“God you’re so… So… Just so hunky!” Derek Hale smiled. Like, an actual, embarrassed smile. Who would’ve thought?

“Hunky?” You stumbled, but caught yourself, and started giggling profusely.

"Yah! Like… Muscly! Like… Your pecs… And biceps…” You couldn’t stop giggling. He was cute. Embarrassed and cute. You made him embarrassed! Hehe

"My biceps?” He raised his eyebrows and you took a swig of whatever liquid was in the bottle you were holding. He reached out and gently pried the glass from my fingers and set the bottle down.

"Noooo…” You leaned towards him, your feet not working when you tried to take a step. The muscly man caught you and that was the funniest thing that’s happened all day.

“I think you should lay down.” Your feet dragged as he headed towards his room. His bedroom.

“Oooooo trying to get me to bed, heh?” You went from giggling to laughing silently, your whole body shaking uncontrollably as he picked you up the way a groom would carry his bride. You felt over his biceps. His rock hard biceps. Derek shook his head at you and laid you down, or at least tried to. Your fingers remained locked around his neck and you started up giggling again.

“(Y/N)… Come on…” You couldn’t stop laughing and you think it was beginning to effect the near emotionless Derek Hale.

“You come oooon…” You tugged your hands but, naturally, he didn’t budge. Derek gave you a stern look, which you tried to reciprocate, but it was just too darn funny. He cracked a soft smile.

You tugged again and this time he shook his head and complied, laying down next to you. You tightly wrapped your legs and arms around him, similar to the style of a kola. A drunk kola. You were sure what happened after that, because the soothing combination of alcohol and Derek’s strong hand rubbing your back was enough to knock you out within minutes.