carrot carrot onesie


So I finally finished the second half of that carrot onesie rotoscoping thing I did. Here I present to you: precisely 143 individually-drawn frames (I drew over the frames from the video, and coloured them in by eye).

You can see how I’ve improved at it the second time around. The lines are thinner, and the whole thing looks neater. I enjoyed it so much, even if it did get a little repetitive sometimes. :) Super proud of this!

So we decided to do these awesome Harto carrot onesies for Hannah Hart at DFTBA and things were going so well until one little tiny problem and now they’re a month late shipping out, and people are understandably upset. I’m super bummed, as well.

Here’s the whole story. 

The manufacturer of the onesies didn’t put a “Made in China” label on them, and it’s illegal to sell products that don’t have the country of origin on them in the US. So first the onesies got held up at customs for WEEKS while we did our best to convince them that we would make it right. Two weeks ago they finally released them and last week they arrived.

However, now we have to permanently affix “Made in China” to all of the onesies so that we don’t go to jail (or whatever the penalty is for shipping onesies without “Made in China” on them.) Our first attempt to do this (with stickers) was not approved by customs (that lack of approval took a full week to achieve.)

So now the onesies are at Zoo City Apparel (the Missoula print shop that does all of our shirts) getting “Made in China” screen printed on the inside. Zoo City has been awesome enough to bump us up to #1 in the queue and they’re printing them tomorrow. We then need to show pictures of the onesies to customs so that we have permission from them to ship them. We have a direct line to the decider now, so hopefully it won’t take another week to get them to approve this for us.

The moment we have that approval they will be in the mail and you’ll get a shipping confirmation. 

We’re really sorry that we ran into so much trouble with these. We hate to let you down, and we hate to let Hannah down. This is the number one priority in the warehouse right now and the team has been completely dedicated to solving this problem since it arose. Thanks so much for everyone who’s showing their Harto pride by ordering these.