“Carry On My Wayward Son” - Digital Oil Painting

He has such a gorgeous profile, just look at those eyelashes. I combined this painting with some Photoshop effects for the glowy-shiny mirror.

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SNS Week | Day 6 - Home & Family 🍅🍥

I just want Naruto and Sasuke to be really cheesy husbands OK?? That the longer they’re together the more romantic they get until Nar straight up picks up Sas like a princess everytime he returns home (☆▽☆)

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It’s Irish vs. English over here at @hollywoodreporter on press day for @carriepilbymovie with @colinodonoghue1  and @goodproblemstohave. We can’t tell you who won, but apparently they shoot with one arm in England!  @belpowley @desminborges  #colinodonoghue #braveartfilms #carriepilby #hollywoodreporter @sjohnsonbraveart