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Dan Howell - Spoiled. Courageous. Sarcastic. PJ’s best friend from high school. Has worked for nothing in his life, now alone for the first time. He recently moved in with PJ.  And is equipped to do nothing.

Phil Lester - Intelligent. Emotional. Romantic. Suddenly single and facing singlehood with      phenomenal reluctance. An astrologist. Had a crush on Dan back in high school, still likes him. PJ’s former roommate.  

Carrie Fletcher - Attractive. Talented. Quiet. Lives across the hall from PJ and Dan. Wants to be an actress, performs onstage. Loves music, books, and wants to try her hand at anything artistic.

PJ Ligouri - Sweet. Sensitive. Creative. Takes Dan in. Creates homemade movies in his free time and plays the guitar in the subway.

Emma Blackery - Droll. Dry. A bit of an asshole, if she’s being honest. Works in graphic design doing something no one else can be bothered to care about. Survives by way of her humor. And snacks.

Luke Cutforth - Smart. Funny. Emma’s best friend. Had to work for everything he has. Works editing videos for people who can’t be bothered to do it for his or herself. A  bit of a romantic disaster area.

All are in their twenties. All are trying to figure it out.


You need to hope that teenagers are savvy enough when choosing their role models that they pick people who have good morals and beliefs. But it’s also that balance of liking someone and respecting what they do.’”- Carrie Hope Fletcher

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Photos by Rebecca Need-Menear.

Did You Know...?

If you’re filming in a theatre with your iPhone, the shiny little apple on the back of your iPhone reflects the lights from the stage, so not only do we know that you’re filming us, we can also tell pretty much exactly where you’re sitting so we can tell stage management and get them to contact the ushers to make you stop and potentially even delete the footage. So here’s a pro tip: DON’T DO IT! Not only is it distracting for everyone behind you to see your little lit up screen but it’s also really distracting for the actors to see a little, bobbing, lit-up apple in the audience like it’s a Disney Sing-A-Long! Everyone in the theatre, on stage and backstage, work SO hard to make it the best LIVE performance possible for every audience, every night! It’s all real, life size and in front of you for one night only, so enjoy it while it’s there because I can guarantee you, it won’t be as good on YouTube!


Tonight is the launch of @wbtourlondon ‘s new expansion of the Hogwart’s Express! Although I can’t be there tonight as I’m working at Les Mis, I was invited along to explore it last week and interview Stuart Craig, production designer on all eight films and James and Oliver Phelps who played Fred and George Weasley! Lovely, lovely boys! If you get a chance, go along and see it. It’s really, seriously awesome and thank you to the lovely Warner Brother’s Studio Tour Team for inviting me along to explore it all! 

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