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Idk if you take these but a one shot request for Lay when you're an SM trainee and you're having trouble being confident while dancing and it almost gets you kicked out and he helps you? Thank you^^ (if you don't want to do it it's okay ((: )

A/N: It’s more than likely that I’ll be doing an extended version of this story, that’s more or less a fanfiction rather than a oneshot. My writing got super carried away with this, so I trimmed it down and I’m going to be publishing an extended version after this. This was actually a really good idea, and when I make the full-length version, I’ll make sure to credit the anon. Hope you all don’t mind~


The shout cut through your mind, and you had trouble keeping yourself from flinching. It was this step - this one fucking step - that you were having the most trouble with. And if you couldn’t get it, god knew what would happen. 

You’d never been a good dancer. Ever since you were little, your talent had been singing. That was why when you auditioned, you won first place. It was the one part of you that you had confidence in. 

That’s why when they started teaching you dance, you realized how unprepared you were. All of the other trainees were so good at learning the moves, and you were always the one who was lagging behind. You should be better at this. It was one thing not being able to make the moves look good, but not remembering them altogether? It killed you, being at the bottom of the group. 

You bit your lip, returning to your starting position. You and several of the other trainees were practicing dance moves - well, you were practicing. The others were waiting for you to finally grasp the same concept that they’d already learned a week ago. A chorus of sighs erupted from the side when you began again. 

Step. Step. Slide. Ste- As your feet faltered, you froze, preparing for a scolding. A roll of newspaper smacked against your head, and you flinched slightly. 

“How stupid are you?” your instructor shouted. “Everyone else learned the whole routine in less than a week! You haven’t even learned the first part!”

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled, your head bowed. 

“Yeah, well you’ll be sorry when your contract gets terminated,” he growled, throwing the paper onto the ground beside you. “If you don’t have this dance done by Saturday, then don’t bother coming back again. Class dismissed,” he barked, stomping out. After a moment, the other trainees followed out after him, brushing past you with annoyed groans. 

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