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Painted Faces (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

“Do I look like an abstract Picasso piece, yet?” With a brief eye roll came your snarky reply, “Just shush, if anything I’m fixing your parent’s mistake. Now, stop moving! Otherwise it’ll get smudged and I’ll have to start over again!” “Well I’m sorry that I had to sneeze! I haven’t worked out my bodily function schedule yet, Gorgeous.”

Chuckling lightly, you stepped back to look at your masterpiece. Your carrot-topped boyfriend, Jerome, was his doing his best to sit still as you did his makeup for his big performance tonight. And, what look goes better with the Prince of Killer Comedy than clown makeup?

Now, you weren’t going to over-do it. But you figured that a wide red-lipped clown smile would make a bold enough point. The problem? Jerome couldn’t keep his mouth shut long enough.

As of right now, you were on your 5th attempt (but who’s keeping count?). And the show was in 45 minutes, with the star far from ready.

“C’mon, J, we need to get you all gorgeous, yourself. Please just sit still!” Dipping your brush back into the jar, you resumed your work. You painted lightly against his lips, making them appear fuller, and for sure more clown-like.

A soft murmur of “Hey, Gorgeous?” brought your hand to an abrupt halt. Because one, his lips were moving and you didn’t want to have to re-start. And two, you had never heard him use that tone.

Swallowing, you replied with a questioning, “Yeah, J?” With a tender look, he smiled his rare non-maniac smile, and said, “You know I love you, right? People call me a prince, but even before that, I’ve thought of you as my princess. And that will never change, no matter what this crappy city full of cops brings our way.”

When he finished his speech, you smiled, and brought your naked lips to his painted ones. Tongues met, teeth bit, and love was messily expressed (not that either of you would have it any other way). His red mouth stained yours, and when the two of you broke apart, you giggled at the mess you had made of one another.

“Look’s like I have to start over again.”


He would be so nervous he’d mess up on his words and look at you to what to do. You would both start laughing and so would your parents.

“Hi I’m Hansol, Y/N’s carrot, no boyfriend boyfriend!

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He’d try to be as cool about it as he could, but on the inside he’d be a mess, overthinking what he would say so he could make a good impression.

hello, I’m Johnny. No that sounds to bland”

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He’d be speechless, trying to think of things to say, but he’d be nervous, not wanting to sound stupid. He’d get out a few words that would sound prepared because they were and your parents would be a little hesitant about him, until you pitched in and helped him.

“Hi…I’m Taeyong. I hope you accept me and like me being with your daughter”

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Both of you were nervous, since your parents were pretty strict on dating, but once they met Yuta, all of that vanished. You felt silly for feeling that way before and so did he. He would sheepishly laugh once in a while, still being a little nervous.

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They would instantly hit it off, and would start making jokes about you as he tried holding back his laughter as you hit his shoulder.

“Wow! You’re much better than that poster in her room! Wait! You are on that poster! 3d printing is really high-tech now huh Y/N?” Your dad would joke “Now you can kiss him in 3D!”


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Doyoung would be good at this, he’s a people person and very social. Your parents would like him and hope you two grow more as a couple, hoping things would happen in the future with you.

“so you must be Y/N’s parents! No wonder where she gets’ her good looks from!”

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he’d be like Doyoung, maybe a bit quieter but not by much. He’d be natural with your parents and have conversations with them, maybe asking them weird things about you.

“So did Y'N always not want to get out of bed or is that new?”

“Oh” your parents would laugh" She’s always been like that"

“Do you have any tricks?”

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He’d be quiet, smiling at them and maybe not agreeing on what they say but still wanting to be respectful. If they asked his opinion on something controversial he’d be a little awkward and try to say it in a way that would hopefully have them see his side.

“how do you feel about (something random)?”

“oh, well I can see how they would do that, but I don’t totally agree with it”

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Mark would be great with your parents, asking questions and wanting your parents opinion on many topics. I think he’d be like Jaehyun and ask things about you when you were little, hoping he’d get some embarrassing stories. Sooner or later he would though.

“So what do you think about getting Y/N a watch so she can be on time?”

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You hadn’t told your parents about him yet, since you haven’t had anytime to so when they ask who he is and you awkwardly introduced him he gets a little weird. it’s all good though, when your parents smile at him and approve him instantly.

“I’m Donghyuck, Y/N’s boyfriend…”

“oh! I forgot to tell you I’m sorry!” you exclaimed

“So you’re the reason why Y/Ns been so happy lately?” your parents say shaking hands with him.

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your mom gives him a huge hug right away and he’s slightly taken aback but hugs back quickly.

“Oh..okay it’s nice to meet you too!”

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I think Jaemin would be quiet with them, he’d still introduce himself but he’d be more of a listener when they talk, adding small things to the conversation once in a while.

hello Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N, Im Jaemin”

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Jisung would be a cutie with them, being nervous and not sure what to do would  make your parents love him. How he’d look at you for help would ensure them that you were a good pair.

‘Hello, I’m Jisung! Um…*whisperes* what else should I say?“

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This episode was really something. You know I actually expected them to at least give Magnus some sort of comfort, but instead they chose to end the episode with climon and more incest. Was that even necessary? Do these writers/showrunners really care so little about Magnus?

I can’t believe they really chose to torture, abuse, and emotionally traumatize Magnus Bane so they could introduce the Herondale story line (because that’s exactly what it appears they did)

And I thought 2x07 was bad…

Watching that episode made me feel like I was getting tortured right along with Magnus. I was crying during most of it. I needed comfort just as much as he did. I didn’t need carrot and her vampire boyfriend sucking face. I didn’t need sebrat asking his sister on a date.

And next week, magnus will put back up all those walls that he had allowed to come down, and I don’t blame him one bit. I hope he NEVER helps those stupid shadowhunters ever again.

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How about angry locker sex scene with Midorima??? NSFW, LET'S GOOOO. *wiggles eyebrows*

Ohohoho~ I like dis shiz nsfw all the waaaaaayyy!!!

Midorima was jealous. He saw you 0at the audience talking to another guy while the game was going on earlier. It appeared to him that you looked like you were having more fun talking to the guy instead of his own basketball game against some school. Now, he finds himself sitting alone in the locker room because the team had left before him and waiting for you.

You knocked on the door and entered the room. Upon looking at your carrot of a boyfriend (Lol srsly. Did he even think about that when he was choosing the highschool he was going into??) , puzzled to find him kind of looking distraught. ‘Didn’t the win the game earlier? Why did he seem upset?’ You askes yourseld

“Shin-kun… is there something wrong?” You approached him slowly and stood two feet in front of him. He raised his head and saw this almost predatory gaze. Your breath hitched.

‘Did I do something wrong?’, you thought as you unconciously backed off by a step or two. Obviously, you weren’t used to him like this. The Midorima you knew was a stuttering, basketball-playing, Oha-asa-loving, bespetacled, tsundere boyfriend. He suddenly yanks you toward himself. You closed your eyes bracing yourself for the impact and opened them again, only to find your back against the cold lockers with the green haired basketball player towering over you with the same gaze earlier.

Midorima planted a rough kiss on your lips and began mutter ‘mine’ repeatedly as he pressed hickeys all over your skin. You paned heavily. Your boyfriend’s ministrations made your body overheat a lot. Even your clothes made you feel really sticky and hot, albeit too much for your liking. As if reading your mind, he started taking off your clothes and licking and nipping your skin as he went along.

He still had that same look. Now that you look at it, it was kind of face he pulled off when he was concentrated in playing against a strong opponent. Like he wanted to dominate the game. But in this case, it was you.

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I love, love, love the premise of your blog! Could I get fluffy cuddles with the GOM and their chubby s/o? :DD

Hello, lovely. I love this ask. This is so cute and so are all of you~


Kuroko always appreciated you because you never missed his presence. Actually, when you and the other five meet up with Momoi, you always greeted Kuroko first with a tight hug and a beaming smile. Today, he had opted out of going out on a date to spend the day inside with you, cuddling. You both were on the couch of his house watching a romance movie and your head was on Kuroko’s shoulder, his resting on top of yours, arm wrapped around your curvy waist. Squeezing tighter on your waist when a kissing scene came on, you groaned trying to loosen his arm from around you.

“Come closer ___-chan.” He said quietly.

“Kuro-kun, it might get uncomfortable being so close, no?” You ask.

“I’ll be fine, ____-chan. Thank you for your concern.”

He just really wanted to feel your curvy side close to him.

“____-chhi! You have to pay attention if you want to understand the movie!” Kise wailed. You both were under the covers in your room watching Pitch Perfect on your laptop. Kise finally had enough of you texting your girlfriend from class and not paying attention to him.

“Okay sorry!” You said placing the phone on the bedside table.

“____-chhi doesn’t pay attention to me at alllll! “ He whines, wrapping his arms around your thick waist and nuzzling his face into your neck.

“If ____-chhi doesn’t start paying attention to me, I will have to make herrrr!” He says kissing your neck softly and grabbing at your stomach.

“Now who isn’t paying attention!”

Shin-chan come sit next to me!” You pleaded to your carrot head boyfriend to come away from the other side of the couch to where you were.

“Stop complaining and being so loud.” He replies pushing up his glasses.

Huffing you sit with a bowl of popcorn in your hands starting World War Z, which was obviously your choice.

“D-Don’t act a-as if I hurt your feelings, Nanodayo.” He says looking at you from the side of his eye.

“I just thought we could be closer…Shin….chan.” You said in between putting popcorn in your mouth and looking at him cutely.

Grumbling he stands and walks over to you, plopping down next you, and throwing an arm around you.

“You better keep quiet, ____-chan.” He says, face red from your close proximity.

“Okay Shin-chaaaan!” You yelp wrapping your arms tightly around him.

Midorima would never say it out loud, but your curvy body felt so good pushed up against his.

Aomine was on his back reading a magazine while you were resting your head on his chest. You thought when he asked you to come over to cuddle you would be having more contact.

“Dai-kun?” You asked with no response.



Was he ignoring you? Well then.

“Okay well I am going to go. See you later, Aho.” You said to the wind as you got up to get your stuff.

Noticing you called him ‘Aho,’ he finally puts the magazine down and looks up.

“Eh, where are you going, ___-chan?”

“Home. That magazine is enough for you, right?” You grabbed your phone and you purse and proceeded to put your shoes on.

“Woah, you aren’t going anywhere, ____.” He said.

“I’m not?”


“Hm, try me.” You said walking down the hallway to the front door only to be picked up and swirled around facing the room once again.

“Aho, release me, right now!” You yelled at him. Not really sure how you would get away with his hands resting on your curvy hips, plump butt pushed flush against him.

“Heh, not now that I have such great access.

Murasakibara was not a plush and plump man. No, he was lithe, lanky, and long. Plump was not what he was but that is what he had you for. To hug and squeeze, grab on to and cuddle, and feed him yummy sweets.

“Mooore, ____-chan.” He said from laying between your legs, chin resting on your stomach.

“Sushi-chin, you shouldn’t eat while laying down!” You say to him, scolding.

“Ne? Then, can I sit up and eat ___-chan?” He says, head lazily raising.

“Wh-What? No!” You said panicking.

“I’m gonna try anyway.” He slams his face into your stomach, nibbling at you through your shirt, effectively making you laugh and giggle. He rather be eating you, anyways.

Akashi was a busy man so when you asked him to spend a night with you sitting under the stars and cuddling, he happily agreed. Laying out the blanket in his expansive backyard, it was a clear night and the wind was blowing at a decent pace. Laying next to him on the plaid blanket, you laid your head on his chest and he out his arm around you, stroking your arm.

“I’m sorry.” He says.

“What?” You question looking up at him. “Sorry for what, Sei-kun?”

He closes his eyes savoring how well his name rolled off your lips and remembering how long it had been since he heard your voice.

“I do not give you as much time as you need, as much as you deserve, and I apologize.”

“Sei-kun, you don’t have to apologize. I am happy with you and I always have been. I understand that you are a busy man and I accept that. Let’s enjoy tonight, my love.” You say sweetly, interlocking your hands.

“Yes, my empress.” He replied kissing the back of your hand.

He knew you were the one.

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Oh my is the request open cuz pls do bts reaction to u being disgusted when they do something romantic to u (like u would be mumbling "ew what r u doing lmao gross" with j-nope face) thanks !!!

yes it’s open, hi there, since you never said which type of reaction you want either gifs or written, i’m going to do a short written with pics reaction, if this is not what you want, please try to send in another request to more specific

BTS reaction to you being disgusted when they do something romantic


you were chopping carrots with you boyfriend jin in the kitchen, when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and his body beside you


you poked him in the side with your elbow and burst out in laughter

“it’s so gross it makes it funny”

“i’m feel so attacked right now”

he glared at you


you were sitting on the couch, eyes fixed on the TV screen, not noticing the existence of your “i-don’t-like-skin-ship" boyfriend. Suddenly,you felt him holding your hands, you turned to face him and he looked into your eyes so softly


he simply dropped your hands, pushing you off the couch and lied down


you felt specious, something was wrong, you didn’t hear his screams in more then 10 mins. You moved your body to search for hoseok. As you entered the bedroom, you found him sitting on the bed looking at you softly. You sat beside him, he lifted his hand and grabbed your chin, closer and closer until you two were inches apart, you burst out laughing

“Y/N WHYYYYYYY!!!! I WAS TRYING TO BE ROMANTIC BUT YOU RUINED IT!!!” he complained with his “i-feel-so-attacked” face

“you’re unbelievable hobi hhhhhhhh” you said as you skipped out of the room

rap monster:

namjoon sneaked into the room, knowing you were asleep, he wanted to cuddle you. you were facing the empty side of the bed.As he hopped on the bed, you felt his existence but kept your eyes shut, His hands roamed your body and right there you pushed him off the bed and opened your eyes

“you weren’t even asleep!”

“can i?”

“i was trying to be romantic and y-”

“you were trying to be creepy and it’s gross now let me get back to sleep”

“….what ever”


park chimchim,knew you were bored and an idea popped into his head. He slowly approached you and you knew what was coming 

“my beautiful y/n, my soul, my heart, my angel, my everyth-”

“you reached a higher level of cheesiness it’s called gross”

he stood there

if you listen carefully you can hear him hissing


taetae was playing with his puppy when you sat beside him, he looked at you and slowly approached you, a sparkle in his eyes

”babe i-”he put his hands on yours

“it’s gross and we’re not getting another dog” you said with a dead face

it was the third time this week he asks you that 

 he sat there just staring


kook was eating some bugers, your sitting figure came in front of his eyes and he stood up sat beside you. he grabbed your attention, looking into you eyes so deeply and coming closer

“ew  jungkook, you were just eating burgers”

“…never mind…”

he felt like a lama was running in his stomach

“are you at least going to eat these burgers with me?”

yes i did it on purpose 

hope you like it, i wrote it and lost it because i was too dumb but here you go

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When GOM+Kagami+Hanamiya s/o adopts a big scary doberman who was once a fight dog but is actually very silly and loves them with all their puppy heart but gets scared of men♡When your ask box is open I get very happy!

Oooh dobermans are beautiful af. I always wanted a big doggie ;u;
Oh Anon-san I’m happy that you sent in a request! Thanks you! Enjoy!!
Note: I gave the dogs names.. I hope it isn’t confusing. 
More under the cut!!

Akashi: Your redheaded boyfriend was surprised that you decided to adopt a dog, let alone a previously fighting doberman. He couldn’t help but be concern at first due to the dog’s history. But upon arriving your house, he watched as the doberman lay on its side, exposing its underside while whimpering for a belly rub in which you couldn’t say no to. 

“Ah, Akashi,” you greeted him with a smile, “Did my mom let you in?” 

“She did,” he replied as he kept his crimson eyes on the dog who was quick to retreat to its kennel. “Not fond of me, is she,” he sighed helplessly. 

You shook your head in dismay as you pulled yourself off the floor. “No. She’s just not fond of men in general. She’s still struggling to adjust with my dad.” 

Akashi tapped his chin and began to take a step toward the cage where the doberman watched him. He snapped his fingers loudly and pointed the floor in front of him, “Come.” Within an instant, the doberman slowly crawled out of its cage and sat in front of your boyfriend, cocking its head in interest. 

You sighed, “How do you even do it?”

Aomine: The tall and tanned man walked into your apartment, only to be greeted by a large dog at the end of the hallway. He’d admit it scared him because he knew you never owned a dog, and it was huge. The doberman tilted its head as he watched Aomine walk into the door and before he could even take a step out of the foyer, it dashed into the living room where you were. 

“____,” he called in question, “Is that thing yours?” He eyed the dog that was laying next to you, licking your arm and legs in hope you would pamper him. 

“Daiki,” you turned to look back at the navy-haired man. “This ‘thing’ has a name you know,” your brows knitted together, “His name is Yuuto!” 

“ ‘Yuuto’ hm,” he made his way over and seated himself next to you. Aomine noticed that dog flinched as he attempted to pet the dog. 

“He’s actually very timid when it comes to being around men,” you sighed. You stroked his fur and scratched under his chin, “It’s okay Yuuto! Daiki isn’t mean. Sometimes.” 

“Oi,” he glared at you, causing you to giggle at his reaction. 

Kise: “____cchi, where ar- Gah,” the blonde stopped in his tracks when a large doberman ran out of your bedroom and into the living room. 

“Ryouta,” you looked at him as you stepped out of your room. You greeted your boyfriend with a peck on the cheeks and pulled him into the living room. “I can assure you that she doesn’t bite,” you chuckled. 

You called the dog to come to your side and patted your chest. The black-and-brown coated dog stood on her hind legs as you stabled her front legs with your forearm. She would try to plant kisses along your jaw and face which you attempted to pull away from. Kise watched in amusement, chuckling at the sight of the two of you. 

“She’s not at scary as I thought,” he admitted. You sat the dog back on her four legs and grabbed a hold on Kise’s hand and slowly guided it to her head. 

“Not at all. She’s quite shy actually, especially around men,” you stroked her back as Kise scratched her head. You whispered her words of assurance that Kise wasn’t someone to fear. 

“I’ll definitely get her to like me! Ne, ___cchi! Let’s take her on a walk. She could be like our child,” his eyes sparkle in excitement. 

“Sure we- wait what?” 

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CAN U DO A CUTE LITTLE THING ABOUT things the gom's s/o does that makes their hearts skip a beat? (´・ω・`)


-Admin Nanacchi

Kuroko: Whenever Kuroko woke up, he was always slightly surprised. Despite your continuous request for him not to stare at you, he never did comply. When mornings came, you would always be the first one up. Sitting up perched with a book in your hands; hair slightly messed up from your night’s sleep; and eyes quickly scanning pages-it made Kuroko blush at the sight. The way you excitedly turned the pages and the expressions you made at the book made him fall even more in love with you. It was always a surprise to see you like that; it made his heart beat with joy.

Kise:Kise had been late to school that morning. He had overslept since he was beyond tired after going from practice straight to his modelling request of the day. Kise had yet to have breakfast, let alone eat dinner yesterday night. In class he fell asleep, during breaks he was asleep-there was no time in the day in which the blonde haired boy was awake. When he did wake up-and that was during lunch- Kise noticed his senpais all there waiting for him. Groggily, he sat up. Stretching, he got off his seat and took his bag, noting that it seemed heavier than usual. When they found a spot, the Kaijou team sat together, Kasamatsu had let Kise know that you left earlier in the day for a tournament; it made Kise a bit guilty that he didn’t talk to you, but he was just too tired. Opening his bag, he noticed a bento box with a sticky note attached to it. 
I figured you’d be too tired from yesterday’s events, so here’s a specially made, _____ Bento! Eat up, love you~
Kise’s heart skipped a beat as he felt himself grin. He’d have to make sure to thank you and to smush you with all the affection he could give you later when you came back.

Midorima: Midorima was panicking. He couldn’t find his lucky item for the day. What the hell was a punk hair bow? Where the heck was he suppose to get that? When he went to school he was fidgeting and couldn’t concentrate in class. Noticing his strange behavior, you had confided to Takao only to learn your carrot boyfriend didn’t have his lucky item. Pulling out your phone you looked it up and decided to pay a visit home. “Midorima, just eat, it won’t kill you.” Takao said. 
“No.” Midorima pushed his glasses up, “I can’t risk it today.”
“Midorima, just because you don-”
“Shut up.”
“Mido-chan?” Midorima and Takao turned to the voice. Your cheeks were red from running back, breathing deep. You gave your boyfriend a smile as you held out something to him. His eyes widened, a hair bow that had roses and random trinkets on it? He gaped at you. “Isn’t this your lucky item today?” You took his hand and placed the bow in his grasp. “Now you can eat happily!”
“Did you run all the way home to get that for him ____?” Takao asked, your head bobbing up and down. “WAHHH DON’T YOU LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN THOUGH?” 
“Ah, it’s okay, I only missed two classes.” 
When you said that Midorima blushed. His heart skipped a beat; you really did care. 

Aomine:What made you cute to Aomine? Your height, your outfits, your voice-everything. He didn’t mention that to you because he didn’t want you to realize how deeply in love he was with you. “Aomine~” You poked your boyfriend as he laid on your couch. “Aomine Aomine Aomine~” 
“What is it?”
“Look~” Groaning, Aomine got up and watched you hug a puppy. You squealed when the little guy started licking your cheek; Aomine stared at you. This wasn’t fair; why did you make him feel like this? Why did you just being you make his heart beat irregularly? “So?” He said, trying to play it cool.
“So?” You pouted at him. “Look at how cute he is!” 
But he’s not as cute as you.

Murasakibara:Yet again, Murasakibara’s snacks were done before school even started. The giant groaned loudly as he realized he was doomed until lunch came. He was hungry, really hungry. Going into class with a deathly aura that surrounded him, he sat down angrily. Murasakibara banged his head on his desk and groaned again. 
“Mura-kun?” He sat still. “Mura-kun, are you okay?”
“____-chin,” He pouted. “I ran out of snacks.”
“Again?!” Then again, you shouldn’t be that surprised. You grinned at your boyfriend. “Mura-kun, look up.”
“I don’t want to.”
“Murasakibara.” He sighed. Looking up his vision was clouded by a bag of sweets. He sat up and looked at you to the bag and back at you-”_____-chin?!” 
“I figured you’d finish it early again today so I went to get some for you last night.” Murasakibara cheeks turned a slight pink as he took the bag from you. His heart beat was faster at how you thought of him last night. ____-chin really does love me. He smiled.

Akashi: Akashi was never surprised. He wasn’t surprised when you confessed to him; he wasn’t surprised when you ranked second to him in academics; it seemed like you could never catch him. However, what you didn’t know was that it always made his heart skip  a beat when he saw you dedicating yourself to your paintings. He loved how you stroked the canvas with each brush, underlying a new layer of colour to your piece-Akashi was hypnotized by it. He loved it all. Love your face as you scrunched it in concentration; loved you for making such eccentric works;loved you getting your hands messy with paint; loved you. Akashi would never tell you that was when he was surprised-he lost his breath when he saw you painting-he was mesmerized by you.