch in the face.

“Let it go Archie…” Veronica finally spoke from the backseat. “If you approach them now with guns ablazing, you’re gonna lose your two best friends,” She paused, watching Archie’s breaths begin to slow. “Kevin is right. They’re clearly happy together. I don’t know why they felt the need to sneak around, but it’s not our job to find that out right now. Let’s just go okay? Sleep on it, and if you really want we can ask them about it in the morning.”

Archie looked up again at the couple on his car. They were no longer kissing, instead they lay there holding each other, lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes. Archie really hadn’t seen Jughead look happy since they were kids, and yet there was the brooding teenager looking up at Betty like she was heaven on Earth. Betty’s smile was so sweet and genuine, and her whole body was relaxed against Jughead’s. They really were… happy.

Archie snapped his seat belt back on without a word. Kevin put the car in reverse, and quietly left the couple to their solitude. Kevin dropped Archie off at his house, and Veronica jumped out of the car too, telling Kevin she would have Smithers pick her up in a bit.

Archie flopped on the grass in his front yard. It was dark now, and the cool night air was refreshing on his angrily flushed face. Veronica sat down beside him, and studied his face in the dim light from the porch. He was calmer now, but clearly still upset.

“Well Archikins. You should probably start talking. I’ve never seen you lose your cool like that,” She said calmly. Archie let out a heavy sigh, submitting to the embarrassment of his actions.  

“I just… Betty has never liked anyone but me. Seeing her with someone else all of a sudden is just… I don’t know how to handle it.”

Veronica paused, trying to extrapolate Archie’s true thoughts. “Do you have feelings for Betty or not?”

“Not like that. I care about Betty, so much. I love her, just not the way she loves me. Loved me, I guess.”

“So it’s about attention then,” Veronica stated. “You like being the centre of her attention. It made you feel special and secure because no matter what you did, the girl next door would always be there to kiss your scars.” Archie scowled at the posh girl, but didn’t deny her accuracy. Veronica softened her tone, attempting to soothe him. “You know in your heart that Betty wasn’t going to dote on you forever. You know as well as I do that she is a brilliant, complex, whole person who deserves to be loved in the same way that she gives love. You said yourself you couldn’t be that person for her, and that’s fair. She accepted that, and even still tries to maintain a friendship with you. Now she’s found a person who can give her what she needs. And yes, I am just as surprised as you are that Jughead Jones is that person,” Archie sat up and leaned towards her, taking in her honest words and letting his anger go. “But Archie, you can’t punish her for doing what makes her happy. And the same goes for Jughead. If they’re happy together, who are you to tell them they’re wrong?”

Archie smiled softly. “You’re right Ronnie,” he said simply. She looked at the redheaded boy with seeking eyes, and he laughed. “I said you’re right okay? About everything.” They stood up from the damp lawn, satisfied with their honest chat. “You may be new to town, but you sure got us all figured out, Veronica.”

She smiled knowingly, proud of her own powers of deduction. “So then, Archikins, are you going to behave yourself around Riverdale’s newest sensation tomorrow?” she said with a giggle.

“Yes ma’am,” he said with a chuckle. Veronica kissed him on the cheek just as Smithers rounded the corner in a black limousine, and the wealthy raven haired cheerleader headed home.

Archie made his way upstairs and went straight to bed, his body aching for sleep after this emotionally exhausting day. Hours later, tossing and turning with no luck finding sleep, he heard Jughead sneak back into his room, and crawl into his bed on the floor. A moment of silence passed, and Archie took the risk and spoke. “I’m happy for you Jug.”

The writer shifted in his bed, “Yeah, I’m the envy of the whole town” he replied sarcastically. Another pause of silence passed.

“Be good to her man. Betty is worth every moment of it” Archie said quietly. He heard Jughead sit up, startled.

“How did you…” his voice trailed off, unsure how to proceed.

“Just be good to her, okay Jug?”

Jughead stared at the dark silhouette of Archie laying on his back facing the ceiling. He had questions, but he knew they could wait until later. Archie was trying to be supportive for once, and the brooding writer appreciated it.

“Okay Arch. Always.”

Sugar: Where do I find my Daddy?

In this age, you can find an SD a lot of places. Let’s break this down for you. This post isn’t about the couple hundred per meet SDs, this is for the SDs that will actually sponsor you, offer you a monthly allowance and aren’t bedroom bandits.

Seeking Arrangements: This site is developing into men who feel “I don’t have that much money, but really want to fuck a 20 year old bare, but I can’t afford a hooker and/or I think they all have HIV.” (I’m an escort, most of these dudes can barely afford my hourly) If this is your MO, or you aren’t looking for a big payout for your time, and you are ready to compete with millions of other girls, this is for you.

Other sugar sites: a waste of time. SD4Me might have some redeeming qualities, cause I did have a guy who paid for my laptop from there, but there’s so many time wasters and its a badly set up site. Also many non-SA sites have very inactive guys, but you can’t see when they were last logged in until you pay or whatever. time/money sink.

Tinder: Most 40+ guys on tinder aren’t looking for an SB, mostly because they can’t afford it. Some are open to it but will bail on you. You can use a fake Facebook, if you’re trying to conceal your identity. Don’t ever try to get money for a relationship on the chat. never say sugar baby.  Like I’ve said before, unless he offers up the money amount and everything, don’t push for it too early. He has a lot of girls who just want his money, don’t become one of them. Block guys as soon as they say their not interested in an arrangement, just block and move on. Find out if he actually has money buy doing research. The flashy BMW pic? He went to a car show once. Not real. Also flashy does not equal generous.

Other dating sites: YES.


If you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy and you’re not on a sugar website. Don't put it in your profile. Just don’t. Say you are interested in older men and yachting or fine dining or whatever, but don’t put arrangement in your profile. 

Good Morning.

I just saw trump’s budget. The entire GOP want to screw over all Americans. Even the fools that voted for them and still support them. But their base don’t care. They only want the Tan, Brown and Black folks punished for working hard, having more education, equal or better homes and cars than them. Meanwhile, they voted for a man that will take away their farms, clean water, clean air, quality food, homes, shelter, healthcare​, meals on wheels, veteran benefits, day care funding for military families and much much more. But hey, your grandma, grandma, neighbors, judgemental Christian church member can feel better about their sexism and racism now. They screwed over everyone. Awesome. Well, Everyone but the extremely Rich. Republicans always told you what they cared about … tax breaks. No it won’t trickle down and help you poor peasants that think it will magically make you Rich too. Stop thinking that. You are Not important. Get it yet? ***To all of the people that still believe in their vote for this horrible, greedy and evil Republican party…You aren’t worth saving.*** Everyone else, let’s keep fighting. Have a great day.

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the-real-rinny-kagamine  asked:

Uh, I'm back 😂 Another McNamawer (I call is Mcsawer lmao) and what if Mac and Chandler were fighting over Ronnie? 😂

this one was so much fun, oh my gosh thank you. I really hope this is okay c:
((also this ones a bit longer, wanted to try to fit in both sides equally))

Veronica heard a car pull up next to her from the sidewalk she was strolling along in order to get home. Looking over, she saw Heather Chandler sitting in her bright red Porsche with the window down. The blonde took off her sunglasses and sent a wide smile in Veronica’s direction, which the brunette sent a weary one back.

“Uh, hey Heather… Did I like forget about something? Did we have something planned? Where are the other Heathers?” Veronica questioned quickly as she saw that the yellow and green clad Heather’s were not in sight. She quickly looked down at her phone as well, making sure that it wasn’t Friday or if she had any texts from the other girl.

“Oh, they’re out and about, but I wanted to talk to you. Alone. So hush up and get in,” Heather said, her smile melting down into one that could only be defined as sultry.

Veronica blushed at the look, but went to the other side of the car and got into the passenger side. She sat down and saw that Heather had unbuckled and was leaning over the center of the seats so she could be closer to Veronica.

“Listen Ronnie-” Heather trailed a long red nail up and down Veronica’s arm, the brunette bit her lip, “- You’ve captured my attention in very non-heterosexual ways…” The blonde said as she finally trailed her hand down to Veronica’s and entwined their fingers.

Veronica blushed until her face was almost as red as the blazer the other girl wore. Heather leaned closer to her and Veronica’s eyes fluttered closed. She could feel their breaths mingle when suddenly a loud banging at the window caused the moment to break.

Both girls looked outside to see Heather McNamara standing there with a fierce, yet worried, look on her face. Chandler rolled her eyes and put the window down as she hollered out to the other blonde.

“What the everloving fuck do you want, and why couldn’t you just text me?”

McNamara paid no mind, as she gently grabbed Veronica’s face into her hands and looked into the girl’s brown eyes. She gave the brunette a warm smile and brushed her hair back with one of her hands as she began to talk.

“Veronica! God I hope I’m not too late, I thought something was up when Heather said she wanted to talk to you alone, so I followed you guys and then I saw you two in the car, and-and I need to tell you before she takes you away from me,“ Heather stopped for a second and took a deep breath,

“You’ve worked your way into a super special part of my heart and I really really like you, like more than friends and I’m sorry for just now telling you, but I don’t want to lose you. You’re more special than every ring in my dad’s shop, ” She rambled on as she gently stroked Veronica’s face.

Veronica looked up at the blonde with starry eyes as she sent back a gentle smile. McNamara looked down at her, eyes shining more than Veronica’s, and just continued to send gentle swipes of her thumb across the brunettes cheek.

“Oh fuck no! Heather you don’t get to just come up and confess to Veronica 10 hot seconds after I do. Before you came along, she and I were having a perfect fucking moment, isn’t that right Ronnie?” Chandler growled out as she grasped tighter onto the hand was holding, making Veronica look at her.

Heather sent her angry, lustful eyes, that were also filled with something else that Veronica couldn’t place. The grip on her hand loosened just some, and then hardened once more. Gentle squeezes happened every other second.

She looked back at the wide and bright eyes of Heather McNamara, they were filled with worry, love, and once again something Veronica could not place. The yellow-clad Heather had ended up grasping Veronica’s in her own and gently squeezed it once.

Veronica Sawyer had no idea how she ended up in this situation and she had much less of an idea on how she would solve it. She looked between the two girls and let out a throaty chuckle as she sank further into the leather seat of Heather’s car. Both blondes stared and her with wide eyes and waited breaths.

And all Veronica could think was, how the hell could she choose?

Send me a Heathers prompt with your ship and I’ll write a short one shot for you!

It’s a Brunette Thing

Characters: Dean Winchester, Baby, Mysterious Brunette #1, Mysterious Bruntte #2. 

Pairing: Dean x Baby 

Warnings: None that I can think of.

Word count: 549

A/N: This is my entry for @butiaintgonnaloveemBaby’s Big 50 Challenge. My song: There’s No Other (Like My Baby) by The Beach Boys 

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She lets out a short whistle getting closer to the car. She’s been eying the beauty from across the parking lot and it only took her a couple of minutes to gather enough courage to get closer.  “Look at you, baby! Aren’t ya just, stunning.”

She lifts her hand but stops before making contact, “can I? Touch your perfect skin?”  and she licks her plump lips. 

The wind blows around her, hissing in her ears. “I’ll take that as a yes. Hmm.” She moans. “Seems like someone takes real good care of you, love” The words purr out of her mouth as her fingers caress the still warm metal hood.

The sound of someone clearing their throat makes her spin around. A man, blond-ish, tall and proud. “I do actually.” fingers tighten around the handles of the plastic bag he’s holding. “She’s my Baby!” 

She smirks in response.

“Congrats man!” She bites her lips. “She is beautiful.” He grins back.

“Dean.” He introduces himself, sticking his free hand out for her to take. 

“Awesome” She winks, her hands move over the shiny roof. Dean follows her as she moves around the car.

 “How ‘bout you?”

“Oh, my baby is right there.” She nods her head to the black 69’ Camaro at the far end of the parking lot. “My Sweet girl.” She adds. 

“Nice! You know,” Dean continues, “I have this thing for hot brunettes” His fingers brush a loose strand of her long silky onyx hair and smirks when she shivers at the contact.

“Ha!” She lets out a lonely cackle. It’s short and loud. “Too bad I do too.”  She pats his chest  before doing the same with the hood of the Impala and then starts walking away. 

“Hey!” Dean calls after her and she looks at him over her shoulder. “At least give me your name, your number? I’ll call you when I finish dying my hair!” He brushes a hand through his short dirty-blonde spikes. 

She turns completely and walks towards him. “I’m sorry, big guy.” She leans forward, hand on his chest again. He places his hand on top of hers, he wants to hold her in place. “You’re just not my type.. As I said before.” She nods to her car again. 

Dean’s eyes leave hers only to watch an equally, if not hotter girl walking to the car, she’s holding a plastic bag from the small market. Her hair longer and even darker, looking blue-ish under the afternoon sunlight.  
“We do share the same tastes, not just in cars.” She shrugs. 

“You coming?” The new girl shouts leaning against the companion door of the Camaro.

“Be right there, Baby!” She stands on her tiptoes and places a chaste kiss on his scruffy cheek.

Dean watches her as she climbs into her car, the engine roars to life and she winks at his direction. Gravel flies behind the wheels, and the three of them disappear in the distance.

Dean sighs, his hands tracing the same patterns she did minutes earlier. “Did you see that, Baby?” He whispers to his car before pulling the squeaky door open. Calloused fingers grip the worn leather of the steering wheel.
With a flick if his wrist Baby’s engine purrs and he smiles. “We almost had a threesome.”

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When it comes to children’s animation creating multimillion dollar franchises in worlds of infinite imagination, surely gender equality should be a cert? Discuss.


The Incredibles, Brave, Toy Story 3, A Bug’s Life


Up, WALL-E, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, Toy Story and Toy Story 2, Cars and Cars 2.

November 2016: A Summary
  • evil kermit the frog
  • #boycotthamilton and the subsequent failure of said boycott
  • devastation over the death of an anthropomorphic race car… 
  • …but equal devastation from an unexplained rise of bee movie memes 
  • a racist soggy cheeto was elected president of these united states
  • fantastic beasts and where to find salvation through the HP fandom
  • “i am forcibly removed from the premises meme” clarifying what is unacceptable for us to do in public spaces 
  • yuri on ice saving us all
  • i accidentally projected a slideshow of my cats to a classroom full of people and it is still haunting me to this day 
  • Gilmore Girls ?!?!? aka in which four words can mess up an entire fandom
  • the samsung galaxy note 7 possibly being even more self-destructive than myself 
  • pokemon: sun and moon 
  • speaking of moons, we also apparently had another supermoon?? 
  • moana <3

In sum: November was a wild ride from start to finish. I’m kind of nervous what December will bring lol omg please save us