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Chapter 10/16 of Love You All, Die For This

Word Count: 2085

Chapter Summary:  Children aren’t always brought into your world in the way you expect.

Tags: @jessethejoyful for beta-ing! big loves!



The air feels stiff as Simon picks at the table cloth, pinching his cloth napkin between his fingers and rolling the material between the pad of his thumb and index. The restaurant’s quite upscale, and it’s a lovely time for lunch, but he just seems more uncertain than usual; part of me can’t help but wonder if he’s nervous to talk to Headmaster Bunce in case she brings the situation up. I can’t blame him. After all, she’s the closest thing to a mother in our lives (I wouldn’t quite count Fiona as a parent figure).

It’s nice to keep track with her; while we don’t always see eye-to-eye within magickal politics, she’s easily lovable and brilliant in debates. Bunce is practically a carbon copy of her mother in several ways, which I’ve grown thankful for. It makes it easier to keep connected with Watford and with politics in general without having my father involved. Hell, he isn’t quite my father anymore, he’s Malcolm, spoken of in hushed, bitter tones and to be forgotten. He’s something I’d rather not think about right now.

Mitali Bunce, though, instead is a tough love mother. She meets Snow and I for lunch at least once a year, and we swap emails at least once a month. The younger Bunce said her mother grew more used to Snow following the aftermath of the Humdrum; no one was sending monsters off onto him to fight, so suddenly he’s “safe”. Although, I don’t think I’d ever describe Simon Snow Pitch as “safe”.

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it’s funny how we can read the same two people falling in love 200,000 different times and never get tired of it 

You guys… reading Carry On fanfiction is so meta… 

I mean, you’re literally reading a fanfiction for a book that was inspired by the fanfiction written by a character in another book, about a book that she loves that is essentially a fanfiction of Harry Potter. It’s a fanfiction of a fanfiction of a fanfiction of Harry Potter. 

Yet here I am. 


@rainbowrowell’s “CARRY ON” just came out here in Portugal! 😍💕

i’m listing all the good things about snowbaz in bed because why not
  • Sharing earphones while listening to blue neighbourhood because they relate to it so much
  • While Baz plays with Simon’s hands
  • Simon sleeping on 90% of the space in bed most of the time
  • but Baz doesn’t give a shit because he still can’t believe he sleeps in the same bed as Simon fucking Snow
  • Simon sleeping shirtless just because he knows Baz likes it
  • Simon’s head nuzzled onto Baz’s neck
  • and Simon’s arm around Baz’s waist
  • and Baz’s arms wrapped around Simon
  • and their legs intertwined
  • because they can’t get enough of each other         
Divination Class

I haven’t posted a fic on tumblr in a while, so I hope you guys like this one. I decided to do an eighth year fic where Simon and Baz take a divination class. One vision later, and chaos ensues. 

Word Count: 2599


As an eighth year, students at Watford were required to take at least one semester of divination. Simon, like many other students, thought the class was ridiculous and a waste of time. But it wasn’t up to him, so he begrudgingly followed Penny and Agatha to class.

“This is stupid,” Simon muttered.

Penny made an unsatisfied clucking noise.

“It isn’t actually. The prophecy that predicted your arrival? That was the result of an oracle.”

“So?” Simon asked.

“So, you coming to Watford is a result of divination, the thing you think is stupid,” Penny said.

Simon rolled his eyes.

“Okay but we aren’t oracles are we? I don’t have time to waste on crystal balls and tarot cards,” Simon said.

“We’re also studying divination bones,” Penny said, excitement in her voice.

“What do you have to do that’s so pressing Simon? Chase Baz around some more?” Agatha asked.

Simon felt heat color his cheeks.

“No. I told you that I decided to give up on that. Wherever he was at the beginning of last term isn’t my business,” Simon said.

“Then just be grateful we get to take an easy class this semester. It’s almost a guaranteed A,” Agatha said.

“Fine,” Simon said.

They made their way into Madam Bellamy’s classroom, Penny looking hungry to start right away and Simon and Agatha trailing behind looking bored. Simon eyed Agatha nervously. They had broken up a couple of weeks ago, and though she’d been acting perfectly normal ever since, Simon worried that at any moment she might stop talking to him altogether. 

Madam Bellamy strode into the room, her expression a combination of nervousness and enthusiasm. Simon could tell that she already knew how most people felt about the divination requirement; it was if she was already steeling herself for the snickering comments of disbelieving students. She cleared her throat prettily before speaking. 

“Even though today is the first day of classes, we’ll need to begin with lessons right away. We only have one semester to get through quite a bit of material,” She said.

Simon heard an ill-disguised snicker from the other side of the room. He knew who it was before he looked up. Baz had a hand over his mouth, smiling underneath his palm cruelly. Although Simon didn’t buy into the whole divination thing, it pissed him off that Baz could look so coolly derisive about it, especially in front of Madam Bellamy. 

Madam Bellamy didn’t react; instead she walked over to the table at the front of the room. On it sat several strange items; cards, bones, herbs, glass vials, and bowls. There was one item that Simon did recognize, a crystal ball. She strode over to it and stroked it casually with her hand.

“Today we will begin with what I’m sure is most familiar to all of you. Yes, I know, it’s sort of laughable but I promise you there’s credibility to the practice.”

She passed out the crystal balls, smiling gently at everyone as she did it. Simon glanced uncomfortably at his crystal ball, his blue eyes reflecting back at him in its shiny surface. 

“Today you will attempt to gaze into your crystal ball. Most likely, you won’t have any results. But next week? Well, I’m sure you’ll be able to put all Normal psychics to shame,” Madam Bellamy said.

Simon felt strange, as if the ball was all that he could see in his field of vision. He brought up his hands to hold the ball.

“Now, I’m going to turn off all of the lights and close all of the windows. We’ll light some candles to provide a more appropriate level of light.”

Simon couldn’t feel Penny at his side any longer, or Agatha. All he could feel was the crystal’s smooth surface on his palms. 

“When you look into your ball, try to visualize and focus on what you’d like to know. You may call me over if you are confused or need clarification.”

Simon couldn’t concentrate on anything except the crystal ball, not even his own thoughts. He knew he wasn’t doing it right, that he was lost to the object instead of asking it what he wanted to know, but he couldn’t stop what was happening. He was falling deeper and deeper into whatever magic existed in the ball, and eventually he couldn’t hear the rest of the room. 

His crystal began to mist, like something was appearing inside of it. Simon felt his stomach drop as hazy images began to appear inside the crystal ball. He tried fighting it, to get away from what was happening, but he couldn’t let go of the ball. And then he was seeing himself, inside of the crystal ball. He looked angry and there was someone else there with him. The person stepped forward, and Simon could see hair as dark as pitch. Baz was with him and by the set of his shoulders he was just as upset as Simon looked in the crystal’s surface. And then the unthinkable happened. Simon watched himself kiss Baz. He waited to see Baz throw him off and kill him once and for all. But that never happened. Instead, Simon watched in awe as Baz kissed him back, like it was everything he’d ever wanted. 

Simon gasped and fell backwards off of his chair. All of his senses came back to him and he saw that everyone in the room was staring at him. But the only eyes Simon sought out were grey and glaring at him. Simon felt blood rush to his cheeks, felt as if electricity was washing over his bones, and couldn’t break his gaze away from Baz. Eventually, Baz’s glare turned into something else, as if he were confused and maybe a little scared.

The lights flicked out suddenly, breaking the connection between Simon and Baz. Simon shook his head and was helped up by Penny and Agatha.

“Simon, are you all right?” Madam Bellamy asked.

Simon shook his head, trying to get ahold of himself. 

“I uh…I’m sorry. I need to go clear my head.”

He walked out of the classroom, visions of black hair and kisses trailing eerily behind him.


Something strange had just happened to Snow. While the rest of the class had been drifting off to sleep in front of their crystal balls, Snow had been staring intently into his. He’d even broken into a sweat before he fell out of his chair. After he threw himself out of his chair Baz thought darkly. Baz had never had much skill in divination; it required a lot of magic and a lot of patience. Snow did have a lot of magic, but had even less patience than Baz had. It didn’t make sense for him to have seen something in his crystal ball, but what else could send him running from the classroom, pale and shaking?

There was also the strange look that Snow had given him before the lights had come back on. It was like he could see Baz, actually see him for everything that he was, in that moment. It had left Baz feeling vulnerable and exposed, like at any moment Snow could have reached out and made tangible all of Baz’s deeply hidden feelings for him.

Baz left the classroom quickly after Madam Bellamy released them, chasing after the only person wearing a cape in the room.

“Bunce!” Baz shouted, shouldering past Trixie.

Bunce froze and turned around, her face guarded but a little curious.

“Yes Basilton?”

Baz smiled, not kindly.

“What was Snow’s problem? Did he see me taking Wellbelove to the Leavers Ball?”

Bunce frowned.

“I actually don’t know what he saw, not that I’d ever tell you anyways. All I could see was mist. Whatever he saw, it was only meant for him to see.”

Baz blinked, suddenly feeling very nervous.

“You mean…he didn’t tell you what he saw?” Baz asked.

Bunce narrowed her eyes.

“No. Why do you ask?”

Baz frowned and turned away from her, hurrying towards his room. Something shocking had to have appeared in the crystal ball, something so intense that Snow didn’t feel comfortable telling his best friend about it. Which meant one of two things, either Snow saw Baz doing something very bad or he saw him doing something Baz didn’t even want to think about. 

He flew up the stairs, taking them two at a time. He was going faster than a human would, which was stupid, but he couldn’t wait any longer. He needed to find out what Snow saw, and try to do damage control. He could always try to convince him that he hadn’t seen what he’d thought he had, or that he’d let his magic get away with him, but Snow was the most stubborn person he knew. 

He burst into their room.

“Snow?” He asked.

But there was no one in the room. Snow was gone.


Simon had been avoiding Baz for two days. Ebb had let him stay with her; he’d pretended that Baz was busy with a school project and that he was trying to give him some space. Ebb seemed like she knew he was lying, but that she didn’t mind. Simon had only been going to classes he didn’t have with Baz and leaving a few minutes early so that Baz couldn’t track him down.

He knew Baz was looking for him. 

Simon wasn’t sure what to make of that. Did it mean that the Baz in the crystal ball was real? That there was some part of him that cared whether Simon was in their room every night? That wanted Simon to kiss him? Every time Simon tried to wrap his head around what he saw he was always left feeling lightheaded and a bit twisty, like someone was wringing his stomach. He knew he wasn’t ready to face Baz, but he also knew he was out of time. Simon couldn’t hide with Ebb forever; he’d fail all of his classes.

Sulkily he sat out with the herd in front of Ebb’s door, petting a goat softly. He sometimes found comfort in the goats, he didn’t today. The soft crunch of grass made him look up and freeze. Someone was coming towards them, goats trailing behind him.

Baz made his way towards him, his expression unreadable. He had a baby goat in his arms; it slept there comfortably, like it had been there for a while. When Baz reached him he sat next to him, careful not to disturb the kid in his arms.

“Found this one trailing towards campus, don’t know how he got there,” Baz said. 

Simon frowned. A baby that young wouldn’t have wondered so far on its own, it would have had to have help. Suddenly he remembered the looks Ebb had been giving him for the past few days, all the gentle questions about how Baz was doing. Simon sighed angrily, he was definitely going to remind Ebb the next time he saw her that he could sort out his own life just fine on his own.

“I do,” Simon said, gently taking the baby from Baz’s arms and laying him on the couch inside Ebb’s place.

“Snow?” Baz asked.

Simon felt his muscles lock down, tension singing through his body.


“Can we talk?” Baz asked.

“Sure,” Simon said.

“In private?” Baz continued.

Simon dropped his head in defeat.

“I guess, yeah,” Simon said.

Simon already knew where they were going as they walked away from Ebb’s house. Baz and Simon only ever talked in private in one place. They trudged silently towards the Mummers House, secrets swirling between them.


Snow wouldn’t look at him. They were climbing the stairs to their room, side by side. Baz felt his heart thrumming fast, as if he was waiting for something to happen. He didn’t know what Snow was going to say when they got to their room or what he was going to say for that matter. But he knew something was going to change. 

Baz opened the door to their room and positioned himself against the wall across the room. He wanted to appear unbothered, as if none of this was really affecting him. 

Snow trailed in after him, still not looking him in the eyes.

“What’s going on Snow? You’ve been gone for days,” Baz said.

“I’ve been avoiding you,” Snow said.

Baz paused. He hadn’t expected Snow to be so blunt, or to be so willing to answer his questions.

“Why?” Baz asked.

Snow huffed angrily.

“I think you know why,” Snow said.

Baz crossed his arms.

“You saw something, in that crystal ball. Something you shouldn’t have,” Baz said.

Snow laughed, the sound brittle and exhausted.

“I should’ve known I couldn’t avoid it,” Snow said.

“Avoid what?” Baz asked.

Snow finally looked up at him. His jaw was set angrily but his eyes looked different, open in a way Baz had never seen them.

Baz strode forward, getting into Snow’s space.

“What did you see?” Baz demanded.

Snow sneered angrily.

“Why do you care?”

Baz wanted to kiss him. He wasn’t sure why but he had a feeling that if he did, Snow might actually let him.

“I think you know why,” Baz said, repeating Snow’s words from earlier.

Snow bit his lip.

“I didn’t understand, not at first. I thought…it had to be wrong. That I could never feel…that I didn’t…” Snow trailed off.

Baz felt like his whole world was waiting on Snow to finish his thought.

“But I do. I did…I always did…”

Snow reached forward and pulled Baz’s jacket lapels forward, bringing his face with him. Baz closed his eyes, not believing what was happening and reveling in the fact that it was. Snow kissed him, reaching up slightly and pushing his hands into Baz’s hair. Baz shuddered, felt as if he was coming apart under Snow’s mouth. He went slightly pliant, not sure how to kiss Snow back but enjoying the feel of it nevertheless.


He’d known the vision was coming true. As soon as he’d stepped into the room and finally looked Baz in the eyes. He couldn’t deny his feelings in that moment. He’d spent years writing them off as animosity, as concern over Baz’s plans. But it wasn’t that, not really. He could no longer deny that the fast beating of his heart was because of how Baz looked at him, not because he was afraid. 

He was kissing him and it felt better than it had looked in the crystal ball. Baz’s mouth was cool and a bit immobile, like he wasn’t sure what to do with it. But his hands were intent on Simon’s neck, and his hair was just as soft as Simon had always imagined it would be.

Simon slid his tongue into Baz’s mouth tentatively, unsure if Baz would want to kiss like that. But then Baz’s tongue slid into his mouth and Simon couldn’t think at all anymore. He was just sensation, raw and needy. He was hot and cold all at once, his skin blazing and Baz’s tongue sliding coolly in his mouth.

When he broke away, he was unsurprised to see his own feelings reflected in Baz’s warm grey eyes. 

“I used to think divination was stupid,” Baz said.

“So did I,” Simon said, breathing heavily.

They didn’t say it, they didn’t have to. They both knew the truth now; that this was always meant to happen, that the crystal ball hadn’t shown Simon anything they hadn’t both already known, deep down.

A fanfiction just has to say these three words and I’m fucking THERE for it, I will read that shit all night, I will sell my soul: “Enemies To Lovers”

Carry On except crucial parts of the story have been replaced with popular song lyrics - snowbaz

i mean they asked for crack. carry on countdown day (?????????). speakin of crack i found out that my school choir sang Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap and i m cryin y’all wtf


Will ruin Carry On for you

Mm. Whatcha say indeed.

Baz comes back to Watford:

I look up at the sound of booming, well-pitched thuds, blasting through the doors to the Great Hall.

“Hello,” Baz announces, soulful. “It’s me.”

- - -

In the Pitch family library:

“No one is seducing a vampire.”

Baz snaps his glare to me. “WHY THE FUCK YOU LYIN’?!”

- - -

When bae comes back for you:

I open the door and see Simon, clad in dirt, as well as half of the countryside. My jaw drops as realisation descends on me.

My milkshake brought the boy to the yard.

- - -

Bae just set the forest on fire:

The forest is on fire, and Baz looks away from me. “Just leave - this isn’t for you.”

80’s synthesized drum-pad beats play out of the trees.

“Never gonna give you up,” I insist. “Never gonna let you down.”

“I fucking hate you.”

- - -

Simon realises his ambiguous sexuality:

The flames burn around us, Simon’s hands cupping my jaw as he stares at me. He looks so helpless, so determined to save me like the hero he is. So gorgeous.


Then he says: “I really, really, really, really, really, really, like you.”

“Romance is dead.”

- - -

The Mage dies:

The Mage goes limp under my touch, dread and guilt rotting through my body. I weep, mouth slack, but just tense enough to mumble out: “Mm…whatcha say…”

Baz frowns. “Snow, is this really the time-”

“That you only meant well…”

“Simon, seriously.”

“Well, of course you did-”

The Mage takes a deep, unpredicted breath, then says: “I came back to life because you need to stop.”

I bet that Simon loved his first Fall with Baz.
I bet Baz introduced him to pumpkin scones with the really good icing, and Simon couldn’t stop eating them.
I bet his favorite thing to do was cuddle with Baz in front of the house’s big fireplace, staring at the flames or a book and enjoying each other’s company.
I bet he made Baz play Fall songs on his violin just so he could watch him, because Simon liked to look at Baz.
I bet he really wanted a dog.
I bet Penny knitted him a sweater for his tail, which made Baz laugh but he liked it anyway.
I bet he jumped in every leaf pile he saw, which drove Baz insane (but in a fond way).
I bet he dragged Baz in to every coffee shop they saw so he could try the scones.
I bet he loved wearing oversized sweaters as much as Baz loved seeing him in them.
I bet Baz showed him the wonders of Netflix and they watched Brooklyn Nine Nine and Sherlock while sipping hot apple cider, because Simon liked that better than hot chocolate.
I bet that Baz’s first Fall with Simon might’ve been his favorite part of his life.
I bet he loved the excuse to randomly curl up with Simon and just enjoy his presence, because that’s what he’d wanted to do ever since he met Simon.
I bet he lit the fireplace every morning just so he could see Simon’s sleepy smile when he saw.
I bet he wanted a dog as much as Simon did, but he knew the old house just wasn’t a good place for one.
I bet that he kept a space heater in his room so Simon wouldn’t catch a cold, but he did anyway.
I bet he liked to watch Simon more than he liked to watch their shows, but he never let on because Simon was so enthralled by the television.
I bet he bought Simon sweaters because he knew how much he loved wearing them.
I bet he painted little orange leaves on his violin because he thought they were cute, and Simon was shocked when he saw.
I bet he was amazed at the feeling of content that all of it brought him.

  • simon’s 20th birthday was a lovely one, maybe his best one yet
  • his 20th birthday was a lot happier than his 19th. this year things didn’t have a dark undertone from all the traumatic things that had happened that past year. 
  • his 20th birthday was filled with many soft and genuinely happy moments,
  • soft were the morning kisses with baz as they woke in a too hot room after the temperature outside had risen at quick tempo that morning. 
  • soft was the sweater that had originally belonged to baz’s wardrobe, but was now simon’s to keep. (not that he was able to wear it any time soon with this weather.)
  • though the breeze, however still warm, was soft as it blew through the open window into the flat. 
  • soft was the feeling in simon’s belly when penny and baz sang happy birthday for him in their horrible, out of tune voices. 
  • soft was the butter melting on top of his giant pile of sour cherry scones.  
  • soft was the fur of the kitten, now named ebb, that penny had bought for him to keep at their flat. 
  • soft was baz’s hair as simon combed his fingers through it whilst they watched trashy tv for most of the day 
  • soft was penny’s smile as simon looked over at her with his heart full of happiness.  
  • simon’s 20th birthday wasn’t anything big–there was nothing that you could do with weather this hot, nothing but skip all your classes and relax at home with cold squash. (baz hated squash though; not enough sugar)
  • there was nothing really special about simon’s birthday, but the fact that it was just a lovely and simple day made it stand out against any other day in simon’s life. 
  • his birthday was without any complication which, truly, made it his best one yet. 
Is this real?

Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

For @snowbaz-feda

Also many thanks to @eroticgropefest for the beta!!

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Part 1 - We have a deal


It’s late, and I’m trying to do my homework when Baz starts staring at me from his bed. I try to ignore it, but after a full minute I look up at him.

“Look Snow…” he starts the moment our eyes meet “I need to ask you something.” The way he’s looking at me, like he’s nervous, makes me start fidgeting in my seat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like this.

“I need you to date me” he says with a more determined expression now, ”I’ll give you whatever you want, money is not a problem, I’m desperate, Snow.”

I drop my pencil. Has he been smoking? ”Uh…what?” I give him a strange look. ”Are you feeling alright Baz?”

He takes a deep breath before saying, “For Crowley’s sake, I’m serious.”

He’s serious. I can see it in his face, so I start laughing because this is ridiculous. What could possibly make him ask me this? He really must be desperate.

“Stop laughing.” Baz says, looking really annoyed.

“You can’t possibly think that I’m gonna fall for that.” He’s serious, but he’s probably plotting something against me. If he just needed someone to date I know he could find someone more than happy to do it.

“Look…I have my reasons. Will you do it or not?”

“You hate me, how could anyone believe this?”

“Oh, they will, not everyone is as thick as you are. Besides, you keep crying about how broke you are, so I’m offering you a way to get money for college.”

He’s an ass, why does he always have to talk like he’s insulting me? The thing is, I do need the money. I want to go to college and share a flat with Penny, but to be able to afford it, I would need to find one, or even two, jobs.

“Say we do this…how much will you give me?”

He looks at me like we’re playing a game and he’s calculating his next move. “I’ll pay you a whole year of college.“

What he’s offering is quite a lot of money, but at the same time, he’s loaded. How desperate is he for me to accept this? “Two years of college.”

“Don’t push it, Snow.”

“Then, no. I don’t accept it” I say simply, and start to stand up.

“Wait. Sit down.” He tells me, so I sit down in my own bed, staring at him “Final offer then. I will pay your whole college if you pretend to be my boyfriend for our remaining year at Watford.”

I know that I’m about to make a deal with the devil, but this is too good to say no. “Fine, we have a deal.”

“No one, including Penny, can know that this isn’t real, got it?” He adds.

“Got it.” I tell him, and he fucking smirks, the bastard. I’m so going to regret this.

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anonymous asked:

SnowBaz au/headcanon where Simon is deaf and Baz learns ASL so he can talk to Simon and they eventually become (more than?) friends

lmao okay you gonna make me cry while writing this. 

- Baz was a smart bloke, always ready for class and always participating, he’s sharp as a knife and teachers love his remarks; but his all time favorite thing to study are languages. 

- He was raised as a bilingual kid, but later in life moved to another country, needing to learn another, complete foreign to him, language. That is when he realized his passion.

- By the age of fifteen he already spoke 5 languages and was now learning Latin, he had all the teachers impressed, and even the jocks of the school asked him to teach them new curse words (which Baz being Baz, he of course provided them with). 

- When Baz comes in to class after a few weeks, he sees a new student, all bronze messy locks, sitting next to his unassigned assigned spot. He’s ready a book about physics, and Baz can already tell that he can get used to this cute boy.

- Baz puts his bag down and sits next to the boy, he says hello but it seems like the boy just ignores him, so he taps his shoulder, and when the boy looks up at him with his blue eyes, Baz knows he’s a goner. 

- Baz says hi introducing himself, but he notices that the boy isn’t looking directly at him but at his lips, and when he introduces himself with a weird lisp using hand moments Baz realizes, he’s deaf. 

- However that does not stop Baz. 

- He starts writing Simon notes and texting him, sometimes directly talking to him but not much as Simon revealed that he’s kind of bad at reading lips. 

- It was about 2am on a friday when Baz realized that he was falling in love with Simon Snow, he realized that as they were watching a movie together (yellow subtitles for snow), limbs tangled (???) under the blanket, and Baz ran his hands though Simon’s hair.

- When Simon fell asleep Baz took out his phone, he knew what language he wants to study next. 

- At first Simon didn’t notice anything about Baz, but as the days moved on Si started noticing all the different hand movements that Baz started using, even when he just gave Si a note. 

- It was one of those nights again when Baz nudged Simon’s shoulder, and he looked up at him. Baz sat him up and looked him in the eye smiling as he signed “I Love You” to Simon, and Baz swore that Si lit up brighter than a Christmas tree as he saw that, he smiled so wide and it seemed like he was about to cry, as he threw himself into Baz’s embrace. 

- Baz was still learning but in a few weeks they talked in ASL, and as they lay down in the grass on a spring day, the flowers from the near by blossoming cherry tree flying in the wind, Simon turns to Baz, and decides to do something he was thinking about even before the night Baz told him he loved him. (hE FUCKING PUNCHED HIM jk)

- Baz looks at Simon, and Si’s cheeks are so red, but Simon closes his eyes and he kisses the boy laying next to him, and as he disconnects Baz just smiles and signs “Can we do this more often?” to which Simon happily nods. 


send me more prompts and stuff i love writing (i do mostly snowbaz, phan, joshler, destiel, otayuri and viktuuri)