carrie james

okay but just imagine sirius being quidditch commentator/gossip queen
  • ‘just letting everyone know that gryffindor captain james is very single and very ready to mingle if your name is lily evans’
  • ‘jones is no doubt slightly distracted by the fact his girlfriend cheated on him, sorry ‘bout that mate’
  • ‘no eliza i will not ask remus out for you’
  • ‘if flemming was as good at flirting as he is at blocking goals then maybe he wouldn’t have been rejected by dorcas meadowes last week’
  • ‘benjy stop laughing and start playing you’re not as funny as you think you are’
  • ‘to the person who asked if emmeline vance had a boyfriend i’m just gonna tell you now you’re not good enough for her’
  • ‘excellent beating from lockley there, managing to nearly knock out turner whilst maintaining that perfect hair, how does he do it?’
  • ‘yes professor this is all highly important informatio… no it’s not nonsense…. look now you’ve made me miss a goal’
  • ‘lily evans says she’ll go on a date with james potter if he scores thirteen times - don’t smirk you bastard you’ll never do it’
  • ‘gryffindor’s daley has seen the snitch! oh wait he’s lost it. now daley was it you i saw trip down the stairs yesterday?’
  • ‘and turner passes to west who passes to samson who - drops it. its important to note none of the ravenclaw chasers are speaking to each other, i don’t know why, only that it involves a bottle of firewhiskey, a game of truth or dare, and west’s pet cat’
  • ‘dorcas meadowes would like it to be known she rejected flemming because she has no obligation to date someone just because they think she’s hot’
  • ‘update on the james and lily situation; james has scored eight goals and lily has now got JP painted on her cheek’
  • ‘if tom denvers can afford the new nimbus then he can bloody afford to pay me the four galleons he owes me’
  • ‘gryffindor now lead 140 - 70, peter pettigrew really needs gryffindor to win or he has to pay lois knight ten sickles and then he won’t be able to buy me a birthday present’
  • ‘if ravenclaw would hurry up and lose so we can start the party that would be great’
  • ‘party? i don’t know who gave you the impression there would a party tonight professor’
  • ‘of course i’m sure, professor, i would know if there was a party happening tonight. i can assure you there isn’t a party in the gryffindor common room at seven-thirty pm. if there was though i would tell gideon prewett to bring his own bloody firewhiskey this time because i’m not paying for his ridiculous drinking habits’
  • ‘oh james scored again, him and evans are both smiling far too much if you ask me’
  • ‘yes marlene i did say seven-thirty pm. what do you mean you’re busy?’

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical | Cast

Chris McCarrell as Percy Jackson
Kristin Stokes as Annabeth Chase
George Salazar as Grover Underwood
Carrie Compere as Sally Jackson
James Hayden Rodriguez as Luke Castellan
Jonathan Raviv as Poseidon 

Happy Birthday Remus Lupin

Remus: *wakes up to the sound of whispering* 

James: He’s going to love it. 

Peter: He’s not going to love it. Remember the last time?

James: Nonsense, last time was a huge success. 

Peter: He told us no last time. 

Sirius: His mouth may have said no… but his eyes were screaming yes! 

James: This time he’s going to say yes. I have a feeling… in my gut. 

Sirius: That’s indigestion. But yes… he’s going to say yes. 

Peter: *sighs* Face it guys… he doesn’t want to be our friend. 

Sirius: Pfft, that’s ridiculous. Everyone wants to be my friend.  

Peter: Not him. Just leave the poor guy alone. You guys have been at this for months. 

James: Oh ye of little faith. 

Sirius: It’s his birthday! No one wants to spend their birthday alone! 

James: Yeah, they’d much rather spend it ransacking the kitchen for chocolate cake and butterbeer.

Sirius: *loudly* Lots… and lots of chocolate cake. 

James: *louder* As much as we can carry! 


James: *whispers* You think he heard us? 

Remus: *throws aside his curtains and sighs* … You guys are idiots… *grins* Let’s get some cake.  

supergirl 2x16 (without mon-el)

This 25-minute edit is actually much longer than I thought it would be- THANK RAO!

HD version of 2x16 that is entirely free of mon-ew’s face.
Disclaimer: other characters still talk about him unfortunately. 

Y'know how we call Ryan the walking armory? But like, what about fake chop???
The first time Aleks gets arrested for real, the arresting officer spends over ten minutes pulling knives from places he didn’t know you could hide knives. They have a bin of over thirty and when asked about it he just shrugs and says ‘self defence man.’ The officers are entirely sure he’s got more knives tucked away but give up after the ten minute mark and just put him in a cell. Sure enough, he’s out in just under an hour, knives and all with no sign other than the pried open cell window.
Brett is just fucking weird. He gets pulled over and once recognized, taken in for questioning about fake chop. But when they search his jacket they find knives and a few hand guns tucked away in pockets they are sure have been added to the jacket. When asked about the rest of his weapons he pulls two hunting knives out of his boots and shrug. The lspd invest in better stab-proof vests.
James and Trevor are taken in together, a mistake the lspd will live to regret. Neither has many weapons, a gun and switch blade each, but James has fucking smoke grenades. “Photorealistic smoke effects” he insists when questioned. They try to take them all but miss two and the precinct smells like smoke for a month.


In the early 2000s ,James Blunt was a struggling musician. He lived with iconic actress Carrie Fisher, the two met through mutual friends. Their subsequent friendship became a bond so strong, that James Blunt refers to Carrie as his “American Mom”.  

”Carrie fed me soup, showed me old movies and put a cardboard figure of her in Star Wars outside my room to protect me.”

Carrie Fisher became James’ friend and confidant. She was there  emotionally when James was struggling with PTSD brought on by his service in the British military. James Blunt’s debut album “Back To Bedlam” was partially recorded in Carrie’s bathroom because Blunt could not afford a studio. Carrie also contributed to the name of the album, James Blunt wasn’t familiar with the concept of Bedlam before meeting Carrie. The origin of the word “bedlam” describes chaos or madness. Like Blunt, Fisher also had a battle with mental illness. 

Carrie told everyone and anyone about James’ talent. Whenever her friends came over, she would play James’ songs to people Soon after, James found extreme success. Back to Bedlam was the best selling album in the UK in the 2000s.  The album has gone platinum ten times.

James and Carrie remained close friends. He was Carrie’s date to the premiere of Star Wars:The Force Awakens.