carrot project


i wound up with a sketch i didn’t really care about so i thought i might stop being a lazy jerk and try that anon’s suggestion on cleaner sketches because i wouldn’t mind if this wound up mangled

the results:

- slightly (slightly) cleaner chicken scratch is still chicken scratch

- i wound up spending two hours on this waste of pixels (although part of that was playing with textures)

- i just wasted two hours of my life

Surprise, surprise: The members of Carrot Affairs are all trapped in Undertale Hell. Which, of course, means Undertale themed music projects! What started as an 8bit remix of Stronger Than You from Steven Universe turned into a full on Sans themed cover inspired by this amazing lyric post.

Original song from Steven Universe.

Remix and Cover by @lumistarlight

Lyrics and Art by @gymleadercheren

Stay tuned for more Undertale-inspired projects from Carrot Affairs!

Made with SoundCloud

Garden Update (might go dump out a bucket of carrots a few days early if only to add them to the spicy pickle mix)

Carrot bucket project currently successful. Harvested in the order planted with new seed sown in freshish compost (spent + new).

Orange tree finally putting out new leaves and tiny flowers!

Kale trees (tree collards) fluffing out nicely. They’ll be ready for their individual spaces soon. The other 3 are still a bit scraggly, no idea why.

And filled in the spaces in the “potato bed” with more bags of potatoes. It seemed like the thing to do when a whole bag came home pre sprouted.

In case you don’t know me, I’m Larissa. I’ve decided to join The Carrot Project. Though I’m not suicidal or planning to harm myself, I’ve been hurting a lot lately. I feel so alone at times I wish I would just disappear. I feel like I have no friends, or like I annoy everyone and no one wants me around. Feeling worthless is a REALLY horrible feeling. But, by drawing a carrot on my hand, I’ve already been remembering that the 1D Family is here for me, and if I’m feeling sad or alone, I can come on here and instantly be cheered up. So thank you, each and every one of you for just being there. You’re sososo amazing and beautiful. I love you <3 x

10 months

Oh wow. I just realized today marks 10 months free of cutting for me! And I got through the anniversary of my dad’s death without cutting! I think this may be the time I stop for good! It’s been a struggle but I’m taking it day by day and getting through it, last time I had many relapses but this time I’m doing so much better :) To anyone struggling to stop cutting: If I can do it, so can you. It’s never too late and even if you relapse, just start again, it’ll get easier.

Thank you to the amazing people that have been helping me through this journey of recovery and a super special thanks to the owners of the carrot project, you guys and the project have helped me so much :) I hope I can inspire some of you amazing people with my journey.

I love you all :) xx