cars and pixies

The Scary...Sneeze?

Context: Playing a Shadowrun group with a pixie sniper, a human mage, an elven mage (who is basically our healer), a human street samurai (who is down for the count at this point in the fight), my elven negotiator, and a minotaur street samurai. The minotaur hadn’t joined the fight at the start because he’d still been in the car, but after the pixie shot & killed 1 goon, and the mage killed the other in a 1-shot firewater cast, the other two were sent running at the sight of the minotaur wanting to join the fun. The minotaur chases after them, and decides to stun one/knock him unconscious so that we can figure out why they attacked us. After bringing the stunned human back, this ensues.

Minotaur: I want to intimidate him.

(The group proceeds to discover that none of us have the intimidate skill)

Mage: Who has the highest charisma

Pixie: I have 5

Negotiator(Me): I have 6.

Mage: Alright, you’re doing the intimidation check.

GM: Your Charisma is 6? (I confirm) What’s your social limit? (It’s 8) Alright, roll for it.

Negotiator: *rolls and stares in stunned silence* I have 1 hit. Almost critically failed there… I go up to the guy and sneeze on him.

(The whole group is snickering at this point)

GM: Alright… *rolls for the goon and proceeds to laugh so hard she is silent*

Negotiator: What happened?

GM: He crit failed… 

Minotaur: So basically, you walked up to him, sneezed, and he pissed his pants.

(The whole group erupted into laughter, my character had been stunned by the ambush attack, and had narrowly dodged being shot twice, only to sneeze in the face of a person who turned out to be the leader of a pretty impressive group of competition for a job we were about to try to get, resulting in him pissing his pants. Awesome!)