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Sorry for not using the "spoiler alert" before. You're right. Vague spoilers are sometimes the worst ones because they can fuel so many speculations and your mind just goes crazy. I recently watched some s4 clips and it only made me realize how disconnected Carrie and Quinn are, and how long it's been since they were even in one room together (conscious), no to mention working together and talking to each other. I miss them.

Hi Anon, no worries at all. It just occurred to me that we’re starting to get spoilers and some people might want to avoid them. It’s probably not a fool-proof method, but at least as a courtesy 😉.

Yeah, last year we got a few spoilers here and there and we all went crazy with speculation and, I have to say, about 99% of the time, we were way off 😂. So, they’re fun to read and speculate around - especially during an endless hiatus - but they really shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 

Yeah, the only S6 scenario that would bug the hell out of me is if they kept them apart for most of the season (like they did last season) for the benefit of the “will they/won’t they” arc. I miss seeing them together, too. A lot :(. 


you’re dark at your worst you’re loved and you’re cursed

Here I am still holding on, you’re finding ways to break the bonds,
They’re stronger than you realized,
You can say that I’ve not tried, I’ve let you down, left you behind
But you’re the one who’s saying goodbye