carry me home

Carry Me Home - Chapter 7

When his limbs were numb from sitting in an uncomfortable position, trying not to wake up Blaine, he gently lead the drowsy man up the stairs and into bed. When he had made sure Blaine was tumbling back to sleep he tip toed down to the living room again and pulled out a bag from underneath the couch. He knew just what to do and it had been a part of his plan once Blaine was feeling better. But now it couldn’t wait any longer. He wouldn’t wait any longer.

He unzipped the bag as quietly as possible and reached into a small side pocket. His fingers wrapped themselves around a solid velvet box as excitement rushed through his body.



Carry Me Home.
  • Carry Me Home.
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I’ve got a lot on my mind and
Got you a drink if you’d like to go
Baby let’s roll, can I come home?

Then she said,
“Shut up, don’t you speak
You do this to me every week
And I won’t carry you home”
Oh girl you got me so fucked up
That I could run around the world
But I won’t, so carry me home

Carry Me Home - Chapter 2

Kurt went back to the bedroom fighting to stay in a calmer state of mind. He stroked Blaine gently on the cheek. He was reduced to a shivering bundle of blankets barely responding to the touch. “Baby,” Kurt begged. “We have to get you untangled here. I know it will be uncomfortable, but it’s just for a little while.”

He pulled the sheets and blankets away from the warm body before he opened the window and let the cool spring air breeze into the dimmed room.

“Too cold,” Blaine moaned with rattling teeth and pulled his knees up to his chest. Kurt managed to stop the tears this time and got down in the bed next to Blaine instead. He put their heads together and placed his arm around his lover. Blaine’s beautiful olive skin was burning like it was on fire and drops of sweat found their way through tangled chest hair.

“I’m so sorry baby, for not taking enough care of you and for not making you stop when I could see how exhausted you were,” Kurt said quietly. “That was my job to do and I failed.” Blaine still didn’t respond to anything other than pressing his body closer to Kurt, constantly searching for cover. “I’ve got you now,” Kurt whispered…