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ok so idk why i'm telling you this but my dogs are the best.. i have a pug named george and a german shorthair pointer named cooper and they are the best they love to cuddle and cooper carries around his baby blanket and likes to flip it over his lil head

omg that is so beautiful thank u for telling me!!!!! thank u !!!!!


In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)

Voltron characters as shit I've done
  • Hunk:screamed and flailed so much I fell off my couch while watching tv cause one of my favorite characters was in danger
  • Pidge:put an entire gallon of milk in our plate cabinet and left it there without even realizing
  • Allura:screamed 'SHIT, FUCK--SQUIRREL' on my school bus when a squirrel ran into the road in front of us
  • Lance:dabbed at my old science teacher and screamed when he dabbed back
  • Keith:burst into tears at 4am because I realized I had a crush on Lance
  • Shiro:jumped down a flight of stairs to prevent my baby sister from falling off the bed
  • Coran:ran into my brothers room and threw an actual teabag I had just used and screamed 'YOU JUST GOT TEABAGGED'
  • Matt:jumped onto my bed and my pants were so big on me that they flew off
  • Zarkon:carried my baby sister under my arm like a briefcase (she loves it)
  • Rolo:had my friend talk me down from stealing my teachers stapler bc 'the opportunity is right in front of me'
  • Nyma:stabbed a child in the head with a pencil when I was five bc he made fun of my hair
  • Shay:'Phoenix get out of the tree you need shoes'
  • 'I WILL jump onto the roof if you don't shut the fuck up'

Two-Tails- They have a incurable weakness for tea and cake.

Moss Spirit- These tricksy cat-like creatures hunt in family groups by weaving illusions of luxurious feasts, and surrounding the area, sleeping still as stone. The moment a creature is lured in to taking a bite of the fake food, the spell is broke, and their eyes open as they leap onto their quarry without mercy.

New Moon Two-Tails- It is said that the very first Two-Tails were crafted from the primal magics within the Thornfens by the first Swarm Queen, the revered Cocoon Mother, as her personal companions.


So ary had the idea of the third one being a swip swap using drops from the other two. I likes it~! 

Also bonus (from talks with ary, who could not get over her worry on how they would walk on the ground):

((ps I adore my roommate))

 Hello yes I’d like you all to read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell because it is a wizard story and a love story and the characters are complex and interesting and discuss both real world and magical social issues and the main character is your typical foster kid who turns out to the the chosen one (sort of) but he’s also gay (possibly bi) and complicated and kind of a dunce. his love interest is a gay vampire with a non-nuclear family and a bit of a bad side who seems to have depression. the female lead is a smart, feisty, explicitly chubby half-indian girl. the ex love interest is a girl who really doesn’t care much for magic and is tired of being someone’s happy-ever-after. you will love them all i swear and the plot is (surprisingly) golden as well, despite having to explain a complicated story in just one book while mainly focusing on the characters

it’s like a love song to harry potter that’s a little more socially aware and really what more could you want in a book


Hamilton inspired au-ish for @calledmarriage:
you have no control; who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

“[…] no matter what science tells you, the fact that something alive can grow inside you, something brand new and unique - even though it is made of the same mix of stardust and honey and hope as everything else that ever lived - is a mystery; that every baby is a piece of magic.” - The Legends of River Song

AU where every actor to play the Doctor really is the Doctor and they try to cover it up with very obvious lies but you still catch them claiming to be 54 when they look 30 and driving the whomobile to work and carrying jelly babies everywhere and wearing really stupid clothes like crocs thinking it looks fashionable and having no sense of personal space and playing the spoons and flailing around and calling it ‘dancing’ and wait a minute