Wow, you made it into my FoLlow ForEvah!!! No seriously, i love you all so much, stay awesome <3

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tagged by djharrisgirl 

Favorite Band?

Lot of those, umm Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, usually stuff my brother got me into.

Song That Defines You The Most?

I guess Maybe.

Favorite genre of music?

Country all the way!

Favorite Movie?

Lots of those, Soul Surfer, From Justin to Kelly, Water for Elephants etc.

Best Asset?

The half way decent head on my two shoulders lol.

Favorite Season?


Best Vacation You’ve Ever Been On?

Vacation in Kentucky to meet some of my cousins for the first time, LOVED IT!!! 

Favorite TV Show That’s Popular Right Now?

Um Law and Order SVU, Motor City Masters, etc.

Your Idea Of A Worst Nightmare?

Actual dream: having to relive a family death

Reality: death of another family member

Person In Your Life Who’s Hurt You The Most?

This is more of who I hate the most, but one of my father’s girlfriends.

My questions

Do you believe in supernatural occurrences?

Do you believe in life after death?

How do you feel about gay marriage?

What do you find most calming?

Favorite childhood memories?

Any person you want to spend more time with?

Favorite thing to eat when feeling down?

Any movie you still watch that you saw as a kid?

How do you feel about censorship?

Ever wanted to do something but stopped because you were too afraid? 

Tumblr Crushes!!!

Totally fabulous blogs! You should follow all of them!