Im sure you all recognized this BRZ front last week installed. Once again, this Password JDM BRZ has came back again for more parts. This time the BRZ owner wants to upgrade his OEM Front Pipe to the EVS Tuning Front Pipe with larger pipe sizes and swap out both his rear brake lights + corner lights to LED.

相信各位對於這台Password JDM BRZ印象深刻吧 客人又再次的回到Carrozeria安裝先前訂購的EVS Tuning Front Pipe 由原廠的60mm管徑變成了70mm管徑囉 另外我們也為此BRZ換上了LED的車燈唷 整個是亮到不行呢

The EVS Tuning Front Pipe for the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ replaces the factory counter-part and removes the catalytic converter. The diameter of the pipe begins at 63mm and opens up to 70mm. It’s optimally used with the EVS Tuning SSP Exhaust System, but it can be used with other exhaust systems as well, including the factory exhaust.

NOTE: For off-road use only.

Please contact us via e-mail for EVS Tuning products and local installation. 

麻煩請各位車友對EVS Tuning產品有興趣的或是需要Carrozzeria做任何安裝服務的 麻煩請車友與我們連絡唷


After getting the VMR V710, AutoTecknic Carbon Front Grills + Painted Reflectors + H8 lights + Side Grills and BMW Performance Trunk Spoiler installed. This blue BMW E92 M3 came back again for Eisenmann Race Performance Exhaust + Connecting Pipes and the simple / clean looking Revinora R-CRT Street Chin installed. Next, we will installing the Adv1 TS10 on to complete this blue angel. 

先前幫客人安裝完VMR V710, AutoTecknic卡夢前鼻頭與車身反光片和BMW Performance尾翼以後   這台藍色BMW E92 M3又回來改裝更多的改裝商品了    市面上數一數二的廠牌Eisenmann Race Performance Exhaust + Connecting Pipes與簡單又乾淨改法的Revinora R-CRT Street Chin(前下巴)


Probably one of our favorite builds at Carrozzeria to date. A true monstrosity. The Amuse GTR is Georges Daily, therefore he wanted the car to look simple, but yet a monster at the same time. His car is tuned by Cobb, bringing the cars WHP to be 550, with a T1R downpipe, an Amuse Exhaust, Amuse wing, Amuse front diffuser, Seibon Racing Hood and a Rexpeed Rear Diffuser. The car also has upgraded brakes and a beautiful sound with the HKS Blow off Valve kit. 

For your inquiry on your GTR today, contact our sales team!




To make our HPF E46 M3 more aggressive, we decided to do the custom vents cut as well on the Carrozzeria HPF M3. The vents turn out to be amazingly and aggressively done. At Carrozziera, we work on service, maintenance, repair, install and custom works. Please contact us via e-mail for more details on getting your vehicle done at Carrozzeria.


At Carrozzeria we provide our best and various service to treat your vehicle. We provide the most well selection of the name brand aftermarket and performance products. We also provide the best quality installation and customer service afterward. Carrozzeria would be your #1 one stop shop for local Seattle community and car enthusiasts. Carrozzera now also team up with “Pure Wash” for detail service for those who take care your vehicle and treat your vehicle the finest way as we do. 

Please contact us via e-mail for more details.

在Carrozzeria我們不只提供最多的改裝商品選項 我們也提供最認真的態度與用心的服務 不管在安裝或是售後服務Carrozeria都會提供到最好的責任與品質 Carrozzeria在這很開心得跟各位西雅圖車友們開始提供汽車美容與保養的服務 我們與一間當地知名的mobile美容公司"Pure Wash"合作來為西雅圖當地的車友們為您的愛車做最佳的外觀與內裝保養處理 

麻煩請各位有興趣的車友們請與我們連絡喔 感恩


BMW F12 M6 with Eisenmann 4 x 102mm round tips installed. Each Eisenmann exhaust system for the F12 M6 will be available in a Sport sound level for those who demand a discreet personality from their super coupe, and a Race sound level for a more extroverted driving experience. The level of the final installed sound with this F12 M6 Eisenmann Race was a truly art and amazing. 

西雅圖第一台F12 M6改裝Eisenmann Race 4 x 102mm round tips  聲音真的是美到不行 整個都陶醉在聲音裡面了