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Headcanon that in the first few days after Norway was reunited with Denmark and Iceland, Norway couldn't stop from hugging, kissing, and cuddling Iceland almost constantly. He carried Iceland in his arms like a baby everywhere he went, unable to resist babying him. Iceland was equally clingy, latching on like a baby and calling him "mama" a couple times. After a few days, however, even Iceland started to get sick of it and was like "Er, Norway? Can you, like, put me down now?" xD

You can’t help but love the Anko family XD

Sol would be a perfect mom. Like. If she didn’t have this tendency of accidentally setting things on fire she’d be literally perfect. She has her little boy with Cullen, this tiny little thing with pointy ears and exceptionally serious, intense eyes, and if it were up to her she’d take him everywhere with her and have him sit on her knees while she judges people on the throne.

Cullen takes care of him when she’s out- he’s the dad that carries his son on those baby carriers you strap to like your chest and lets him drool on his coat while he’s in the War Room and Leliana and Josephine try really hard not to laugh

I love Dragon Age and I have problems

There’s nothing wrong with interracial marriage in general but if you are in a relationship with someone because you are embarrassed by your own culture, fetishise other races/ethnicities and constantly slander your own people, then you really need to take a look at yourself

The Leader characterisations are great but

I wanna see more of Spark being a dad to all the baby pokés.

Instinct’s thing IS figuring out how hatching eggs affects instincts of pokémon.

You know you wanna see Spark in a pink apron carrying like twenty bowls to feed all the baby pokés around him.

Autism Moms™ are the biggest piece of evidence to my thinking the most moms just want human pets and are never ready to ACTUALLY raise a child. Like, you just wanted a cute baby to carry around and show you’re friends and you’re ticked off that you got this thing that requires effort.

Any given child is a full-time job. Of-fricking-course you have to give up some of your me-time to look after your kid. Autistic children just come with different challenges than other kids and might need your attention and support more. But instead of being there for their children, Autism Moms™ treat their kids like pests and pat themselves on the back constantly for putting up with them.

No, screw you. You wanted a child. This is the child you got.

The battering ram beats the bloodstains back into me and I tire of the blunder of cold mouths, vapidly erasing my lipstick with their tiger teeth.

Hold back; your discrepancies for the stifling shadow you become when the night wears you.

Back then, June was still a mystery
and we picked our lessons like grave markers in yellowfields, eyes trained on the rosary of sky for a corruption of spaceships.

If I close my eyes I can still picture it all.
Like I carry someone else’s life entirely.
The baby on the porch, mouth wide open braced for fallout. The chaos of carnations and the wrangled spit-fight as momma eventually goes into a tailspin, your eyes bickering with the light,
clearing all the smoke we broach like these
drunken ghosts between us.

July is a toil against my feather quill,
we drop like soldiers at your doorstep,
oh! how the winds venture your windpipe
like knives, how the pink mountains brace
for a fight with electric wires strung
round their knees.

I’m going to miss these beaten animals,
how we carried our voices like boats
across the lilac sunrise.

—  SISTERS || j.r

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Headcanons for your fic Mini? I loved it by the way! Its my fav!

I’ll do it as if they were still little.

+ Suga and Jimin stayed in Jin’s room every night.

+ They put a stool in the bathroom so YM could reach the toilet.

+ YM always tried to reach things themselves before asking others for help.

+ V would constantly bother Suga by poking his cheeks and cooing.

+ Jungkook and V cooing over tiny YM.

+ V was forced every day to look for the lady to figure out how to reverse the effect.

+ YM walk around in shirts at thats it.

+ Jin made sure YM didn’t drown in the bath lol

+ Jimin fell asleep on the couch and Jungkook about died over how adorable he he looked.

+ Rapmon having Suga sit on his lap while they made music omfg 

+ Jimin pulling on everyones hands >.<

+ V rocking a pissed off Jimin in his arms.

+ Suga kicking peoples ankles.

+ Jin carrying YM around like babies as he does chores or cooks or something.

+ JHope has so many videos in his phone.

Stanley enjoyed the stillness of the ocean. There was always something so peaceful about it. The frothy waves of blue caressing and carrying the boat like a baby in a mother’s arms. Of course the ocean liked to get moody and would throw ship around like a baseball, something even he wouldn’t advise a mother to do. But usually it was like this. Calm. Peaceful. Serene. A beautiful day.

Arms wrapped around his waist as a chin rested on his shoulder, a short prickly beard brushing against his own full fluffy one.

“Happy birthday, baby,” Stanford purred.

Stanley grinned and pressed his head to his brother’s as he hugged the arms around his waist. “Happy birthday to you too, hot stuff,” Stanley chuckled.

Ford snickered and brought up one of his arms, allowing a necklace to dangle from his fingers. It was small and simple. A little pocket watch with an intricate design of a ship sailing on a smooth ocean with a lone seagull circling above.

“Either you got that for me, or you got it for yourself and yer showin’ off,” Stanley said.

Stanford laughed again and hugged his brother tightly. “I got it for you, silly. Do you like it?”

“Heh, of course! It’s beautiful. Wonderful craftsmanship,” Stan replied honestly.

“I’m glad,” Ford said with a wide smile and a sigh of relief. He opened the claps and fastened the necklace around his brother’s neck, hugging him as soon as it was in place.

“Thank you, Ford,” Stanley murmured.

Stanford smiled into Stanley’s neck and held him closer.

“No, thank you. For everything.”


Idk I just bought this necklace and I wanted Ford to give it to stan and I didn’t have much time to write so pbbbbtbbbbbttttbbbbbb

Even More Reasons why Trans!Obi-Wan would be great

You know how Anakin is all freaking out that Padmé will die because she’s carrying the twins??

What if to chill him the fuck out, Obi-Wan who just happens to be a hot man with hot uterus, was like “Okay Padme, I know Anakin put some buns in that over – yes there’s two, has Anakin not noticed???? It’s faint, but I can sense two in there. Anyways, how about I take those off your hands. ”

I have no clue how the science would work, but I’m sure somehow someway in this scientifically advanced past-future Obi-Wan would manage to get the twins put into him since it seems to be killing Padme.

Cue Padmé and Obi-Wan going to Anakin, being like Don’t worry obi-wan is gonna carry our babies, Anakin, I won’t die and you haven’t had any visions of him dying so we should be cool af right?

BUT then Obi-Wan gets sent to Utapau, secretly preggo, and Anakin freaks out because no my secret pregnant husband surrogate can’t go. But he does and nearly gets murderfied.

Back on Coruscant, Palps tries to turn Ani only this time Padmé is all over this bullshit. Everyone thinks she’s pregnant but AHAH no she isn’t and now she can convince Mace to take Anakin with him, and then the whole Sidious fight will happen, except when Palps is like “I can help you save Obi-Wan and your children” Padmé is all like lol nah stay away from all four of my babes, and shoots him out the window.

And then they band together, Mace and Anakin (and later Obi-Wan and Yoda) go to the temple, while Padmé stays behind to 1) Announce the Chancellor is dead and call am emergency discussion of why (Order 65???) And during that point she is elected emergency Chancellor, and everyone manages to keep the clone’s chips from deactivating and everyone is happy and Luke and leia grow up on Coruscant with their Supreme Chancellor Mom and their two Jedi Master Council Member dads.

Everything is good because Obi-Wan was trans. Ayeman

Also sorry if this is weird I got new anxiety medication and it is like I’m on mars. You know when you’re high and it feels like your head is a fishbowl??? Your eyes seem lIke they’ve expanded? I kinda feel like that lowkey. I’m just mellow and a fishbowl. Okay bye

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*A simmering vapor like portal opened, two hands carrying a baby error placed him on the front porch of mom papyrus. Once laid down, another baby was came and placed on the porch, it was a horrortale sans baby. They knocked on the door before it gone

when i read this i thought knocked oh they knocked the door off it’s hinges 

error belongs to  @loverofpiggies

horror belongs to  @sour-apple-studios

@captain-crybaby reblogged your photo:AU where everything is the same but Ren carries a…#I like the idea of kylo having a baby#but#kinda shitty for you to call out that person#heh

I almost never check my dashboard anymore and I come back to this :(

I really don’t want to start anything but I would like to know what was shitty about my post? I know I’m not the most tactful person but where did I go wrong?

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I have a feeling that Rick would pick Carl up from school and Carl would be walking out with a girl he liked and Rick would just start telling a bunch of embarrassing stories

Baby photos included, like he obviously carries them in his pockets 

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ColdWave + Rogues being adorable and obnoxious at Shawna's graduation from Med School

There was a very good reason that Shawna didn’t tell anyone (not even Mardon) that she was graduating. 

Her parents. 

Not her biological ones, no, they didn’t care enough to think about her, no, she was talking about the two parents in the front row in their finest suits carrying on like they were at a fight. 

“That’s our baby girl,” 

“Look at her all grown up,” 

“She was only just getting the hang of stealing money,”

“Two years in the making for her to be the best,” 

“Fancy degrees and new car keys,” 

She was going to KILL Caitlin. Just because Caitlin and Lisa shacked up did not give her any good reason to tell Lisa that she was graduating. That was ridiculous, who would want their family there. 

She went up and collected what was needed and as soon as she was in the clear, she was fucking out. 

Mick and Len got to the house later, the party was in full swing with Flawless playing on repeat in the background and Caitlin finding behind Lisa. 

They were still assholes.