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MitJo Drive-In Movie Date

Imagine: it’s a cool summer night.

They’re cuddling under a thin blanket on the hood of Mitch’s car and holding hands. 

They’re eating buttery popcorn and laughing at each other’s commentary on the movies. 

Fireflies flicker around them. 

By the time the last movie’s credits roll, Joey is asleep with his head on Mitch’s shoulder and Mitch wonders how he got blessed with winning the heart of his childhood crush because he never thought he’d actually get this far, but boy- the present is looking a lot better than the future he thought he deserved.  

A Big Brother Thing. // Zach Dempsey and Clay Jensen

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Zach x Reader

Warnings: Cursing and Death.


Your POV •

I stared into my locker decided on what binder I needed. I looked on my locker door and sighed. There it was. The polaroid picture of Hannah and I. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I met her at Kat’s going away party and ever since then we stuck like glue. I wish I could’ve been there to save her.

I was snapped away from my thoughts when a pair of familiar arms snaked around my waist.

“Hey Dempsey.” I smiled. He placed a small his on my neck.

“You alright babe?” He questioned. His question was soon answered when he looked at my locker door and sighed. “I miss her too…she’s in a better place now.” He sighed and I nodded.

“Yeah… yeah sure.” I said slamming my locker door shut.

“I gotta get to Spanish. But i’ll meet you up for lunch okay.” I said. He removed his arms from around my waist and kissed my forehead.

“You sure you’re okay?” He asked again. And I nodded walking to my Spanish class with Hannah on my mind.


It was now lunch time and Zach and I were sitting with the rest of his friends. My mood went up from earlier and I was pretty happy.

Clay slammed his tray on the table, resulting in all of us looking at him crazy. Everybody glared at him except for me.

“Hey Clay-doh” I smiled but he wasn’t smiling back.

“I was wondering if we could eat together today. I have some things to tell you.” He nodded, glaring over at Zach.

“Uh yeah sure Clay.” I said grabbing my bag. I turned to Zach to kiss him on the cheek and say good bye but Clay pulled me away before I could do so. We both looked at each other and frowned.

Normally, I would curse Clay out for pulling a dick move like that. But I knew that he needed me more than anybody else. The tapes were really taking a toll on his mind.

We sat a couple tables down from Zach and them. I glanced over at Zach and he nodded then got back to eating.

I sat across from Clay and nudged his shoulder softly. “So what’s up with you lately Clay?” I said taking a sip of my pink lemonade.

“Nothing, all of your friends hate me- you know what? Speaking of friends, how are you and Zach doing?” The way he said Zach’s name really bothered me. Something about the way it rolled off his tongue, so full of hate.

"We are actually doing really well. I care about him a lot. He’s really helping me cope with Hannah’s death.” I gulped, tapping on my bottle.

"How ironic.” He sighed, poking at his mashed potatoes.

"How is it iron-” I was interrupted by the bell.

“Well (Y/N), That’s my cue. See you later wouldn’t want to be late to class.” He chimed then left me sitting alone.


I met Zach at his car after school. “Hey babe, since we didn’t eat with each other today you wanna have a little date at Monet’s?” I smiled. He nodded then grinned.

“Hop in.”

We both got in the car and made our way to the cafe.

As I got out the car and walked to the entrance I saw a familiar bike leaned against the wall.

Zach and I walked in the cafe. “I’ll go order, how about you find us a seat?” Zach asked and I agreed.

I found us a cute little seat in the corner of the cafe and waited until he got back with our drinks.

Zach came back and we both started talking about how our days were as we held hands across the table.

“And then Justin laughed so hard that gatorade shot out of his fucking nose” Zach laughed and I joined along. “Seems like I missed a lot not sitting with you guys today.” I sighed. And he nodded.

“Well-” Zach was interrupted.

“Hey guys! Crazy seeing you here.” Clay exclaimed.

I shook my head. “How crazy could it be Clay? We come here at least three times a week.” I stated.

Clay pulled up a chair and joined our table made for two.

“So what’s up guys?” Clay said resting his hands on his face.

Zach and I looked at each other and shook our heads. “Nothing.” We both sighed. “Clay can I talk to you for a quick second?” I didn’t let him reply before I pulled him outside.

“Yes dearly beloved sister?” He smiled as if he was clueless.“

"Don’t ‘dearly beloved sister’ me. Are you trying to keep me away from Zach?” I questioned with my hands placed on my hips. “Not at all. Why would you think that?” He said innocently.

“You’ve been tagging along on all our dates for two weeks and pulling me away from him to ask me silly ass questions. Sometimes it feels like you only want to hang out with me to keep me away from him.” I said with a frown and he finally understood how disappointed I was.

Clay sighed. “I guess, I just don’t want him to hurt you so I tried to chase him away.” He said looking down.

I shook my head. “And you do realize that you would hurt me in the process right.” I scolded. “I didn’t realize that until now. I know what he’s capable of and I don’t want him to hurt you.” He admitted.

“I admit what he did to Hannah wasn’t nice at all, but he’s a teenager and he’s gonna make dumb decisions, we all do it. It even took me awhile to forgive what he did but he’s honestly such a sweet person. You just have to give him a chance Clay-doh. Sit in there with us and talk to him. You’ll see that he doesn’t mean any harm.”

“Thanks for the offer but I think you guys should spend some time alone after all i’ve done the last weeks. But i’ll definitely sit and talk with him one day if he’s as nice as you promote him to be.” He smiled then grabbed his bike.

I smiled back. “Thanks Clay. I love you.” I said as he rode off. I walked back into Monet’s and kissed Zach on the cheek then sat down.

“Is everything ok between you two?” He questioned and I nodded.

“It’s a big brother thing. I smiled.


I feel like I could’ve done way better on this but that how I feel about everything I write lmao. On the other hand I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. It was supposed to be up yesterday but I had extreme writers block and I restarted the story about three times. Have a nice day 💖 Thanks for reading! Gif isn’t mine!

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“You’re no one’s but mine.”

A/N: I haven’t written Chuck in a while and I really wanted to write angry chuck stuff again, so here we go. :)

Summary: You and your friend spent a day together as you come home to the bunker you find a jealous and angry chuck waiting for you which lead to something you didnt expect at all.

Warnings: Smut, first time sex, angry sex, some fluff, angry chuck

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Laughing I tucked my arm under the one of my companion, to some it might’ve looked like a date but for us it was just two friends hanging out at the fare. We met during a hunt a few weeks ago and directly got along very well and hanging out with him was a good variety instead of spending most of my time with the Winchesters and Chuck even though Chuck was my best friend but hell god could be annoying at some points.

“So where do we go next?” David asked me as we made our way through the people filled place surely taking care of the huge Teddy Bear on his shoulders he won for me.

“Hm, how about we get something to eat and then go home? It’s already pretty late and it was a fun but exhausting day.” I told him surely happy but also tired. We spent the whole day together which included spending half of the day at the beach and the other half of the day at the fare.

“Sounds like a plan.” He said before we made our way to a food stand where they offered different kinds of food. Both of us decided to get waffles. David paid the food and together with the waffles in our hands we slowly walked back to the car, eating our waffles and telling each other the most stupid jokes we knew.

Around 20 Minutes later we arrived at the bunker.

“It was a really great day, I hope we can do that again sometime.” I told him before I hugged him tightly.

“It surely was and I hope so too.” He said a bright smile on his face. I smiled shortly before I got together with the Teddy Bear out of the car. Waving him goodbye I turned around to the entrance of the bunker. I pushed open the metal door and walked in directly making my way down the stairs, the heavy door falling back into its look. As I jumped down the last stair I didn’t expect Chuck standing there in the middle of the room, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Oh, hey!” I said with a big smile on my face but he didn’t say it back like he always does.

“Where have you been?” He asked me, his voice was quiet a little too quiet if you’d ask me.

“I’ve been out. Is something wrong?” I asked him raising an eyebrow because his reaction confused me a bit. What was is his problem? I walked up to the big table in the middle of the room and placed the teddy bear on it before I turned back to face my best friend.

“What’s wrong? Everything is wrong. You just keep hanging out with that weird dude.” He said and I could hear a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“It’s fun hanging out with him and he’s not weird, he’s a super nice guy.” I told him trying to stay calm since I was not nearly in the mood to start a fight with him.

“Yeah nice until he fucks you and lets you fall like a cold stone.” He said his voice rumbling with anger.

“What the hell Chuck? Even if so why would you care, I can do what I want.” I yelled back at him. How could he even think something like this? He should be happy for me, he is my best friend.

“I don’t want you to get hurt.” He shouted. “Those guys are all the same, they just want to fuck you and then they don’t want to hear anything from you.” He had his hands balled to fist and anger painted on his face. I never saw him like that before and it scared me.

“He’s not like that…” Just as I wanted to finish my sentence he angrily grabbed my face and pressed his lips on mine before he kissed me with an amount of anger I never felt before.

“You’re mine, you belong to me. You’re no one’s but mine.” He hissed against my lips before I felt the edge of the table pressing against my thighs and his hips against mine.

“Why didn’t you say something?” I asked him my heart pounding like crazy against my chest from the previous kiss.

“Shut up.” He said running his hand in my hair just to pull my head back so he could attack my neck with his lips easing a moan from my side. “Since the moment, I first saw you I wanted to rip your clothes off and fuck you until you scream my name.” He mumbled between a few kisses sucking a mark into my neck. “You turned my whole world around.”  Holy shit why have I never realized how hot he is? I had a crush on him for a while now but I never considered it being something serious but this whole situation changed everything for me.

“Chuck please…” I moaned as he placed more kisses up and down my neck, his hands rooming over my body pulling at my shirt before he ripped it off and threw it across the room. He snapped with his fingers to remove my bra, his lips directly attacking one of my nipples sucking on it until it was fully hard while he twirled my other between his thumb and index finger. Pushing me down on the table he kept playing with my nipples, squeezing and pulling on them with his teeth and fingers making me squirm under his touch. I pushed my hips against his and let out a loud moan as I felt his already hard member pressing against his jeans.

“I’ll show you what’s good.” He groaned against my sensitive skin placing hot wet kisses down to my lower tummy softly biting it as he opened the button of jeans and pulled them off my legs throwing them over his shoulders on the floor, snipping with his fingers he removed the last part of my clothes before he placed his lips on my lower tummy again starting to place more hot wet kisses down to my center until he kissed me there right between my legs where no guy ever kissed me before. He licked a broad stripe through my fold before he roughly started attacking my clit with his tongue.  Because of his roughness, I lifted my hips and pushed them further to his face. “Don’t move.” He whispered placing his hands on my hips to keep them steady as he kept up the work of his tongue. I ran my hand into his curls so I got something to hold on. He licked another broad stripe through my fold before he flicked his tongue against my clit again and again driving me totally insane and closer to the edge with each new touch of his tongue. My legs started shaking as I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me and I knew it wouldn’t take long until I would cum. I could feel him grin against my folds before he roughly flicked his tongue against my clit one more time sending me over the edge. Throwing my head back I moaned his name. He removed his lips from my center leaving me back as a panting mess.

“I’m not done with you yet.” He whispered removing all his clothes expect for his boxer shorts with a fast snip of his fingers. Leaning over me he placed his hand over my center slowly pushing two of his fingers inside of me his thumb softly rubbing against my still sensitive clit making me wince in pleasure. His lips found my breasts again, placing kisses, sucking and biting them while his fingers moved in a fast and steady rhythm inside of me. “I love how wet you are, Y/N.” He said removing his lips from my boobs just to place them on mine again kissing me hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth and discovering it as he started a fight with mine. I’ve never been kissed like that before, I kissed a few guys and had some sexual contact but I never had sex with a guy.

“Chuck stop, I…” I broke the kiss wanting him to tell that I never had sex before but I also knew that I could trust him and that he would never hurt me. He stopped and looked at me. “Its fine.” I just said before I pulled his face to mine again kissing him passionately. He pulled his fingers out of me so he could get in line with my entrance before he slowly pushed himself in. I gasped loudly as his size filled me out, I needed a while to get used to the new feeling inside of me.

“Holy shit you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned as he started circling his hips, pulling back out and pushing fully back in, in a hard and steady rhythm. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pushed mine further to his asking for more. I never thought that it would feel that good but it did more than good. The man above me changed his position a bit until he found the right spot to make me scream. Circling his hips once more he pulled back out, snapping his hips back against mine.

“Chuck…faster please…” I begged him as I could feel a new orgasm building up, both of our breath coming fast and unsteady as he kept speeding up the pace of his hips, thrusting into me fast and hard. He grabbed after one of my hands, lacing our finger with each other and pressing it.

“Oh, god you feel so good.” He moaned against my lips, his sweaty forehead leant against mine as he pulled back out and thrusted back in repeating his motions again and again until my muscles started tightening around his pulsing cock. He circled his hips another time, pulling back out and pushing back into me, hitting the exact right spot to send me over the edge. I screamed out his name, if somebody else would be in the bunker they probably would’ve heard us having sex in the middle of this table. He followed me after another thrust spilling his full load into me, riding us through our orgasms before he collapsed on me his face buried in my neck.

“Chuck?” I asked him still fast breathing playing with his curls.

“Yes?” He whispered and looked at me.

“I…uh I actually never had sex before.” I whispered before my face went deep red but I kept eye contact with him.

“What? Holy shit, I hope I didn’t hurt you or anything.” He said now totally worried that he did so. “Why didn’t you say anything?” He asked then still looking at me.

“No, I’m fine more than fine!” I made him clear placing my hands on his cheeks. “I don’t know, I know I can trust you and that you’d never hurt me.” I whispered shyly shrugging my shoulders shortly.

“Christ Y/N, I could’ve really hurt you. I was angry as hell.” He whispered before he shortly kissed me. “Was it okay for you?” He stroke a strain of hair behind my ear.

“More than that.” I told him with a happy smile on my face.

“I’m glad.” He said as he slowly pulled out of me. “We should clean up this mess.” And with those words he snipped his fingers cleaning up the mess of our orgasms and the blood from my lost virginity. He picked me up in bride style, snapped his fingers and not a second later we both laid in my bed.

“I love you Y/N.” He said as he pulled the blanket over our naked bodies. With a happy smile, I placed my head on his chest and my arm over his tummy.

“I love you too Chuck.” I whisper as he laced our fingers with each other. I was surely too exhausted to say one more word and so I fell asleep on my now boyfriends chest.

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I’ll always be here for you. When you need to cry, I’ll hold you close and wipe away the tears. After a long day of work, I’ll rub your legs and feet while you watch your favorite shows. I will make you breakfast in bed and warm up the shower for you. I’ll take you on late night walks and hold your hand under the stars. I’ll tell you “I love you” several times a day and give you random kisses. I’ll make a picnic, we’ll go to the park, lay in the grass and stare at the clouds pointing out the creatures and things we see in them. On your birthday I’ll make sure the house if full of balloons, lights, and your favorite decorations. There will be a cake I attempted to cook from everything you taught me in baking. We will bake together, making cupcakes, cookies, and all our favorite treats. I’ll let you lick all the icing off of the spoons and from the bowl. We’ll go to the beach and boogie board on the shallow waters. we can bury each other in the sands and write silly messages. I’ll start a water balloon fight in the middle of a hot summer day, chasing you with a super soaker. We can do walking downtown under the city lights while we shop, eat, hold hands, laugh, and drink. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I’ll kiss you, tell you silly jokes, tell you I love you with one of my silly quotes, I’ll find a way to make you smile and remind you that everything is okay. We’ll find a cute little house where you can decorate it however you want; paint the walls any colors, tell me where you want the book shelves to be, you’ll have your art room where you can be as messy and creative, decorate the walls with your taxidermy butterflies, the succulent gardens you want in the backyard or around the house, and you will have your closet with all your black clothes and shoes. As I do now, I’ll always talk about you, telling everyone how amazing and beautiful you are, making the jealous with how perfect of a creature you are. We will have days where we do absolutely nothing, sit at home, watch our shows, play games, and eat all the pizza and oreo cookies. We will go to the mall and spend hours doing everything; shopping, modeling clothes for each other, drink bubble tea, eat our favorite vegan dishes from the food court, try and resist buying all the games in the video game store, end up buying a game or two in the video game store, purchase bath bombs, and you can browse all the make-up picking out what you want. I’ll hold on to your hand when we go to music festivals and concerts. We’ll go to the local fair and I’ll win you a prize by throwing ping pong balls into small cups, we’ll challenge each other in bumper cars, eat cotton candy, and pet all the animals in the petting zoo. I’ll take you to the bookstore where we can quietly giggle at the cat calendars and sexy novels. You can fill your arms with books and sit on the ground flipping through the pages. Pick out coloring books, art books, vegan cookbooks, and all the baking recipes you want. We’ll go to the local hobby store and pick out tons of things we can craft at home together. We will use that polaroid camera to take tons of photos of our favorite moments, best smiles, and goofy faces and hang them in a collage. We will find a spot in the city to make our own and watch the sunset together. I’ll find new ways you ask you to marry me each year on our anniversary. We’ll go to Disneyland and forget about the world around us at the happiest place on Earth. I’ll look at you and get lost in your eyes and smile. I’ll remind you of how much I love you with little notes floating around the house, messages on the mirror after a hot shower, and randomly clinging to you and squeezing tightly. I’ll help you dye your hair and let you pick out the colors you want in my hair. When life seems hard I will take your hand in mine and look into your eyes letting you know we’ll do it together and get through it just fine. I’ll always remind you that everything will be okay, no matter what. I will always put you first when the choice is mine and I will not let you down. As I am now. As I was yesterday, and as I will be tomorrow. I will always be here for you.
Creepypasta #873: Morning Traffic Report

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Length: Medium

“Howdy folks, this Chip Thompson with your early morning traffic report, brought to you by Sunny Brand Orange Juice. It’s a beautiful day here on the South half of the island, and a great one to be alive! Pack up your swim trunks and grab your surf boards because today’s also a great day to head to the beach and forget all about the traffic on the 317 because it is a disaster out here!

I’ve seen some bad snare ups in my day folks but this is one for the record books. Me and my co-pilot here Jon Spence have a view all the way from the South Beach up to the city core, and my, every single lane is backed up as far as the eye can see. I’d recommend just enjoying the beautiful sand and surf today and forgetting all about making it downtown for work today if you’re commuting, because things do not look like they’re going to be getting any better any time soon!

We here at KRCH-11 haven’t received any word of major accidents so we’re not sure what the problem is, alright… alright… we’re just coming up around the bend now and… my God… this is a disaster! There’s cars on fire! Overturned vehicles. It’s a big accident folks and it sure looks like a bad one, a real bad accident, a tanker truck’s overturned and is spilling gasoline onto the road and…

Jesus Christ, there’s people down there running around! Even from up here I can see blood. It looks like they’re surrounding one man… my God… my God! What are they doing? Oh Jesus! Sweet Jesus! Jon, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. What is this? What is this? 

Oh God, they’re overturning some of the other cars now and pulling people out… sweet Jesus, there’s blood everywhere…. everywhere…. on the pavement, I can see it even from here…. they’re covered in it… more of them are coming out of the others cars now and.. oh God they’re eating each other. They’re eating each other! What is this? What is this? What is happening?!”

Credits to: the_itch

When there is these two members that you know they are almost always together off-camera and that you always see a glimpse of one of the two on the background when the other one is taking a selca but who never take a picture together. Yes I’m talking about YoonJin.
But serously though they are roommates, they are always sitting next to each other in the car, they always eat together, so why don’t they take at least one selca together ? Is it that hard ?
(And these little shit always tweet their selca around the same time).

Some girls love to eat salt.

Other girls prefer eating salt.

And then there are the girls that just like eating salt.

But, no matter what type of girl you are, you will eat salt.

So stop placing girls against each other and just eat salt.