carrie tequila

that part in rntm when harry is carrying two tequila shots through a crowd of people and screams into the void “LOOUUIS??… WHERES MY LOUIS??”…. thats every louie right now


Fem. D i r k G e n t l y

You think I’m talking nonsense, but I’m not. Listen. In the past, people would stare into the fire for hours when they wanted to think. Or stare at the sea. The endless dancing shapes and patterns would reach far deeper into our minds than we could manage by reason and logic. You see, logic can only proceed from the premises and assumptions we already make, so we just drive round and round in little circles like little clockwork cars. We need dancing shapes to lift us and carry us.

stay away from tequila shots

Pairing: jikook
Warning: slight sexual content (really barely there…), drunk Jeongguk (but he’s of legal age here, totally an adult and a cutie :D)
A/N:This is for my lovely @dangoko​ in gratitude for this little cute jikook drawing she sent me for my birthday. It was so nice of you to do that and I can’t thank you enough for your support and love ♡ Hope you like it hun, love you.
This came out longer than expected… I got carried away with all the fluff bc there’s never enough jikook fluff out there.

Jimin wakes up startled by the unpleasant sound of his phone vibrating on his nightstand. His heart jumps in his chest in surprise, he was peacefully sleeping on his comfy and warm bed without harming anyone after so many sleepless nights studying for his finals, why did karma hate him so much?

The phone keeps buzzing persistently -and quite rudely if you ask Jimin- on his nightstand so Jimin has no other choice but to answer the call.

His heart jumps again on his chest at the name displayed on the screen: Jeonggukie~ and the dorky pic he took of his friend -best friend, maybe crush since forever- looking back at him.

It’s weird for Jeongguk to call him at this hour (Jimin whines out loud at the 3:46 red numbers on the alarm clock) so que quickly slides the answer button and rests the phone on his ear, sitting up on the bed ready to jump out of it in case his friend needs help.

“Jeonggukie? Are you oka-“

“Hyuuuuung~” cuts Jeongguk’s voice from the other side, making Jimin blink stupidly before taking the device away from his ear to confirm that indeed is Jeongguk who’s calling him, because his younger friend would never whine cutely at him. 

“Hyung? Jiminnie~” comes the voice again, and yes, it’s 100% confirmed it’s his best friend’s voice -no one could sound that deep and sexy on the phone at almost 4am- but it still surprises Jimin that the other has called and did that cute sound.

“Yes, I’m here.” he says cutting the repeated calls of his name that are being yelled on the other side of the phone. “Are you okay?” 

“Yes!” answers Jeongguk before giggling cutely. And this makes Jimin frown because that’s sure a weird behavior coming from his friend. “I just wanted to talk to you Jiminnie-hyung.” adds the younger with slurred words and now Jimin gets a hint of what’s going on.

“Are you drunk?” asks surprised the older of the two, and can’t help the little laugh that escapes from his mouth as Jeongguk giggles again. “Do you need me to go pick you up?” says then Jimin, not really minding to go help his friend even at this hour of the night, specially if he’s acting this cute.

“I’m a big boy, hyung” replies Jeongguk, but the whinny tone he uses makes him lose all bravado and manly propose he tried to imply, Jimin can even imagine him pouting. “But I wouldn’t mind seeing you now.” adds the younger with a deep voice that makes Jimin’s breath get caught on his throat.

“O-Okay,” stutters awkwardly Jimin trying to suppress back the thought of that same low voice moaning his name on his ear. “Tell me where you are and will come immediately.

Jimin stands from the bed and rolls his eyes at the giggles and at the slurred you will come, and starts to put on some pants as fast as he can. After twenty minutes of asking a giggling Jeongguk the address, the younger finally tells him where he is, so Jimin grabs his car keys and goes there bracing himself for what awaits him.

He enters the bar Jeongguk told him and scans the cramped room in search of his friend. He’s not surprised to find it full to the rim considering it’s a Friday night, so he has to walk a bit further inside to be able to spot the younger. Apparently Jeongguk went out with some of his friends from art class and got carried away with tequila shots, or at least is what Jimin managed to understand from Joengguk’s slurred speech over the phone; it wouldn’t be the first time Jimin has seen his best friend drunk, but it surely is the first time Jeongguk acts this way while being so.

He spots them sitting at a table at one corner of the bar, a group of ten people or so yelling and laughing out loud, evidently all of them drunk or almost there. Jeongguk stands up form his chair and waves his arms wildly to get Jimin’s attention with a giant goofy grin on his mouth, Jimin can’t stop the warmth on his chest that spreads up to his face and makes him smile wide at his friend. Jeongguk looks happy and so damn cute.

“Hyung you are here.” cheers the younger, glomping his hyung immediately when Jimin gets closer to them, the shorter chuckling surprised at the clingy behavior of his friend. This is a drunk Jeongguk he’s never seen.

The taller boy is bending down a bit so he can rest his head on Jimin’s chest and his arms are encircling his hyung’s waist tightly and quite possessively.

“Yes, I said I would come, didn’t I?” says Jimin patiently as his hand pets softly Jeonguk’s head. At this words the younger looks up at him with his signature bunny smile and eyes sparkling with something that makes Jimin’s heart flutter happily in his chest. There is such adoration in those eyes that Jimin feels overwhelmed for a second, tempted to lean down and claim those pretty pink lips he’s dreamed about kissing so many times before. But then remembers that Jeongguk is his best friend, he doesn’t feel the same way and that he’s acting like this because he’s drunk.

“Should we head home?” coughs awkwardly Jimin trying to pry away Jeongguk’s arms from him. The younger frowns and pouts at the same time, adorable expression that makes Jimin instantly feel bad for trying to push him away. But the warmth emitted from Jeongguk’s body mixed by the heat provided by his own was too much to handle.

Jeongguk’s friends don’t pay too much attention to them, only one has an intense gaze on them and giggles at Jeongguk’s grabby and clingy antics. Jimin sighs deeply when Jeongguk attaches himself again to him, his long limbs encircling Jimin’s small frame and resting his chin atop his head. He would be offended by the fact that Jeongguk is able to rest his chin on his head without having to tiptoe, but he fits well between those arms, and Jeongguk’s chest feels so firm, so strong -so prefect- he can’t even think of shoving him away again, even if his furious-beating heart begs for him to do so.

“Okay, let’s go home.” declares Jimin finally, passing his arm across Jeongguk’s torso and grabbing him firmly before starting to walk to the exit of the bar. Jeongguk giggles but lets the shorter lead him easily, yelling a farewell to his drunk friends and something that sounds like I got a date~  and some more cute giggling.

They get into Jimin’s parked car after a lot of tripping, and the car wasn’t even that far from the bar. The older finally gets his friend sitting inside the car and his belt buckled and closes the door quickly before Jeongguk’s grabby hands can yank on his tee again and mumble it’s so hot today for you to be wearing that. Apparently Jeongguk is one of those drunks that instead of stripping himself, tries to strip other people.

Jimin ignites the car, motor roaring to life loudly in the quietness of the street, and drives them to his house because it’s nearer and doesn’t trust Jeongguk to be alone on his apartment right now. His eyes are focused on the road even when the younger rises the volume of the radio and starts to sing, babbling nonsense when he doesn’t know the lyrics of the song playing. This is cute, Jimin finds himself cracking a laugh as Jeongguk bounces on his seat, clearly still in the mood for some more partying.

Though the fun dies when Jimin feels a warm and big hand rest on his thigh, just above the knee. Jimin gulps nervously, eyes darting to the side to see Jeongguk smirking at him and sending him one of the most intense stares he’s ever seen. He moves his leg trying to shrug off the distracting hand, But Jeongguk just tightens his grip and starts to slide his hand up higher.

“What are you doing.” it comes out from his moth as a scared and high pitched squeak, he’s lucky Jeongguk is drunk and probably won’t remember this because the younger has already enough fun cracking jokes about his friend’s light voice.

Jeongguk giggles and leans closer to him, hot breath tickling Jimin’s ear as his hand keeps caressing his thigh, just some inches higher and Jeongguk’s fingers will be touching his crotch.

“You look sexy driving, hyung.” Jimin’s breath hitches and his heart decides to dance the mambo on his belly at the suggestive tone the younger has used. This is too much, he forces himself to remember that Jeongguk is doing this only because he’s drunk, otherwise the younger would never say nor touch him like that.

“Gukkie stop, I need to focus on the road, okay?” he says as calmly as possible, grabbing Jeongguk’s hand to move it away. The younger giggles before slumping back on his seat to watch out the window, allowing Jimin to breath deeply. What has he done to deserve this?

When they finally get on Jimin’s apartment, the younger throws himself on the couch face down, laughing as his body bounces due the force in which he fell. Jimin smiles fondly at him, it’s something even sober Jeongguk would laugh at.

“Don’t fall asleep here, come on.” says Jimin patting his butt playfully. Jeongguk wiggles around to look up at his hyung with a wide and bunny smile that makes Jimin’s insides twist and heat spread on his cheeks. Why is he so damn cute.

The younger lets Jimin manhandle him to the bedroom, Jimin is so proud of managing to get there without tripping nor falling but Jeongguk can’t stop giggling and Jimin is dying a bit more every time that cute sound comes out from those pretty pink lips.

Before Jimin can say anything the younger pops open the buttons of his jeans and shrugs them off carelessly and then sits on the edge of the bed with big doe eyes looking at Jimin.

“What?” asks the shorter confused, Jeongguk is suddenly so quiet. Jimin approaches him and runs his hand through his hair, moving away black locks of hair out of his handsome face. “Do you want to puke or-“

He’s cut mid-sentence by a strong hand at the back of his neck that pulls him down until he’s almost touching the other’s nose with his own. He blinks repeatedly  surprised at Jeongguk’s sudden move and asks his heart to tone down a bit its beating. They are so close their breaths get mixed; Jimin can, literally, smell Jeongguk and almost taste the remains of tequila on the other’s tongue.

Jimin swallows hard before running his tongue across his lips nervously, Jeongguk’s eyes following the motion with interest.

“Jeongg-“ he doesn’t get the chance to ask anything, his voice gets caught in his throat when Jeongguk closes the little space remaining between them and locks lips with him. Jimin is petrified, not moving at all; he knows he’s alive because he can feel his heart thudding against his ribcage furiously. But Jeongguk doesn’t seem to mind at all his lack of response, quite the opposite. Jeongguk devours him with every move of his own lips, furious and passionate, using his tongue to part Jimin’s lips and invade his mouth without asking. That’s not what you would call a shy first kiss, but Jimin lets it happen and finds himself finally kissing back with the same fervor, meeting Jeongguk’s tongue with his own.

Jeongguk keens at that, pulling Jimin down again until the shorter straddles his lap, his free hand reaches back to squeeze Jimin’s ass hard, as if trying to make his fingers become one with the soft flesh on his hand. Jimin moans softly, his own hands going to fist on Jeongguk’s hair instinctively trying to find something to hold onto as his lips try to keep up with Jeongguk’s rhythm. They kiss hard and passionately, breathing hard through their noses so they don’t need to separate their mouths too much. Jeongguk groans when his crotch rubs against Jimin’s as his hips buck up, the sound sending a rush of blood to Jimin’s dick but also making him snap out of it.

Jeongguk’s drunk, they shouldn’t be doing this.

Jimin pulls back suddenly, gasping for air for a second before whimpering softly at the lust-filled gaze de younger directs at him. Jeongguk ducks his head down to lick at the skin on Jimin’s neck, making the older shiver in pleasure but also fist his hands on Jeongguk’s hair to pull him away form his neck roughly. 

“We shouldn’t- I don’t think- this is not okay.“  the older stutters awkwardly with a raspy voice. Jeongguk’s dark eyes fix on his own with intensity, Jimin’s not sure is that stare is drunk of alcohol or lust. The younger frowns at those words when his drunk brain finally gets what Jimin’s said, still breathing hard because of their kisses.

“Why not?” he slurs in response with a scowl, he looks really offended that they have stopped.

“Because you are drunk and-“

“I’m not.” cuts Jeongguks leaning forward to capture Jimin’s lips again with his own but Jimin leans back, using all his inner strength to maintain Jeongguk in a safe distance and not lean down again to allow his lips melt into those perfect ones.

“You are drunk Jeongguk.” says firmly Jimin, congratulating himself for his autocontrol. He knows anyone would take a situation like this as a big chance to get close to that person they like, Jimin should be doing it, he should allow Jeongguk to ravish him, kiss him, touch him. But no, he’s drunk and this is not okay, he reprimands himself. 

“But I wanna kiss you.” whines the younger with a sad pout and Jimin struggles hard with himself to not lean down and kiss his friend senseless all night. But he’s an adult, a responsible one, and doesn’t want to deal with a regretting Jeongguk in the morning. Also, Jimin knows he would feel bad if he took advantage of his best friend.

“We can keep doing it in the morning when you are sober, okay?” tries Jimin with a weak voice. Jeongguk’s drunk eyes study him for a couple of seconds, brown irises fixed on his face with such intensity that Jimin squirms a bit uncomfortable still sitting on the younger’s lap.

“Okay.” replies Jeongguk, barely a whisper, and then circles Jimin’s waist with both his arms and lays back on the bed, forcefully making Jimin rest all his weight atop of him. The older huffs surprised but allows Jeongguk to do as he pleases because he’s brain dead now; his heart is pumping blood furiously although he doesn’t know exactly where is it headed, and selfishly lets his body curl in Jeongguk’s warm embrace, because he knows in the morning the younger won’t remember any of it and things will go back to what they were before, as if this night never happened.

When Jeongguk wakes up is with a loud pumping on his head and his stomach churning painfully. The boy groans loudly and stirs on the bed, bones cracking and muscles loosening a bit its stiffness.

He sighs while rolling around to lay on his back, blinking his eyes open slowly and breathing calmly through his nose. For a second his brain panics at the unknown room he’s in, mentally scolding himself for getting so drunk that he doesn’t even know where he is, but a look at the wall in front of him and he exhales a sigh of relief. Jimin’s room is filled with posters and pics of Jimin himself and his friends and family. Jeongguk smiles softly at the memories sticked on the wall forming a mural, happy to be on most of them since childhood times.

Jeongguk sits up slowly trying to not get dizzy with the movement, but curses softly at himself as the room starts to spin anyways. He stays sitting on the edge of the bed for awhile until the nausea disappears and the dizziness is bearable enough to stand on his feet without stumbling much. He goes to the bathroom first to wash his face, allowing the cold water to awake his brain a little bit more before going to the kitchen where he can hear Jimin doing something, probably breakfast.

Jeongguk dares a look at himself in the mirror, cringing a little at the purple bags under his eyes and the tired face that greet him. He swears to himself and any deity out there that he’s not drinking that much ever again.

His socketed feet paw their way down the short hall, but it’s enough time on his own for his brain to start recounting all the things that happened the night before since he got to the bar until the moment he went to sleep.

All the memories sink in the moment he puts a foot in the kitchen, making him stop and stand like an idiot at the doorway just in time as Jimin turns around alerted by the sound of the younger’s feet and they lock gazes.

Jeongguk remembers, and by the look Jimin is giving him, the older knows Jeongguk can remember, he can’t play dumb now.

Jeongguk swallows hard, big doe-eyes looking at Jimin waiting for any kind of reaction, but the older simply stares at him dumbfounded too, both boys looking like gaping fishes out of water. Just when Jeongguk is about to say something Jimin’s soft voice cuts the tense silence.

“I made breakfast. I’m sure you must be hungry, you always eat a lot after a night of drinking.” Jimin adds a nervous chuckle that tried to be a casual laugh to lessen a bit the mood, but it turned out more awkward than anything else. He cuts the eye contact, and Jeongguk isn’t allowed to see anymore those brown eyes he adores so much.

They sit in silence, the ticking sound of the clock the only sound breaking the quietness of the kitchen. Jeongguk feels so awkward, and it’s the first time in all these years of friendship between them that he’s felt so uncomfortable with his best friend.

Jeongguk looks up at Jimin, his hyung’s head is hung low and staring with an intense gaze at his bow of cereal, the younger cringes in pain because he’s managed to ruin a perfect friendship so easily, just because he allowed himself to relax around Jimin and let his feelings act on their own.

“Hyung.” he says softly, but Jimin jumps surprised anyways, looking up to the younger as his Adam’s apple bobbles due nervousness.


“I’m sorry.” Jeongguk blurts out, feeling a thump forming on his throat. He’s ruined their friendship, he knows Jimin doesn’t feel the same and now must be really freaked out about what happened. “I’m sorry about last night, about the-the k-kiss.”

Jimin exhales slowly, ruffling his brown hair as his eyes drop to the bowl of cereal once again. Jeongguk sees the dark circles under Jimin’s eyes making him look tired and a bit old. Obviously Jimin didn’t sleep that well last night.

“I- it’s okay.” Jimin’s hand grabs the spoon and starts to stir the melted cereals soaked in milk. “we can pretend it didn’t happen, I know you were drunk and acted out of your character. No need to worry.” 

The smile Jimin offers looks so fake to Jeongguk, it’s not reassuring at all and doesn’t make the younger feel any less anxious. Also, Jimin’s words make him frown.

“I wasn’t out of character, hyung.” he says a bit louder than intended, but he feels a bust of confidence suddenly, remembering that Jimin kissed him back, and he thinks that maybe he should reveal his true feelings to his best friend now that the tip of the iceberg has been seen. All the feelings he tried to bottle up and ignore for years have been eating him alive and now he has the chance to spill it all out, even if that puts in danger their friendship.

Jimin looks at him with confusion swimming in his eyes and Jeongguk makes the final decision to tell him the truth. The younger sits straight on his chair, takes in a deep breath before he starts talking.

“I’m tired of hiding this from you hyung.” he starts with soft voice but determined eyes. He feels his leg start twitching under the table, a nervous habit of him. “I like you. I’ve liked you for years and I’m tired of pretending I’m just a friend to you, that you don’t matter to me as much as you do. You are the most important person in my life and I wouldn’t be lying if I say I love you.”

The silence between them is thick, Jeongguk feels his heart pumping hard in tandem with the thudding of his head, the nausea building up inside of him as his armpits start to sweat purposely. His body is creating a mix of a hangover with a panic attack as the realization that he has confessed finally hits him. Jeongguk forces himself to relax, now it’s not the moment to panic and end up throwing up the contents of his stomach in front of the love of his live (Jimin has seen worst of him, honestly, but Jeongguk would prefer to be rejected composed and looking decent at least.)

“Hyung?” Jeongguk tries to catch Jimin’s attention, the older seems to have spaced out at his confession and looks back at him with eyes double their size and mouth hanging open. Jeongguk squirms nervously in his seat, leg twitching up and down at a furious speed and he’s sure this is the first time in his entire and young life that he’s felt this nervous.

“I know I should have told you earlier but didn’t know how or when was the appropriate moment, we kind of have a perfect relationship, I mean, as best friends of course, and I didn’t want to ruin that so I decided to bottle it up and pretend I didn’t mind when you were dating other people and-“ the younger keeps rambling nervously, vomiting words like there’s no tomorrow and eyes wondering around the little kitchen without focus, so he’s not aware that Jimin has finally snapped out of it and has stood from his chair to circle the table to stand next to him. Jeongguk only stops talking when Jimin’s warm and soft hands grab him by the face, cupping his cheeks tenderly and turning his head to the side so they are staring into each other.

“I love you too, dammit.” whispers Jimin with a desperate undertone, and then leans down to connect their lips. It’s just a soft touch, lips pressed lightly against each other that barely lasts five seconds, but it’s enough to make their hearts get out of control.

They keep close, the tip of Jimin’s nose touching softly Jeongguk’s and they can’t muster up the courage to look away from each other.
“Really hyung? You also feel the same?” asks Jeongguk with a barely audible voice. Jimin  nods with a soft smile and fond stare and the younger can’t resist from pulling Jimin by the arm until his hyung is sitting on his lap, bringing back memories from last night.

“Yes, I’ve been in love with you since I can remember.” chuckles the older softly as his arm circles Jeongguk’s shoulder, his hand playing with the short hairs at the base of the other’s neck.

Jeongguk smiles wide, circling his arms around Jimin’s waist to press their bodies closer before leaning forward to lock lips again in a more heated kiss than before, putting into the touch all the passion and feelings that have been restrained for years and that they don’t need to hide anymore.

“Oh, by the way,” says Jimin distancing himself from Jeongguk’s lips. “you are not allowed go near tequila ever again if I’m not present, got it?”

Jeongguk laughs wholeheartedly before nodding and pecking Jimin’s lips softly again.


Ray is the youngest crime boss in the country and carries it all in tequila shots and new tattoos that litter tan skin and he’s constantly trying to keep his boys protected

Mama Michael the pilot who is always worried that Ray is too stressed and gently pulls the bottle from his hand but also if you mess with one of his boys he wiLL FUCK YOU UP

Hacker Ryan who trips over his own shadow and squeals at everything and asks weird fucking questions

Jack the psycho who wears an elf mask everywhere he goes and slices throats with a giggle and brands his victims

Gavin with a temper shorter than his nose who can make anything blow up in your face, even your fucking pen so click at your own risk

Sniper Geoff, shy and quiet but clever as well. The best shot in the country who wears the same pair of neon blue Vans everywhere he goes.

We “broke up” with our realtor they weren’t doing squat to sell our house. So we interviewed two realtors today. The first one parked like an idiot in the middle of our driveway so we couldn’t get in it. Then I was carrying Tequila (our trip to Casa la Parrot took longer than usual, Tequila had some bleeding toes). One of the guys started telling me how he had a bird like her but it flew out the door and it wouldn’t come back, but he could hear it in the tree even in the winter so he let it live outside. I was so pissed, how irresponsible. Then he asked if we could tie up my sister’s puppy.

The second one parked correctly, asked if he could see her (she was hiding in her tent), and even played with my sister’s puppy. Guess which realtor we went with.

How you park and how you treat animals is 90% of how I judge you.