carry on my wayward castiel

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Things I know about Supernatural without ever watching it

- Lady on ceiling on fire?????!
- Two brothers. Sam and Dean Winchester
- guy named Cas is some kind of demon (idk but he has wings sometimes)
- most people ship destiel (even I ship it and I’ve never watched it but damn u tumblr)
- carry on my wayward son makes people cry for some reason
- redheaded witch screws shit up
- if u sleep with sam ur doomed
- Pentagrams and salt mean something
- one of em ends up working at a supermarket or something?
- misha colins is very pretty
- sams the one with the floppy hair
- chevy impala
- much death

So, I got this tattoo in Panama City last week and I couldn’t be happier.

Yes, this tattoo is a Supernatural tattoo but it has so much more meaning.

The wings are Castiel’s broken wings and the words are, obviously, from the ‘theme song’ of the show. However, the quote is also there to remind me to never let anything hold me back. Things are going to happen in life and I just need to carry on with it.

Supernatural has helped me through difficult times and I wanted a reminder that this is one amazing family we have.

  • someone: do u listen to classical music?
  • me: oh hell yeah
  • me: *muffled sounds of highway to hell can be heard coming from my earbuds*