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i mean i know this is no longer 2012 and no one cares about nosh anymore by why is no one talking about the pictures of josh lifting niall up outside the stadium yesterday? anyone manhandling niall is important to me, i don't care who it is! twitter(.)com/the1Dscene/status/500046971168890881 (sorry the source is an update account i didn't bother to look for the original whoops)

(x) oh my god, I CARE, I STILL CARE DEEPLY. i checked the op, and the original caption was “NIALL AND JOSH WERE FIGHTING AND JOSH PICKED NIALL RIGHT UP” which is just the most beautiful thing lmao. i can’t believe his pointed toes and splayed arms and arched back, i’m sure if you zoomed in you would see the TYPICAL DRAMATIC LOOK ON HIS FACE, he’s always being randomly picked up by everyone around him, and you know he’s ready with a climactic cinematic expression or reenactment when it happens. :’) dying that both this and nandy happened yesterday. i’m sure there’s a similar nashton shot floating out there somewhere. whenever niall plays with the boys, it’s always them humoring him until they can’t help but to scoop niall up in their arms it ALWAYS DEVOLVES THIS WAY i love it. ^___^

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