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I was tagged by the awesome @carry-on-kissing-snowbaz!

Thanks Kayla!!

Rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions, tag 11 people

1) What’s your aesthetic: books and rain boots and cats and donuts? idk

2) Who’s your oldest friend (how long have you been friends): my frand Lindsay – she’s a year older than me and I’ve known her basically all my life (give or take a few days) so 14ish years

3) Where are you from (Europeans hmu): BC, Canada!!!!!!! ALL HAIL MOTHER CANADIAAAAAA

4) Favorite childhood tv show (what channel was it on): (IM STILL A CHILD) uhhhh. Idk, maybe Tom and Jerry? I think it’s from cartoon network

5) How old are you? (me me bIG boi): 14, a smol child

6) Thoughts on trash memes (i’m talking bee movie shit right here): >~>

7) Do you wear highlight (or makeup in general idk) (if not bitch get ur ass down to the drug store and buy some pls it’s beautiful and will change your life): nope. aaand I’m  broke

8) Harry Potter books or movies?: BOOKS. MY CHILDHOOD. (me@me: trin ur still a child)

9) Would you date me (this is for science, not my self esteem): Kayla ur gorgeous but also in a relationship,,, I’m not a homewrecker. Also ur 20

10) What accent do you have? Idk. A Canadian one I guess?

11) What’s your favorite thing in your room? My desk, cuz it has all my stuff on it. Wait no. by that logic, it’s the floor. Or all my pillows n blankets because pillows and blankets are amazing

My 11 questions if you’ve already done this… hmm....

1) Crunchy foods or soft foods?

2) Fav music genre?

3) If u were going to relive one day of your life from the last five years (but it can be more if you want!), what day would it be and why?

4) Do you have any stuffed animals? If so, what are their names :)?

5) Whatcha thinking about rn?

6) What’s your favourite drink?

7) Random fact about you or your family:

8) Thoughts on turtles:

9) Fav obscure ice cream flavour:

10) Place you would wanna travel to on an all expenses paid (no matter how unreasonable!) trip:

11) If you could eat anything in the world without suffering negative consequences, what would you eat? (just to be clear, it’s not instantly teleported to you, you just have the ability to eat it):

I don’t have 11 people to tag on this, but I’ll try a few

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It’s alright if you don’t want to do this!!