remember when michael picked luke up and carried him like a little baby all around the stage and luke held on to him like he’s depending on his life

Will/Nico Baby AU

Sorry this took me so long. I didn’t realize that you added onto my post. But here it is!

n-ajlee: tries to get an egg donor because they are having children

  • Will and Nico have decided that they were ready to have a kid. They decided to find an egg donor and to try both their sperms at once, that way they didn’t have to fight about who’s baby it was, their sperm will do it for them.
  • They were looking through some possible egg donors so they can get the process started. They asked, more like begged Rachel to carry their baby for them. She said yes as long as she can be the god mother, which they instantly said yes to.
  • “What about this one?” Will asked. “She’s smart, blonde hair and green eyes, played music, she’s five six, and has a pretty clean family medical history.” 
  • “I don’t know. A lot of people have written that.” Nico sighed. “Everyone lies on these things.”
  • “We got to take a chance.” Will told him. “And this girl wrote she’s willing to have an interview if we want.”
  • “And if we do, don’t you think she would want to be part of the baby’s life?” 
  • Will sighed. “I think she’s a strong candidate.” 
  • Nico looked at the picture of the woman. He stared at it thinking for a few minutes. “Okay.” 
  • “Okay for what?” Will asked.
  • “I say she’s the one.”
  • Will grinned and kissed him. “We’ll go tomorrow. And I’ll call Rachel.” 
  • Nico nodded.
  • A couple of weeks passed and Rachel moved in with the two of them since they wanted to help take care of her. The pregnancy test she took came up positive and the three of them celebrated with pizza and ice cream with sparkling cider.
  • Rachel felt like a queen since the boys were trying to pamper her with everything. 
  • “You two need to give me a bit of breathing room. I’m only two months and I feel like you guys think I’m like nine months.” Rachel said. “If I need anything I’ll tell you.”
  • “Fine.” Will agreed. 
  • Months passed and Rachel was nine months pregnant. 
  • Will and Nico made their place was baby proof and had everything set. Both of them were so excited.
  • “GUYS! EITHER I PEED MY PANTS OR THERE’S A BABY COMING!” Rachel shouted from her room.
  • The two of them jumped up from the couch and rushed to Rachel. She basically took over their room and they slept on the sofa bed. 
  • Rachel was on her feet. She looked at the two boys. “You two look scared.”
  • “We’re excited.” Will smiled. “And you’re going to have our kid.”
  • She nodded. “So, lets have a baby!” She grinned.
  • Hours later, Rachel was regretting the decision of having their baby. She was screaming and cursing at them as she was pushing. 
  • “THIS BABY BETTER BE FREAKING CUTE!” She shouted at them.
  • They were scared but held onto her hands and tried not to show the pain of her crushing their hands.
  • Once they heard crying, Rachel was relieved. The two boys looked at the baby, to see if they could guess who the father was.
  • “It’s a boy.” The doctor told them as they cleaned up their son. 
  • Will hugged Nico and kissed him. “We have a son.”
  • Nico nodded, smiling.
  • A nurse handed them the baby. The baby had dark hair and olive skin, which had to be Nico. 
  • Both of them smiled.
  • “So, do I get to see my god son or not?” Rachel asked.
  • They brought him over and Rachel smiled. 
  • “He’s so cute. He has your hair Nico.” 
  • Nico nodded. “Yeah, I wish we could see his eyes.”
  • Rachel looked at the baby. “Think of a name?”
  • The boys looked at each other.
  • “Bryan.” Nico said. “Bryan Solace-Di Angelo.”
  • “Sounds so long.” Rachel kidded.

there was a bat in our house and my dog was the first one to see it so she grabbed it mid air and then it hid under the couch ANYWAYS long story short we got the bat out but then discovered it was carrying it’s baby with it and we found the baby and it’s still alive but it’s so tiny and small and idek if it’s gonna make it through the night :(

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Ameythst and pearl just panicked with baby Steven to take care of. So Garnet mainly took over, but would do stuff wrong, like prop Steven upside-down in the buggie, and so forth. (never hurt him or scared him though)

omg itd be cute if she had trouble setting the buggy up

imagine him on a baby leash and shes carrying him like this

The cat got outside so I decided to pick her up and let her see all the things outside. So I’m carrying her around like a baby showing her trees and stuff and talking to her. I look up and the girl who is a nanny upstairs is carrying the actual human baby around on the deck doing the same thing. We made eye contact, and guess which one of us ran into the house after.

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No but seriously imagine being hurt and brendon just totally babying you. Like "brendon its fine I can walk" and he's just like "babe no! I will carry my precious baby"

you make a joke about needing a giant stroller and his  eyes light up and you literally scream ‘NO BRENDON’ and he spends an hour grumbling to himself

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Okay, no, but imagine Charlie as their surrogate carrying the sastiel baby. And like it's part Cas by virtue of him imparting his grace into it. They both take really good care of Charlie and just- so much fluff, ahhhhhh!

Omgggg okay I imagine this starting with Sam and Cas talking about maybe hypothetically having children and they’re both down for it but it would be super difficult to arrange, and then Charlie show up like “What up, bitches, I’m in some kind of trouble and need protection, so one of you needs to knock me up or something,” and she says it TOTALLY JOKINGLY, because hello, lesbian, but then Cas sits her down (and Sam hovers awkwardly behind him) and proposes that she be the surrogate mother of their child. Sam could be the father, and Castiel would donate some of his Grace for both the baby and Charlie’s protection. And Charlie is totally down for that because 1. Even if she was joking, the pregnancy thing was kind of her idea, and she wouldn’t joke about something like that lightly, and 2. Holy SHIT Sam and Cas are so cute together and they would have the cutest baby hell yeah I want in on that.

So Charlie uses her forging/hacking powers to get herself and Sam into a clinic to do the thing, and I’m not 100% sure how that works but it happens and she gets pregnant, and as Cas promised, he gives her some of his Grace to protect Charlie and the baby (but it’ll leave when the baby’s born because that’s what the Grace is attached to).

And they dote on Charlie hand and foot when she lets them (she thinks the pampering is nice at first but gets old fast, and dammit, she’s an independent woman, she can get her own ice cream thank you). Sam feels pretty awkward about the whole thing throughout the entire pregnancy, but he holds Charlie’s hand during labor (because they all think she and Sam are together probably and it’s the least Sam can do for her) and is absolutely in awe when he sees his daughter for the first time.

Charlie says something like “Hell yeah, it’s a girl. I’m gonna spoil the shit out of her. I’m gonna be her favourite aunt.” And that’s a little strange to Sam because she’s technically the baby’s mother, but he’s not thinking about that too much because holy shit he has a daughter and she’s so tiny and as soon as she stops crying and someone hands him the baby, wrapped up in blankets like a little pink burrito, he sees she doesn’t look really anything like Charlie. She has a shock of dark hair and tilted eyes and pink lips and really, they’ll have to wait and see what happens when she grows up, but Sam would be willing to bet she’ll look just like him. That gives him a swell of pride stronger than he ever could have anticipated.

So Charlie rests up, and the moment they leave the hospital, she hands the baby over to Sam and Cas, stays in the bunker a few days to discuss visitation and stuff like that (”dudes, I’m in and out anyway, I’ll just pop in like I do and see the little tyke”), and then she’s out, and Sam and Cas are left with the little bundle of joy (who’s not so very joyful when she’s screaming at four in the morning but it’s all a blessing anyway).

WTF and a Pram Anon:

So there is a pic of BC pushing a buggy around HH making its rounds. I have two comments to say for that 1) Nice to see that even with the lovely high angle of the camera we can’t see into the buggy 2) Where the fuck in HH was that taken? because with my knowledge of the park, my only suggestions are on top of a building or in a fucking tree and judging by his expression. I’m guessing it was the latter.


TFOE: Don’t forget an alien drone sent from BC’s indigenous planet to get pictures of their King’s new babe. And about the pram, WHERE THE FUCK is all the things a new parent would carry, like diapers, bottles, blankets as babies loose their body temperature easy, changes of clothes, burp cloths, a bottle which could be at the bottom of the carrier as KK’s is, but his looks pretty much empty at least from the angle of the picture. Not even the bottom part of the pram that’s not covered by the cover is blanketed over. And it looks like BC and KK both like to get £1,040 prams for their babes, but how curious that KK’s pram isn’t covered to the hilt whilst she was on her walk out with her hubby and BC’s is basically trying to play the disappearing game. Unless, it’s chilly today and BC is being ultra protective of the babe.

Destined - Chapter 110 of a Very Long Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction (Mature)

“Jordana….Jordana, love, wake up.” I come around slowly, feeling his warm breath in my ear. His scruff tickling my jaw, his palm on my cheek, thumb stroking my bottom lip.

I smile as my eyes focus on him. “Hello my handsome fiancé.”

“Hello to you my gorgeous wife to be.” He murmurs and leans in to kiss me.

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Anyone feel like they should have a library of studies on hand to shut people up? Latest thing is my MIL thinks our cat is going to give my baby athsma and jump on her and smother her and keeps pestering me to get rid of said cat! Ugh!

Me Me me! *waves arms around*

My latest is my gran asking why I’m not potty training my 8 month old baby, smh.
She also keeps commenting on how I shouldn’t be using my woven wrap to carry my baby *eye roll*

Anyone else have friends/family like this?!

- D