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Don Draper Mad Men childhood home by California to Chicago
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Victorian Homes Carroll Ave LA This is the house used in the last episode of one of the season. When Don Draper takes his kids to see his Childhood home that was the brothel he grew up in. They used a lot of CGI to make this look run down and surrounded by old industry buildings in the scene.


that’s the great puzzle.

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Carroll Rablen was a veteran from World War 1 who, after the war, returned home to Standard California. During the war he was wounded bad enough that it left him deaf the rest of his life. When he got home he married, but in less then a year it was over, partly because he had a very domineering father. He began writing women from a marriage agency and, after many no-go’s, he finally found a woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He just didn’t know his life wouldn’t be that long. Her name was Eva Young, a fellow divorcee with an 11 year old son. Although his father again did not approve he went ahead with it and were married in 1929. She loved to attend weekly dances in another town a few miles away, enjoying the attention she got from the other men at the bars. Carroll would not join her, mainly due to the fact he was deaf and could not dance. He did however drive her to the dances and waited in the car outside, not trusting the men or Eva to get home without some naughtiness happening. One night she brought sandwiches and coffee out to Carroll, who was as usual waiting in the car. Soon after she left people noticed he was writhing in agony in his car seat. Unfortunately he would die before anyone could help, however he did have time to complain of bitterness in his coffee. Suspicion fell on Eva immediately, thinking she had poisoned Carroll, however the autopsy showed no poison in Carroll’s stomach. There was no other evidence to charge her with the murder. Eventually the prosecution would call upon a man named Heinrich who was known as The Wizard of Berkeley. He examined the corpse and found traces of strychnine in his stomach. He also inspected the cup which Ava brought the coffee in and also found strychnine. Seeing as that doesn’t 100% directly connect Eva and the murder, Heinrich surmised while she was bringing him the poisoned coffee she may have spilt some on her dress. When he examined the garment luckily for the prosecution it had not yet been washed. He found strychnine in the coffee stains on the dress. Due to the damning forensic evidence Eva pled guilty to avoid the death penalty. She was sentenced to life imprisonment at San Quentin Prison without the possibility of parole. Her son was left in the care of Eva’s sister. She promised to bring the boy up right, saying he would"not suffer for what wasn’t his fault, we’ll see he wants for nothing.“ Pictured above: Eva Rablen, the Rablen household at the time of the crime, Eva in court and a pic of Carroll’s grave.