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Pro-abortionists are under the belief that poverty is worse than death.

The belief that an adopted child can’t be as happy as a child who remains with their birth mother.

The belief that the 0.018% chance of death during childbirth is much too great a risk for a woman, yet heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, and even car accidents rank much higher than death during childbirth. I don’t see pro-abortionists advocating to ban women from stressful jobs, or poor eating habits, or advocating for a ban on cars in favor of bicycles: at least not in NEARLY the en masse amount of women I come across who support abortion.

Pro-abortionists seem to be under the belief that sexual intercourse between men and women do not logically lead to a pregnancy. They treat it as unnatural, and even cruel to allow a human life to come into being under anything but absolutely perfect circumstances. That a woman’s comfort, and pleasure, have more value than human life itself.

This is an insult to every adoptive parent, and an indirect claim that adopted parents are incapable of loving their children as much as a birth mother.

This is an insult to anyone and everyone who has grown up in poverty and risen above due to their own success. This is an indirect accusation that their life was worthless because they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

This is an insult to motherhood: comparing it to a punishment, as if it were immoral under less than ideal circumstances, and a crime against women.

This is an indirect claim that murder is morally superior to living a less than perfect, privileged life. As if being born poor, or underprivileged, or to a single mother, or not perfectly healthy, or being unwanted makes you guilty of some crime.

Check your privilege, pro-choicers.