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Beauty and The Beast
Susan Egan
Beauty and The Beast

Susan Egan performs “Beauty and The Beast” with the other Broadway Princesses at A Broadway Princess Party celebrating Broadway’s original ‘Belle,’ at Feinstein’s 54 Below.


Christy Altomare
Catherine Charlebois
Laura Osnes
Courtney Reed
Carrie St. Louis
Adrienne Warren
Teal Wicks
Alexandra Zorn

How Reed Instruments Cope With Reeds:
  • Saxophone: Doesn't even think about reeds. May not even know that they use a reed.
  • Clarinet: Spends a lifetime finding a good reed and then uses that same reed as long as possible because they know that no other reed will live up to the same standard and when they finally switch reeds they get sad because they don't sound as nice.
  • Oboe: Some say they cry, others say that the only reason they can cope is that they have no emotion whatsoever. However, no one will ever truly know how the oboe manages.
  • Bassoon: Carries reed around in an industrial-strength, bullet-proof, cushioned case with air-conditioning, heating, and a humidity controller.
HTTYD Marching Band AU

I was up until 3AM writing these, I don’t even know. 

Hiccup - Percussion

  • He’s an all-state oboe player but he has to play SOMETHING during marching band season.
  • He is actually very versatile and can play most percussion instruments but his inability to hold the heavy drums while marching limits him at first (until the growth spurt hits aka the magic of puberty oh glory to god in the highest).
  • Starts off playing mallet percussion and cymbals and gets a bunch of crap from Snotlout about only playing “wussy” instruments
  • The jokes stop soon after he starts playing snare drum. Y’all know those quick fingers can twirl a stick.  Y’all know. 
  • Is constantly guarding the cow bell from the wandering hands of Ruff and Tuff in the bleachers.
  • Gets super cranky toward the end of football season because why does it have to be so cold???????
  • Most likely to show up on game day with a wrinkled uniform or one missing glove. It’s not because he doesn’t care, he’s just super busy and something is forgotten near the end of the week. 

Astrid - Trumpet

  • There is no shinier instrument in the band than Astrid’s.
  • Takes solo auditions very seriously, even though she will undoubtedly receive every trumpet solo.
  • Is very territorial concerning where she sits (first chair in the trumpet section, the same seat in the bleachers for every home game, the aisle seat next to Hiccup on the band bus)
  • Can spot an incorrect roll step from 40 yards down the field.
  • Keeps a very strict practice schedule with a color coded calendar. 
  • Finds it incredibly arousing when Hiccup curses quietly under his breathe after breaking a drumstick.
  • Gives Snotlout really great pep talks if she thinks he’s getting nervous before a show, even if he won’t admit it. 

Snotlout - Trombone

  • “You know Astrid, it takes a lot of muscle and stamina to hold up an instrument of this size OUCH OK OK sorry-”
  • So many American Pie: Band Camp jokes. So. Many. 
  • Helped Tuffnut sew the color guard flags but don’t tell anyone it’s a secret ok? 
  • Can be seen rocking a Bro Tank™ every day of band camp, ever.
  • Keeps the cleanest uniform, always wants to look sharp. 
  • Gets really nervous if he sees his dad in the stands.
  • Most likely to be yelled at for being out of formation on the sidelines while waiting for the halftime show to start (flirting with a cheerleader or football player of course)

Fishlegs - Piccolo

  • Carries a laminated binder of all drill sheets throughout band camp, just in case anyone should need a reference.
  • Reviews performance footage with Astrid over lunch the Monday after a show.
  • Takes meticulous care of his instrument (it may even be shinier than Astrid’s on occasion but he doesn’t want to risk a punch by asserting the  idea)
  • Keeps a small bag with sunscreen and extra water bottles nearby during outdoor rehearsal just in case anyone gets dehydrated.
  • Is a very attentive section leader, always checking in to make sure the freshmen are keeping up and answering their questions.

Tuffnut - Color Guard

  • Designed and sewed all the flags used by the guard during a week of in-school suspension.
  • Regularly calls his sister a butt-faced troll but always carries extra reeds for her in his uniform pocket just in case she needs them (he’s a cinnamon roll, fight me).
  • If he wasn’t a color guard captain he would definitely be the school mascot.
  • Performed his whole sophomore season with two broken wrists due to a freak slip ‘n slide accident at the ‘end of band camp’ celebration. He refers to it as his “finest season.”
  • Names all the flags, apologizes to it if he drops one.

Ruffnut - Saxophone

  • Snotlout jokes about American Pie: Band Camp. Ruffnut lives it. 
  • No one has ever seen Ruffnut practice her instrument outside of band practice but she can effortlessly play all of her parts. ***Flawless.
  • Most likely to trash talk the opposing team/fans from the stands on game day.
  • Ruff loves embarrassing Hiccstrid by sneaking up behind them while they’re standing together and playing saxophone selections of obviously romantic/sexual songs.  Some favorites include Careless Whisper, Talk Dirty, and Smooth Operator.
  • Those screams you hear in the distance are the result of Ruffnut beating Tuff with his flag pole. 

{Headcanons are based on my band knowledge/experiences from many years ago so if my terminology is wrong or different from your school’s band program sorry not sorry I’m doing the best I can.}

245: Jack and the Strangers

Once upon a time Jack was visiting his kinfolks down in Greenbrier Holler. Every year, in the dead of winter, Jack’s aunt and uncle would have a big party at their cabin to fight off the cold, and they would have all the families from the holler over for a night of eatin’ and dancin’ and general merriment. 

Well the much anticipated night rolled around again and Jack’s aunt and uncle’s cabin was full of kin and friends from all around the hills. Despite the snow and bitter cold a band showed up to play, and folks were dancin’ and having a good ole time when all of a sudden a knock comes at the door. Jack went over and opened the door and an old man stood there holding a banjo in one hand and an old rucksack in the other. “How do sir?” The old man asked. “Couldn’t be better if I was in a barrel of gold!” Jack replied. “If you would permit me,” the old man said, “I’d play you this here banjo for some food and a bed to rest my head? 

Well Jack was the kind of person that would give a polecat a bed to sleep in, so he brought the old man into the cabin, sat him down by the fire, and loaded him up a plate of beans and cornpone. “Everyone!” Jack yelled, “Our guest is gonna play us a song.”

The crowd quieted down while the old man warmed the skin of the banjo beside the fire. He strummed a few notes then started playing just about the prettiest song Jack had ever heard. 

Well pretty soon Jack was starting to feel sleepy. “It must have been the good food and good dancin’.” He thought to himself. So he leaned himself up against the wall to listen to that pretty ballad plucked by their guest. “I’ll just shut my eyes a spell.” He thought, and as his eyes closed he saw everybody else in the room start laying out on beds and couches and some people were flat out on the wood floor. Everyone hushed up and started dozin’ off. 

The old man sang some words, but Jack could barely make them out:

This song I…yer head…fine…yer house…yer gold…

Jack woke up suddenly to the smell of a fire, and looking around folks were in a tizzy running out of the smoke filled cabin. Jack jumped up and ran out into the yard with the rest of his folks. It was broad daylight outside, “We must have slept through the night!” Jack said to his aunt. Jack’s uncle said it must have been that stranger that they’d invited in, but Jack and his aunt hushed the man sayin’ it was always bad luck to turn away a stranger. 

A year passed by and the party night was here already. Jack and his kinfolks had lit the bonfires and were celebrating with plenty of food and dancin’ in his aunt and uncle’s brand new cabin. Just as Jack started dancin’ with pretty Margaret from up the holler, a knock came at the door to the cabin. Jack rushed over and there standing in the doorway was an old beggar woman carrying a reed flute in one hand and a worn out potato sack in the other. “A fine night sir!” The old woman said. “A fine night!” Jack replied. “If you would permit me,” the old woman said, “I’d play you this here flute for some food and a bed to rest my head?”

Despite the protests from Jack’s uncle, he invited the old woman inside the cabin, sat her down by the fire, and loaded her up a plate of beans and cornpone. “Everyone!” Jack yelled, “Our guest is gonna play us a song.”

The old woman took out her long reed flute and started playing the prettiest melody Jack had ever heard. Pretty soon he and the other guests were plumb tuckered out and everyone took a seat on chairs or on the floor. Some lay out under blankets, others piled up in the corners of the cabin, pretty soon everyone was fast asleep. 

The old woman started to sing some words, but again Jack could barely make them out:

This song I…yer head…fine…yer house…yer gold…

Jack woke up to a similar scene as he had the year before. The cabin was all full of smoke and everyone was running around like headless turkeys trying to get out of the place. Out in the yard Jack’s uncle was a-ravin’ and a-rantin’ about the stranger they’d dare let into their house again. Jack’s aunt hushed the man up telling him that no one should be left out in the cold. 

Well Jack helped his aunt and uncle build their cabin again for a whole year. They were fast approaching the party night and Jack was sure to not let anything bad happen this time. So he went up the holler to old Mr. Green’s cabin. Everyone said that old Mr. Green was a witch but nobody ever dared call him that, and Jack always figured the man was probably just more wise to the ways of the world than anybody else was. 

Jack told the old conjurer about what had happened the last two years and Mr. Green told him not to worry then handed him an old hatchet. “What’s this for?” Jack asked. “Jack,” Mr. Green replied, “you make sure your aunt and uncle has their party, and when that beggar comes to the house you let them in, feed them, set them there by the fire, and when they play their song you hold that hatchet up to your head and it will make sure you won’t fall asleep, but you have to close your eyes and act like you’re asleep like the others.” 

Jack took the axe and knew exactly what he had to do. He rushed back to his aunt and uncle’s cabin and set them to cleaning and cooking for the party they were sure to have that evening. 

Around midnight and everyone was a-rompin’ and a-dancin’ and having the nicest time, when there come a knock at the door to the cabin. Jack rushed over and there in the doorway stood a little orphan child with a fiddle in one hand and a handkerchief sack in the other. “Please sir,” the child said in a soft voice, “if you’d let me, I’d play you this here fiddle for some food and a bed to rest my head?” 

Jack just smiled and brought the child into the house. He sat him right there by the fire, and gave him plenty to eat just like Mr. Green had said, then quieted everyone in the cabin down. “Go ahead and play somethin’ fer us.” Jack said. 

The orphan boy took out his fiddle and started playing the nicest, prettiest song any of them had ever heard, and as the crowd started getting sleepier and sleepier Jack quickly sat down over on one wall and hid himself behind some flour sacks. He held the hatchet up to his head and even though he had his eyes closed he didn’t fall asleep like the others. 

Pretty soon the boy began to sing and this time Jack heard the words:

This song I play,
That you may lay
Yer head on a piller fine.

Yer house is nice,
You’ll pay the price,
For all yer gold is mine!

When the boy was finished playing Jack opened his eyes just a little bit to see him taking off his skin like it was a coat, and there underneath was a strange feathery critter with a face like a possum, with hands like owl claws, and feet like two goat legs. The critter quickly set to gathering up all the coins and jewelry from the pockets of the guests asleep and snoring there on the floor. Then Jack saw him go over to where his uncle hid all the family loot tucked in behind a rock on the mantle and he pocketed that too!

Jack quietly got to his feet and crept up behind the critter while he was busy stuffing all the money and gold into his handkerchief sack. And just as the beast was about to spit fire out and burn the cabin down Jack went SWISH! SWISH! with the hatchet a cut the critter’s head clean off. 

The next morning Jack’s aunt and uncle and all their kinfolks started waking up and much to their surprise the sun was shining and the cabin was still in one piece. “This year’s party,” Jack’s uncle said, “was a mighty success I reckon!” And Jack’s aunt asked him where’d their stranger had gone to, but Jack just told her that the boy had played and played before Jack let him sleep up in the loft, then, this morning, a nice preacher and his wife came and took the boy to live at their house. 

To this day Jack never did mention that strange critter to his aunt and uncle, never did say nothing about talking to Mr. Green, nor about the magic hatchet. “Best not worry them.” Jack thought to himself. 

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Psycho: Prologue

 4 folders.

4 cases.

4 crazy, sadistic men.

One turns his victims into players for his sick games.

One keeps trophies of lovers come and gone.

One’s quest for revenge turned into a quest to quench his bloodlust.

and one uses people as lab rats for his toxins.

Two are brothers.

Two are the greatest of friends.

You wondered how none of them could not know about the other? Perhaps they do? Perhaps they help each other out in some way, but they tend to stay out of each other’s business for the most part. You heard the Harries brothers hadn’t lived in the same country for years before being reunited in the hospital. Dan and Phil split ages ago, though they keep in regular contact with one another. Sitting at your desk in the precinct, the buzz of the day floating around you as people answered phone calls, made arrests, signed warrants, and filed reports, you looked at the four files laid out in front of you.

Jack Harries, age 20, sent to Ashworth Hospital in 2011 after charged with the murder of Celestine Bebeau, Sven Bosnik, Amelia Burns and Reginald Ferguson. Harries referred to all his crimes as ‘games’, making these elaborate traps for his victims. Most of them involved the victim performing some sort of impossible task within a certain amount of time or 'the game ended’. He shows no empathy or sympathy for his victims; has completely disregard for right and wrong, and can adapt himself to any sort of situation. One minute he can be a charming, handsome boy from London, and then a homicidal maniac with an insanity streak. HIGH RISK. POSSIBLY ARMED. APPROACH WITH CAUTION.

Finn Harries, 20, sent to Ashworth Hospital in 2012 after the dismemberment of his last girlfriend, Stacey Williams. The police found Stacey cut into several small pieces in a locked freezer in Harries’s basement. Her body showed signs of bondage, torture and sexual assault before finally being stabbed to death. They soon found several other bodies all buried in his backyard also dismembered, frozen and placed in bags. Identification took weeks as Harries had removed fingers, toes, teeth and any other forms of identification off the bodies, as well as Harries refusing to name his last victims.  An obvious sociopath, Harries also suffers from a bi-polar disorder that causes him to lash out at random times if not medicated. His arrogance cost him his freedom, though he certainly got that back recently. HIGH RISK. ARMED AND DANGEROUS. APPROACH WITH CAUTION.

Daniel Howell, 22, sent to Broadmoor Hospital in 2010 after the death of his former classmate, Jacob Reeds. Howell snuck into Reed’s home late one afternoon and repeatedly stabbed the man in the back fifty times. When searching his home, police found evidence of pictures of Reed and another woman. Carol, Reed’s wife, said she filed for divorce and custody of their one-year-old son. Reed carried a drinking problem, which Howell took advantage of. The woman in the photos, when interviewed, claimed Howell came to her and offered her money to make his friend happy. She accepted. Reeds-known for cheating-gave into her charms right away. All Howell did was take photos from afar and send them to Carol. Reeds’s world revolved around his wife and son. Howell demolished it in a single picture. Doctors at Broadmoor learned his motive: Dan had been horrendously bullied as a child, which later effected his psyche. Suffering from bouts of anxiety, paranoia, manic-depression and insomnia, Howell was on various medications before his escape from Broadmoor. HIGH RISK. ARMED AND DANGEROUS. APPROACH WITH CAUTION.

Philip Lester, 27, sent to Broadmoor Hospital in 2011 after convicted of murdering an entire family he lived with for a few years. In his bedroom, police discovered several kinds of plants and animals that are known to carry particular kinds of toxins. In his chemistry set, it appeared Lester had been mixing or strengthen the toxins. His victims included: Jeffery Thompson, Frieda Penn, and Mr. James and Mrs. Sheila Thatcher and their children Alexander (13) and Gwyneth (9).  He played the people around him into believing his sweet, simple persona when underneath hid a sociopathic killer who enjoyed controlling lives. Doctors are unable to decide whether Lester enjoyed the power he had over others with his poisons, venoms and toxins or if he found it pleasurable considering the way Penn was discovered naked in her bed. When he escaped from the hospital, his first blip in the radar came from an exotic plant shop in India. Not much of a threat physically, it is recommended to remain cautious around him. MEDIUM RISK. DANGEROUS AND POSSIBLY ARMED. APPROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION.

They all managed to escape their hospitals around the same time. You assumed Dan and Phil helped one another, since you knew full well the Harries brothers would rather turn one another in than help out. All you needed was that one…

'Y/N!’ Your partner, Will Darbyshire, rushed towards you through the station. You saw excitement buzzing in his eyes.

'What? What’d you find?’

'Jack’s made the first strike,’ Will said. 'I got a call a few minutes ago from a patrol near the docks. He says we’ll be interested in taking a look.’

'Do you think it’s him?’

'The way he described it, yes it is…’

And so the game is on….

anonymous asked:

Homeland rewatch question: when Carrie lies to Lynne Reed about having protection for her- is that the first example in Homeland of her using someone to achieve an end? Mission over man, if you will? And thanks for the rewatch challenge! Though a firm believer in the quinnspiracy, I needed a break.

GOD, Lynne Reed is the first in a long line of women who are done so, so, SO unbearably wrong by this show. 

But I think that the first demonstration of Carrie putting mission over man is in Carrie herself when she attempts to… ugh, you’re gonna make me say it, but when she attempts to seduce Saul to get her way re: Brody surveillance. 

Lynne is the first on-screen casualty, though.

So one time I was at a rehearsal for an orchestra and we were having a break and the conductor before she let us outside told us to tell music jokes to relax and everybody went around saying normal cute music jokes like “a C, Eb, and G walk into a bar. The bartender said, sorry, we don’t serve minors here” and stuff like that

Anyways my turn came up and I said “you are lost in the woods and you run into Santa, an in-tune cello, and an out-of-tune cello. Who do you ask for help?” And the room was fucking silent and I said “the out of tune cello because the rest are imaginary!!”

And the cellists freaking RIOTED and the entire orchestra started screaming REKT and that’s the story of how I ended up with all of my reeds snapped in half when I got back from break