carried by strangers

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(I’m shy and awkward tho, so our conversations might be weird at the beginning. But I will try my best.)

Who Wore It Best: Met Gala 2017

Rihanna vs. Big Boo

Haley Bennett vs. Demogorgan

Helen Lasichanh vs. Titus Andromedon

Katy Perry vs. Khatun



The monster doesn’t want Will because it already has him in its grasp. It wants to take everyone else like how it took Will and Barb and countless other people and employees at Hawkins. It’s not a mindless creature it has actual intentions and not just taking them because it’s like an animal and hunting to survive. It wants to use them. Like how their bodies were supposed to host whatever those slugs grew into Alien Style, which unfortunately is what happened to Barb and the other people who ended up trapped.

The Monster is a parasite. The whole Upside Down is a invasive parasite that wants to spread even if it means crossing worlds which is what’s happening right now

Will is being plagued with so many visions and whispers from it. It has plans, it wants more, it’s trying to use Will to its advantage and spread beyond the labs via the gate and the slugs. Will survived the Upside Down but now he’s connected to the new monster like a hive mind, infected. That’s how he knows what it wants and why he’s getting the visions, and how it knows what’s happening in our world.

Will is becoming the living gate for the Upside Down, which in turn is a living parasite.

Babysitting (Jonathan/Reader)

requested by @maxifuckoff

jonathan realizes he’s in love with the reader :-)


“Will! Lunch is ready!” You shouted as you set down his plate, his favorite meal coincidently being the only thing you can cook.

The short boy ran into the kitchen, nearly running into you which caused you to laugh, “Hey! Slow down, bud.”

He sheepishly grinned before sitting down and digging into his food.

You smiled at him as you turned to wash dishes, not noticing your boyfriend leaning against the doorframe with a love struck look on his face.

He couldn’t believe how sweet you were to Will and the fact that his usually closed off younger brother took a liking to you was a major plus.

Everybody knew Jonathan Byers’ mom and brother were the most important people in his life, beside now you.

Jonathan hid behind the doorframe as you turned back around, putting the now clean dishes away where they belonged before taking a seat at the table with Will.

“How’s school been?”

Will shrugged, a sudden frown coming onto the face, “Those two mouth breathers still bully me and my friends.”

Jonathan was about to burst in until he heard you speak.

“Really? Does your brother know about this?”

The younger Byers quickly shook his head, “Of course not! He’d tell my mom and she’d go down to the school and make a huge scene.”

You chuckled at the thought of small Joyce Byers marching up to the school and yelling at your large principal.

“Well I’ll promise not to tell Jonathan anything if you promise me you will tell him if it gets too hard for you, alright?” You explained.

Will thought about it for a second before nodding, he spit on his hand and stretched it out to you. Without a second thought, you did the same and shook hands with the boy as you both laughed.

Jonathan, who was watching it all happen from the doorframe chuckled which made you and Will notice him.

“Spy much?” You teased with a smile.

Your boyfriend blushed as he ruffled his brothers hair, “I wanted to see what you guys were up to.”

Jonathan grabbed you by your hands and helped you stand up before pecking your lips which caused Will to gag.

Laughing, you both pulled away, your boyfriend wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Go get your shoes and we’ll take you out for ice cream.” You smiled at Will who bolted to his room.

Turning your attention back to Jonathan, you asked, “How much of Will and I’s conversation did you hear?“

He shrugged, “Just saw your gross handshake.” He lied.

Will rushed into the kitchen to pull you away from Jonathan and out the door.

You bursted out in laugher as you followed the boy.

“Hey!” Jonathan called out as he grabbed his keys and took off after you.

He wouldn’t tell you anytime soon, but he was definitely in love with you.
MashReads Podcast: 'Glee' star Chris Colfer talks about his new novel 'Stranger than Fanfiction'
A book about the powerful connection between characters and the fans who love them.
By Aliza Weinberger

There’s a powerful connection between characters and the fans who love them.

Anyone who scribbled Harry Potter fanfiction or dissected the latest teen drama with their friends knows. And the line between actor and character is often completely muddled for viewers that live far beyond the realities of Hollywood.

But what if those same fans were stuck on a road trip with the object of their obsessions? That’s the idea behind the most recent book from Glee star and bestselling author Chris Colfer, Stranger than Fanfiction.

Colfer is best known in the literary world for his popular middle grade series The Land of Stories. In his latest novel, Colfer explores the world of television fandom and the trials and tribulations of teenagers on the brink of major life changes.

Stranger than Fanfiction follows four best friends who’ve bonded over nearly a decade of watching their favorite sci-fi show. As the group embarks on an end-of-high-school road trip, they impulsively invite the star of said show. When he actually shows up to join them, all five begin a journey full of misadventures, mayhem, and secrets revealed.

In a special episode of the MashReads Podcast, MashReads spoke to Colfer about his return to YA and the inspirations behind the story, from both sides of passionate fandoms.

Then, as always, we close the show with recommendations. Colfer recommends:

  • The Demonologist by Gerald Bittle, which explores the career of the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in a documentary fashion. “The facts are scary enough by themselves,” said Colfer.
  • Intimacy Idiot by Isaac Oliver, a collections of essays and stories about finding love and intimacy in New York. To Colfer, “It’s the gay man’s manifesto, in a way.”
  • Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher, the first memoir by the late actress, based on her one-woman show. It’s also one of Colfer’s all-time favorite books. “Parts of that book I felt she wrote just for me”
  • Sage-ing While Age-ing by Shirley MacLaine, a book that is part memoir and part life advice from the actress. “It’s just fantastic.”
2017 Emmy nominees that should have been

Best Drama
American Gods
The Americans
The Leftovers
13 Reasons Why

Best Comedy
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Fresh Off The Boat
One Day At A Time
The Good Place

Best Comedy Actress
Kristen Bell; The Good Place
Rachel Bloom; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Minnie Driver; Speechless
Justina Machado; One Day At A Time
Phoebe Waller-Bridge; Fleabag
Constance Wu; Fresh Off The Boat

Best Comedy Actor
Hank Azaria; Brockmire
Jay Baruchel; Man Seeking Woman
Ted Danson; The Good Place
John Lithgow; Trial and Error
Randall Park; Fresh Off The Boat
Andy Samberg; Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Supporting Actor Comedy
Desmin Borges; You’re the Worst
Andre Braugher; Brooklyn Nine-Nine
William Jackson Harper; The Good Place
Micha Fowler; Speechless
Timothy Simons; Veep

Best Supporting Actress Comedy
Lauren Ash; Superstore
Stephanie Beatriz; Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Donna Lynne Champlin; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Kether Donohue; You’re the Worst
Katie Findlay; Man Seeking Woman
Jane Krakowski; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Best Actress Drama
Christine Baranski; The Good Fight
Carrie Coon; The Leftovers
Katherine Langford; 13 Reasons Why
Mandy Moore; This Is Us

Best Actor Drama
Dan Stevens; Legion
Justin Theroux; The Leftovers

Best Supporting Actress Drama
Amy Brenneman; The Leftovers
Emily Browning; American Gods
Aubrey Plaza; Legion
Winona Ryder; Stranger Things
Rhea Seehorn; Better Call Saul
Yvonne Strahovski; The Handmaid’s Tale

Best Supporting Actor Drama
Christopher Eccleston; The Leftovers
Giancarlo Esposito; Better Call Saul
Frank Langella; The Americans
Delroy Lindo; The Good Fight
Michael McKean; Better Call Saul
Pablo Schreiber; American Gods

Fanworld as a person

Me:I’m bored and sad

Fanworld:Hey come with me



*they both walk and see a cave*

Me:What is this?

Fanworld:Enter and you’ll see

Me:Wow!this is amazing!But wait,what are you doing?

Fanworld:I’m just closing the enter…*locks it*

Me:Fuck.There’s no exit.Well,I’m gonna read the fanfics.

The Various Ways To Answer The Age-Old Question

Person: Hey, how are you?

Option 1: Currently dying
Option 2: Pining to the nth degree
Option 3: Binge-watching like there’s no tomorrow
Option 4: Dying and resurrecting
Option 5: Shipping people
Option 6: Getting no sleep because fictional characters have taken over my life
Option 7: Sinning like it’s going out of style
Option 8: So very tired

Me: I’m fine

I suspect that no matter what happens I will allow it to hurt me. Eat away at my insides, as it were—as it will be. As it always has been. Why am I so accessible? Why do I give myself to people who will always and should always remain strangers?
—  Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist 
Domestic Jikook #1/?

1. Baby Kookie looking out for cars while his hyung gets a little too carried away saying ‘Aloha’ to strangers while crossing the road.

2. Laundry date with bae every night. Who says you can’t enjoy doing laundry?

3. Look at how relaxed JK is, yawning with his mouth wide open while answering his hyung, and letting him rest his smol hands on his arm (very unnecessarily, might I add). 

4. Kookie must have been kicked/hit (playfully, of course) enough times by Jiminie to even anticipate it before he tried to knee him in the stomach. LOL.

….and again.

5. Of course, what’s a honeymoon without plenty of selfies/selcas to capture those memories because you know, it’s not everyday you get to go on one. 

Well, In their case, it’s probably not everytime they get a chance to show their affections so publicly (and ‘officially’)… #justsaying

Ugly shots capture the best moments. 

And how many times has Kookie trolled his hyung into taking such photos with him?

Sidenote: Jikook seems to be the only ones constantly taking selfies. 

Sidesidenote: When is JK gonna upload all these selfies?!

little update:

If u watch…

Grey’s Anatomy
Teen Wolf
Gossip Girl
The Flash
Bates Motel
The Vampire Diaries
Pretty Little Liars
The Originals
Fuller House
How I Met Your Mother
The 100
American Horror Story
Girl Meets World
Scream Queens
The Carrie Diaries
Stranger Things
Breaking Bad
Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill
Game of Thrones
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Two of my faves!
On the first one there are some quick sketches of people that looked good, so I drew them. In class xd Two of the might and up as Simon and Baz from Carry On. On the other page I have some randm stuff, mostly fangirly drawings. Like Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery kissing. I WAS SHOOKKK!!! It was honestly the greatest moment of my life. And Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield… Ugh man. Too much gay to handle