carrie x quinn

Repeat Homeland Season 5 Full Episode

HOMELAND | CARRIE & QUINN | Homeland has paid a lot of attention to the way these two characters are growing, whatever dynamic Quinn and Carrie have and are developing is pretty different from what she had with Brody. […] they certainly know each other by now, way more than Brody and Carrie ever did. [x]


carrie and quinn ± ‘the yoga play’

“Carrie and Quinn have a connection that’s at least as magnetic as Carrie and Brody, since they’re not just driven and broken by their work, they’re actually working on the same side. Two dynamite exchanges spell out the emotional stakes here, first between Carrie and Quinn – “I’m not sure I like being watched over by you, Quinn.” “I’m at a safe distance.” – then between Quinn and Saul – “She’s on her own, Saul.” “She’s always been on her own.” Deepening the relationship between these complicated characters could give Homeland a genuine second wind that will last long past the twist’s last gasps.” - rolling stone