Dear former followers and friends of a certain Carrie:

This would be her best friend Allison, here to make a little bit of a public service announcement.

As you know, Carrie has left tumblr. She has no intention of coming back. She needed to leave it behind, it was eating at her time and her life. She’s better off without it in my opinion. Carrie is fine. Really.

But she did ask me to do this.

In all basicality

I could have made a nice little:

“Leave Carrie Alone!!!!11!!!”

video, but I believe this more civil.

That’s honestly what I’m saying. She wants to leave this behind. It would be respectful if you delete any pictures of her you have/posted, these are her own wishes. Carrie has grown out of tumblr, and doesn’t like to see people dwelling over her. Please don’t try to bother or contact her about it, she has made her choice and that dweller of the sea has sailed away on her ship. Not only is it upsetting on her part it’s a breach of privacy. Again: please delete any pictures of her.

Though internet friendships are real friendships, like some friendships they can end.

She wishes you all the best.

Thank you for your time. 

Please direct questions to me, here.