Carry On Wayward Son
  • Carry On Wayward Son
  • Vivien Armour, Alyssa Lynch, Kelli Ogmundson, Katie Sarife, Rachel Warkentin, Nina Winkler & Jay Gruska
  • Supernatural: The Musical (Songs from the 200th Episode) - Single

Carry on Wayward Son - Itunes Version

You know how I would like for Supernatural to end:

After the last battle of the episode the screen goes black and the words Few years later show up

Sam dressed in a beautiful suit, a nice hair cut collecting some papers from the table in an office. The sky is light blue, Sam turns around and looks thought the window into the sky and smiles.

The screen jumps to Dean. He’s coming from the forest to his car. It’s night, Dean puts a gun on the hood of the Impala and leans on her looking into the starry sky. A slight smile shows up on his face.

The screen now jumps to Cas. He’s in heaven, sitting under a tree with papers near him. Cas stands up and goes to a small pond. He looks down and sees Sam and Dean looking into the sky. Cas also smiles gently.

Screen goes to Sam. A woman comes through the office door and says “Mr. Winchester the client is in the waiting room”. Sam takes the papers and leaves the office but not before looking into the sky again. The door closes and on it says “Lawyer Sam Winchester”.  Saving people

Screen jumps to Dean. His phone rings. Dean picks it up. It’s another case. He takes the gun and tosses it into the car. Dean starts the engine of the Impala but before driving of he looks into the stars one more time. Then drives off. Hunting things

Finally screen shows Cas. He stands near the pond seeing Sam and Dean leave. An angel shows up “Castiel another one was saved, he wants to thank you personally”. Cas nods and disappears. The family business

Screen yet again goes black, Carry on Wayward son stars to play. All off the Supernatural cards show up and start to go backwards from newest to season one. And as the words Don’t you cry no more play, a photo of all the cast pops up with the words “Thank you for all these years”.

The End


the crowd singing to jensen and misha | jibcon 6 2015


OK, this is my new favorite thing.  I’ve never seen a trombone played like this.

“Carry On Wayward Son” Maniacal 4 Trombone Quartet