carrie you are my one true love

Sun signs according to people I’ve met


Usually very motivated and energetic, they have a really strong aura around them. I admire them a lot, they seem like cool people and may seem intimidating but are super nice in person! Protective of their loved ones. Goals in terms of swag and athleticism they got. Teach me how to carry myself like you please.


The cutest, most amazing (even if a bit stubborn) friends. Best partners for getting food or watching a movie together. Taurus boys are my cryptonite, Taurus girls are the loves of my life. They are very much real in a sense of being human. Sensual, chill and true, really “earthy”. Fake isn’t in their vocabulary. Seriously I know quite a few Tauruses and I love them all to death. Only problem is when we disagree on something major, neither will back down from the argument.


I always lowkey hate on them, but they aren’t all that bad; Conversations with them are the most fun, and when I am with them I never get bored; I know a lot of male Gemini’s and no female ones sadly; in general they are nice people but usually fuckboys. Probably wouldn’t date one (but flirting with them is a lot of fun). Good sense of humour.


Being a Cancer myself I tend to be drawn to a specific type of Cancer females on social media. Those are the The Moms, their entire vibe is really soft and warm and motherly but also protective and strong. We will cook you dinner because we love you. We are good cooks in general. Foul mouths and will fight you any time. Pretend to be edgy, but we usually aren’t. Crying over our partner (or lack of) all the damn time but usually in private.


Ughh. Leo females are okay but Leo males? They annoy me to no end and I always bicker with them, but at the same time they are usually really charming so :/. Lowkey hate them and their inflated ego but they are good friends which I appreciate. Loud and sooo in your face but loyal and can take you to the most bizarre and amazing places. Overall infuriating 0/10 do not recommend. (Jk)


Okay, so I am biased, but Virgos are literally perfect human beings. They are smart, logical, neat and polished and just ugh. Especially females are really classic beauties with killer fashion sense. Overall all genders seem to have a feminine vibe? It’s sooo hard to get them even remotely interested in you but it’s worth it in the end. Can push you to be the best version of yourself. They can literally step on me. Heart eyes motherfucker.


Oookay, so. Libras are weird, man. It’s hard to dislike them, because they can be so nice but you never know if they are real nice or fake nice. Seems like usually fake tho. They are super gorgeous, in a very luxurious way and their lives are the true aesthetics. First impression is that they are pretty shallow, but I wouldn’t assume that about people without knowing them.


Damn I love Scorpios! Deep af, people I can talk to about my deepest thoughts, discussing occult stuff, cry on their shoulders or just hug it all out m8. I feel super comfortable with them. Best partners for planning an assassination on your ex (or Trump) tbh. Aesthetics on point as well. I am living for that mysterious grunge shit vibe. You go my bros.


Don’t hate me for this, but the only sign I usually cannot stand to keep close are Sags. They are amazing conversationalists with the sharpest minds out there and interesting points of view. Talking to them about basically any topic can take hours and not get boring, and you could take them for an adventure for a week and it would be the best choice. But longterm relationship or friendship? Nah. I do not trust.


I have a lot of Capricorn women in my life and I admire them so much. They are so hardworking, punctual and they sacrifice themselves for their loved ones everyday, in every way. Also their love is so good and true, damn. The Cap stereotype is that they are bad with feelings but I strongly disagree. One of the most amazing signs out there. Protect them and treasure them.


Aw my favourite aliens. Just kidding. They are often misunderstood I think, but they are actually super cool. They are not afraid of being different and that’s a really admirable trait imo. Also the best partners for sharing your conspiracy theories with. If you feel like they just walked all over you, they probably didn’t mean it, they just don’t realize it sometimes? The most interesting people to keep around, if you can tolerate their cold exterior.


Damn you Pisces. Why you all gotta be so unpredictable. I know a great deal of Pisces people and each of them is so different, it is simply impossible to categorize them in any way lol. My brother is a confident social butterfly. One of my friends is an aesthetics grunge queen with a lot of sadness inside. My other friend is pretty shy and introverted with a lot of super weird quirks (probably the only one fitting the usual Pisces category). Another one is a typical nerd who is however pretty choleric and fake on the inside. And another one was the spawn of satan and literally the ugliest and most selfish person I know. What even are Pisces lmao.

I met Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance a few weeks ago. He was legit one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.

He didn’t act like a “celebrity” at all. Yeah, he was meeting a fan (and others too), he was giving out autographs and taking pictures, but he was still humble and all around great with us. There were only a few of us there meeting him and the others were all around 12 or 13 (I’m 17 currently), and he was so nice and patient with all of us.

He seemed kind of amused watching us all flip out over meeting him, but he didn’t act like he was some big celebrity. He was just chill.

TL;DR : Ray Toro is officially the best. Carry on.


William Shakespeare- the Bard of Avon, Legendary Wordsmith, was, in all probability, super queer. We’re going to look at the evidence, read some lovely poems, read some raunchy poems, and generally just talk Shakespeare.

Closed Captioning Available 

Transcript below

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Signs According To People I’ve Met


Usually very motivated and energetic, they have a really strong aura around them. I admire them a lot, they seem like cool people and may seem intimidating but are super nice in person! Protective of their loved ones. Goals in terms of swag and athleticism they got. Teach me how to carry myself like you please.


The cutest, most amazing (even if a bit stubborn) friends. Best partners for getting food or watching a movie together. Taurus boys are my cryptonite, Taurus girls are the loves of my life. They are very much real in a sense of being human. Sensual, chill and true, really “earthy”. Fake isn’t in their vocabulary. Seriously I know quite a few Tauruses and I love them all to death. Only problem is when we disagree on something major, neither will back down from the argument.

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Wake up, say a little prayer
Out of bed to the bathroom where
I take a look at myself and I stop and stare
And I wonder who is this standing here

And I try to find the will to carry on
Wonder how much longer I can carry on
Cause these days they take so long, yes they do

Hey, how are you true?
The light will guide you home, yes it will
Hey, how are you true?
Well there’s one thing that you should know
Yes you should
You need love, you need love, you need love
You need love. (x)

That’s a Guardian Angel’s bells bracelet, which was such a trend when I was a kid (I don’t know if that was just an italian thing or if it was actually a worldwide plague trend???). 

Obviously they said an angel would have come to protect you from evil, when worn. 

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill Named Disney Legends

Two of Star Wars‘ greatest icons are now official Disney Legends.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, were both named Disney Legends in a ceremony at D23 Expo today. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Disney Legends Awards, given to those who’ve made a significant impact on the Disney legacy.

Fisher and Hamill were honored alongside Marvel masterminds Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, and others.

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It’s been 263 days since I heard your voice
I still miss you
It was my fault, my choice
But don’t you dare think for a second that
I rejoice
In the fact that your December was painted
with tears
2 years
We were together
I thought our love was clear
Because in my eyes you appeared
To be the one I would adhere
For the rest  of my life
The person who took away my fears
Our love would persevere
through it all
Like a crystal chandelier
Whenever you were near
you would light up my world
Until the bulb burnt out
A little seed of doubt
Began to sprout
And all that remained was dirt
Too dry to grow anything new
No more wet morning dew
only clouds of grey hues
That reminded me of you
And how we threw
everything we had
into a slew
baby those shoes
had too many holes
they couldn’t carry us through that winter storm
you know that’s true
if only we knew
that it would come to this
that our love would fall into an abyss
you gifted me rose coloured glasses
that poisoned my mind with bliss
because you were my first love
my first kiss
do you miss
or do you dismiss
the thought of my lips
tracing your body
your skin
how have you been?
has your heart become thin
like mine
or have you once again
Given into sin
because you can’t win
in love.
Can you?
theres no winning
in love.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year


This is for @dizzy-redhead, and it’s from one of my favorite pieces of writing from this fandom. The Closer series can be found here, and this scene is from the last part, titled Can’t Stop.

me: this fic is so hot

me: draws like the only part where they’re clothed

me, later: draws a slightly nsfw part for under the cut

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diego luna films i've seen rated by his moments in them
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien: He is a main character and in almost every scene. Wow. You see so much, possibly TOO much of Diego, so watch out if you're a minor or just don't like sexual scenes in films. Definite gay vibes with co-star played by childhood best friend Gael García Bernal. There's a wonderful and powerful confrontation scene between the two men around an hour in, Diego's acting is WOAH. And everyone thought he was the ugly one, we were so wrong. AND SO MUCH SPANISH. The phrase 'no mames' is uttered approximately 178 times. 9/10
  • Frida: Salma Hayek plays artist Frida Kahlo in this unique film. Diego plays her young lover Alex in the beginning of the movie; they have sex in a closet at some point, wild. Their relationship is cut short after a tragic bus accident which leaves Frida crippled. He brings her flowers and they break up, and Diego's role is finished. But I just had to keep watching because of how special the cinematography of this film is! The bus accident is so well directed it blew my mind. I don't know enough about Frida Kahlo to know how accurate this film was, but it was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But since this is a list about Diego, low points ought to be given. He really isn't in this movie a lot. Let's see, 2/10.
  • Havana Nights: A true cinematic treasure. Also known as the worst movie you will ever see and you will love every second of it. Bad script, zero plot - but Diego does his best and fucking nails every moment in this film, carries it on his back. Apparently no one told him that he was supposed to act robotic, so everything he does is sweet and natural and he makes it look easy. All the while dancing himself into Castro-era Cuba, which he does SO well that Jonathan Jackson, who is supposed to be his romantic rival, actually seems TURNED ON whenever he sees Diego dance. Nice. Sweaty group-dance sequences, cutish one-liners. Actually makes out with dance partner Romola Garai in front of her PARENTS, after a very erotic dance routine, like how savage. 10/10
  • The Terminal: Diego plays airport employee who befriends Tom Hanks, and probably charms the pants off him, because he is wonderful in this secondary role. During the 2 hours of this film, all he wears is a jumpsuit/uniform and makes it look like a fashion statement. Has quite a lot of one-on-one scenes with The Tom Hanks himself, and is in love with Zoe Saldana, which is sweet, if not a bit generic chasing the girl type of thing. There's a scene where he absent-mindedly starts speaking Spanish to Tom Hanks who of course doesn't understand him, and Diego's very very cute about it. LO AND BEHOLD: one hour in, he changes into a suit while pouring Catherine Zeta-Jones too much wine. A breathtaking moment. 6/10
  • Mister Lonely: A very strange film about celebrity imitators. Diego plays a Michael Jackson impersonator in the film, his voice and looks imitating the singer and dancer. The movie introduces us to a surreal world of people living the lives of the famous people they dress up as, blurring the line between impersonating and becoming. He's rather in the center in the first and last bit of the movie, but the focus shifts in the middle with the story of "Marilyn" and "Charlie Chaplin". This film is a true risk-taker, which means it's not for the masses. Very thought-provoking though! 7/10
  • Milk: Diego plays Sean Penn's gay lover, and he's only in this movie for a short period of time. Kind of mentally unstable in this role, he tells Sean Penn he loves him without actually knowing what his name is. The movie deals with gay rights and is set in the 1970s, resulting in everyone having funny hair. This is an important LGBT film, but I hate Sean Penn, so there you have it. He is admittedly a skilled actor though. However, the lack of Diego in the majority of this film has to mean low points. 3/10
  • Rudo y Cursi: Another Diego-Gael movie. This time, it's about football. This is an excellent and very sad film set in Mexico that discusses the world of professional football playing. Diego is very different both in looks and in character from how he is in his other films - it's like he's a different person! That says a lot about his acting skills really. This film is also in Spanish, Diego shouts a lot (and very well too) and calls everyone 'chinga' and 'güey'. 8/10
  • The Book of Life: What a film! This animated feature has Diego portray main character Manolo Sanchez and makes you swoon basically. Since he's present in voice-acting only, you don't get to see his pretty face, BUT his voice is gorgeous both in speaking and in singing. A lot of songs are sung by Diego in this movie, and it's so so good. The Apology Song made me cry. Fun fact: Zoe Saldana is once again a love interest to Diego in this film, and their duet No Matter Where You Are is short but earth-shattering. 9/10
  • Casanova: Yep, Diego plays Giacomo Casanova in this TV movie, so you get the idea. It's about Casanova starting over in Paris, but things do not go well. Diego is very charming and rather authentic as Casanova. He makes out with women and climbs on rooftops in heels. Lots of close-ups to his face, I approve. However, this film confuses me. It's set in France, yet people speak with a British accent, except for Diego of course, who speaks with a Mexican accent BOTH in English and in Italian. The latter bothered me a bit, seeing as he is supposed to be a native Italian. All that aside, his performance is overall lovely. This film also has nice cinematography and a pretty solid script. Lots and lots of Diego seducing not-so-innocent maidens. 10/10
  • Rogue One: The greatest movie you will ever see. Diego has the role he deserves as he steals all our hearts as Captain Cassian Andor. You guys know the scene he gets all wet in the rain and then loads his gun on the ship? Sign me up. Warning: you WILL cry. 100/10
callout post for fun ghoul

• constantly brags about the story behind his killjoy name because he thinks it’s so clever

• purposefully fucks up the stitches jet star gives him whenever he’s injured because he thinks battle scars are cool

• places bets on everything and never coughs up the money he owes

• always throws things to you instead of calmly passing them like a normal human being

• refuses to make two trips even if it means he’s carrying his own body weight in one load

• puts sand in peoples boots when he’s mad at them

• once tried to light poison’s hair on fire to prove how greasy it was 

This Isn't GoodBye

a Shawn Mendes Imagine.

A/N: ngl i cried like 752 times while writing this. this isn’t a happy story at all. if y'all want to be even sadder, read this while listening The Portrait and Never an Absolution from Titanic (James Horner) on repeat, i did it and i’m still sobbing rip.
PS: there’s actually no real dialogue so there aren’t my weird inverted commas lol.

mentions of depression, suicide (i tried to be soft with the terms as much as possible).

WordCount: 3,952

It’s been seven months now.
Seven months since she had decided her life wasn’t worth anymore. Seven months and it was as if it was just yesterday. Probably because I can’t still realize.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever assist your lady love with her cosplay ventures when she needs an extra set of eyes or hands? If you do, what's your favorite thing to help with?

I assist whenever I can!

The biggest thing is being her handler while she’s in costume. She frequently doesn’t have pockets, so I carry things, make sure that costume is sitting right, keep on schedule for photoshoots, and occasionally get water and snacks.

One of my favorite things to do is to help Heidi pose. I try to come up with cool, dynamic poses that stays true to the character she is cosplaying as.


Happiness is being here with you.

There isn’t enough of me to soak up all of what you are, of what we create when we’re together.
There’s not enough capacity within in me to truly feel all of the love that you carry,
Not enough senses in my body to appreciate the brightness of the light that you emit.
I’m humbled by your generosity, by your grace, by your kindness.
You are my morning and my evening, my sunrise and my resting place. You are food and you are water, you are shade and you are sunlight.
I’m not lucky, and you’re not lucky, we’re open, and that’s what created our connection.
We’re both open in heart, soul and mind.
We’re open at the same time, open to connection, to true love and emotion and the real oneness of humanity.
We stumbled across each other as so many people do in this physical, organic journey.
When our paths crossed, instead of looking inward and allowing ego and pride and cultural tropes to take precedence over true, raw, human connection, we found home within the curves and valleys, the peaks and pits, the colours and sounds of our souls greeting.
We found home within in the laughter and the butterflies, in the conversations and plans and the dreams of teenagers.
We were so young, but our souls are so old.
Our souls took control.
Our true selves, guided by Love, reached out. We recognised each other. We knew love, we remembered love, we recognised the truth of the universe residing within the soul of the other - we recognised the love.

I love you. You are home. You guide me ever closer to Love itself. Your soul and my soul are the greatest of companions, mutually uplifting, encouraging, supporting, caring, and gently nurturing the gifts, dreams and needs of the other.

Viktor lies on the bed with his head pillowed against the achingly soft flesh of Yuuri’s stomach—heart clenching with each gentle touch of Yuuri’s lips against his forehead.  

It’s Viktor’s favorite part of their bedtime routine. Well, maybe his second favorite: sandwiched right between worshipping Yuuri’s body in the form of a full body massage and the times when their mutual appreciation for each other progresses into exploration that is decidedly more eros in nature.

“I think my hair’s gotten thinner,” Viktor says. He doesn’t really mean it: he’s staring down thirty and his receding hairline is just a matter of course at this point, but he enjoys the sweet reassurances such comments garner from Yuuri. 

“I wouldn’t care if you went bald,” Yuuri says when his lips aren’t otherwise occupied. He is tireless in his mission to cover the entirety of his husband’s forehead with kisses, no matter how large it grows. “You’d be like the Rock.”

“Hey—“ Viktor sits up enough to drag Yuuri down to the bed by his elbow and pins him there with his hands on Yuuri’s shoulders. “I thought we agreed no talk of the Rock in the bedroom.”

Yuuri giggles and fans himself with his hand. ‘But he’s so dreamy.”

“Okay, that’s it.” Viktor releases Yuuri and scrambles off the bed, and Yuuri flops over on his stomach to watch Viktor with his head propped in his hands.

“Could the Rock do this?” Viktor asks, lifting their floor lamp over his head with an exaggerated roar.

“Oh. So strong.” Yuuri is deadpan.

“Okay,” Viktor sets the lamp back down and grabs for Makkachin. “What about this?” He asks, hoisting the dog up in his arms. Makkachin wags her tail excitedly and licks Viktor’s face, and Yuuri snorts a laugh into the bedspread.

“Pretty impressive,” Yuuri says when he’s stopped laughing.

“Rough crowd, huh, girl?” Viktor asks the dog, setting her gently back into her bed. “But unbeknownst to you—” he points at Yuuri—“I have yet to reveal the true extent of my power.”

“Yeah?” Yuuri’s eyes shine with delight.

Viktor nods and pads across the room back to Yuuri’s side. He bundles Yuuri up in their duvet and lifts him into a bridal carry. “With the power of love!” Viktor declares to his audience of two.

Yuuri covers his mouth with his hands and blushes hard. “It’s like the reverse of our wedding night!”

“You’re not the only strong one in this relationship,” Viktor beams down at his swaddled husband. “Just the stronger one.”

“But we’re both stronger than the Rock.”

“Obviously,” Viktor agrees.

booksrockmyface  asked:

Hey, y'all! My birthday is April 28! I would really love something fluffy. Really into fake relationships at the moment. Any rating will do! :)

Originally posted by fourfivesecondsfromwilding

Happy Birthday @booksrockmyface! We hope you’re having a fantastic day and just to make it extra sweet, @finnicko-loves-anniec has crafted an extra delicious slice of Everlark, just for you!

“Out!” The door hit her in the shoulder as she pulled it open. Katniss ignored the pain. “I said out!”

Gale brushed a piece of hair behind her ear, his fingertips skimming along her cheek as he did so. She pushed his hand away. “Come on, babe, let’s talk about this.”

“You can ‘talk about this’ with your other babe.” Katniss hated air quotes with a passion. Right now, she hated him enough to ignore that. “I said out.”

She heard a door squeak down the hall. Lazy shits in management had promised to fix that months ago. Katniss glared at the man who had dared to poke his head into the hallway. “Not you, Mellark. You stay in.” He didn’t budge. Was nobody listening to her today?

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Got7 Imagine: Proposing to You

Requested by the same friend who wanted the Jungkook x Reader fanfic, but since she’s got no WiFi, she can’t send in an actual request.


He’d be all Christen Grey about it. Wear a sharp as fuck suit, take you to a restaurant that costed more than your car for appetizers, and treat you like a goddamn queen. He’d get you whatever you wanted from the menu, and only when you forked a small piece of your dinner into your mouth did you realize that you two were alone in the restaurant.

“Jagi, we’ve been together for so many years no. And… well, we both know that I’m not the best when it come to dealing with my emotions, but you’ve made me feel fo safe and around you, and I can tell you what I feel as opposed to bottleing it up and letting it loose on the guys. You’ve made me realize it’s okay to take a break in someone else’s arms, and for that, I’m eternally grateful to you.” *goes down on one knee* “My beloved _____, will you marry me?”


This extra as fuck puppy would make sure the whole planet–no, scratch that. The whole universe know how much he fucking loves you. He’ll set up the whole thing in your favourite place–which is also the place you two went for your first date. He’d put out your favourite flowers everywhere, get the guys to come serenade the hell out of you–anything and everything he can do to make the most important person in his life happy. And when the festivities are out of the way, he’ll approach you calmly, with tears in his eyes and say:

“Jagi, I love you so goddamn much, it hurts me to think about it. There have have been a lot of girls in my life, but not a single one could even dream of being as perfect for me as you are. Except for Mark. Markson is forever and always. But that’s not the point.” *goes down on one knee* “ _____, will you marry me?”


He totally stole Jaebum’s idea, he only edited it a little bit. He took you to a fancy restaurant–JUST LIKE JAEBUM DID–but took you to an ice cream shop afterwards. He handed you your favourite five flavours of ice cream, and started walking with you in the empty streets of Seoul. When you put the last bit in your mouth, you came across something that was most definitely not ice cream. You thought it was merely a piece of candy that got cought up in your scoop, so you continued chewing. But as the ice cream melted, you noticed the ring-like shape of the object.

“I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but jagi, you’ve made my life so much sweeter since you walked into it. I thought the foreseeable future of my life would be dealing five idiots and our ticking anger time bomb of a leader, but you’ve made me smile so much that I think it got stuck a few times. So, thank you for that. And, another thing, I kinda need the ring to propose.” *hands him ring after a brief wiping* *goes down on one knee* “_____, will you marry me?


Sadly, the guys wouldn’t let him fit dancing into his proposal schedule, but either way, he made due. He still had a voice and multiple emotions to convey to you, that even he eventually saw that dancing just wouldn’t fit. Him being the maknae of the group really showed as he seemed to more scared shitless than any of them had been. He was just paranoid that if he did something too crazy, he’d scare you away. So, he settled for something very simple and classic. He took you to a spot in the city you both agreed was stunning, and when you arrived, he softly grabbed your arm and said:

“Love, we’ve been together for longer than I expected you to deal with me for, and if you’ve taught me anything, it’s what true love really is. You’re my girlfriend and best friend wrapped up into one super human, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Well, I mean, I hope to change the ‘girlfriend’ status right now.” *goes down on one knee* “_____, will you marry me?”


This dabbing monster still has a little bit of dork in him from his Baby BamBam days, and as such, this carries into his proposal to you. He’d drag you onto the stage at one of hteir biggest concerts, grab your shoulders tightly, and spin you around to face the audience, where the light stick spelled out the words: Will You Marry Me? And it had you near tears.

“Jagi, your’e the love of my life and the whole world should know that; know how much I love you. You mean so much to me and I can’t thank you enough for putting up my morning routine of dabs. So, my love, my ____, will you marry me?”


He wouldn’t make a huge scene out of it at all. He wouldn’t even leave the house to confess his love to you. He loved you with all his heart, and the only people that mattered to were you and him. He’d set up the living room nicely, play an instrumental track you confessed to loving months ago. When you walked through the door, the butterflies who had been merely fluttering about before were now trying their damn best to escape.

“Before you say anything, jagi, I need to say this. I love you so much, with all of my heart, soul, mind, and body. It’s almost as if you as a person were crafted for me to fall in love with, to cherish and look out for. And what I wanted to ask you… what I still want to ask you… _____, will you marry me?”


He’d be so nervous and flustered when the day finally came to pop the big question​ to you. He loved you so much, and you’re the only one he doesn’t mind being a blushing mess around. You mark him so happy and goddammit if he doesn’t get this right he’ll never forgive himself. He pick out a set list of songs that helped convey his emotions towards you, and even one original as the big finale. He rented out a stadium just for his words of love to echo off the walls and bounce right back to you. 

“Jagi, there aren’t enough stadiums in the world to hold all of the love I have for you. You mean so much to me, and I feel like even with all of the songs I sang for you just now, you still don’t understand how much my heart aches with love for you. Everyday I wake up and think: ‘how could j have gotten so luck as to end I’m with someone as amazing as you?’ Well, I don’t know how I managed it, but I have you. And I hope I’ll have you for the rest of our days. *full name*, will you marry me?”

Feel free to leave a request in my inbox! I’m quite bored and would love to have something to write!


Dangerous Love || Kai Parker Imagine

Originally posted by drunkonkai

Pairing: Kai Parker x Fem!Reader

Plot: Y/N and Kai Parker were doomed from the start. But can love reign over darkness, or will Kai slip further away from her forever?

Word Count: 1856

Warnings: Swearing

Request: No

{2 Years Ago}

Everything in your life had been turned upside down, back-to-front and inside out. You were losing sanity. Damon and Bonnie were trapped in some world, Elena had erased all her happiness and nobody dared to speak their minds.

Nothing was happy. Nothing was safe. And all you wanted was your best friends back for good.

The amount of times you had cried and screamed at the thought of losing everyone to their own minds drove you insane, and it was all getting too much.

You just wanted to smile again.

“Y/N,” Caroline’s voice interrupted your thoughts, “can you set the table please?”

You envied Caroline. She had so much grief, so much hatred, so much anger all trapped inside her fragile body, but she kept it all at bay. She was under control.

“There’s no point Care,” you replied, remaining sat on the Salvatore’s sofa with a glass of Bourbon in your hand, “it’s just us as usual. And nobody cares if we have the good cutlery or not, it all looks the same!”

You heard a scoff.

"Well Bonbon, I’m feeling quite offended at Y/N’s attempts to make us feel welcome in my own home, what about you?”

“I totally agree.”

Whipping your head around with inhumane like speed, you saw your two best friends stood idly by the open front door.

“Oh my god,” you muttered, not believing your eyes. Dumping the abandoned glass of whiskey, you started to run towards the smiling pair and practically jumped into their arms.

“Damon, Bonnie, you’re alive!” You exclaimed, unsure of how you should react and if you were being too OTT. But nonetheless, you felt your own eyes glass over as you embraced the friends you had missed so much.

“I’ve missed you too Y/N,” Bonnie muffled in response, as she was getting crushed by your arms.

“Ok Y/N, if you would please be a dear and remove your arms, I have a beautiful girlfriend to go and surprise,” Damon justified.

You suddenly felt a pang of pain in your chest as you realised that Elena wouldn’t be happy to see him. She in fact would hate him.

“Damon, there’s something- “

“LALALA not listening, off to see Elena!” His voice rang out in a very off-key tune as he scampered through the door and disappeared from view.

Bonnie turned and gave you a puzzled look.

“What was that about?”

You sighed, “Not the time Bon.”

“OH MY GOD! BONNIE!” You heard Caroline yell and within a split second she crashed into the two of you, pulling you both into her arms and jumping in glee.

“I can’t believe your back!” she exclaimed.

You pulled away and look at Bonnie, “how did you manage to get out of there?”

“I think that’s where I come in,” a voice piped up from the corner of the doorway.

Stood with his hands in his pockets, wearing very fashionable attire of black jeans, white top and a black leather jacket, was a drop-dead gorgeous guy.

“And who may you be?” Caroline interrogated immediately.

“Care, Y/N/N, this is Kai Parker. Quick heads up, he is a family-murdering psychopath,” Bonnie introduced.

Kai gave a very childish smile, “Hi! Oh, and Bonbon? I prefer the term sociopath, it gives me a bit more edge, if you know what I mean.” Kai started to stroll towards Caroline, taking in her appearance and let out a stifled giggle.

Oh god, he is the definition of a 3-year-old’ you though to yourself.

As if your thoughts rang out loud, Kais attention was suddenly turned on you.

Trying to be subtle, you took in his appearance. He looked very early twenties, perhaps 22, had perfectly styled brown hair with striking blue eyes…that were looking directly into your own.

Suddenly, you felt a wave of vulnerability take control of your body as Kai took in your own look. Everything you were once proud to look like, suddenly became an imperfection, as if you wanted to look your best just to make him happy.

“Well Y/N, it’s nice to meet you,” Kai smirked, taking your hand in his won and lifting it up to kiss it. But before he could, you snatched it away.

“Can’t say I feel the same Parker,” you dismissed, giving a very sarcastic grin to the charming boy in front of you.

“Excuse me but there are other people in this building, so if you could please stop making googly eyes at one another, it would be much appreciated,” Caroline piped up, breaking the high-tension bond that Kai and yourself were sharing.

Kai gave you a quick smirk before he turned away and started to make conversation with the two girls who were shooting daggers at him with their judging eyes.

But you were too hung up on the encounter on which you had just been part of to notice an of your surroundings.

Because that was the first time you met Kai Parker.

And it was the start of something beautiful yet completely terrifying.


As much as you hated to admit it and lie to yourself, your boyfriend was dangerous.

Inevitably, Kai and you had started to date after prolonged begging from him and much resistance from you. But you couldn’t deny the feeling that was deep inside you, and you knew your heart was telling you that Kai was the once – no matter how crazy he was.

But with each day passing, you could see the boy you loved slip further away into a dark abyss. A place so empty, that you knew if you lost him, you would never get him back again. His anger was too much, he had irrational ideas that would put you and your friends in danger, and sometimes, he would kill for the fun of it.

But Kai Parker would never hurt you. He loved you with every part of his mind, body and spirit. He worshipped you, he would never put you in harm’s way intentionally. It was his goal to keep you safe at all costs.

And you loved him back. You loved him more and more with each passing second. You wanted to believe in him, you wanted to only see the good in him, and trust him whole heartedly, but you couldn’t.  Not when he had just put Stefan in danger yet another time.

Slamming the door to your college apartment, you let out a scream of frustration.

“Umm babe?” You heard an all-too-familiar voice emerge from your bed. Kai. You forgot he was coming over.

Glaring at him with no words, you ignored his presence entirely. After the amount of danger Stefan just went through for Kai’s sake, you weren’t in the mood to talk to him this evening.

But he started to walk over to you, and you suddenly felt his arms wrap around your torso.

“Baaabbbeeee,” he whined like a toddler.

Pushing away out of his grip, you finally exploded.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT MALACHAI?” You screamed, not caring if you were waking the rest of the students in the hall.

Kais face contorted into shock as he witnessed your unexpected outburst,

“Whoa ok, what’s up with you?”

You scoffed.

“Me? ME? I’m just so fucking sick of watching my friends get hurt and put in danger because your too selfish and need to get your own way Kai Parker! Stefan almost died today! And what’s worse, you don’t EVEN CARE!” You yelled at him, aware that tears were threatening to spill.

Kai didn’t say a word. He didn’t move a muscle. He was just letting it all sink in.

But of course, you took this as an opportunity to carry on channelling your anger.

“This is so hard Kai. I can’t keep watching my friend get hurt and watch their lives be out at stake by the one person I love most in the world.”

Kais head snapped up, as took in each and every syllable.

“Because its fucking true. I fucking love you and all you do is hurt people. I can’t be with someone who is willing to sacrifice my friends to get his own way. I’m not even sure I’m safe here with you-“

Kai rushed up to you and took your shoulder in his hands. He had the kindest smile on his face, but his eyes were swimming with pools of tears.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are beyond safe with me, I promise.”

“How do I know?”

“Because I fucking love you too. I can’t help myself Y/N, it’s like I want to do the right thing. I want to be a good person and perfect for you, but there’s a voice in my head that tells me to something bad. And it’s so loud, that even when I try and block it out, it consumes me.”

You were speechless.


“No, just let me finish please, and then I’ll leave,” Kai brushed a stray tear from his cheek as he leaned down and kissed you on the forehead.

“I didn’t mean for Stefan to get hurt. In fact, he’s the Salvatore brother that I like. But the thing is, I am so in love with you Y/N. You deserve someone so much better than me, someone who does the right thing and doesn’t hurt other people. And that’s why, I will willingly leave your life if you want me to. I won’t be able to hurt you.”

Kais eyes searched yours for an answer, but you didn’t even know it yourself. He had a hopeful smile plastered on his face, and full hope in you that you would allow him to stay. He loved you way too much to say goodbye.

“Malachai Parker,” you began quietly, “It would be best if you leave my life.”

Kais face dropped. He was stunned at your response, and inside he could feel his heart shatter into tiny little pieces, as if it were made from glass. But respecting your wishes, he headed for the door.

“I said it would be best,” you piped up from behind him. “I never said it’s what I wanted.”

Snapping his head around, Kai walked straight back into your arms, and you gladly accepted him more than anything. He was yours, and nothing was going to change that.

“I promise, we’ll get through this together,” You whispered in his ear and you stayed perfectly still, both of you clutching on to one another.

Because as dangerous as he may be, Kai Parker was the love of your life.

And little did you know, he felt exactly the same about you.

A letter from Artistic Director, Emma Rice

Dear future Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe,

I am writing this as the deadline for applications looms and my final Summer Season, The Summer of Love, prepares to launch. Before the Globe story is thrown up into the air again and the pieces fall in a new pattern, I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Firstly, congratulations! By the time you are offered this most precious of jobs, you will have survived and triumphed over a rigorous and detailed interview process. You will have imagined a life dedicated to this most joyous and vibrant of spaces and will have shifted the tectonic plates of your own, equally precious life, to make this union happen.

And a union it is. The Globe is not a job, it is a vocation and an all-consuming, delicious tangle of histories, hopes, passions and agendas. You will be the latest in a line of experimental radicals and you will be in for the most intoxicating experience of your life. I have learnt much in my short time here and I thought I would take a moment to pass some of this knowledge to you, dear theatre friend, as you begin your own journey at the Globe.

I have learnt that a Globe audience is the best audience! Alert, excited and often standing, they are actively willing the night to be the best of their lives; they are generous beyond anything I have known before. Alive to the tragedy of life as well as the fun, they have taught me to speak with them not to them and to capture the moment with instinct, meaning and wit. They are the heartbeat and energy of this extraordinary place and will tell you not only what they need, but what you need.

I have learnt to work with other directors and what a gift they have been! Heroes, friends and inspiration all, they have cracked open my experience as a theatre maker and shown me such wisdom, ferocity, vision and dedication. I salute and thank them all.

I have learnt that there are as many opinions about what the Globe and Shakespeare should be as there are people you talk to.

I have learnt not to say that I sometimes find Shakespeare hard to understand.

I have learnt to trust my team with my heart and soul. They are true lovers and fighters, dedicated to a radical and relevant artistic mission and loyal beyond belief. They will listen to you, help you and support you and dance with you as they make real all your dreams. Take care of them for me.

I have learnt to love Shakespeare.

I have learnt where my personal and professional boundaries were. Born to please, I have enjoyed a life filled with encouragement, delight and love. I walked into the Globe expecting this to continue but my blessed path was crossed and I had to call on my beliefs, principles and integrity for guidance.

I have learnt, never again, to allow myself to be excluded from the rooms where decisions are made.

I learnt that I have many friends.

These precious things I have learnt and I am profoundly grateful.

But, dear friend, no more lessons. I chose to leave because, as important and beloved as the Globe is to me, the Board did not love and respect me back. It did not understand what I saw, what I felt and what I created with my actors, creative teams and the audience. They began to talk of a new set of rules that I did not sign up to and could not stand by. Nothing is worth giving away my artistic freedom for, it has been too hard fought for.

Like you, I have happily given my life to theatre. It has been my lover, my partner, my children and my future. I do not choose what I see, feel and do, it chooses me. I have spent my life developing my skills to be able to hear my instincts, reveal my inner stories and to be able to communicate them with my temporary community of strangers, my audience. And to reveal these truths, I have always used whatever medium best tells that story.

The Globe has been the making of me. Here, I have found my fight and my ‘right’, I have stood up for what I believe in and tried to do it with kindness, care and seriousness. However, in the wake of recent events, the Globe is wrestling with what, at its core, it now stands for. It is still in the process of deciding and clarifying what its fight and its ‘right’ are. I had to choose to leave because I choose myself and my work. Never think that my decision to step down in 2018 was simply about lights and sound, it was about personal trust and artistic freedom. You must make sure that your own freedom is assured.

So, ask the right questions, not only of the Globe but of yourself and take on the challenge with independence, caution and resolve. The Globe deserves an Artistic leader so fierce and true that they would steal a building and carry it over the river for what they believe in. It needs a leader who will shout to the heavens about what it is to be free and loving and one who is determined to make a difference during their brief time on the planet.

The Globe will always be part of me, so know I am here for you to enjoy beer, or tears, or dancing – and believe me, there will be all three of these pleasures in this place of rare humanity! Remember, you are part of a magnificent line of fearless theatre animals; in its astonishing 20-year history, this warm belly of humanity has been conceived, built and led by free-thinkers devoted only to Shakespeare, theatre and above all, the audience. You are not alone. As I plan and dream of the theatre adventures I am yet to have, I hand you the baton with pride, celebration and sadness as I say goodbye to this glorious chapter of my life.

I envy you so, but my heart cheers you on with a war cry of hope,

Keep in touch,
Emma Rice

(Photo Credit © Nik Strangelove) 

History Repeated – A Scott McCall Imagine

A/N: Hey guys! So I was really pleased with the feedback I got with my first imagine, so I was very inspired to write another one! I actually really like this piece I did and might consider making a Part 2 for it! :)) If you guys want to see that make sure to let me know by sending me a message or shoot a message in my ask. I’m really REALLY fond of this one and hopefully you guys like it too :)) Also! I tried to make this fit for both female and male readers so I hope I did it well And finally! Without further ado, on to the imagine!

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Scott McCall, Reader, McCall Children

Theme/Plot: Scott and You are enjoying your morning together when your children discover something they don’t know about yet.  

Word Count: 1300+


 I stirred in the bed a bit before finally settling on my new position. I savor the last moments I have of shut eye and slowly take in the current state of things. I look over next to me and a smile immediately forms on my lips. Beside me was my husband for 10 years, boyfriend for 5 years, and best friend since I could remember.

 He has definitely changed over the years I’ve been with him. Light creases now have a permanent place on his forehead, his smile lines are now more apparent. However, despite all of these changes, I still see the Scott McCall I fell in love with. The one who wasn’t afraid to risk his life for anything or anyone he cares about. The Scott McCall who would accept you for whatever you are. The Scott McCall I fell in love with who had a big heart, a soul so pure, the True Alpha. Until now, he still carried these traits with him, and that’s why I will never stop loving him.

 While these thoughts were passing through my mind, I see Scott starting to stir in his sleep too. I caress his arm and my hand stops onto his tattoo. My thumb repeatedly glides over it and I see Scott slowly opening his eyes. I smile at him slightly and give him a light peck on his lips.

 “I can get used to waking up that way every morning.”

Scott says with a smile playing on his lips, his morning voice still there. I chuckle at what he said and proceed to hold his hand in mine.

 “You already do, darling.”

 I say to him, my voice barely above a whisper. Scott starts moving closer to me and our legs entangle with each other under the sheets.

 “I hope it never stops.”

 Scott caresses my face as he says this. I place my hand on top of his and smile at him.

 “I don’t plan on going anywhere without you, Mr. McCall.”

 “Good. Because I honestly don’t know what I would to do without you, Mr. / Mrs. McCall.”

 We just laid there. Watching the sunlight dance on the ceiling of our room, holding each other close. I didn’t want the moment to end. I wanted to stay there for a little longer. Reminisce on all the hardships, adventures, moments we had since the beginning. It was amazing really. How we started out as best friends when were children, and now we have children of our own. Three amazing children to be exact.

The eldest of our kids was our 16 year old daughter, Maggie. She was a lot like Scott. She was very protective, and definitely had a big heart like his. We had her a little earlier on, before Scott and I were even married. We were definitely nervous about her coming of course but when she finally did, we immediately fell in love with her,

The next of our children were the twins, Allison and Derek. The twins were both 8, and they were named after 2 people who were very important to Scott and to me as well. The twins were polar opposites. Allison was the more curious and studious one of the two. Derek on the other hand was a big ball of energy, always having a big smile on his face and immensely loved Star Wars. Stiles and Lydia insisted that each twin took on one of their personalities respectively. When they said this, all Scott and I could do was laugh and agree.

While Scott and I were still cherishing the moment, we heard Maggie screaming at the twins. We didn’t pay it too much mind, since the twins always liked to push Maggie’s buttons. But when we heard a crash Scott and I immediately bolt up from the bed. The crash was followed by Allison and Derek’s screaming and Maggie’s sobbing. Scott and I immediately went through the hall quickly and down the stairs. What we saw next made both of us stop in our tracks.

“Mommy/Daddy! Daddy!”  

Allison and Derek immediately screamed when they saw us and immediately hid behind us with their heads only peeking out slightly.


Scott started while walking slowly towards our eldest. Derek hid behind me too when Scott left. I couldn’t believe it. Maggie, our daughter, inherited Scott’s werewolf gene.

Maggie immediately faced us when she heard Scott call her name. She was shaking, clearly not knowing how to handle this situation. We had planned to tell her about the possibility of her getting her father’s gene, we really did. But, it seemed like we were beat to it.

“Stay away!”

Maggie screamed at us, tears clearly sliding down her face. This was the moment I was able to fully look at her. She had hair on the side of her face, eyes glowing yellow, claws protruding from her fingertips.

Scott tried going to her again slowly when I finally snapped out of my trance. I was trying to send Maggie a comforting look, desperate to help her.

“Maggie, darling, please go to your father. He knows how to handle this. Please, darling. For your sake, go to your father.”

I started pleading to my daughter. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. But I didn’t look at her differently. She was still my daughter, Scott and I’s daughter. That will never change no matter what she is.

Maggie started going closer to Scott slowly and when she was finally arms length from Scott, he immediately enveloped her into a hug.

“How did this happen?”

Scott asks gently while they sit slowly onto the couch. I sent Allison and Derek up to their rooms and told them to behave and not do anything that would make the situation bigger, such as calling anyone about Maggie.

“Alli and Derek were pissing me off by messing my project up. I got enough of it and I started screaming at them to stop. But… but…”

Maggie started to break down in tears. She had shifted while explaining what happened and I could tell she was still clearly shaken up. I sit at her side not taken by Scott and I rub her back comfortingly.

“Maggie… just take your time. Your Dad and I are here to listen. You can always tell us anything.”

“We have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. Too much experience in fact.”

Scott says this then sends me a small smile. I smile at him back and nod my head in agreement. Honestly, seeing Maggie in her werewolf form reminded me of Scott when he was still a beta. Actually, all of this happening right now is what her father exactly had to go through in the beginning. Hopefully this time we don’t have the part of having a maniac like Peter running the streets though.


Maggie whispers while sniffling. Scott smiles at here and ruffles her hair a bit


I look on as Maggie witnesses for the first time her father’s eyes turning red. Her jaw goes slack and I chuckle a bit at her reaction.

“I’m dreaming right? I’m in a bad dream.”

Maggie says to herself while looking on. I laugh and pull Maggie close to my side.

“Maggie, you have no idea how many times I’ve said that during moments where I can’t believe what’s happening. Sadly, it never works.”

“You’ll understand soon what’s happening okay Mags? You have your mother/father and me to help you. We won’t leave you alone through this. You just have to trust us okay?”

Scott says this then holds Maggie’s hand. I can see that the gears in her head are probably spinning so fast right now. I hold her other hand and look at her sincerely,

“You do trust us, right Maggie?”

Maggie looks back and forth at Scott and I. She smiles a bit and squeezes both our hands.

“I do.”

Scott and I look at each other and we smile. I guess you can call this… History Repeated?


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed that! Once again feedback is always appreciated. If you guys want to see a part 2, notify me in any way you can and I’ll try to go straight to it! Thank you guys! xx