okay but jonathan byers picked nancy up under one arm and carried her away from a monster, bodily dragged steve into a different room, essentially threw him around when they were fighting and had to be restrained by multiple police officers…

like he may be a shy nerd who talks best through his ~art~ but boy is canonically secretly strong af


one tree hill » Some You Give Away

“Time is running out now, and I tell ya, you gotta feel for Nathan Scott. I mean, sure he has made some mistakes, but you get the sense that if this is how it ends, he’s never gonna forgive himself. And Lucas Scott is being swarmed. I wouldn’t doubt it if they carry the kid outta here tonight and never bring him back. I have never seen some of these kids so happy. And can you blame them? They’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. And there at the center alone is Whitey Durham, standing around, taking it all in. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tree Hill Ravens are champions at last. And there’s not a dry eye in the house.”

listen okay, alec and magnus would be the most fun parents ever like I can just imagine them jumping from couch to couch with their kids because “the floor is lava” or sneaking up behind their children lifting them up and tickling them until their babies are wriggling around in their arms, letting out high pitched giggles saying “no papa, stop I can’t breathe”. imagine them carrying their kids around on their backs, running around the loft making airplane noises while their children laugh and laugh until their little eyes droop closed so they’re tucked into bed but before alec or magnus can leave the room, there’s a whispered “bedtime story, daddy?” and their kids fall asleep to the funny voices alec and magnus are using to read out their favourite fairytale.

Canvas #2 — ARTIST 360

4 Keys to Staying Creative
by Bobby Chiu  —  Illustration by Kei Acedera

A couple of weeks ago, I found the yellow Sony Walkman that I used to carry with me everywhere back when I was a kid. Inside was a “The Simpsons Sing the Blues” cassette tape that still worked.

I loved that yellow Walkman because it was water resistant, so I would use it in the rain while walking home from the bus stop. On a whim, I ran it under the faucet in our studio lunchroom and sure enough, Bart kept on doing the Bartman like nothing was the matter. This gadget was built very well.

I considered keeping it but then thought, I have an iPhone with thousands of songs on it, what good is a Walkman for which I have only one tape?

So here’s my question to you: who was responsible for the creation of the iPod? Steve Jobs, right? However, in contrast, I can’t name a single person on the assembly line that built my Walkman.

The world values innovators, creators, and outside-the-box thinkers. That’s not to say that being a builder is not a worthwhile enterprise because it is—our society needs builders as much as we need creators—but to maintain job security, builders have to make sure there is room for their creative input or they will risk being replaced. Think about it: if your job consists entirely of following a detailed set of instructions, then doesn’t that mean anyone who can learn those same steps can take your job?

So if you want security and generate demand for your work, whether you’re an artist, songwriter, filmmaker, or engineer, you have to make sure there’s room in your work to be creative.

This has been our philosophy since day one.

When we started our studio, we called ourselves “Imaginism Studios” because we wanted to express that people will come to us for our imagination and creativity.

Again, in every production line, there are those who are excellent at following instructions. They are detail-oriented and valued as reliable builders, so they earn a good living, which is wonderful. However, if, in addition to being able to follow instructions, you’re known to come up with great ideas as well, then you become indispensable. It’s very hard to put a value on great ideas. How much is the idea of a Walkman worth in the 80’s and 90’s? What about the idea of an iPod in 2004? Any number of great ideas could have incalculable value.

No matter what type of job you’re going for, make sure there’s room to be creative because it’s within that creative space that you will find security and demand for your work.

Now, here are four good questions to ask when trying to be creative:

1. How many different tasks are you thinking about at once?

Google the question, “can humans multitask” and you will find scientific articles (such as this one) that say, while we are amazing at shifting focus from one thing to another very quickly, we cannot truly do two things at the same time. If fact, trying to do two things simultaneously significantly degrades the quality of your work in both tasks. Personally, I find that if I have multiple things to think about, even if I try to do just one thing at a time, I would still find other tasks causing static in my brain even though I put it on the backburner.

So how many designs, problems, or ideas are you thinking about at once? Hopefully, your answer is a small number; ideally, it’s only one thing. Since our brains are really wired to only deal with one thing at a time, the more focused concentration we can dedicate to any given task, the more likely we are to come up with a great, creative solution. I like working on only one film at a time for precisely this reason.

(If you cannot escape having multiple things on your plate at any given time, write them down and make a list so that you don’t have to remember them in your brain and can therefore focus on the task at hand.)

2. Have you done your research?

The best way to reach new heights is to stand on the shoulders of giants—the great people that came before us. So fill your creative mental library with as much related material as possible. Absorb great art, photos and even take field trips if possible. It’s much easier to come up with something unique and creative when you have reference to seed great ideas.

3. How often do you practice coming up with great ideas?

Whenever I can, I like to sit down in a quiet place and just think up creative ideas for my art. I find that with regular practice of trying to think creatively and make connections between things that others might not, I’ve been able to improve in that respect.

4. Do you have a network of creative people to bounce ideas off of?

Some of the best ideas I’ve ever had were made even better by my friends and the network of creative people that I like to brainstorm with. Creativity rubs off. When you hang out and spitball ideas with creative people, the more you will get a feel for each other’s beats and rhythms. Pretty soon, part of your creative process will naturally include the questions, “Would creative friend A think this is a cool idea?” and “What would creative friend B add to this concept?” This will become reflex for you and add to your creativity toolbox.
Cops hate this gun-shaped iPhone case

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – Police are up in arms over an iPhone case that’s shaped like a gun.

“Most kids carry their cell phone in their back pocket, and if someone reaches for it, in my mind they’re reaching for a gun,” said Al Della Fave, a retired New Jersey state trooper and firearms instructor.

Dellla Fave, a spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey, shared a Facebook photo of the iPhone case that he found on a closed social media site for cops. A model poses with her phone tucked into her back pocket, and the protruding case looks like the handle of a semiautomatic compact pistol.

Della Fave said that if a teenager draws the phone in the presence of a cop “the first thing they’re going to see as it’s coming up is the trigger guard and the butt of the gun. This doesn’t seem like a good idea at all to me.”


ABUSED PIT BULL PUPPY GETS “NEW” PAW - “She was lying on the ground, her front paw severed, her leg infected, her body gaunt from starvation. The kids carried the pup back to their mother, who bandaged the paw and promptly called Animal Services…”

Last Spring, a Pit Bull named Debbie was discovered with terrible injuries by children in the Miami area. She was starving and one of her paws had been severed. Debbie was taken in by 1 Lucky Dog Rescue who arranged for a prosthetic paw through Around and About, Inc. Debbie was then fitted for a new paw at ABC Prosthetics and Orthotics, who has donated a paw and services for Debbie. Read more from the Orlando Sentinel:

A couple of children playing in a Hialeah neighborhood — where county law prohibits people from owning pit bulls — found Debbie last spring when she was only a couple of months old. She was lying on the ground, her front paw severed, her leg infected, her body gaunt from starvation. The kids carried the pup back to their mother, who bandaged the paw and promptly called Animal Services — which, in turn, took the dog to Michelle Rodriguez, co-founder of 1 Lucky Dog Rescue.

“She was very scared but very sweet,” Rodriguez says. “We don’t know what happened to her paw, but because it was taken off so cleanly, it looked like it was intentionally cut.”


And now, Debbie has her fourth — and perhaps final — prosthetic, at least for a while. ABC donated the labor and new limb, as it has for other dogs. The latest model, with its molded plastic, cushioned liner and hinge-shaped carbon-fiber foot, is worth about $600.

Debbie was since been adopted and she seems to be doing fine. Click here for the full story, here to learn about 1 Lucky Dog Rescue, and here for more about ABC Prosthetics and Orthotics (Photos from their Facebook page).

Fire. (Open Rp)

*A Breaking News segment interrupted most programmed TV Schedules for a live feed of a roaring fire at Showbiz Pizza Place. The flames had all ready ate the front entrance and the reporter hasn’t mentioned if any of the band mates were okay.* Dook LaRue was last seen running back into the building and carrying a few kids out, he hasn’t returned from his last trip into the flames. *The reporter said, the cameraman zoomed in on the fire as Firefighters came with hoses and gear ready to make the trip into the burning building.*

Chillens || Closed


Bucky shifted, getting Sam onto his back to carry the small kid out of the living room. “Agh Sammy you’re gettin’ too big for this kid.” He groaned, carrying Sam into the kitchen. “Where’s your dad it’s dinner time. Tony! Get down here and get Bruce it’s time for dinner!”

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Ahams brother needs him back in Nevis and aham is a mess when he gets back and shuts his family out so the girls and Philip go and hug him until he cracks and TJEFFS is like "FUCK my kids love him... fuck... I love him..."


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Could I request a story? The plot is pretty simple: a few of the boys find a kid, probably about 13, who is half dead in an alley and beaten up. The boys do their best to save the kid, but the kid seems to only get worse and is moments away from death. (It's your choice if the kid dies or survives)

Okie-dokie! Here’s your poor little orphan boy! Let me know if you want more! ~Frenchy

                                    It’s Takes an Orphan with a Stutter…

            The Manhattan Newsies were heading home from a long day of selling papers on the street when they heard a low moan from a nearby alley. Glancing in it they see a young boy, lying, half dead between two garbage cans.

           “Jack, look!” Kid Blink exclaimed. “What should we do?”

           Jack rubbed the back of his neck, “I guess we should take him ta da lodge.”

           Together, the boys carried the kid back to the Newsboys’ lodge where they placed him in a spare bunk. Mush fetched a pail of water and a towel and the boys washed away the caked on dirt and dried blood. The child appeared to be thirteen years old with sandy blonde hair.  

           “What ae we goin’ ta do wit da kid, Jack?” Crutchie asked.

           “I guess we’ll just have ta keep an eye on him,” Jack said. “We’ll take turns so no one has ta miss too many days on da job.”

           The next few days passed by, each Newsboy taking turns watching the boy. They kept an eye on the kid’s wounds and made sure they stayed bandaged and clean. They would each spend the time talking to the unconscious child. Mush would spend the time telling him about the girls he’s met, Race would describe the horse races, and Jack would talk about Santa Fe.

           “I don’t know Jack,” Racetrack said one day. “What if he never gets beddah? What should we do?”

           For once, Jack didn’t have an idea. The boys couldn’t afford a doctor, even if they pooled their money in together. If the kid didn’t wake up soon, they’d have to take him somewhere where someone could.

           The following day, Jack sat next to the bedside, humming a tune about Santa Fe when the small boy next to him stirred. Jack leapt from his chair, knocking it over. The boy looked up at him.

           “Wh-where am I?” He asked, he voice coming out in a little squeak. “Why do I hurt all over?”

           Jack was filled with relief, the kid was okay!

           “You’se at da Newsboys’ Lodging House. We found ya in an alley. You’ve been knocked out for a few days now,” Jack explained.

           The boy stared at him in shock, “R-really?”

           “Yeah. So tell me kid, what’s ya name?”

           “I-I don’t r-remembah…” He answered in his squeaky voice, thinking hard.

           “Dat’s okay kid. Wit all da time ya spent here ya practically one ah us! An official Newsie,” Jack said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You’ll remember everything in time. In the meantime, let’s introduce ya ta da fellas! Whaddya say Squeaks?”

           The newly named Squeaks nodded and eased himself out of bed, following the leader of the Manhattan Newsies out into the streets.

[ if roy ever stops by mount justice, he’s the one to go find a blanket & drape them over the team if he sees any of them passed out somewhere. if its any of the kids he’s close with, he’ll carry them back to their room or set them down on a couch, rather than leave them on the floor or wherever else they passed out. because most of them are smol & he is the tol. it’s very easy for him to move them. ]