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Just rewatched Room for Ruby and it got me thinking. What the fuck is Navy’s problem?

Like, no, think about it. What she does goes counter to anything else we’ve witnessed in homeworld gems. Seeing Topaz in Stuck Together just proves my point. I’m gonna skim over all the homeworld gems we’ve met to this point, hopefully in order.

Lapis Lazuli- Arguably to first “homeworld” gem we meet, the one that shows Steven the universe is much larger than he first imagined. She’s a remnant of a bygone age, completely unaware of what homeworld has become. She has a strong heart and learns to appreciate Earth and its inhabitants, but it takes a long time for her to reach the point, a lot of starting and stopping, as she laments about in Room for Ruby.

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Can you do some Crazy Diamond about Josuke's S/O headcanons? Or just general headcanons, whatever you want :)


i did both and kinda mixed them 

  • CrazyDia may look scary and tough like an actual diamond, but oh boy, his heart is made of cotton, unicorns and rainbows. His kindness puts Mother Teresa to shame.
  • If Josuke has a S/O, at first Dia will be a little reserved around them, but after time he would become so attached that it will costs Josuke a lot of efforts to separate him from his partner.
  • Once he’s comfortable around them he would randomly appear and cover them with butterfly kisses, especially on their forehead. He loves kissing them on the forehead, because that’s how he shows he really appreciate and cares about them (next favorite place would be hands and palms).
  • In some days when Dia wants attention he will begin to pull and tug Josuke’s partner’s sleeve, while looking them with almost teary eyes, waiting for a big embrace and a possible cuddle session, Dia would not easily let go. It would be a big plus if Josuke’s partner surprises him with a gentle eskimo kiss, which will leave Dia a blushing mess in their arms. Few days after that he’ll be wanting only these kind of kisses.
  • Small bruises and cuts will be instantly healed, even before Josuke notices them on his S/O. Big wounds and broken bones first will cause Dia uncontrollable rage toward the one who did this to them. If Josuke’s partner did it accidently (falling off their bike, falling on the stairs, etc.), after a lot of pouting and sulking Dia will heal them, but will be mad at them for few days for being so clumsy and careless.
  • With that in mind, after the incident Dia will not takes Josuke’s S/O off his eyes whenever they’re around. He will even walk/float near them, instead next to his user, so he could assure that they’re safe and sound.
  • Crazy Diamond has two main complexes – not being able to heal Josuke and not being able to bring people back from the dead. He can’t bear the thought to lose the S/O and not being able to do anything about it. That’s why he pays extra attention when he’s fighting and Josuke’s S/O is near.
Tarot Spell for Self Empowerment

This spell is helpful for those wishing to become empowered and bursting with charisma, to bring new projects to fruition, or to transform brilliant ideas into real goals. As always, feel free to modify this spell to suit your own desires and your own resources. 

1. Lay down a red altar cloth.

2. Dress two red or orange candles with Bergamot oil, and place them in the East and West of the altar and light them. 

3. Place the Emperor card in the center of the altar, and place a diamond or crystal on top of it. These stones are formed under massive pressure deep in the earth, and represent the process by which creation of real value takes place. Think of how you are like this stone. Through adversity and pressure of opposing forces in your life, you too have become a being of value. 

4. Lay the 5, 3, and 7 of Wands in the North of the altar. Reflect on the struggles you have been through, the battles you have won, and the battles you have lost. Conjure in your mind all these lost opportunities, setbacks, and scenarios of disempowerment. As they appear, imagine that they turn into a liquid, and flow down from your mind, along your spine, into your left hand. 

5. Hold your left hand over the Wand cards, and picture these images flowing into them. These cards act as a valve, allowing negativity to enter them, but letting nothing back out. 

6. Recite: “I stand here, at this point of my life, understanding why certain events have transpired the way they have. Now I am ready to move forward, may the unseen forces of good grant that I am now worthy and ready to enter this new phase of life.”

7. Carry the diamond or crystal with you as an amulet. 

Spell from Terry Donaldson’s The Tarot Spellcaster


Historic Diamonds~ War Flag~

So had to take a little break from Yellow but there’s still plenty of work to do!

We’ve been discussing our competition performance and decided to make the flag Yellow Diamond is carrying in one of @romans-art artwork, as it will feature in the performance! :D

Since we’re doing embroidery for Yellow and Blue, we decided to embroid the Diamond insignia for the flag, complete with coloured pearl details (see what we did there ;P) We have tweaked the design a little so the diamonds are their respected colour whilst the main body of the flag is a deep purple so not to clash with either of our costumes ^^

Just the yellow diamond left to embroid now! Also Pink Diamond is missing her pink pearls at the moment ^^;

Artwork and design belongs to @romans-art
Characters belong to Rebecca Sugar

what’s it gonna be?

so it’s #BiWeek so i decided to post something i wrote about my favourite fluffy-haired bisexual jewish cop (in other words, i’m just Projecting™)

Jake Peralta pulls his car up outside the coffee shop which his girlfriend frequents. In the passenger seat, Amy Santiago is clad in multiple sweaters and coats in a vain attempt to protect herself from the unforgiving cold. She looks miserably at the frosted cityscape outside the warm confines of the car before steeling herself to head out into the sub-zero chill. She gives him a quick peck on the lips in parting, promising she’ll return with hot chocolates, the kind with extra whipped cream and marshmallows.

Jake sits and waits for a while, watching strangers walk by and inventing elaborate backstories for them. The short stocky guy with glasses, whose jacket makes him look almost as wide as he is tall, is a double agent, feeding federal secrets to Russia. The tall, dark-haired woman with striking features is an expert jewel thief, and by selling the diamonds she carries in her purse, she’ll be able to pay for treatment for her sick sister. The curly haired kid standing in the window of a brand new comic book store Jake has never seen before…

He throws a glance at the coffee shop but he can’t see Amy, so he guessed (or hopes) she’s still waiting to be served. Then he gets out the car, and makes his way down the street to the little storefront wedged between two larger, flashier restaurant chains. Inside the store there are shelves stacked up to the ceiling with comics and merchandise. After a few minutes of browsing and waiting for his fingers to defrost, he shoots his girlfriend a text to let her know where he is. That’s when he hears someone calling his name.

“Jake? Jake Peralta?” Recognising the voice, Jake looks up from his phone to see a smiling Asian man, about his age. It takes him a few seconds to identify the stranger who is, of course older and longer haired, but his sharp jawline and kind eyes are familiar.

“Liam Huang?”


Turn the clock back twenty years and Jake is lying on his back on his best friend’s bedroom floor and talking. Talking, in fact, isn’t the most accurate description; words have been pouring out of his mouth, unfiltered, for approximately thirty minutes. Gina isn’t fully listening, she’s bracing herself between her bed and her wardrobe in an attempt to find the best angle at which to paint her toenails, but she knows that if she doesn’t interrupt him soon he might never stop,

As silently as possible, she moves to the foot of her bed, sticking her head over the edge suddenly and shouting: “JAKE!”

His entire body lifts itself a good few inches off the floor in shock, his limbs flapping wildly. “What?!” 

“Boy, can you hear yourself?”

“No- wait- what are you talking about?”

Gina clears her throat and begins a surprisingly accurate impression of a sixteen-year-old boy. “I wonder if Jonny likes Die Hard? He’s got to like Die Hard. Wait- what if he hasn’t seen it? Maybe I could lend him m-”

Jake grabs a sandal from beneath her bed and throws a sandal at her. It misses by a very long way and almost knocks over a glass of juice. “I do not sound like that!”

 “Uh, yeah you do. And, more importantly, you’ve been talking about Jonathan Barnett for… ooh, close to 27 minutes now.”

“I have not.”

“You have.” Gina dangles the stopwatch she stole from gym class from her right hand. “I timed you.”

He reaches up to snatch it from her; it reads 26 minutes and 49 seconds exactly.

“Whaaa… Noooo… I…”

“You’re floundering, kid,” she says, her tone bored.

He frowns. “Isn’t that the fish from ‘The Little Mermaid’?”

“That’s Flounder and you know it. Anyway, stop trying to distract me from the fact you have a crush on Jonny Barnett.”

He takes a sip of juice from his cup and promptly spits it back out again and onto the carpet.

“I do not!” He exclaims, scandalised.  

“Your do, son.”

“But… I can’t have a crush on Jonathan, he’s a boy. I like girls,” explains Jake, more creases appearing in his forehead. 

“You can like girls and like boys. Haven’t you ever heard of bisexuality?”


Gina props herself up with her elbows. “Yeah it’s a thing, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Frida Kahlo, probably a ton of other people too. I must admit, I haven’t done my research.”

“So you think I’m bisexual?” Jake enquires.

She shrugs. “You might be. Do you think you are?”

“Possibly? I don’t know. I just think Jonny has really good hair, okay?”

“Boy, I know he does, I know.”


After a few years of mostly unrequited crushes on girls and boys alike, Jake Peralta meets Liam Huang when they’re both sophomores in college. The two of them are partnered together in biology. Liam has spiky hair and is perpetually smiley, whereas Jake’s hair looks like it’s trying to eat his head. They get on well, swap notes (Liam’s are far more detailed than Jake’s which frequently include what can only be described as Die Hard fan art) and at the end of the semester, Liam asks Jake on a date.

He responds by dropping the muffin he’s eating on the floor and then saying, “I’m sorry?”

Liam buries his face in his hands. “Oh god,” he groans, “Have I got this wrong? Have I totally misread the signals?”

“You’re asking me on a date?”

 “Yeah, that was kinda the plan. Sorry.” He replies meekly.

“No,” Jake furrows his brow in confusion before saying: “don’t be sorry.” Then: “This is really happening?”


“You want to go on a date with me?”

“Absolutely.” Liam affirms. “But only if you want to?”

Jake cracks his signature grin. “Of course I want to.”

A date is set for them to have coffee on Thursday afternoon and then they wind up having a beer on Saturday night. The more they discuss, the more they realise they have in common. They’re both only children with divorced parents and a marginally older best-friend-come-sister-figure (although Gina and Aline would certainly murder each other if they ever had the misfortune to meet). They keep meeting for beer or to study and they frequently wind up talking late into the night. It’s two AM and they’re both bleary-eyed from studying when Liam leans in to kiss Jake for the first time and a short while after they fall asleep in their chairs at his desk, still hand in hand.


Jake’s dad contacts him for the first time in eighteen months in the spring that follows. They go out to dinner to some cheap fast food restaurant and things seem almost like old times (before Roger cheated on Jake’s mom and abandoned them both), but that’s before he brings up his son’s love life.

“So how’s college treating you?” He raises an eyebrow. “Lots of hot girls?”

Jake shrugs. “It’s alright and yeah, I guess some of them are quite pretty.”

“Haven’t managed to bag yourself a girlfriend yet then, Jakey?”

Jake takes a deep breath. “Actually dad, I am seeing someone.

“Really? Who’s the lucky lady?”

He clears his throat, wipes his sweating palms on his jeans and says: “His name is Liam.”

There’s a long, uncomfortable silence and Jake’s feet are itching to bolt out the door and carry him, far, far away from the consequences of his confession.

Roger emits half a laugh. “You’re not gay, Jake.”

“No, I’m not. I’m bi.”

“You’re what?”

Jake wants nothing more than to run away but he stays seated, his voice unwavering. “I’m bisexual.”

“What the hell is that?” There’s confusion in his father’s voice, mixed with just a drop of disgust.

“It’s when someone’s attracted to both men and women.”

“No one’s attracted to men and women. If you fancy men you’re gay, son, and you are not gay. Unless this is all a bit of a phase?”

“Dad, no, it’s not like that I l-”

He’s interrupted mid-sentence by the bleeping of Roger’s phone. “Listen, Jake, I’ve got to go. Buddy of mine has food poisoning so I’ve got to co-pilot on an early flight tomorrow.”

And with that he leaves, without saying another word to his son.



Jake keeps his head down, devoting all of his attention to his meatball sub. It’s too late though, he’s already been spotted.


He looks up to see Liam hurrying towards him. There’s no avoiding him now.

“Oh, hey.”

“Dude, are you okay?” There’s concern in his voice.

“Yeah, of course,” Jake lies. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You haven’t answered any of my calls.”

“Yeah, sorry about that I’ve just been really busy with, y’know…” He trails off.

“Busy with what?!” His boyfriend questions, before saying, more softly: “Is this about your dad?”

Jake gapes at him as though he’s being ridiculous. “What?! No! Why would it be anything to do with him?”

“I just thought that, because you guys went to dinner last week, he might have done something to upset you, like he usually does.”

“No, no, it was all good.” He wonders if there’s a way Liam can tell that he’s lying.

“If you’re sure.” He doesn’t seem entirely convinced but he doesn’t press the issue. Instead he asks: “So, wanna go for a drink tomorrow night?”

Jake looks apologetic. “Sorry, I can’t I have a thing… a… you know… I have a thing.”

“A thing, sure.”

After three more cancelled dates, Jake finds Liam knocking on his door. He almost reluctantly invites him inside, offering him a beer- he declines. Liam tells Jake that he’s only come to talk and asks again if he’s okay and offers discuss his issues with his dad. But, every time he tries to be open with Jake, to get him to express his emotions, Jake constantly puts barriers up between them and attempts to distract him with any other topic. Not long after arriving, Liam leaves, telling Jake that he thinks it’s best if they return to being friends. When the door shuts behind him, Jake drinks every beer in his fridge as well as the ones he keeps under his bed.

Predictably, they lose contact after college. Liam gets a job, moves out to California and Jake hears very little more about him. Jake becomes graduates the police academy, becomes a detective and has mostly brief relationships with women, and occasionally men he meets in bars or through work. Then he meets Sophia. They don’t date for long enough for him to tell her about his sexuality, but he’s certain it wouldn’t have horrified or surprised her. And after Sophia, there’s Amy. Jake never really manages to understand how he lived his life before he met her. He keeps meaning to tell her about Liam (and the others who all followed at some point down the line) but there never really seems to be a good enough time.


“So, how are you?” Liam enquires, running his hand through his hair -an old nervous tic. It’s shoulder length now, as opposed to the short and spiky style he had in college and Jake has to admit it’s a good look on him.

“I’m… I’m good, yeah. How are you?”

“I’m wonderful. Actually, I just got married.” He grins, holding up his hand so Jake can see the ring.

“No way! That’s awesome, dude.”

At that moment Jake feels a hand on his arm and he gives a small start until he realises it’s Amy.

“Hey babe, are y…” She trails off, noticing Liam. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise I was interrupting a conversation.”

Liam smiles. “That’s okay. I’m Liam, by the way, Jake’s-”

Panicked, Jake cuts in. “College friend. Liam’s my friend from college.”

His ex-boyfriend raises an eyebrow but says nothing.

“Lovely to meet you.” Amy stretches her hand out to shake his. “I’m Amy, Jake’s girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Liam replies, then he continues: “I was just telling Jake that I got married.”

Amy’s smile widens. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you!” He checks his watch quickly. “Look, I better get going, my husband’s waiting in the car (he’s not really a big fan of comic books), but we should definitely get coffee whilst I’m in New York.”

“Yeah, absolutely.” Jake says, cheerfully.

Liam scribbles his number quickly on the back of a business card and hands it to him. The three of them part with smiles outside the shop, heading in opposite directions down the street. 


“Liam seemed nice.” Amy mumbles sleepily, inching closer to Jake as they watch TV that evening.

He pauses to put his arm around her before answering. “Yeah, he is.”

“Are you going to text him about coffee?”

Jake takes a deep breath. “Amy.”

She turns her head to look at him, smiling contentedly. “Yes?”

“There’s something I haven’t told you.” His voice is shaking, anxious.

She takes his hand in hers; his racing heartbeat slows just a little. “Jake, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just…”

“What is it?”

“Liam isn’t my friend from college.” He breathes.

Amy frowns up at him. “No? Who is he then? He isn’t linked to the Iannuccis, is he?” Thank god for Amy Santiago and her tendency to presume the worst.

“No, no, no. Nothing like that Ames.”

“Who is he then?”

Jake opens his mouth, then pauses to take a few deep breaths.


“He’s my ex-boyfriend.”

“Oh okay.”

He looks at her in disbelief. She doesn’t say anything else.

“Okay? Amy, I drop a bombshell on you, I tell you a secret I’ve hidden from you for eight years, and all you can say is okay?”

“So, you’re bisexual. It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s not?” He trails off for a moment.

“It’s absolutely not. Why, how were you expecting me to react?”

“I didn’t really know. I’ve never told anyone else I’ve dated about the whole bisexual thing before. Well, besides Liam.”

“Well you didn’t need to worry about it. I survived six months of you being in witness protection, so dealing with a few of your ex-boyfriends will be breeze.”

Jake grins. “Really?”


[A/N: this fic is not as good as it could be and i’m really sorry but i’ve got a lot to do for uni and i still wanted to publish this this week. i tried really hard. well, i kinda tried. i’m sorry about any british terms used which aren’t used in america and all of that. however, i’m not sorry that i just projected my sexuality and experiences onto one of my fave fictional characters]


author’s note: y’all said you wanted this, so here it is! it’s kinda long. *pretend this is set in an alternate universe where rafinha isn’t injured :-(* i hope you guys like it, let me know what you think :-)

“I bought a ring last week.”

Rafinha’s statement is out of the blue, but at this point he just needs to tell someone – he’s been carrying the little diamond ring with him ever since he bought it because he’s too scared to let it out of his sight. 

So that’s why the engagement ring is currently sitting in his locker in Camp Nou, while the players head onto the pitch to warm up before the start of another El Clasico.

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do you know if there are any associations between dionysus and medusa? i got it into my head that there was but i think that had something to do with gorgoneions or something 🤔

(Floor mosaics featuring Dionysos and Medusa from Ephesus, Turkey. Source.)

Here are a few quotes of the Dionysiaca, pulled from alongside the details of the above mosaics (Tumblr keeps flipping them around for no good reason…):

“[Hera urges King Perseus to make war on Dionysos when the god arrives in the kingdom of Argos :] ‘Make war on the Satyroi too: turn towards battling Lyaios the deadly eye of snakehair Medousa, and let me see a new Polydektes made stone …  Kill the array of bull-horned Satyroi , change with the Gorgon’s eye the human countenances of the Bassarides into like images selfmade; with the beauty of the stone copies adorn your streets, and make statues like an artist for the Inakhian  market-places.’ . . .

Perseus of the sickle was champion of the Argives; he fitted his feet into the flying shoes, and he lifted up the head of Medousa which no eyes may see.  But Iobakkhos  marshalled his women with flowing locks, and Satyroi with horns. Wild for battle he was when he saw the winged champion coursing through the air. The thyrsos was held up in his hand, and to defend his face he carried a diamond, the gem made stone in the showers of Zeus which protects against the stony glare of Medousa, that the baleful light of that destroying face may do him no harm.”
- Nonnus, Dionysiaca (47. 478.)

“Persus shook in his hand the deadly face of Medousa , and turned armed Ariadne into stone. Bakkhos was even more furious when he saw his bride all stone…”
- Nonnus, Dionysiaca (47. 665)

(Apotropaic amulet featuring the Gorgoneion on one side, with Hekate Triformis on the obverse.)

And now a strange, weird, source that came to mind:

“Unlike Medusa, Dionysos is a male god. But as in her case, there is something strange about his sex. In his opening speech, Dionysos, masquerading as a barbarian introducing the new Dionysiac cult in Greece, says that he has assumed a human shape, ‘the nature of a man’ (andros physin, 54). Yet Pentheus, the unrelenting king of Thebes, in his attempt to outlaw the foreign cult and deny Doinysos the status of a god, describes the disconcerting strange as 'effiminate’, or literally having 'the form ofa woman’ (thelymorphon, 353). So Dionysos’s sexual identity is somehow indeterminate. The same goes for his appearance. In the first choral song, his followers say he is the 'bull-horned god’ that Zeus 'crowned with crowns of snakes’ . Later, the bewitched Pentheus chains a bull, believing that the animal is the stranger. Even later, when under the spell of Dionysos, he tells the wine-god that it appears to him that the latter has become a bull . So it is not clear what Dionsysos looks like. In a piece of choral lyric, his followers ask him to 'appear as a bull or as a many-headed snake to see or as a fiery [fire-breathing] lion’. In her commentary, Jeanne Roux points out that the many-headed snake (or dragon) is the Hydra, the monster sporting many heads that was finally killed by Herakles, and the fire-breathing lion is the Chimaira, the mythic mixed being that was part lion, part snake, part goat. So Dionysos’s own Meanads say that he can appear in many different forms, in shapes that are themselves 'contradictory’ in the sense that they are not found in one and the same natural beast – indeed that appear to contradict each other in a monstrous fashion.

Thus the indeterminate Dionysos may epitomize those mythological beings whose shapes are so bewilderingly indeterminate. In this context, we cannot explore the interplay of double images that evolve in the play; suffice it to say that Euripides lets Dionysos turn his enemy into a powerless mirror image of himself, and that it should be noted that the chorus says that Pentheus must be the offspring 'from some lioness or of the Libyan Gorgons’. So the enemy of Dionysos may be the child of that most indeterminate of monsters, Medusa. Not only in appearance but also the nature of Dionysos is somehow unknown. When asked what Dionysos looks like, the disguised god says that he was 'whatever he wanted’. Dionysos is, in that sense, unknowable. He is the god 'most terrible’, and yet 'mildest’ to man. Man and woman, terrible and lenient, god and monster: Dionysos transcends those categories. Indeed, the unknowable nature of Dionysos is emphasised by several recurring phrases such as 'whoever he is.'”
- Johan Tralau, Leviatan, The Beast of Myth. (In Patricia Springborg’s The Cambridge Companion to Hobbes’s Leviathan. P. 71 – 72. About halfway through, I stopped transcribing his citations of the Greek. See the volume for full transcription.)

( Mosaic with Head of Medusa, Roman, AD 115–150. Found in Rome, Italy, 1910. Stone tesserae, 530 × 450 cm. Museo Nazionale Romano—Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. Source.)

“In Roman art, however, Medusa was humanized and more clearly female; at times she was even depicted in the form of a beautiful woman. During the Roman period, the image of the Gorgon often served a primarily decorative function in interior decoration, appearing, for example, on domestic utensils and wall paintings, but it continued to be regarded as a protective symbol. Representations of Medusa were often accompanied by imagery related to the god of wine, Dionysos, whose worship invoked pleasure and good fortune. The kantharoi found in the corners of the Getty mosaic are closely associated with the revelries of Dionysos. A Roman mosaic from Kisamos, on Crete, similarly depicts the central bust of Medusa surrounded by panels of masks and followers of Dionysos. An explicit connection appears in a late second-century AD mosaic pavement from a Roman villa at Corinth, which features the head of Dionysos at the center of the same pattern found on the Getty mosaic and a guilloche border with kantharoi in the corners.”
(Same source as the image above.)


I still think our Pearl shattered Pink Diamond.

Zircon was on to something on how Pink’s shattering could have only been carried out by another Diamond, however not directly. Now for a moment, say our Pearl was White Diamond’s pearl. White saw how Pink Diamond’s love of Earth could eventually lead to the downfall of Gemkind if Pink were to become to morally conscious of using other planets as Kindergartens. Therefore, she had to be dealt with. Enter Pearl, shape shifted as a Rose Quartz, specifically to show that Pink’s own gems that she grew were defective and traitorous, effectively allowing them to be bubbled without question. 

 But why would White just use Pearl like that? Simple. They’re Pearls, disposable, replaceable. In fact, our Pearl could have already shown signs of being defiant which is why White sent her off on this mission. And besides, who would believe a defective Pearl over a Diamond?