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medic981  asked:

What is your favorite Glock for concealed carry? And you seem to have anons disabled.

It varies. I like the G43 with +2 baseplates on it quite a bit. I love having more bullets and a bigger frame for my largeish hands to grab so I usually carry a 17 or 19. I also like the longer sight radius of the 17. What’s your favorite?

To my fellow LGBT+ Americans

I know that many of you don’t feel physically safe in the wake of this election. Some of you are fearing government actions taken against the LGBT community; others are fearing that individuals supporting Trump will feel freer to perpetrate violence against LGBT people.

I’d like to offer you a solution. In most states, if you are old enough, you can conceal carry a handgun on your person. The laws and requirements vary state-by-state, but suffice to say, most American citizens have legal access to firearms with a license.

The Republican Party is not interested in restricting gun ownership rights. It would be wise to take advantage of the fact that we have another four years during which we may exercise this right.

The benefit is twofold:

1. Owning a gun gives you a chance to protect yourself from the government should it become oppressive and tyrannical and

2. Owning a gun provides to you the ability to defend yourself from anyone who tries to do you harm. As many of you are concerned that hate-motivated crimes will increasingly target LGBT people in light of the new political atmosphere, it is very logical to give yourself a way to protect your life.

If you would prefer to walk around feeling vulnerable, that is your prerogative too. But it is my hope that, if nothing else, the fear-mongering liberal media that has convinced so many of you that Trump and the Republican Party consists of violent, racist, homophobic savages has also managed to bring you full circle into understanding why our Second Amendment is so fundamentally important.

Stay safe out there, and happy CC’ing.

Hunting seasons over there is snow on the ground and it’s only supposed to hit 20 degrees. Sounds like a good day to train with gloves so I think I’ll ring some steel tomorrow.
With the wear marks you can tell she’s not a safe queen. I actually think it improves the look of a firearm to look well used. I’ve started to see ‘battle worn’ Cerakote finishes but that’s cheating so go out there and train if you want yours to look cool lol.


Hazard 4 Battle Axe

Marketed as a discrete rifle case disguised as a guitar case. There is enough room to actually put a real full size electric guitar in there, although it may be tight if you have your rifle packed. Comes only in Coyote Tan and Black at the moment, the shoulder strap is sold separately. MSRP is about $199. (GRH)