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EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Being Sexual Harassed At Work

Please know that no matter how much a job pays, getting sexually harassed is not worth it. Sexual harassment also is not just physical actions, but also verbal assaults of any sort that make you uncomfortable.

*May be a trigger warning*

This is a serious topic and I really hope that I portrayed it well. I hope you enjoy this reaction <3

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BTS Version

Baekhyun: He was excited to come and visit you. He had planned to surprise you, but he froze outside your office when he saw your boss graze his hand over your back, a little too low for comfort. He barged into the room and glared at your boss. “Excuse me, but you better get your hands off of her right now.” He said in a cold voice as he moved his hair out of his face. His face seemed cool and calm, but you could tell he was ready to kill.

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Chanyeol: He carried your cup of coffee in one hand and his own in the other. He knew you would be practically dead if you didn’t get your morning caffeine. He started towards your cubical but the smile that had been on his face quickly vanished when he saw you push away your co-worker. He thought the two of you were joking around at first, but when he continued to pursue you, Chanyeol knew that he was harassing you. “Hey, you bothering my jagiya?” He asked in a cold voice; making his deep voice sound scary.

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Chen: “You see these muscles? I won’t hesitate to fight you.” He warned your boss when he saw him grasp your butt. He had come to pick you up like always. He was just stepping out of the car when he saw you leaving the building with your boss following close behind you. Your boss had called you back to hand you another file, but as you turned to leave he stuck his hand out and placed it boldly on your bottom. Chen came right up to you two and gave your boss a very clear warning.

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D.O.: He wanted to take you out for lunch to celebrate your promotion, but he didn’t want to tell you. He had come to surprise you, but got his own surprise when he saw your co-worker placing his hands on your waist. You swatted his hands away, but he didn’t seem to stop. You quickly hurried off to your office and Kyungsoo took the opportunity to teach your co-worker a lesson about harassment. When you saw Kyungsoo, you almost screamed at the blood that was splattered on his neck. “Don’t worry jagi, it’s not my blood.” He explained in an almost scary, soft tone.

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Kai: He was sitting at his usual table at the little coffee shop you worked in. He loved watching you flutter from table to table. You looked so professional and graceful as you worked. You smiled over him, not really paying much attention as your co-worker walked up behind you. Kai watched as he purposefully walked into you so that you would almost fall and he could catch you. He wrapped his arms around you and placed his hand on your breast. You gasped and quickly pushed him away. Without thinking, Kai stood up and grabbed you by the hand; dragging you out of the shop in anger.

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Kris: “Do you think you are cool because you are harassing a poor girl. Touch her again and I will break all your fingers.” He threatened in a loud voice. He made sure that everyone in your office heard him as he called out your boss. He was ready to punch him, but you had to grab his arm and yank him back. You didn’t know Kris would be visiting you at work, but he had come right in time to see your boss saying some nasty things that he wanted to do to you.

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Lay: He stared at your co-worker in confusion. He had no idea why anyone would be so rude to you, but he was angered and disgusted when he saw the way your co-worker continuously tried to grope you as you passed by. You tried to push him away numerous times, but he persisted. You were close to tears and Yixing knew that he had to speak up. He placed his arm around you and pulled you behind him. “How can you be this rude? You need to learn to respect women.”

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Luhan: “I may look like a pretty boy, but I will f*ck you up!” He yelled at your co-worker. He started to approach him in a threatening manner. You tried to pull him away, but he pulled away from you. “You do not touch my jagiya and think you can just get away with it.” He said in anger. He had gotten heated when he saw your co-worker trying to grab your hips and waist.

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Sehun: He had no idea how to react when he heard some of the rude comments that your co-worker made towards you. He spoke so rudely to you and made claims that you were the sluttiest girl in the work space. He knew they were lying, but he also knew it was sexual harassment. He remained silent for a long time, but when he heard one person saying that he was going to ‘get with you’ no matter what, he got up and pushed him harshly. “Don’t you dare speak about my jagi like that.” His usual cuteness was completely gone.

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Suho: “Jagi, you don’t need this job. I will pay for anything you need. You deserve more than this.” He told you as he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the building. He had become furious when he heard your boss making a comment about giving you a raise if you ‘spent the night with him.’ He threatened to sue your boss for harassment and buy the entire company from him if he did not apologize to you.

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Tao: He was ready to kill the moment he saw your boss slap your butt. He stared him down. He restrained himself from reacting at first because he did not want to cause you any trouble at work. But when he saw your boss do it again, he knew that he could not stay quiet. “I’m sure that my jagi didn’t tell you how advance I am in wushu, but I will show you if you continue to harass her.” He warned your boss.

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Xiumin: His harsh eyes glared at your boss as he grazed his hand over your behind. You tried to swat him away, but you knew that you could not be hash because he was your boss. Xiumin stared at your boss as he passed and your boss froze. It was clear that Xiumin was ready to fight him if he did not move to the other side of the room after apologizing to you.

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Carry over your coffee cup mentality to your wardrobe. Anything dark-colored is less likely to show stains or wrinkles. You can then avoid washing it until even the powers of 99 Cent Store Febreze won’t make it smell less weird. For stuff that is wrinkled, throw it on a hanger and put it on the back of your bathroom door. Turn the shower on hot, go back to sleep for 20 minutes, and let the steam work its magic. If you need something quicker, use a hair straightener (yours, your girlfriend’s, your roommate’s, whatever) as a lazy iron.

Now that your clothes are taken care of, let’s move on to bedding and towels. For towels, you’ll just have to buy, like, three of them at the dollar store and rotate them out every time you’re forced to actually do laundry.

But bedding is easier. Just buy black bedding. I brought a guy home once who made a weird, suggestive comment about my black sheets. I stared blankly at him and then not-so-sexily replied that I bought them so I could eat ketchup in my bed.

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