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I Had Charts -- a snowbaz fanfic

Special thanks to @bazwearsjeans for sending me the prompt~~~
Also this is my first snowbaz fic omg I hope it’s ok
Prompt: Simon reevaluates how obsessed he was with Baz, before telling said vampire about said obsession.
Penny’s not home. She ran up to the store for some new lights, Baz and me were messing around on the counter and broke them.
Baz doesn’t live with us, but he’s here often enough that I forget it a lot.
I’m in the kitchen. Knowing Baz, he’s probably on the couch. He’s gotten much lazier these days…
I keep forgetting this isn’t my house. I’m here so often that it’s more of a home than my flat with Fiona–Not that she’s around that much anyway.
It’s all because of Snow, isn’t it?
He’s probably in the kitchen.
He spends a lot of his time in there nowadays, trying to teach himself how to cook.
He spends almost the same amount of time cooking as he does taking selfies with me. Honestly, he just steals my phone and poses. There’s got to be at least a thousand pictures on here, none of which are mine.
I can’t stop the smile on my face that forms when I look through them, unfortunately.
Everything reminds me of Baz. Is it because I want to talk to him?
Well, I always want to talk to him. But I don’t want to seem desperate or obsessed.
I mean, I guess it’s okay since he’s my boyfriend.
And it’s not like I haven’t been obsessed with him before.
I used to /stalk/ him for gods sake! Course, that was when I thought he was going to kill me. Now it’s different.
I was kinda stupid for that, wasn’t I? Following him everywhere, tracking and studying his every movement, making sure I knew exactly where he was and what he was doing every second of every day… Obsession doesn’t even begin to cover it.
Suddenly, I want to tell him all this.
Also cuddles. There is a urgent need for cuddles.
I finally come across a picture of Bunce, Snow, Fiona and I at the fair. Fiona is in the background eating cotton candy, and the rest of us are closer to the camera. Snow has his arms around me and Bunce. There’s a bright smile on his face, and anyone could see that I was trying but failing to hide mine.
There’s a few more pictures from that day too, and I start to look through them, when I suddenly feel a weight on top of me.
I already know who it is, he does this often enough.
“Oi, Snow.” I say, not even looking up from my phone.
He weasels his way under my phone to plant a kiss on my chin, and I can’t stop myself from smiling.
“What are you doing?” He asks, looking up at me with those bright blue eyes that I keep getting myself lost in.
“You take to many pictures with my phone.”
“I do?”
“There’s at least a thousand. I don’t even have room for my stuff, because I know you’ll just take more.”
“Why don’t you delete some?”
“I don’t want to.”
He gives me one of his infamous giggles, and my smile widens.
Giving in, I sigh and toss my phone on the table. I rest my arms around him, keeping mindful of his wings.
His eyes seem to sparkle, and I roll mine.
I like moments like this, when it’s just me and Baz. I like looking into his eyes for no reason, and I like planting kisses on his chin.
I like Baz.
It’s funny, really. I used to hate everything about him. I never would have imagined that we would end up like this.
Yet here we are, possibly the cutest couple in the universe.
I’m running my hand through Snow’s hair, when he just starts laughing.
“I’m sorry I- I just can’t believe we ended up like this,” he starts. “I always thought we were going to kill each other or something.”
I sigh, agreeing with him. “Yeah, same here.”
“It’s just…It’s so funny,” he chuckles. “I was bloody obsessed with you.”
I cock my eyebrow. Simon Snow, obsessed with me? That caught my attention.
“…You were?”
As soon as those words leave my mouth, he looks at me like I’m the dumbest person he has ever met.
Baz Pitch is the dumbest person I have ever met.
“Seriously? You didn’t notice?”
“Was I supposed to?”
“C'mon, Baz. Everyone knew. They even told me to shut up about you,” I let out a nervous chuckle. “But they knew.”
“Knew what?”
I let out a deep sigh. “Baz, i memorized your schedule when we had different classes. I knew where you went and when you went there. I had /charts/.”
He snorted. “Charts?”
“Okay, so I didn’t actually have charts. Physical ones, at least, but still. Yeah, I avoided you one year and stalked you the next, but I also knew more about you than anyone. I /know/ more about you than anyone.”
I saw him raise an eyebrow, and I giggled. “Everyone thought your eyes were gray, but I’ve known for a while that they have some blue in them. I knew that your fangs poked out whenever you were having a nightmare. I knew that you only drained male rats…”
Snow went on for at least twenty (20) minutes–I kept glancing at the clock–just listing off things he learned about me over the years.
When he realized he was ranting, he stumbled over his words a bit, before going quiet.
I noticed how much he was blushing and now I’m just smiling so much at him.
I can’t believe my boyfriend is such a dork, and I just love him so much.
Brushing my hands through his hair again, I let a small chuckle escape from my mouth.
“You really noticed all that, Snow?”
He let out a series of Um’s and uh’s, before nodding.
I didn’t know how else to react, so I just leaned in and kissed him.

So I’m sure everybody is aware but the pumpkin mocha breve that is in every single coffee shop au is not just from Carry On but also Fangirl and it’s actually really cool that Rainbow put that in there and I don’t feel like we appreciate Fangirl enough

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Here’s the lineup: Lead Guitar (Richie), Drummer (Eddie), Lead Vocalist (Mike), Piano/Guitar (Stan/Bev), Songwriter/Bassist (Ben), Manager (Bill)

*Eddie drums to let out his emotions that he’s too anxious to talk about

*They all go insane during shows (Stan less, but still his level of “insane”)

*Richie jumps around and screams the most

*He always ends up on top of something he shouldn’t be on top of during the show

*This makes Eddie drum harder

*Mike loves interacting with the other Losers during the show

*He’ll air guitar next to Ben while singing

*He walks up to Stan and pretend to play piano on his shoulders/steal his guitar

*Always ruffling someones (usually Stan or Richie) hair during the show

*They all end up being back up vocalists for at least one song each

*”WE FUCKING LOVE YOU [insert city]”

*”Can someone get Richie off the amp?”

*During acoustic songs Eddie sits on Mike’s shoulders instead of drumming

*Bill revving up the crowd before each and every show

*”They might seem lame at first b-but they’re here tonight!”

*”We can hear you out there Denbrough!”

*”Beep Beep Richie”

*Bill frantically running around during each show making sure nothing goes wrong

*Him booking them at the best venues

*Stan lets loose as a guitarist but not as much as everyone else

*He plays piano to recharge

*Bev however, goes crazy on both instruments

*Head banging while playing piano and jumping/kicking things off the stage while on guitar

*Ben locks himself in his room sometimes while writing songs, the only ones allowed in being Bill, Mike, and Stan

*Stan making piano chords to help Ben with his writing process

*Bill drawing the album covers

*All the Losers have a song dedicated to them, and all of them have written at least one

*Ben being the one to start pulling fans onstage and teaching them chords for the next song while Richie chats up the crowd

Got a little carried away but this is a really cool concept!!!

im not crying you are


The first doodle dump of some halloween costume/cosplay doodles. Have some Ninja Sex Party costumes from the song Cool Patrol

Feat. @feynites Vena as Danny Sexbang (because let’s face it if there’s anyone who’d run around in glittery spandex and sing about sex and being a stud…)

@selenelavellan Selene as Ninja Brian (deadly af with a PhD)

@scurvgirl Adannar as The Kid (because protect this precious child pls)

Also @feynites‘ Thenvunin and @justanartsysideblog‘s Victory in some rad sunglasses.

Also in response to @tiamatsan‘s halloween costume challenge x3

Spooky Day 1

Whoops this was supposed to go out yesterday but I was wayyyyy too busy to write so shh I’m just gonna put it out tonight instead do they’ll be two today but it’s day one okay don’t question me

The Squad + Their Halloween Costumes

- this dark boi loves Halloween
- l o v e s it
- but he doesn’t want everyone else to know it
- everyone else knows anyways and once he figures it out he just goes full out Halloween
- he’s got nothing to lose anyways
- so he goes all out
- his room is transformed into a straight up Halloween wonderland
- decorates the entire Murphy house
- plus the outside
- made his parents buy all these really cool decorations that he puts up every year
- okay I got really carried away back to costumes whoops
- anyways Connor is going as this really cool zombie outfit
- he goes full out with pounds of realistic makeup and liters of fake blood it looks so good 
- he is a happy boy

- meme boi loves Halloween too
- but he’s a total dork about it
- he watches all the horror movies and stuff and is a total fanboy of all of them
- The Nightmare Before Christmas is his shit man
- so of course he’s going as someone out of a classic horror movie
- he would do Jack Skellington but he was him last year and he can’t do the same thing twice
- eventually he settles on Edward Scissorhands 
- he actually pulls it off too??
- he’s a total dork the whole time
- a million scissor puns I swear

- poor boyo hates Halloween 
- like yeah pumpkins and candy is cool but he hates scary stuff
- he never went trick or treating because that required going up to strangers houses and he hated it even as a kid
- especially since when he was little a bunch of kids scared him 
- anyways he wouldn’t have dressed up at all but the gang forced him 
- he always gets really basic costumes or outfits from his favorite cartoon characters
- so he actually decided to go as Dipper from Gravity Falls (don’t @ me Evan loves that show so much and cried when it ended)
- Zoe got him a stuffed animal pig afterwards 
- he was adorable as Dipper 

- this sunshine girl loves Halloween more than Connor
- sure she lets Connor take over decorations and stuff and have his fun
- but she’s the mastermind
- she picks out all the scariest decorations
- she goes to all the theme parks for the Halloween stuff
- would work at one but Connor would tease her forever
- okay so everyone assumes she’d get a super cute or girly costume
- like a witch or something right?
- wrong
- this girl see Connor’s zombie costume
- and it becomes her mission to one up him
- so she becomes this creepy and twisted zombie princess
- a dress she made and the most on point zombie make up ever
- better than professionals lets be real
- Evan screamed when he saw the final costume it was terrifying and awesome

- she never got into Halloween
- she never really liked horror movies either 
- so Halloween was whatever for her
- but the gang was gonna make sure she at least tried this year
- so she agreed to get a real costume
- but because she’s extra she decided to make it
- so what Alana ended up doing was creating a really cool witch dress that had books embroidered into the sides
- and she bought a witch’s hate
- and she looked so adorable in her little dress and hat 
- she came up with a name for herself and everything
- it was the Magical Bookworm
- she’s not the best at names but she tried okay

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Hey have you read Carry On by Rainbow Rowel? It's really good and the characters would look cool in your style. PS your art is amazing!!!

Yes i have! Ive done a snowbaz fanart already :)

chlorosomnia  asked:

do you have any pictures of your grimoire? I saw an info post where you said you had a binder grimoire and that honestly sounds so cool(probably too bulky for me personally, I like to carry stuff around easily but yours sounds really cool!)

I…. have four binders now, lol. xD And an immeasurable amount of ringed notebooks and bound notebooks. Like, it’s ridiculous.

I sadly only have pictures of the one, because I am at Erik’s and my grimoires are all at home.

Send me a message / ask tonight and I’ll take pictures of the other ones too.

But my first grimoire binder was this one:

The open window is honestly really awesome, because I got to make a witchy looking graphic for it. (I don’t need to be discreet about it, lol.)

The first page:

I liked a lot of the correspondences they had for that book, for the planets and whatnot, not sure how I feel about the rest of it… That quote, though, kinda jumped off the page right at me, so I wrote it down.

Here is what an average page looks like:

That one has a lot of text, most of them maybe don’t have so much, but the point is I don’t really “design” my grimoires. I don’t really do a lot of drawing or decorating - it’s basically all information and references. For me, the look of a page full of writing or information is enough of an aesthetic (air person lol).

These images were originally posted [here].

It is a bit bulky, not gonna lie, but I also carry a backpack with me everywhere, so it kinda works out. I also have smaller notebooks and stuff, but I don’t generally take my grimoire anywhere to work on it. Mostly it just needs transporting between houses, it never really goes outside, and that’s another reason I like the binders - they’re durable.

Petals to the Metal Part 10: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

It’s the sad one folks!!!!!

  • I want to go on record saying that I fucking love everything about the end of the battlewagon race.
    • Griffin being absolutely floored by Justin remembering the wand of switcheroo.
    • Taako throwing the emergency brake, switching with Sloane, and then winning the race like it’s his fucking job.
    • The boys still trying to beat each other across the finish line and just being ridiculously petty.  Perfection.
  • Hurley being so broken up about Sloane that she removes her mask and reveals her identity to the shocked masses of Goldcliff is some straight up dramatic action movie shit.
    • As is them gunning it off a cliff straight into a tornado.  Nice.
  • Merle’s A Decent Cleric Tally: +1, he casts prayer of healing on the party and bails the hell out of Hurley and Magnus.
  • Taako does 66 points of damage against Sloane’s plant monster, doubling the previous record for hardest hit of the campaign (which was also held by him).
    • “That was my last spell!!!”
    • Later (with an assist from Lup), he ups this number to 160.  Nice.
  • I forgot about Magnus pulling the vines apart and rushing inside Sloane’s plant prison to punch her in the face.  That was rad.
  • You know what made me first realize how sad this episode was going to make me?  Hurley giving Taako a big hug before knocking the boys off the pillar and then running into the silverpoint to save Sloane.  Damn it Griffin.
    • So when I first listened to Petals, I figured that Hurley saving Sloane from the relic was just a deus ex machina situation that Griffin decided would go unexplained, which was fine by me.  But now, post-Stolen Century, I’m pretty sure that power is actually bonds. (aka the things powering both the Starblaster and the Hunger.) Same with the “strange magic” that powered Roswell in the Eleventh Hour.

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Out Of Nothing At All - Five

Yes, you and Spencer. The man you could barely stand to sit next to at work. How had that happened indeed?

**Flashback to approximately 18 weeks ago.**

This dude was boring. But so pretty. But boring as fuck.

You’d been willing to push that to one side just so you could check out what was underneath his jeans and shirt and maybe give him something to bite on so that he’d stop talking. But then he’d pulled out his phone and started talking about a novel he was writing.

And then he’d insisted on showing you some of his work. If you could call it that.

His first paragraph was twenty lines long and didn’t contain a single use of punctuation or grammar. And he’d written ‘your’ when he’d clearly meant ‘you’re’.

Some things you could overlook for a pretty face and a decent fuck but bad grammar wasn’t one of them. He had to go. Or more like, you had to go.

He’d picked you up from outside of work and taken you to a dive bar fifteen miles out of the city so you needed to find a reason to leave. You excused yourself and made your way to the ladies room. Finding your phone, you speed dialled Morgan. He’d bailed you out on more than one occasion as had you for him.

“H-hello?” A voice that definitely did not belong to Derek.

“Reid? Is that you? Have I dialled the wrong number?” You pulled your phone from your ear reading that the display did in fact say Morgan.

“No, he left his phone with me with instructions that I was to answer if you called. Something about you needing a get out clause.”

“Where is he?”

“Currently dry humping a women named Jessica in a booth at the back of the bar. Although… I’m not sure it’s ‘dry.’ She seems to be enjoying it far too much.”

You laughed, appreciating his rare attempt at humour. “Where’s Garcia?”

“She left about ten minutes ago, attached to a broker named Westley.”

Fuck…. You groaned. Cab it was.

“Y/N, if you need a ride, I can come get you. I’ve only had one drink and that was an hour ago.”

“No it’s fine. I’ll call a cab and think of something.” You didn’t want to end up owing him a favour.

“Where are you? Seriously, I don’t mind. I’m kinda bored here anyway. And I’m not tired yet, the drive might wear me out,“ he offered again.

“Okay. Thank you. But NO statistics about how online dating leads to failure or anything please.” Spencer laughed and you told him where you were, asking him to call your cell when he was two minutes out.

Freshening up, you begrudgingly made your way back to Bretton. God, even his name sucked. You’d thought it sounded cool and suave when you’d seen his profile but now… Just ugh. You bet that wasn’t even his real name.

Downing two drinks in quick succession you listened to him drone on and on about his clearly fake ass publishing deal. The guy couldn’t even string a sentence together properly, no one was going to read any atrocity he produced.

Twenty seven soul deadening minutes later and your bag began to sing. Your work phone going off. Well, point one to Dr Reid, he’d had the sense to call that. It made the ruse so much easier if you were seen to be answering a different phone.

“Sorry, gotta take this. It’s work.” You turned away from the table, swiping to answer.

“Hey Y/N, I’m outside.”

“What’s that? A double homicide in Cinncinati? But it’s a Friday night….. Yes I know,….. Yes, yes, okay. You’re outside already? But I’m on a date… Fine… I’ll reschedule. You owe me.”

You could hear Reid chuckling quietly to yourself as you hung up, plastering an apologetic look on your face.

“I’m so sorry, I’m needed. It’s been great, but my colleague is outside waiting for me.” You started to make your way towards the door, Bretton following you.

“How did they know where you were? I didn’t tell you where we were going until I picked you up.”

Shit, he was right. You spotted Reid’s tiny little Beetle, always amused that someone as tall as him would choose such a small car. He’d listed a hundred reasons when you’d asked him about it but you’d shut off after the seventh.

“Erm….. The FBI tracks my location constantly in case I’m needed urgently. Part of my employment contract with them is that I must always carry a tracking device.”

“Really? That’s so cool. Can I see it? I’d love to be able to describe one in my writings.”

Oh for fuck sake. You rummaged in your purse seeing a tiny orange tampon container, the hard plastic cases that you could carry when you were trying to be discreet. Fuck it, you had plenty of them at home and weren’t due on for another week anyway. You dug it out and handed it to him before walking around to the passenger side of Spencer’s car and pulling the door open.

“Keep it. I have like ten. I’ll get our tech analyst to disable it later.” You slid into the car closing the door and hearing a, “Wow, that’s so….. Wait what?”

You glanced out the window seeing that he’d opened it and was holding the tampon, staring at it curiously.

“Drive Spencer, drive!” you burst out laughing as your unlikely rescuer put his foot down and sped out of the car park and onto the main road.

“Did you seriously just try to convince that guy that a feminine hygiene product was a government issued tracking device?”

“Yep!” You glanced at him and you both started giggling again.

You rarely spent time with your colleague outside of work, he’d come out with you, Penny and Derek a few times but generally always left early. Everyone on the team had been surprised that you two hadn’t become fast friends. Spencer was only a few years older than you, and you were both seriously smart, loving books and nerdy stuff like Doctor Who. It wasn’t that you weren’t friends, but… were more colleagues than anything.

It didn’t stop you all socialising as a team and it didn’t impede your working relationship. You shared a mutual respect for each other, but you just didn’t click with him the way you did with the others. You’d tried, and he’d tried too, but there was a invisible boundary preventing you from being the good friends everyone else seemed to think you should be.

Still, it was nice seeing a relaxed, smiling Spencer for a change. And you appreciated the fact that he come all this way to pick you up. You told him so.

“Thank you by the way. For coming to get me.”

“No problem. What was his problem anyway?”

“Not knowing the difference between their, there and they’re.” You saw the confused look on his face and explained about Bretton’s so called novel.

“Seriously? God Y/N, I thought you had better taste than that!”

“I do, normally.” You searched through your large bag for the emergency hip flask you carried for when dates went wrong. Finding it, you unscrewed the cap and took a swallow.

“What’s that?”

“Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum. Best drink ever.” You took another gulp, it burning your throat as you swallowed, the buzz hitting a few seconds later. “I’d offer you some, but ya know. Driving and all that.”

“It’s fine. But…. You’re drinking something named Morgan. You realise the double entendre there right?”

“Oh definitely. I’d drink him down like pop given the chance.” You waggled your eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh like you haven’t already,” Spencer smirked at you. You ignored the comment.

“What’s up with you anyway. It’s not very often they manage to drag you out on a Friday night. You finally read every book ever written or something?”

“Nope, just fancied it for a change. But then when Penelope and Derek abandoned me for more exciting options it got a bit boring.”

“Well maybe you should have found your own more exciting option?”

He laughed again at you, the sound not unpleasant to your ears. “Yeah, as if. Erm… It’s down here right? You live on Oak Valley Road right?”

You nodded. He’d been in the car a few times when you’d been dropped off.

It was only when he turned into your street that you felt a sense of dread.

Emptying your bag out onto your lap and the footwell, you wanted to kick your self.

“Problem?” Reid asked.

“My house keys are in my drawer at work. I can’t get in,” You sighed, trying remember whether you’d left any windows open a small amount. Probably not. Working where you did had conditioned you to always leave your home fully secured.

“Shit, I can drive you back? Have you got your pass on you? Mine’s at home.”

You shook your head. You’d been in a rush to meet Bretton and you could picture your pass and your keys exact position inside your drawer. And it was another forty five minutes there and back to work.

“Okay, we’ll have to swing by mine then and grab my pass first. Or……. ” He looked uncomfortable as he suggested the next part. “You can just stay on my couch and I can drive you in tomorrow?”

You considered the options. Another hour and a half before you could relax, or spend the night on a couch.

Fuck it, you’d slept in worse places than Spencer Reid’s couch. “I’m sorry for putting you out Spencer. Is it okay if I stay with you?”

He nodded and made a three point turn, pointing the car in the direction of his apartment.

Little did you know, this was the worse choice you could have possibly made.

Throwback to a year ago, when I drew Baz and Simon staring longingly at one another across a restaurant placemat.

some loser playin fantasy life: haha i dont really use party members that much, all you really need is good armour and weapons, and of course to allocate your skillpoints right!! you have to balance between strength and vitality. sometimes when the going gets tough i use yuelia for healing and odin for tanking but otherwise im pretty good at going solo!!
me, dressed in a hot pink hawaiian shirt & jester hat and nothing else,  all my skillpoints put into fishing except for the 3 points put into cooking, sitting on ophelia’s back as she physically carries me through every single battle: cool


Youth and beauty are not accomplishments, they’re the temporary happy byproducts of time and DNA. Don’t hold your breath for either.

-Carrie Fisher


soooooo, I’ve been working on this Fantasy!AU right???? 

It’s still kinda in construction, but basically, Haru comes from a line of ‘water people’ and it gives him the power to bring water to life. He can’t control it, he can talk to it, but he can never force it to act against its will

Meanwhile you got Makoto who comes from a normal family, but he’s one of those who was born with the Light and that gives certain healing powers. He will be sent to a special academy later to learn how to use them and potentially become a healer. He is still afraid of water and his own powers, but Haru is working really hard to make him understand that ‘water would never hurt him’.

So anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with this so you can expect more of it~ And I have like hundreds of really cute headcanons for this so I gotta find a way to share them all

i think one of the weirdest things about IT 2017 is how it legitimately feels like an 80s horror movie. i’m not just saying this because of the setting - when i was watching it in the cinema, it gave me the same feeling as the return of the living dead or heathers or the lost boys did; it’s a difficult phenomenon to explain, but the easiest way i can say it is that it’s a really odd feeling to think “holy shit, i’m watching a future classic right now.” it’s got all the components of a classic horror film - great dialogue, cute cast, enough cheesiness to balance out genuine horror, and frightening monsters. like this is gonna be the movie that kids in 20 years time will put on at sleepovers because it’s still carrying the same hype. idk, it’s just really cool to think how much of a cultural phenomenon this movie has become, even to people who don’t know much about horror, and what it will stay as.