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because shadow labrys & adachi is the ultimate brotp we need.


Every Time I Show Up

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Sana x Reader



Word count: 548 words

Written by Cici

You and Sana are walking through the outdoor mall on a cool fall day, holding hands and window-shopping. Well, at least you’re trying to window-shop. But Sana has the uncanny ability to talk up a product - whether it be perfume or a new CD - just enough to make you want it. Your other arm is loaded with colorful bags, while Sana only carries her purse. “Minatozaki Sana, you’re trying to make me broke, aren’t you?” you ask.

She grins, a mischievous glint in her brown eyes. “Of course not. That’s why I’m paying for dinner tonight.” She swings your entwined fingers back and forth between you two, and you roll your eyes. She’s such a dork and you can’t get enough of it.

Then you hear the mall’s stereo play a very familiar song - one that sends your heart racing. You stop walking, and Sana nearly falls at the sudden motion. “What is it, (Y/N)?” she asks.

“This song,” you say. It’s the song that sparked your interest in Sana, the one that made you see her in an entirely different light.

It’s a hot afternoon in July and you’re going for a jog like a crazy person. What was I thinking? you ponder as you run down the sidewalk. You’d rather be chilling at home with a pint of ice cream than exercising. But you press on, sweat rolling down your spine, and try to remember the real reason you’re running like this. To see Minatozaki Sana, a new friend of yours who asked you to hang out today. You figured that showing up a few hours early would mean more time to spend together. Plus, you were just too excited to wait until four.

You see her house at the end of the cul-de-sac and slow down to a walk. Her door is open, and she’s dancing. Her movements are so fast and playful that you have to suppress your laughter. Music blasts from the house, and you instantly recognize the song - “Whistle” by Blackpink.

You walk up to the porch and knock on the open door. Sana turns around, her face flushed, and knocks a plate of cookies off the counter as she turns. “Oh no!” she says.

“Here, let me help,” you say, and the two of you kneel down to pick up the cookies that fell off the plate. “I’m so sorry for barging in like that. I was in the neighborhood and I just figured I’d stop by.”

“It’s OK. I was making these cookies for us and then this song came on… and I got a little carried away.” Sana blushed again.

“Relax,” you say. “It was cute.” The two of you grinned at each other then.

Now Sana breaks into a open-mouthed smile. “This was the song that made me drop the cookies!”

“Well, technically I made you drop the cookies,” you say.

“You still owe me for that. I was so embarrassed! I had such a huge crush on you and I was acting like a spaz.”

“I said it back then and I’ll say it again - you looked so adorable.”

Sana wraps her arms around you, and you hold her back with your free arm. “I’m glad at least one person finds my awkwardness adorable.”

“I always will.”

I want the Wonder Woman movie to just have… no men at all… only women the entire movie… Wonder Woman saving innocent women and girls from villainous women… Wonder Woman teaming up with other wonderful women, one of whom becomes her love interest, to defeat the evil mastermind woman… maybe they can put a mother carrying her son to safety in the background for diversity

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lamen modern au: damen, laurent's fave camboy, happens to move into the apartment next to him. laurent is FURIOUS. the other day they simultaneously offered to help the elderly lady who lives on the fourth floor with carrying her groceries and it was Tense. those 10 minutes after unpacking when they politely accepted her offer of tea and sat opposite each other were fraught with embarrassment and laurent doesn't need this in his life

ok….there are so many good things about this i truly do not know where to start but let me just say that damen would be the kind of camboy who would sometimes just workout in front of the camera and get a shit ton of views bc his abs look SO good when he does sit ups

someone pls write this au im begging

Okay but what if Elizabeth 3rd wasn’t fixed-I assume in game she is but go with me here. But Jumin does ask Jaehee if any male cats were bothering Elizabeth while she had her-moving on

And she’s a fluffy cat, I have my own fluffy cat and I swear she looks pregnant-but it’s just the fluff, and she’s fixed so-

Moving on again

What if one day Elizabeth goes missing, but the security cameras don’t show that she had gotten out. So Jumin’s searching the entire penthouse about to fucking lose it, accuses Seven of stealing her multiple times, has security searching the entire building

MC’s there to help look and they just stop, “Is that Elizabeth running to the bathroom?” and it is. Jumin’s so relieved until he notices that she’s carrying something and follows her to her hiding spot in the linen closet

Elizabeth is curled up around a small kitten, and she meows when she sees Jumin, “Look at what I made!”

And he just sits there so shocked like, “Elizabeth! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

And then she gets up and hurries off, MC follows her and it’s a while until the cat is seen carrying yet another kitten to the new spot

“Jumin there are so many.” is what MC says when they come in carrying a very dirty cat bed

Cat Mom Jumin completely spoils Elizabeth 3rd and the kittens. Bringing in a professional for a check up and vaccines when they’re old enough

He’d be stuck between keeping them all and finding them good homes-probs with the other RFA members. He makes sure to get Elizabeth and her kittens fixed

“Oh we can’t call him Cat Mom anymore.” Seven will say, “He’s Cat Grandma now.”

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Sis! What would your dream scenario be of Joshaya to get together?

Ahhhh okay!

So there’s lots of different scenarios I like. But I think my favorite is when she’s in college, but not right when she’s in college, like they both give it time to make sure they’re both ready. When Maya tells Josh she’s ready to date he can’t him, he can’t stop smiling says he is too. She’s so happy that she jumps on him and their first kiss is while he’s carrying her.

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(part 4) unable to carry out with her sisters instructions she fling herself into the sea and became seafoam, where she watched over her beloved princes kingdom for 100 years. Then she eventually ascended to heaven

You have enchanted and awed FishBone with the story.

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Water gasps loudly as he finds Tjanare bleeding and barely conscious carrying her cub. "Holy fuck, what happened to you?!" He screamed catching her body and picking her up bridal style. "We have to get you to the Infirmary right away!"

She collapsed into his arms. Thankful to be off of her feet. “The damn thing….nearly got me. My Belial…I had to find him. He..” She started to weep softly as he swiftly carried the two off. “He is in so much pain.”

I threw a piece of balled-up paper at my cat because she was annoying me

she thought it was a toy, so I threw it on the floor so she’d get distracted and go away

she picked it up in her mouth, carried it to my bedroom, and dropped it next to the bed, then went around the corner of the bed like she was hiding from it and pounced on it

I love my cat so much


remember the white dress i wore all through that film? george came up to me the first day of filming, took one look at the dress and said: “you can’t wear a bra under that dress.”

“ok, i’ll bite,” i said. “why?” and he said: “because… there’s no underwear in space.”

he said it with such conviction. like he had been to space and looked around and he didn’t see any bras or panties anywhere.

he explained. “you go into space and you become weightless. then your body expands but your bra doesn’t, so you get strangled by your own underwear.”

i think that this would make for a fantastic obituary. i tell my younger friends that no matter how i go, i want it reported that i drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.

rest in peace, carrie fisher (october 21st, 1956 - december 27th, 2016)