#Cosplayer / #SMCstreet member @wonderwomanisreal with an epic #jedi #wonderwoman #cosplay!

@Regrann from @wonderwomanisreal - “What Is It They’ve Sent Us? Hope.” — Leia in Rogue One ….hope is not lost my brothers and sisters! We will bring goodness into the world again…we can defeat the desires of war…we can make this world better and rise above.
RIP #carriefisher our most magical Disney princess.
Character: Slave Leia Wonder Woman by @wonderwomanisreal
Costume: bra @geekcrafters ; bracers by me
Photography: #michaelgreening
Con: @wondercon

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Tatooine was a desert planet located in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was part of a binary star system. It was the homeworld of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, and his son Luke Skywalker. Anakin’s former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, also resided on the planet after the Clone Wars ended, going by the name Ben Kenobi. The Hutt Cartel maintained a presence on Tatooine as well, with Jabba the Hutt owning a palace in the desert. Due to the lack of surface water, many residents of the planet instead drew water from the atmosphere via moisture farms.

Happy 40th, Star Wars! I was so inspired by Claudia Gray’s Bloodline, a political thriller with Leia in the leading part.


With the Jedi Order overextended, spread thin across the galaxy, each Jedi is alone, surrounded only by whatever clone troops he, she, or it commands. War itself pours darkness into the Force, deepening the cloud that limits Jedi perception. And the clones have no malice, no hatred, not the slightest ill intent that might give warning. They are only following orders. In this case, Order Sixty-Six. Hold-out blasters appear in clone hands. ARC-170s drop back onto the tails of Jedi star fighters. AT-STs swivel their guns. Turrets on hovertanks swung silently. Clones open fire, and Jedi die.
All across the galaxy. All at once. Jedi die.


Bespin was an immense gas giant located in the vicinity of the Anoat system, in a little-visited sector of the galaxy. Bespin had several moons, and its gaseous mass contained a thin statum of habitable atmosphere. Its layers were a source of rare Tibanna gas, which was harvested and refined in several mining complexes, including Cloud City, an opulant metropolis suspended in the planet’s huge billowing clouds. During the Galactic Civil War, Bespin remained unaffiliated, but that did not prevent the Galactic Empire from garrisoning the planet and seizing Cloud City. However, with the Empire’s defeat at Endor, the gas giant and its prosperous mining colony ended up recovering their freedom.