carrie is the queen of sass



(Y/n) twirled her dagger in her hand a few times, trying to get used to the feeling once again. After arriving in Storybrooke with her father, almost everyone had asked her to stop carrying it around. They knew the rumours about the vicious pirate’s daughter, she wasn’t nicknamed ‘Red Handed Jill’ for no reason. But when Henry was captured by Pan and brought back to Neverland – the place she had visited many a time, but at much younger ages – she knew it was again time to bring it out.

               She practiced a few swipes, eyes narrowed in concentration. She adjusted her balance, rolling her shoulders and beginning again. She had never Pan but she knew from her father’s stories he was tricky demon. He looked like a harmless young boy, but he was much more than that. She understood that on some level, everyone was always underestimating her. Then she’d pull a knife on them and their opinion would change very quickly.

               “What’re you doing out here all on your own, love?” she froze, listening as the figure emerged from the bushes behind her “Didn’t anyone warn you, it’s dangerous here at night. There are many monsters”

               “I know of only one monster” she spun round on her heel, cocking her head to the side “And he’s standing right in front of me”

               Peter looked taken aback for a moment but quickly regained composer, sauntering toward her.

               “Now that wasn’t very nice-“

               “Not a step closer or I put a knife in your chest”

               He froze, watching the calm determined look in her eye. There was no way. She was no older than he was – well, what age he appeared to be. She was bluffing. She had to be.

               But there was something unnerving about those (Y/ec) eyes. She was so sure of herself. He wasn’t going to deny he found that attractive.

               “Who are you?” he asked, a slight smirk in the corner of his mouth.

               “Why would you like to know?” she countered, holding his icy stare easily.

               “You interest me” he confessed “You don’t look like the killer type, yet you hold that knife with years of practice in your hands”

               “We both know not to judge a book by its cover, Pan”

               “I suppose so” He nodded his head, slowly.

               The two were silent for a few moments, before Peter let out a light chuckle. He now recognised her. The Captain’s daughter, the little child who had toddled around Neverland’s most dangerous parts as if it were nothing but a simple playground. He had always found it very amusing, but had never confronted her until now.

               “What?” she snapped, not liking the way he was acting.

               “Oh nothing (Y/n)” he sighed, cracking his neck “Now, shall we get this over with”

               Without hesitation the girl lunged for him, foot work perfect. Her dagger just brushed the material of his shirt before he disappeared before her very eyes, reappearing behind her. He promptly wrapped his arms around her, nose brushing against her neck. He could feel her racing pulse, making him grin.

               “How-“she took a moment to calm down, still in shock “How do you know my name?”

               “Oh I know all about you, Red Handed Jill” Peter whispered, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end “The small girl, who never knew her mother was. The innocent child who became a bloodthirsting legend”

               “You only think you know me, Pan”, she slid her hand down her thigh, grabbing at her secret knife “That is the mere tip of the iceberg, monster

               She spun out of his grasp quickly, aiming the knife for his eye. Naturally he caught it, but he held her arm there, staring straight into her wild (Y/ec) eyes.

               “Aren’t we full of surprises?” Peter licked his lips out of habit, keeping a steady hold on her wrist.

               “I could say the same about you” she snorted “You did just teleport after all”

               “That is the mere tip of the iceberg, love” he mimicked, making the girl roll her eyes.

               He trailed his free hand down her face, playing with a strand of her (Y/hc) hair.

               “Until next time, sweet (Y/n)” he pushed her back – gently than he normally would – before walking off back into the bushes.

               (Y/n) blew him a sarcastic kiss, throwing her knife this time, so it landed just at the side of his head, stuck deep in the bark of a tree.

               “Next time I won’t miss”


After a long series of events, (Y/n) had agreed to take Henry’s place, meaning everyone else had left for home. Her father was very against the trade, however, she had promised she would escape somehow. But, the more time she spent on Neverland, the less likely that escape plan became. She was enjoying herself far too much.

               She sat with Felix, sharpening her knife and making small talk. But she could feel the pair of eyes burning into the back of her head. Peter was here. Peter was watching.

               He was always keeping an eye on her, always looking out for her. In a way she appreciated it, but she always wondered why.

               Well, now she was going to ask him. She had had quite enough tiptoeing around the situation.

               She sauntered over to the tree he was leaning against, eyes narrowed.

               “You got a problem, Pan?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

               “No” he frowned “Why?”

               “Just from where I was sitting you looked a little jealous” she smirked, raising her eyebrows “You got something you need to confess to me”

               “Don’t be ridiculous” he snapped, rolling his eyes “I am not jealous because you were talking to Felix”

               “Oh really?” she drawled “So you wouldn’t mind if I go back over there, and, oh I don’t know, kiss him”

               She watched as something snapped in his eyes. He said nothing for a few moments, trying to suppress his anger.

               “Fine” Peter shrugged “If you want to so badly, who am I to stop you?”

               “Okay” she grinned cheekily, barely moving two steps before he grabbed at her.

               “Not so fast” he growled, latching onto her upper arm “I have a proposition”

               “Go on” she grinned, not minding how close he pulled her.

               “You will be known as my Queen, you will help with all major decisions on the island…”He suggested.

               “But” she narrowed her eyes “Come on now Pan, there must be a catch”

               “No kissing the other boys”

               “So you were jealous”


               “Yes you totally were”

               “Is it a yes or no?”

               “Hmmm” she placed a finger on her chin dramatically “Do I get to leave if I want to?”

               “I suppose”


               She reached up at placed a kiss firmly on his cheek. (Y/n) snorted at his shocked expression, pleased the reaction she had gotten out of him.

               “You never said I couldn’t kiss you” she sang, skipping away.

               He watched her go.

               The Queen of Neverland. The Queen of Sass. The Queen of his heart.


Sass Queen Pt. 2

Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

Part 1: x

Word count: 572

 All your friends are getting dancing on the Pit to celebrate they’re now Dauntless members. Unlike them, you decided to come to the Chasm, humming to yourself while you hear the water rushing down there. It reminds you of the day you were told about what happens when you get too old here. You don’t think about this, actually, is hard to think about anything else but Eric.

 “I thought you’d celebrate. Second place is something rare for a little girl like you.”

 “Goodnight, Dauntless leader.” You happily declare, a smirk on your face. “May I ask what you want?”

 “Four came to tell me that if I ask you out, you’d say yes.” He comes to stand beside you, looking down at the water. “I want to know if that’s true.”

 “So he did tell you that.” You turn your face to him. “You took too long, don’t you think?”

 “It’s forbidden for a Leader to get involved with an initiate.”

 “Since when you follow the rules?”

 “Since I noticed it tortured you.”

 “Tortured me?” Eric is unbelievable. Of course, he just got worse with you, making crystal clear to you and to everyone that he had an interest in you.

 “I would invite you to have a dinner but I heard you speaking with your friends about walking around the city.”

 “I like being outside, feeling the wind touching my skin.” 

 “Meet here tomorrow at eight.”

 “Maybe.” You leave a soft kiss on his cheek, smiling as you walk away, looking back before turning around the corner.

 You’re late and you know it. You want to make him wait. When you finally get there, you stop on your track. Eric’s holding a single red rose, and he hands it to you when you get closer. The gesture surprises you since Eric is all about being rough and never being romantic. You take the rose, a shy smile on your lips.

 “This is unexpected.”


 “The rose. You’re not…”

 “Romantic?” He interrupts you, kissing your cheek. “I’ve heard that you like romantic.”

 “I don’t want you to pretend to be something you’re not.”

 “I’m not pretending. Just promise me you won’t tell anyone that I’m actually a nice guy.”

 “Okay.” Giving another look on your rose, you start to walk. “Let’s go.”

 The air is fresh and the soft wind plays with your hair. Eric’s holding your hand while you walk through the empty streets. Is better than you expected. Eric is better than you expected. You’re happy to find the man behind the metal mask he wears everywhere he goes. Right now, he’s not a Leader, he’s just Eric.

 “So, sass queen, how’s gonna be your life now?”

 “Sass Queen?” You ask, stopping and resting your back against a dark green wall.

 “That’s the nickname I gave you.”

 “I like it.” Eric steps closer, way too close. “I don’t go fast. I’m romantic, remember? ” You whisper, pushing him away.

 “If you want slow, we’ll go slow. Apparently, you’re the queen here.”

 “I’ll be the queen and you’ll be the king.” With a smile on your face, you jump in his arms, and Eric quickly picks you up bridal style. “Now my King can carry his Queen back home.”

 “We’re perfect for each other.” He slowly walks back to the Dauntless compound, a laugh escaping his lips.

 “I know it very well, handsome man.”

 “Of course you do, beautiful woman.”

anonymous asked:

can I have a got7 reaction when they accidently injure you, please XD

Sorry it took a while dear!! Thank you so very much for requesting✨

Mark //
This boy would straight up freeze the second that he realised he injured you at all, with his eyes wider than ever. He’d apologise over and over and over and feel genuinely awful about it. To make up for it he’d take you out for food and then maybe to the cinema too, even though you’d insist that you were fine now “No, no, no, Y/N, it’s the least I can do, trust me”

Jaebum //
Would be laughing at you on the floor until he realised that you were actually hurt. Then he’d quickly scramble to your side and be so apologetic for injuring you. He’d offer to make you food or something at the dorm and a movie night in with the boys (of your choice) because he knows how much you love that

Jackson //
Screams the second he sees you fall. Extremely over the top about it all, promises he’ll do everything for you for a week, including carrying you around your daily life tasks. This sweet angel would beat himself up so much for hurting you even when you tell him that honestly it’s fine

Jinyoung //
Sass Queen Jinyoung would tell you you deserve it and turn his head up facing away from you with a little sigh, but then when he saw you crying he’d completely regret what he just said and would wrap you up with his arms, keeping you tight to his chest making sure that you know he does love you really and that he was just teasing

Youngjae //
Would feel so awful and would be so panicked about what to do, even if you told him it was okay because it was an accident he’d totally beat himself up about it and feel awful, so he’d be extra sweet to you for a long time after it

BamBam //
He’d laugh at first, until he realised you were actually hurt and then he’d feel really bad, so he’d cheer you up by treating you to a little gift, even though you said it’s fine. Would probably also make a meme out of you hurting yourself and bring it up a lot in the future

Yugyeom //
Would feel so bad for initially laughing when you got hurt, but then he’d be so sweet to you to make up for it, he’d also offer to do aegyo for you to cheer you up bc he knows how much you love it

About the sneak peek of 2x20

(all of this are pure speculations on my part, based on what we’ve seen plus a read of the shadowhunters wikia, no I did not read the books, excuse me for every mistake, disclaimer over)

I understand that Magnus is obviously putting on an act, and that many would see his behavior as unnecessarily hurtful but here’s a thing. 

I liked his anger. I liked his sass. I liked the defiance, and I liked the fact that he seemed like he didn’t give a single damn about Alec and Shadowhunters. 

I firmly believe that this is not entirely an act. Let me explain to you what I mean by that. Forget it’s Alec he’s talking to. See it as a Shadowhunter and Magnus Bane. 

Magnus has given so much to the Shadowhunters, in the last season, but also in his life, for trivial prices. He got paid, sometimes, for highly dangerous and highly costly magic to him. How many of those who are/were his oppressors as he saved? And for what? They obviously don’t really care about him or his people, seeing how they treat Catarina, how he barely had time to mourn Ragnor before he had to help again. 

Magnus has made the Clave, and the New York Institute dependant on his magic. He’s violated Clave laws a number of times (as seen in his case file in 2x05) and it’s not as if he’s actually hiding. He could have been arrested any day. But the Clave knows he could take down the wards of the Institute, and they also know how important to the Downworld he is. So they let him be, though forgetting along the way that he’s not the Clave’s pet warlock. 

How long has Magnus waited to finally tell the Clave to fuck off? That’s what I’m asking.

Because there, right there in the sneak peek, we saw a Magnus that could finally blow them off because they were no longer the burden he had to carry for the safety of his people. His people are with the Queen, they are temporarily safe, the Clave is NO LONGER the ones protecting the Downworld. Magnus is free. 

How does he show that? By sassing the hell out of the one asking for things. He knows they need him, of course they do. They are little and he’s strong, and he’s done everything for them. They don’t know how to exist without him. Without warlocks. 

He’s relieved that he doesn’t have to bow down anymore. He’s almost jubilating. He’s taking back everything. He’s never been loyal to the Clave and now they are starting to realize that he’s not a given. 

Magnus isn’t a pet warlock, that you can call whenever. Magnus Bane is one of the most powerful warlocks alive. He doesn’t care about your little things, but he’ll get his hands dirty if he has to save his people. That’s the only reason behind his actions. Not Alec. Not himself. Not Shadowhunters. His people. And it has ALWAYS been.

Maybe he’s also putting on an act, because Alec is standing in front of him. But had it been anyone else? Oh, Magnus would have been snatching their wigs off. 


63 Songs You Need In Your Life This Month

1. British singer-songwriter ROMANS’ soulful, euphoric “Uh Huh.”
2. Little Mix’s unapologetically bubblegum “Black Magic.”
3. Hit-Boy’s woozy twilight anthem “Go All Night (ft. Travis Scott).”
4. Reggae meets pop-punk on Twenty One Pilots’ genre-bending “Ride.”
5. Country singer Kelsea Ballerini picks up where Taylor Swift left off on the twangy “Xo.”
6. Years & Years continue to rule the dance floor with the effervescent “Shine.”
7. French-Canadian singer Cœur de pirate gets an assist from Peter Bjorn and John’s Björn Yttling on “Carry On.”
8. Synthpop trio Wet’s breathy, delicate “Deadwater.”
9. Bebe Rexha’s bittersweet EDM ballad “Sweet Beginnings.”
10. Major Lazer’s latest synth-heavy dance-hall banger, “Too Original (ft. Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell).”
11. Willow Smith continues her alt-R&B experimentations on “WEEPINGWILOUGH/LETSGOTOMECCA (ft. Mecca Kalani).”
12. Grunge queen Courtney Love returns to her roots on the snarling “Miss Narcissist.”
13. Ascendant grime star Jammz’s hard-hitting “Final Warning.”
14. ASAP Rocky’s wobbly, intoxicating ode to psychedelics, “L$D.”
15. Tori Kelly’s good-girl sass is front and center on the ’90s-esque “Unbreakable Smile.”
16. Long Beach native Vince Staples’ sparse, ominous “Señorita.”
17. Sage the Gemini’s sultry, pulsating “Good Thing (ft. Nick Jonas).”
18. Tink pays homage to R&B goddess Aaliyah on “Million.”
19. London-based rapper Tinie Tempah’s joyful Jess Glynne collab, “Not Letting Go.”
20. Albert Hammond Jr.’s breezy, guitar-driven “Born Slippy.”
21. British electro outfit’s Hot Chip sneaker-inspired meditation on the passage of time, “Huarache Lights.”
22. Luke Bryan makes a bid for pop radio with his latest tailgate anthem, “Kick the Dust Up.”
23. Paul Thomas Zito’s spacey, NASA-sampling “Cosmonaut (ft. Phil Jacoby).”
24. Rita Ora’s “Poison” is a deceptively sweet track about the appeals of toxic relationships.
25. U.K. producer Hudson Mohawke’s relentlessly bright party-starter, “Scud Books.”
26. Country star Jake Owen’s quirky, Sugar Ray–inspired “Real Life.”
27. “Cerulean,” a slow, seductive bit of alt-R&B from U.K. producer Maths Time Joy.
28. The rollicking, stream-of-consciousness ramblings of Courtney Barnett’s “Dead Fox.”
29. EDM wunderkind Zedd teams up with YouTuber turned pop star Troye Sivan on this ambitious, seven-minute epic “Papercut.”
30. Alex Winston’s charging pop anthem “Careless.”
31. Jamie xx’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) [ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]” sounds like its inspiration: a summer drive over the Williamsburg bridge soundtracked by New York hip-hop station Hot 97.
32. Swedish pop rapper Elliphant’s glossy, genre-defying single “Love Me Badder.”
33. Kopecky’s dance floor-ready “Talk to Me.”
34. Singer Grace combines classic, Adele-style vocals with Rihanna’s bad-girl swagger on the swooning “Feel Your Love.”
35. Hitmaker Ester Dean finally has a smash of her own with the irresistibly catchy “Crazy Youngsters.”
36. “All I Need,” a soaring devotional from über-producer The-Dream.
37. Icona Pop’s shout-sing over a trumpet sample on the feverish “Emergency.”
38. Twenty-three-year-old Hunter Hayes gets nostalgic for the recent past on the summery “21.”
39. Rationale’s lush, unpredictable “Re.Up.”
40. Disclosure’s soulful, house-inspired “Holding On (ft. Gregory Porter).”
41. Romantic uncertainty has never sounded more appealing than on Flor’s “Unsaid.”
42. The dreamy, lo-fi “I Can’t Explain” from West Palm Beach–based rockersSurfer Blood.
43. Rudimental’s subdued drum-and-bass single “Never Let You Go.”
44. Waterbed’s warped, bubblegum-y “Do2Me.”
45. Montreal-based quartet No Joy’s genuinely sad shoe-gazer “Moon in My Mouth.”
46. Fight Like Apes’ arch take on the everyday, “Pop Itch.”
47. Moresounds’ skittering “Dead and Bury (ft. Fracture).”
48. The distorted funk rock of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Ur Life One Night.”
49. “Darker,” a mournful ballad from the electric, genre-defying Shamir.
50. Destroyer’s bombastic, saxophone-heavy “Dream Lover.”
51. Multihyphenate Lane Moore falls head over heels on It Was Romance’s boisterous “Philadelphia.”
52. Norwegian singer-songwriter Jenny Hval’s fragile, incisive “That Battle Is Over.”
53. New Jersey punk rockers Titus Andronicus’ howling comeback single, “Dimed Out.”
54. The Mynabirds’ melancholy synthpop stunner, “Semantics.”
55. Danish singer-songwriter Kwamie Liv’s fiery, slow-burning “Higher.”
56. Indie rockers PHASES’ infectiously upbeat “I’m in Love With My Life.”
57. Patrick Watson’s shimmery, spaced out “Places You Will Go.”
58. R&B godess Lianne La Havas’ gravity-defying love song, “Unstoppable.”
59. Allen Stone’s funky, irresistible “Upside.”
60. Anti-Flag’s riotous “Brandenburg Gate (ft. Tim Armstrong).”
61. The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams wrestles with regret on the plaintive “What a Good Woman Does.”
62. The Weeknd continues to make the most out of his menacing midnight confessions on “The Hills.”
63. Alessia Cara defiant anti-party anthem, “Here.”

queen-scribbles  asked:

Ellie with “You can’t rush perfection.” for the prompts, please. :)

This was fun, thank you! It really is amazing how high Ellie’s sass-to-actual-size ratio is. ;-) And uhhhh, those two lovebirds got a teeny, tiny bit carried away near the end. #sorrynotsorry

Corran paced back and forth in the bedroom he shared with Eli’anara, waiting for her to exit the ‘fresher. What in the seven hells is taking so damn long? Putting on clothes isn’t that complicated.

“Ellie! Sometime this year, will ya? We’re running late!”

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The queen sat atop her thrown, elegantly, as the crowd muttered and fumbled around below her. She stood up, slowly, like silky river of beauty, and withy the wave of her hand, the room fell silent. A single nameless name stepped forward. "dear queen, is it deans ass or Dean sass?" And, las if it were the most important statement in the world the crowd leaned forward in anticipation. The word fell off her lips like satin- "Yes"

~ describe me the way an author would in a book ~

When I came on Tumblr today I found this.You guys are freaking awesome!! It’s crazy. I never thought I would reach so many followers and especially not in just two months. Thank you so very very much! Lots of love to every single one of you.

2psinafkduppod a-beautifully-hiddled-disaster abbehyown abrica-bastard alacargamagnolia allthatandasideoftom angela4hiddleston becausehesaliferuiner benedict-c bevdeee biascissorhands bloody-world carameldrizzleontop clojury creativehiddles cuddles-hiddles danceswithhiddles dianee93 doctorwatanabe douche-blog dragonfy dunkel-blau duskyhuedladysatan emmasunshine26 evelyntje10 everythingishiddleston foreverfangirly forevershowjumper gamekeeper-wannabe gimmiethekiwi harpo7879 helloilikecheese hiddles-galore hiddlesgirl-mephonix hiddleston-is-my-cup-of-tea hiddlestoncharms hiddlestonedandlokidposts hiddlestonfan hopelesslydevotedtohiddles i-am-lokis—queen @idontknowwhattodowithmyself insanely-smart isstrangerthingshavehappened jellyontoast08 justfabulousstuff khaleesi-of-loki kneel-before-tom-hiddleston lady-robin-of-midgard larouau12 @lilciak @littledarknesss loki-stole-the-blue-box loki-the-prince-of-sass lokilover1578 lokisporpoise lookingformybarenecessities loveishiddles loveloki4king lovesweethiddles misalvodame mooeymurs morselchip mottecharlotte mrs-laurenhiddleston myshoescostmorethanyourhouse n-a-k-i–r natanyareid nessielovesmusicals notanexofan nowgiveusahiddles omgb97 omgg-hiddless peaceneverwasanoption @phedrebelle pure-jeremy-renner queenravenx remember-to-love-yourself-first scovirgo sherhiddlestons shh-carrie-is-dreaming shoveitupyourass-please sometimesthenight srarebit @stevenscanonotps sweatshirtspice ta374 templeoflokiandcastiel thats-how-we-like-it-in-asgard the-king-himself the-one-real-cumbercookie to-underworld-for-asgard tom-and-ben-obsession tom-the-hiddleston tomhiddleston-kingofasgard twhyousexything up-all-night-to-get-lokid welcometothelimbo xmy-thoughts-are-starsx you-complete-my-fate zukidere