The book I edited, QU33R (2014, Northwest Press) has been nominated for an Ignatz Award, in the Outstanding Anthology or Collection category, at SPX this weekend! If you’re attending SPX, consider a vote for QU33R! The awards ceremony will be held Saturday night, 9/13. 

Here’s the last of the excerpts I’ve been running this week to celebrate the book and the nomination. Naturally a lot of the comics in QU33R focus on romance, sex, & longing, as in these pages from Carrie McNinch, Sina Sparrow, Justin Hall, Kris Dresen, and me, Rob Kirby. Once again, major props to Michael Fahy for his gorgeous face-of-QU33R cover. Ignatz hype aside, I’m very proud of this book and grateful to all the creators who helped make it a success.

QU33R will be on sale at SPX both days from the great ED “Wuvable Oaf” LUCE at table K7!  

Carrie McNinch looks back at her first girl kiss in this scene from “Toot Toot Heyyyyyyyy, Beep Beep.” Carrie is one the great heroines of the small press minicomics genre. Creators like her are in fact a major reason that I keep putting these comics anthologies together. We only have a couple more weeks to meet our goal on the Kickstarter campaign for QU33R, which will help bring this huge amazing book to light. Please help fund and/or spread the word if you can! xo


We’re delighted to announce the “Queer Pin-Ups” playing card set: a sexy deck of 54 cards by LGBTQ cartoonists, including art by Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Gengoroh Tagame, Ariel Schrag, Maurice Vellekoop, Diane DiMassa, Robert Kirby, Cristy C. Road, Eric Orner, Carrie McNinch and lots, lots more!

(See more cards on the product page at Northwest Press.)

This is a limited edition fundraising item for the Queers & Comics LGBTQ cartoonists’ conference in May 2015, presented by CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY, NYC.

Edited by Jennifer Camper, Designed by Craig Bostick.

All art donated by the artists:

  • Alison Bechdel (pictured)
  • Craig Bostick
  • Paige Braddock
  • Tony Breed
  • Jennifer Camper
  • Kate Charlesworth
  • Burton Clarke
  • Tyler Cohen
  • Jennifer Cruté
  • David Davenport
  • Mike Diana
  • Diane DiMassa (pictured)
  • Kris Dresen
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Howard Cruse
  • Michael Fahy
  • Tim Fish
  • Ellen Forney
  • Leanne Franson
  • Nicole Georges
  • JD Glass
  • Roberta Gregory
  • Justin Hall
  • Becky Hawkins
  • Joan Hilty
  • Victor Hodge (pictured)
  • David Hooper
  • Iwao Iwata
  • Soizick Jaffre
  • Gina Kamentsky
  • David Kelly
  • Rupert Kinnard
  • Robert Kirby
  • Elisha Lim (pictured)
  • Ed Luce (pictured)
  • Jon Macy
  • MariNaomi
  • Carrie McNinch
  • Annie Murphy
  • L. Nichols
  • Eric Orner
  • Carlo Quispe
  • Cristy C. Road
  • Bill Roundy
  • Ariel Schrag
  • Sina Shamsavari
  • David Shenton
  • Christa Smith
  • A.K. Summers
  • Gengoroh Tagame (pictured)
  • Rica Takashima
  • Robert Triptow
  • Ivan Velez, Jr.
  • Maurice Vellekoop

GET TO KNOW YOUR ZINESTER: Small Diary and Carrie McNinch

Delaine Green of Small Diary and Carrie McNinch of You Don’t Get to There From Here will be sharing a table at this year’s LA Zine Fest.

Describe your work in two sentences or less.

DG: My Small Diary and Not My Small Diary are zines chock-full of personal comic goodness. The Small Diary empire started in 1993 and is going stronger than ever, bringing you every facet of real life in a visually pleasing way.

CM: You Don’t Get There From Here is a daily diary kind of comic, filled with cats, running with dogs, cappuccinos, and life in LA.

What are you working on for the Fest this year?

DG: I will be debuting a ‘Portable Not My Small Diary’ book filled with selected comics from Not My Small Diary issues 1-17. I will also have 5 other wonderful zines.

CM: A new issue of You Don’t Get There From Here will debut there and if I get my act together I’ll also have a new travelogue comic out about Japan.

Read the rest of the interview on the LA Zine Fest blog!

Like the very small handful of superior comics diarists, like John Porcellino and Vanessa Davis, Carrie knows how to delineate a seemingly mundane anecdote and transform it into something universal and relatable. Using her pared down, high-contrast, black-and-white visuals, she can capture with zen-like simplicity rain pouring outside a window, a brilliantly starry L.A. night sky, or the poetry in a drunken midnight swim.

—A consideration of Carrie McNinch, the “original punk dyke chick autobio cartoonist goddess.”



My next zine, coming this fall, is a little anthology called PRATFALL, a new collection of stories by cartoonists recalling true painful and/or humiliating accidents & injuries. In this new collection of excerpts (from up top) Carrie McNinch recalls a bloody run-in with a car door in “Thumb Stitches,” a teenaged Tony Breed takes a rather elegant pratfall in “Tough Grrls,” Becky Hawkins has a major, (hilariously) painful accident in “The Quad Bike Story,” and Max Clotfelter gets punched in the stomach by an irate classmate (but his troubles don’t end there) in “Sonny!”

Pre-ordering info coming soon! See more excerpts from other artists here and here.

We have added so many new zines and books to the Pioneers Press catalog!

Check it out!

Here are some ziney glamour shots!

A very fine first review of my brand spanking new comic book about tabling called TABLEGEDDON, from the very fine Kevin Bramer at Optical Sloth (click image above for link). 

Money quote: “This whole thing is full of goodness, and should probably be handed out to obvious first-timers as they walk into cons as a public service.”

As a bonus, TABLEGEDDON was chosen to be a part of the SPX Library of Congress Collection yesterday (9/14), joining the 3 issues of THREE that were chosen last year. #Yeah

A great BOOK by You Don't Get There From Here's Carrie McNinch! On sale for $10!

External image

I Want Everything To Be Okay Book

by Carrie McNinch


Carrie McNinch, author of the long-running zine You Don’t Get There from Here and definitive pioneer of the autobiographic comics movement, returns to the genre she helped create. Tracing a year in her life, I Want Everything to be Okay is a funny, tender, honest and ultimately, hopeful story of a woman haunted by depression and alcoholism as she rebuilds her life from the inside out.

Available in our catalog! You Don't Get There from Here, #25 by Carrie McNinch

Carrie McNinch’s daily diary comic, You Don’t Get There from Here, has us former Californians at Pioneers Press aching for a little of the sunny, coastal life she writes about. Whenever one of these beautifully illustrated beauties comes in the mail we jump right on it and read it cover to cover. See, the thing is, Carrie’s comics are massively addictive, and when you are this deep into a series (#25!) there’s really no going back! The only “going back” worth doing is going back and tracking down all the back issues and starting from the beginning and getting to know Carrie’s life. A move which is, to put it lightly, much recommended. Whether she’s dealing with depression and alcoholism, reveling in sweet vegan meals, or pining after some special lady, Carrie’s life is a thing you want to be a part of. And here, with this zine, you can. Note: check out Carrie’s back issues here.

Order here from Pioneers Press (ex Microcosm Distribution)