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Newsies Live Pt. 2

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Musicians with Books As Good as Their Albums
It comes as no surprise that musicians and writers are of a similar breed. For artists of language mining emotion, penning songs and music…
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Load up on these reads for your weekend at Coachella. 

The Signs as my favorite movies

Aries- Silver Linings’ Playbook
Taurus- Stand By Me
Gemini- The Perks Of Being a Wallflower
Cancer- Nick and Norahs’ Infinite Playlist
Leo- Clueless
Virgo- Grease
LIbra- Bridesmaids
Scorpio- Practical Magic
Sagittarius- 50 First Dates
Capricorn- Warm Bodies
Aquarius- The Fault In our Stars
Pisces- Electric Children

actualhamburger  asked:

I love this blog so much! Keep up the goodness. Can I have a companions react to a young!sole complaining that their feet hurt and asking to be carried

Cait: “Well, I’m not gonna feckin’ carry you. I ain’t a caravan you can just ride when you get sleepy.” She glowers. She almost looks a little offended. Between her touch aversion and what she perceives as laziness, it’s not a good time.

Codsworth: “Oh, well… Mx. Sole, I appreciate the request, I’m just not sure I could…” He gestures, rather embarrassed, to his claws and rounded torso. “However, you’re welcome to try?”

Curie: “Oh, Sole, I-” She spreads her hands, looking sheepish. “I wish I could help, but do not think I am capable of carrying you. I feel as though we would both…” She giggled. “… topple over.”

Danse: “You have two feet,” he says sternly. “You can walk just fine on your own.” For all his grumpiness, he is weak to pleading. If Sole begs and whines enough, they’d end up sitting on his power-armored shoulder.

Deacon: “Well, I mean, my back isn’t what it used to be, but.” He squats, holding his arms back. “Hop aboard, kiddo.” Sole climbs on, piggyback, and Deacon winces. “Okay, maybe, maybe- ow, okay- ow, ow, off!”

Dogmeat: Yes. He is a war pup now. So long as Sole is small enough - he can be ridden into battle. If Sole’s a bit too big, he now pulls a sled. A chariot. It is magnificent.

Hancock: He arched one hairless eyebrow. “Alright,” he shrugs. In the blink of an eye, he swoops down and hoists up Sole, the adolescent letting out a sharp yelp. “What?” Hancock smirks, adjusting Sole on his shoulder so Sole is carried like a sack of potatoes. “You didn’t say how I had to carry you.”

Nick Valentine: He sighs, but it’s a good-natured sigh. “You’re lucky I’ve got a soft spot for you, squirt.” He leans down and hoists up Sole. He carries them with his hands under their back and knees, Sole’s arms around his neck.

MacCready: “You can walk just fine,” he scolds. ”I didn’t have anyone to carry me when I was your age. In fact, back when I was in Little Lamplight…” He goes on. And yes, he just did that. He just pulled a Dad.

Piper: “Sure, sure.” She nods. “But, I mean. To make it fair, you’ve got to promise that you’ll carry me at some point. Just to be egalitarian about it.” She bats her eyelashes innocently. “Where are you going?”

Preston: “Sure thing, sport.” He kneels down and picks Sole up on his back. The piggyback may be tiring, but it’s also kind of enjoyable, in a way. Preston likes kids, and there’s a part of him that thinks it’s kind of sweet.

Strong: “STRONG WILL CARRY.” He hoists Sole up and sits them down on his shoulders, Sole’s arms around his head, legs around his neck. Strong is surprisingly okay with this arrangement.

X6-88: He stops in his tracks, fixing Sole with a strange, sunglass-shielded glare. “No,” he says. Then continues walking. Sole suddenly doesn’t feel so tired anymore.

anonymous asked:

Between the romanced companions and SS, who was the first to drop the L-bomb and how do they say it?

Cait: Cait and Sole had been travelling for a while now. Back home at Sanctuary, Sole was watching the settlers tend to their crops, making sure everything ran smoothly. In the distance, Cait watched Sole from afar, ready to say something pretty stupid. Over these past few weeks, all Cait could think about was Sole. She knew that she loved them, but she was sure as hell that they didn’t like her back. Cait didn’t want to make it awkward, but Cait didn’t want to make her love for Sole go unnoticed. Taking slow steps, Cait ambled towards Sole and tapped them on the shoulder. “Uh. I have, something to tell ya…” She mumbled, as Sole turned around and looked at her. “I-I think I’m in love with you.”

Curie: As soon as night fell, Sole set out with Curie to go wandering. They passed many curiosities and each time, Curie asked to check the area out - Only to be met with the same answer from Sole ‘No, this isn’t the place. Just keep moving’. They finally came to a hill, and climbing up the steep slope, the two quickly began to grow tired. Panting and giggling, Curie looked up at the bright stars in the sky. “Oh, this is beautiful!” she said, her eyes getting lost in the mass of lights. Curie felt a hand brush against hers, and Sole took it into theirs. “I think. You’re beautiful too Curie. U-Uhm, I love you.“Curie took a look at Sole, in disbelief. Is this really what love felt like? Sole knew that their little performance was pretty cringy, but Curie didn’t mind - As she found it oh so romantic! Blushing, Curie hugged Sole and mutters a “I love you too” in their ear.

Paladin Danse:
After being exiled from the Brotherhood, Danse became lost, and begin to feel as if he didn’t have a purpose anymore. When he was with The Brotherhood, he spent his whole life, or what he perceived as his life following a plan to shape his future.  He didn’t have a plan this time. And it scared the hell out of him.
One day, just before Sole headed out to go to Diamond City, Danse decided to speak with them. He needed them to understand what he was thinking. Sole picked up some spare bottlecaps from the drawer and turned to head out of the door, only to be stopped by Danse.

“Hey, Soldier, could I… Speak with you for a moment?” Danse asked, looking down at Sole.
Sole nodded and asked what was the matter. Danse didn’t know how to form his sentences, what if Sole didn’t understand his bull? What if they took it the wrong way? He told them just how much he was confused. Everything he had, everything he knew was gone. At least Sole had something tangible, something real… After apologizing for his ranting, Danse began to turn away. Before he could trundle off, he felt a tight grip on his arm. “Danse, I hope you feel the same, but, if you don’t, that’s okay…”
Confused, Danse turned and looked at Sole.
“I think.. I love you…”

Hancock: Hancock stood, leaning against a wall, watching the outside world. He was pretty sure he had been standing there for a good 3 hours. He had asked Sole to meet him in this exact spot. However, they were running a little late. Hancock knew that his feelings for them had been developing for a long time. But how could they ever love someone like him, a ghoul? He felt that if he told them his feelings, then he could stop being so damn depressed all the time. Adjusting his hat, he practically jumped out of his skin when he saw Sole in the distance, walking towards the small house in the wilderness. “Hey trouble…” Hancock mumbled, smirking a little. Sole said hello and after a long pause. Hancock broke it to them rather quickly.“Hey, uh, I’m just gonna cut to the chase.”
“[Sole’s Name], listen, I’ve liked you for a while, yeah, not as a friend, you may have guessed that already. And, you’re the best thing I got in this world. Everything else is worthless Sunshine. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, but I love you…"Damn, there, I said it. Go ahead and laugh, because of course, you would never care ‘bout someone like me…”

MacCready: For the past few months MacCready knew he had an attraction to Sole. But he could never shake the feeling that this love for them was wrong. He’d never really stopped loving Lucy, ever since the day she died. MacCready had never dreamed about loving anyone but her - until now. Sole wasn’t just another person. They meant so goddamn much to him. But he felt like things were going too fast. ‘Perhaps Lucy would have wanted this for me’ he thought, stopping in his tracks with his rifle lowered and looking up to the sky. MacCready caught a glimpse of a shining star in the night, flashing splendidly, as if someone up there was giving their approval. The moment was cut short as a dark cloud loomed overhead, covering the starlight over in a blanket of smoke. MacCready simply smiled and mumbled ‘Thanks Lucy’. Because it was time to make a change… For the better.The next time him and Sole were out raiding the Commonwealth for valuables, MacCready waited for the right moment and cleared his throat, grabbing their attention. He explained the whole story of how Lucy died to ferals, he looked away for one moment and before he could fire a round, she was gone. He sighed as he gave them a small wooden soldier. “Lucy made this for me, I told her that I was a soldier - I could never bring myself to tell her that I was just a guy who killed for caps.”
“She made it for me, to tell me that she loved me.. So.. Uh..”
“I’m giving it to you to show you, that I-I love you…” he said finally, looking deep into Sole’s eyes and lightly blushing.

Preston Garvey: Preston didn’t want to admit it, but lately, he felt as if he liked his General a little too much. Even Sturges could see his evident attraction to Sole and every time he mentioned it, Preston would deny it every single time and walk away. The general was such a good leader, and, that ass…Preston cleared his throat and began to walk down the road of sanctuary, scanning the area and watching the settlers busy at work. Maybe this feeling wasn’t love, maybe it was just total respect for Sole and what they have gone through. It had been so long since Preston had loved another person. He had too many things on his mind, like rebuilding the Minutemen.It was then that he saw Sole approaching him, walking hastily across the bridge. He watched as Sole stormed up to him and he quickly said “Are you okay General? Something wrong?” “Preston,” Sole said, “There’s something I’ve been meaning to say…”
Preston was about to open his mouth to respond but he was quickly silenced by a kiss on the lips, startling him. Sole pulled away and opened their eyes.
“I’m in love with you, nerd…”

Piper: Nibbling on the end of her pencil in thought, Piper leaned back in her armchair, staring upwards at the ceiling. Aliens Invade? Too cliché. Great Green Scaly Surprise? It sounded like a supermutant, not an alien. In frustration, she threw her notepad to the floor and covered her face with her hands. What was wrong with her? She just couldn’t do any proper work today. It definitely didn’t help that Blue was constantly on her mind. She sighed and began to talk to herself. “I really need to tell Blue how much I love them. It’s, gonna be hard I know and, oh god, what if they don’t like me at all! Imagine how embarrassing that would be…”  
Piper heard footsteps from the other side of the room, not wanting to move, she just groaned and asked if Nat had had a good day. When she got no reply, she uncovered her eyes and turned her head to see Sole, standing in the middle of the room.
“Jesus Christ Blue!” she yelled, blushing slightly. “Did nobody ever tell you to knock first? Wait, did. Did you hear me just then…”
Piper watched them nod and the color slowly drained from her face.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I. I was going to tell you…” Piper blurted out, sitting up.
“It’s okay Piper,” Sole said with a chuckle, “Because I love you too…”


Deacon: Deacon watched as Sole, the other side of the room, opened a packet of Fancy Lads Snack Cakes and placed one in their mouth. They looked over at Deacon and mouth still full of food asked if he wanted one.
“Uh,” Deacon said, looking at Sole and then the packet, “I’ll pass…”
Sole swallowed and screwed up their nose in confusion. Deacon usually liked Fancy Lads, and would never turn them down. Something was clearly up.
“What’s wrong Deacon?” they asked, putting the packet down.
Deacon adjusted his shades and remained silent. He really just wanted to tell Sole how much they really meant to him, but, he was way too chicken for this right now.
“There’s nothing wrong,” Deacon finally said, “Everything is totally cool…”
Sole frowned, it was another one of his lies clearly. After a bit of encouragement and a few cakes thrown, Sole finally got Deacon to talk.
“Look, uh, listen. You got me. I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while about this. And, I’ve never really gotten round to saying it to you.” Deacon began. “Everytime I look your way, it just feels like everything is exploding at once.”
Sole’s eyes widened at his interesting choice of vocabulary. Was he actually going to…
“Okay, I’m nervous, I suppose you can tell, I’m not so good with the words when I’m nervous.” he continued. “I-I just wanted to tell you that I loved you.”
Sole gasped in shock, their head spinning. Deacon was in love with them? Or was this just another one of his lies?

Elder Maxson: As soon as Sole came strolling down the corridor towards him, Maxson knew exactly what they were going to say. ‘Rumors’ had been spreading around the Pyrdwen about the Knight’s secret love for Arthur. He chuckled at the thought of them sitting and gawping at him during briefing. Sole marched straight up to Maxson and before they could say a word they were stopped with a firm grip on their arm.
“I know what you’re going to say,” Maxson growled at Sole, “So don’t even bother trying to explain.”
The color from Sole’s face drained and they were in total shock.
“Wha…! Who.. Who told you!” Sole whimpered.
“There’s been some rumors going around Knight, and I’m not too pleased with what I’ve been hearing…” Maxson said, tightening his grip.
“I-I’m sorry Elder, I just, I really love you…”
“Love me?” he said, laughing, “Pathetic.”
Sole hung their head in shame. Only for it to be lifted harshly by a large hand, holding onto their chin. Maxson took a good look at Sole before smirking.
“Some of the things you’ve been thinking, even saying, have made you a bad girl/boy… I like it, a lot.”
Sole blushed heavily and gulped, oh God.

“How about we discuss this little situation some more in my living quarters, Knight.”

Nick Valentine: Nick was sat at his desk, searching through documents. There was a case just in about a young girl who was missing from her family home in Diamond City and he was almost certain that he had found her kidnapper. He opened the dusty file, with a cigarette in one hand and began to read. That was until he saw Sole walk through the door.
“H-Hey Nick… Ahaa!” Sole stuttered, awkwardly shuffling across the room to where Nick was sat.
“Are you alright kid?” Nick asked, seeing Sole’s almost pained face.
“Oh yeah, I’m totally fine…” They said, obviously lying.
Nick noticed that they weren’t telling the truth and he closed the file, gesturing for them to sit down. He blew out smoke from his cigarette and coughed lightly.
“I’ve stopped an important case for you, you better have a good reason for being here. And no.. Having a party in my office isn’t a good reason.” Nick said. Sole stared a little too intently at Nick’s face for a little too long and nervously rubbed their palms together.
“Okay, I know this might be crazy Nick… But… I just wanted to say that I love you. Ever since I saw you through that window in the vault. Ever since my eyes met yours. I have loved you Nick.”
Sole sighed and hung their head, ignoring Nick’s immediate shock.
How could Sole ever love a knocked up Synth like him? He was old, cold and was just a mess of wires and metal. Even if they did love him, their relationship would never be able to develop. What was the point? Sole would only grow old and die, leaving Nick by himself. That had happened many times before. And every time, Nick became more heartbroken.
Nick sighed and placed his cigarette back in his mouth. He didn’t know what to say, and most importantly, he didn’t want to hurt Sole in the process.